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Stop what you’re doing and look around. Everything you see, think and feel is fake.” –Kim Shandrow

“I think most likely there are many simulations; you might as well call them reality, or the multiverse. –Elon Musk

Mount Meru is not a myth; it was the portal the 4D avatars descended from along with the 4D developed milieu the human race came from when entering the shadows of the inferior subprogram. More than a few historical Reboots and Resets have created false histories and spiritually impoverished survivors. All records and maps have been concealed after the Reset of the 1800s. The human race’s true heritages and all knowledge has been forgotten and erased. Everything within this simulation came from the original 4D program; just much worse off due to the density and wars, as is a fatigued human race. The atmospheric conditions within the 4D program were similar to the quality of the fourth dimension making it more rarefied. This rarefication allowed all living things to be of a much greater statue than in the denser subprogram.

Indeed, the first Tartarian, Aryan and Hyperborean that peopled the legendary ancient civilizations were of a greater stature, beauty and advanced technology. The Tartarian and Hyperborean people are a vast part of our lost ancestral tree and culture! The mythical Island of Hy-Brasil in Celtic folklore, meaning the High King of the World, came from their legendary lands surrounding the Mount. The Tartarian became the original Caucasoid Races whose faces fit the golden ratio and they had great strength and stature!  There have been numerous validations over the Ages of our earlier stature called DNA “throw-backs.” In all due respect, at 16 years and approximately 6’ 6” (2.01m) tall, with fair completion and hair; young Baron Trump may be thus an endowed DNA throwback? The Arya were known to be a “noble people” of beauty, strength and statue. Due to their superior, stature, strength, intelligence and beauty, self-serving alien races have been obsessed with upgrading their own species via their DNA. Consequently, over time, due to so much tampering, human DNA became limited and corrupted by their insidious experiments.

Biblical records have been interpreted and edited so many times it is hard to make sense out of their rhetoric. Biblical passages refer to the giants being on the earth before and after the Flood and they called them the “Nephilim.”  Put your critical thinking cap on and ask yourself, “Were the Nephilim aliens and not angels?” [Both came from the heavens and both flew around.]  “Were babies genetically engineered using alien and human DNA along with being inbred with Aliens?”  “Why are they so bent on trying to keep the human race from knowing its true cultural heritage?”  Could it be they are hiding the fact that neither a Reset nor a Reboot would be possible other than in a virtual simulated reality?

Biblically, some of the hybrids were claimed to be beautiful and handsome with extreme strength and stature.  Others were said to be “giant monsters that had such voracious appetites they started slaughtering animals and eating human flesh.” Some scholars wrote that the beautiful ones were the offspring of Adam’s third child, the virtuous Seth.  His descendants were claimed to have created the wisdom of the heavenly bodies, and taught many scientific discoveries and inventions, notably in astronomy. Are Seth’s offspring representations of the Tartarian, Aryan or Hyperborean races? Or did they come directly from one of the more beautiful alien races, such as the Pleiadians or Lyrans?  Others were claimed to be Cain’s offspring.  Cain was sired by a Serpent.  Could his offspring, the Canaanites, represent Reptilian hybrids? There are definitely contrasting DNA characteristics and stories being illustrated here. 


The more I am shown, the more questions I have.  It seems to be an unending quest.  Nonetheless, I can assure you that some of the alien races along with their Globalist and Ashkenazi Zionist hybrids are highly dangerous. They should be avoided at all cost and not voted for or put into any positions of power.  Perhaps the numbers of people who follow Ufologist gurus to get instructions on how to make contact and become a Contactee should have more concern? There are no guarantees as to what one might attract no matter what their frequency! There have been recent reports over the last few years of a progression of Deep State and Vatican officials going down to Antarctica. The Fake News gives ludicrous reasons, such as visiting the penguins. Some of these maniacal hybrids, along with the pope and members of the Vatican are now in contact with their nefarious lineages. There are whistleblowers that claim they are meeting in a secret base on Antarctica for direct instructions.

“Out there” simply takes on a more paradoxical meaning within this 3D holographic closed system. I can say with conviction that the outer continents represent the home world planetoids that these extraterrestrials are now hailing from.  All of the planets and the inhabitable moons within this solar system are represented out there as well as mythical planets from various constellations, in particularly Draco and Orion that were involved in the Great Galactic Wars. All potential passageways through the ice walls to these continents are strictly forbidden and patrolled by military forces!  Your attempt to search by air or water to find and explore the extent of the ice walls is prohibited as is flying over Antarctica and the North Pole areas. Now you know why they put out so much rhetoric about the reasons why.  

Bellicose aliens have learned from past AI Reboots that attempting to destroy each other is futile in the program and only causes more Reboots.  However, this has not slowed them down in warring for domination over the increasing hybrid homosapiens inhabiting the Plaza. At one point, to stop the insufferable wars, a pact was made amongst them not to interfere with their budding hybrids within the Plaza.  Nevertheless, some consider them their personal chattel.  Others see them as an experiment for a new independently developing humanoid race evolving via a potpourri of DNA from these extraterrestrials. For example, the Chinese race is claimed to be the purest amongst the Reptilian hybrids; the Nordic Races the purest Pleiadian hybrids and the Annunaki seem to be the most dominant within Egyptian, the European races. The Annunaki may have been originally quite spiritually developed, which would not have stood well with the Demiurge! The Demiurge may well have been responsible for bringing the lower frequencies out of this species in order to gain control over them. They are now closely associated with the actions of the Globalist and Deep State Governments. 

Tough, belligerent and pugnacious races from Antares colonized Mars, which became seriously problematic in this solar system and also account for negative hybrid activity within the Plaza and on the outer “Mars continent.” Nonetheless, we must understand that every species has unique individual frequencies that range from low to higher on the scale of The Cosmic Law of One. These range in their ability to be selfless, loving and tolerant or to be selfish, self-serving and bellicose.  We simply cannot throw the baby out with the bath water due to ancestry.  These qualities are found within all functioning DNA; it is a matter of choice, which makes us all unique! There are many that can still be found within the program who originally came to create comity amongst the species and to learn how to develop and spiritualize opposites along with how to find harmony within those of polar opposition via The Cosmic Law of One. We are all part of the One Universal Omni-Logos and this was one of the most visionary, adventurous challenging experiments ever contemplated within the lower fourth dimensions.

We dare not judge other’s value for this would be no different than judging all Chinese people as bad when the majority are beautiful deeply spiritual family loving souls being oppressed and victimized by spiritually unevolved reptilian communist hybrids. Or, that Annunaki Joe Biden represents all Americans, or the likes of Boris Johnson represents all Englishmen!  Even attempting to identify hybrid alien races in this program is almost impossible due to the integration of all their DNAs over the last 35,000 years along with so many Reboots and Resets.  We can only witness who they are by their acts, which is also almost impossible because they keep rewriting history and incorporating fictitious heroes and monsters! For example, Adolph Hitler was persecuted as a monster and Winston Churchill was touted as a hero when in fact Hitler was loved by his people for raising them out of famine and poverty.  He tried in vain to not go into WW2!  Whereas, Winston Churchill was hated by his people for being a “warmonger” and “opportunist” with irrefutable economic self-interests at the cost of over 450,000 deaths amongst his own countrymen during “his” WW2 Reset Agenda.

The “Axis of this world” is “Mount Meru – Rupes Nigra” and the lands surrounding it are where the Tartarian, Hyperborean and Arya descended from.  They were the true ancestors of the Caucasoid Races, both in the 4D original program and the 3D sub-simulation. Their DNA was corrupted and the 3D density created within the subprogram reduced their statures.  North is actually the centre of this program, which can be easily seen when looking at the United Nations map! The so called “North Pole” is a fabrication that is slowly being debunked by explorers and researchers alike. These ancients migrated and spread out over the entire Plaza over various timelines. You are their incarnates! They were peaceful loving races that created great civilizations by living under The Cosmic Law of One, which was inborn in them from their planetary home-worlds. They should be considered as the first noblemen in this apocryphal world; not the Monarchies or their Feudal Lords!  It was the Tartarians, Aryans and Hyperboreans DNA the Reptilians and Anunnaki’s tampered with that became the Adam and Eve scenario. The Nephilim were the Alien Reptilians and Annunaki that forcibly mated with these high-born races that created the hybrid ‘sons of fallen angels’ scenarios. Historical facts have been covered over by ludicrous biblical anthologies that led to wars, spiritual dissention, bigotry, and the barbaric Crusades.  All were led by the See of Rome and Rabbinate Reptilian hybrids!  Have you ever wondered where Jewish Mysticism came from? Or where the Kabbala got its ‘occult knowledge’ from? Kabala, also spelled Cabala, which is where the term nefarious term Cabal came from. In any event, the truth of all this and much more is now coming forth in the midst of the Great Awakening!  “Woke” is a term added to the dictionary in 2017 in order to counteract the term Wake-up. Woke is just another sleight of hand to refocus your mind!  We have been on their monotonous temporal treadmill for far too long! 

The Tartarians may have been the first generation of incarnates from the destructed planet Phaethon, which I remember being originally colonized by people from the Vega solar system under Pleiadian

jurisdiction. This would account for their Nordic appearances and their fair skin, blue eyes and flaxen hair. They were also peoples of great stature and strength. Uninhabitable planets surrounding the Star Logos Vega were destroyed by Reptilian wars, which would account for the massive debris and dust band to be found around Vega. The Lyrans spread out and migrated to the Mira solar system in Cetus; Aldebaran in the Hyades system and further into it cluster, along with the Pleiadian Cluster and Sirius, including other surrounding star systems.  This may account for so many of these systems joining the Galactic Federation of United planets.  Vega is only around 25 light-years from the Sol Solar system, which may be why war-torn inhabitant’s fled from Vega to Phaethon. This was the closest inhabitable planetoid to the Vega solar system. A few thousand years ago, Vega was the North Star of Phaethon.  I believe this migration may have been the cause for the destructive ruin of this planet at the hands of pursuing predatory Reptilians. These predatory races in turn colonized Mars, and became bound within this simulation. They then produced this seditious subprogram and are continuing on with their heinous agendas! Thank god this is only a virtual reality; yet we must wake up or suffer their consequences!

According to Study.Com “the Earth is not in any constellation.” They claim it is because we can’t see it from here, but what about all those famous space probes investigating outer space? I believe that the missing 5th planet Phaethon is the holographic recreation of Phaethon, including its hollow interior. The Catholic Church took control of re-educating the masses after the AD1 Reboot. They erroneously taught that the Plaza was the entire earth; however maintained the truth that it was flat and the centre of the universe. They also created a layered earth concept to explain away the hollow earth and the underworlds. Sheol, which lies in the fiery bowls of the earth, is their version of a hell where all who refuse to follow their edicts are sent! Anyone who attempted to bring in another version was burned at the stake; yet with no apology, they decided it was more advantageous to change their minds and make this world’s simulation into a solid spherical terrestrial globe. They may not have had any other options, but to create more ludicrous lies when flying space craft, from beyond the ice walls, started appearing below the firmament.

All star races related to the migrating colonists from Vega share in their archetypal Nordic appearances, which the Tartarians, Aryans and Hyborian exhibited. Our renowned mesmerized ancestors were downloaded through Rupes Nigra’s electromagnetic field. They continued to flourish around the mythical Mount Meru, which was reported to be 33 miles wide and reaching far up into the stratosphere.  This is where the 3D great migration started from as it stretched further out into the Plaza.  During this timeline the firmament was the only universal 3D boundary. There were no ice walls at that time. The Tartarian communities lived in peace by The Cosmic Law of One with no structured religion until the Demiurge took its full reign as the Creator God. In order to keep their Alien ancestry a secret, they became biblically recorded as “Fallen Angels.”  However, our spiritually advanced ancestors would have rejected all ludicrous mandatory religious concepts, which made them a target for future conflict and resets. Until then, we were a united race that spoke only one universal language. An irritated Yahweh confounded the language so that no one from distant lands around the Plaza could understand each other, giving him more control.


“At one time all the people of the world spoke the same language and used the same words.”  Genesis 11:1

The Annunaki and Reptilian Races created continuous wars on the other alien’s home base continents outside the ice walls. It spread into the Plaza between the Annunaki and Pleiadians, where advanced Astra weapons were used with devastating effects that created some of the great desert lands of today, which hold strong undisclosed evidence of these wars. By descriptions, these weapons may have been a form of nuclear weapons. The Old Testament supports this; it states that the Israelites used the Arc of the Covenant as a weapon of war, which researcher’s believe was radioactive and a powerful energy weapon used for over a thousand years. It may have killed millions upon millions of Tartarians, Aryans and Hyperboreans in order to initiate Resets and Reboots. It was claimed that these weapons could melt cities and we know for a fact they turned sand into radioactive glass in outer no man lands that became deserts.

These wars may also have laid the foundation for the Mahabharata Wars that took place arguably around 3102 BCE. The first AI Reboot that I am aware of took place via the Noahic Flood followed by the scientifically enigmatic Ice Age.

 “We’ve been chewing on this problem for 30 or 40 years” – Alan Mixan, Oregon State University oceanographer. 

Ralph Ciceronedean from the physical science department, University of California, Irvine claims “It’s embarrassing.”

Scientific researchers are now leaning towards the theory that the Ice Age was created by an abundance of volcanism and meteorite impacts during the Flood that filled the stratosphere with small particles that would have blocked some of the sunlight. However, a nuclear winter would have had the same cooling result from sun blockage due to high-altitude dust clouds; small particles produced by nuclear explosions.  I do not believe they will ever acknowledge this as a possibility because it would expose the mendacious scientists, globalists and theological lies about our history.

There are a several disputes between biblical scholars and secular scientists about when this actually took place and ended. Nonetheless, I posit that this was when the Plaza ice wall boundaries were created within the 3D program. Over many years, marine geologists, atmospheric chemists, oceanographers and others still have no clue what caused the ice age. Historical program script writers invented the Pleistocene epoch by adding millions of years to the event.      

Possibly more efficient, theological researchers claim that the Ice Age is tied to the Noahic flood around 4800 to 5,000 years ago. This would not be surprising as biblical scholars claim the world is somewhere between 6 to 10,000 years old.  It is highly plausible that unbiased researchers could construe that the world began directly after a Reboot or Reset. We also need to be able to grasp that our temporal timelines have been divaricated due to the number of NWO Resets and AI Reboots. Most human souls unwittingly suffer from post-commencement-stress-disorder [PCSD] due to the post amnesiac effects.

The events of the past will be completely forgotten”… Isaiah 65:17.

Numerous historians have attempted to piece together what took place over the millenniums and when they happened to no avail; whilst others simply invent it as they go along.  The age of creation is the most contentious of all.  In all cases, the precursor to a Reset or Reboot, there is always a depopulation agenda via war, disease, drought, famine or mud or water floods.  However, the mysterious disappearance of entire civilizations lies in the Reset or Reboot itself.  Some escaped whilst others were absorbed and recycled.


Whether a crystalline biosphere dome was created to keep the alien factions out of the plaza is plausible. This would create a dome within a dome scenario and whether the outer continents individually experienced this is ambiguous at this time.  However, if so, they have obviously developed astral portals or time warps to appear over the Plaza? Reboots are a major push against increasing advanced technologies that could challenge the AI and abate intellectual acumen and spiritual growth. 

When a timeline is interrupted, it creates a temporal rift, which the AI amends by creating an artificial timeline within it. Timeline interference has the negative side effect on our brain’s ability to accurately reconstruct time after memory loss.

“Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.” –Albert Einstein

This became the pattern of the AI/Demiurge throughout the 3D subprogram. The AI will only allow a civilization to evolve to a certain degree of technology and/or spirituality and then rebootit tokeep the simulation under its control and the hypostatizing souls in check via memory loss. The AI is only concerned with its own stored data; human memory is simply a hindrance. People are starting wake up and realize that what is taking place isn’t natural!!! Technology is rapidly advancing as well as spiritual growth within many awakening souls that is creating a major gap between religious dogma and what is actually spiritual and the breach is growing.  Between 2011 and 2021, statistics showed that Christianity shrank, with over a 30% increase in people who identified themselves as having “no religion in particular!” The number of Catholics decreased by 2 million people by 2019 and baptisms went down across the board over 40%.

The Demiurge is responsible for the Reboots, but I surmise that the Resets are a tool used by the Hybrid Cabal for power, political gain and control over the rest of the masses, which also assists the Demiurge. However, the Resets became a Catch 22 for the Alien continents and their hybrid cabal due to also being subjected to memory loss, along with everyone else in this insidious subprogram.  Without time-capsules full of instructions, stored sciences, technologies and apparatuses, the alien factions would have become more subdued.  They may have learned this the hard way. The Georgia Guidestones were a failed example of this as they were forced to remove them and relocate the buried Time Capsule. Over time, the governing hybrids became more and more hubris and reckless!  However, they have been reigned in for the End Game and are now at the mercy of their progenitors for guidance and instruction.

Hindu texts identify four different timelines called Yugas and broke them down into four various ages that cover great spans of time. Mesoamerican nations such as the Mayan, Aztecs and Toltec’s, also calculated durations of timelines. Who may have gotten it right isn’t the point. The only point is that there are a great number of temporal timelines that have been created within this subprogram via extensive Reboots and Resets that became our forgotten histories. Past Ages can still be explored via time-travel as can what we consider our future, which in truth is also our past since we are from the future. The aliens existing on the outer continents were able to recreate temporal technology within the temporal time-loops that allows them to fold time.  They are using this to create Portals, consequently causing more and more complex predestination paradoxes. However, this is how alien spacecraft can appear in our skies and then magically seem to disappear.

I believe that the subprogram is being operated on one of the outer alien continents. I have come to this conclusion because in my awareness these continents are from the original 4D program, but with very different objectives. As if it wasn’t enough that the human species has to contend with an AI Demiurge, it also has to deal with the nefarious pacts made between the Annunaki, Reptilian and Greys that are creating havoc for their own abominable purposes.  Wake up and let go of all your petty self-serving urges, opinions and decrees.  We must learn to live by the Cosmic Law of One again; as one people, because we are all of The One! Together we stand, divided we will fall.

Grasp that this simulation encompasses our entire solar system as does the 4D program; both are closed systems.  Whether or not they have created technology to be able to exceed the Great Dome or outer boundaries is disputable, especially when you consider their hybrids were not able to crack it open with nuclear devices!  In any case, the cosmos we see above the dome is all holographic, as are we, along with everything we view as our material world. There is an imminent natural periodic shift taking place within the Natural Galaxy that is affecting our consciousness and amending our fourth dimensional avatars as well as our mesmerised 4D programmed avatars, which in turn is affecting the subconscious of souls caught in The Dreaming.  Nonetheless, there is no escape from this subprogram via any delusion or technology, outside of shutting it down, which can’t be done without a collective agreement because it is all in our minds!  This is the foundation of “where one goes we all go;” yet by taking personal responsibility, we can start waking up as individuals, which will affect the whole!!!  I may not be a fan of the post reboot script writers; however they were able to do a first-rate job predicting the future. Frankly this was easy for them to do when you consider we are from the future on a temporal-loop!  

“Many false prophets will arise and lead many astray!” Matt 24:11

Some self-proclaimed Contactees, along with a bevy of New Age Channellers are perpetuating the forecast that the earth is moving into a “5th dimensional shift” because we are already on the fourth dimension.  This can be easily understood when you grasp that we have an avatar within a 4D simulation as well as a more rarefied corporal body on the fourth dimension. However, these predictions shriek of the 2012 debacle by simply changing the timeline and the lyrics. The 2012 shift never took place causing endless disillusionment and disheartenment that served the Cabal! Many are once again emotionally involved in believing the Earth is going to shift from being a 3D planet to a 5th D planet.  VR techies have been working on interfacing with the 4D original program, but to date have not been able to cross that advanced bridge.  But that doesn’t mean they haven’t developed new programs that could be “characterized” as 4 or 5D.  This is a holographic simulated program, not a verifiable bonafide planet world in the natural galaxy!  I can only assume that this new shift is bogus and already starting to create disillusionment and a lack of focus on actual events within the Endgame.  We are from the future and the fourth dimension is already a part of our consciousness. We need to integrate what we have learned here into our hearts and higher consciousness so that we can adapt and move upward.  Science now tells us that the only way consciousness is able to perceive objects within any specific dimension is by viewing them from a higher dimension.  E.g. In order for the brain to perceive a two dimensional object, it must be viewed from a third dimensional position. According to this, in order for us to be able to view a third dimensional world we must be perceiving it from a fourth dimensional perspective!


These New Age advisers claim that the fourth dimension is where we hold our hidden anonymities, which is true since it is where we were all downloaded into the 4D program due to our participation in the Great Galactic Wars as a refugee, conformist, antagonist or combatant. Telling people they should avoid the fourth “any way possible” because it is where “aliens and monsters exist” should take a closer look around.  All of the monsters and aliens are right here, in the same subprogram loop as the rest of us!  We cannot erase anything from our soul by attempting to avoid it; how does one bypass their soul?” We must confront our inner demons and raise our signature frequencies if we ever want to escape, individually or collectively, but not by the self-delusion that we can bypass our engrained issues!  Some also claiming the earth is physically splitting apart and that alien spaceships will help facilitate the good guys into the fifth dimension and leave the rest behind. I remember this world-wide psychological projection being channelled back in the 70s and early 80s and we’re still waiting! These prophesiers claim that everyone is shifting into psychic and spiritual skills whilst many are becoming emotionally drained by attempting to wake people up to the C19 agendas! 

Even souls caught here from higher dimensions than the fourth had to use a corporeal avatar on the fourth dimension in order to be downloaded into the original 4D simulation and subsequently this subprogram. Some of these brothers and sisters have become beguiled; yet believe they are superior to the rest. There is only one path home and it exists by becoming fully conscious and waking up, which is called ascension. All deceivers need to mix some form of truths into their predictions in order to get people to accept their views.  The concepts need to resonate on some level of stored data within our subconscious.  I assume that many are more self-deceived than intentionally corrupt.  Our job is to discern everything before emotionally buying into anything!

I use the ancient “I Ching” for guidance to keep myself in check.  Many will not go there because they do not want to listen to, or comply with the “feedback!” [“I Ching” translates into the “Book of Changes” concerning the future.”] We are from the future, the holographic earth is not “splitting apart;” however timelines are merging, which is creating a major reset on our brains; we need gnosis in order to understand and not become more vulnerable to the forces that are confronting us!  Self-forgiveness, reconnection with our souls, humility and trust in the holy trinity of our spirit is the key to freedom.

The only control anyone has over where they wake up and what they will experience is based on their maintained or earned signature frequency; high or low when transitioning the program. It is the one thing we can never be rid of, but we can control and change, which is why I say, “This experience can become an opportunity!”

I will make one last comment on shifting into a higher dimension. Most people are not even aware they are in a program, let alone this entire world is a simulation. You cannot play leap-frog with dimensions; however you can be duped into jumping into another simulation!  I am saying we must wake up and become fully conscious in order to shift into higher gear –  however If our fourth dimensional avatars were to expire, we would have a better chance of bypassing the dimensions they are on, because it would  set our souls free from being confined in a corporeal body.  And, there may be rare souls evolved enough in their consciousness to make the shift based just on this, but this is not the norm.  If your soul were set free by the demise of your corporeal body here and within the 4D program, you would automatically wake up on the fourth dimension where the genuine shift is taking place. This is where the genuine rapture is taking place and where our energy body could shift into the 5th dimension or higher as long as there is resonance and proper gnosis!

The solar system above the firmament is an exact holographic simulation of the natural galaxy surrounding it.  The natural galaxy is entering a region of space where a ‘natural galactic anomaly’ is shifting into a higher dimension. This is obviously having strong effects on our genuine fourth dimensional brain, which in turn is having an impact on our 3D brain. In order to counteract this phenomenon, in 2014 pseudo-scientists claimed that our solar system was entering a large interstellar cloud they called “The local fluff.” They say it is approximately 30 light-years wide and held together by a very large magnetic field.  Some may associate this with the Rapture, which may be taking place very soon on the fourth dimension and will affect our 3D avatar.  This will influence the acceleration of our consciousness here and help with the Great Awakening.   In any event, I have been given more gnosis on how the Rapture works in this program and how to escape it.  I will create this as a single epistle following this Conclusion, since many have bibliophobia [fear of information], whilst others are just poor readers and do not enjoy long reads.

New Age dogmatist claim that if humanity’s collective consciousness is not sufficiently developed to accommodate the incoming higher frequencies, it could implode into a self-induced global calamity. However, if humanity’s consciousness is evolved enough, a golden age of wisdom, love and peace will begin.  This is a bit of a doomsday attitude that I do not support because nothing can stop those ready to wake up and find their way home, whilst others may prefer to cling to their “stuff” and their entrenched concepts.  I personally support the Gnostic counsel that without proper gnosis our soul cannot escape this program because it is all taking place within our mind.  There is no death, there is only the Great Awakening now taking take place on more than one level of our existence!  We are ground 0 for the Endgame where there is so much more at stake than anyone may realize! We are from the future! There is no death!  We are hypostatizing a 3D-VR reconstructed past timeline!  (Hypostatize: to regard and interact with something as a distinct substance or reality.)  If you doubt this Epistle, listen to Fascist Klaus Schwab brazenly tell you how they are “hacking the human animal” on this video. There are worse things than the false concepts about death! ]

It was hoped that a new higher developed species would evolve out of this experiment to create a universal galactic family and put an end to all wars, along with more equality in spiritual evolution within the genuine Galaxy!  However, being true to their nature, the Reptilian along with their allies have broken their pacts of non-interference, which has put this goal into a dangerous and precarious position for the souls trapped here during the End Game. The end game war has been deemed to be “World War Three.” One need grasp that this is a multi-dimensional war, which is why it has become an “Info War,” where souls can make a free choice for their personal outcome, with or without gnosis. This involves the growth and development of our heart frequencies via our ability to tolerate, love, forgive and care for all breathing beings.  We are in The End Game where every one of us is being tested!! Those successful can transcend this 3D subprogram and return to the 4D program to conclude their mission there or move directly back into the fourth dimension and continue their ascension via the Ray they came in on.  If not, they will remain in the 3D program under the NWO’s transhuman agenda or end up in the AI and Hybrid Cabal’s new Metaverse; heaven and earth program. It all comes down to resonance, retained Gnosis or compliance.  I use Elon Musk quotes when possible, since he was deeply involved in the creation of this subprogram on the past timeline that we are rotating through, which he obviously has restored recollections of.

“…games [VR] will be indistinguishable from reality, or civilization will end. One of those two things will occur,” Musk said. “Therefore, we are most likely in a simulation, because we exist.” “I think most likely there are many, many simulations,” he added. “You might as well call them reality, or you could call them Multiverse.”


We are from the future where our genuine bodies are safely located on the fourth dimension where we signed in to be part of the original program. I have deeply contemplated this and speculate that it may be on the inner world of Venus.  However, I also strongly feel that the annexed subprogram is being operated off of one of the outer continents beyond the ice walls.  We are in a state of bilocation. We are multi-dimensional beings now experiencing “worlds within worlds!”  We are not cognizant that we are reliving and re-hypostatizing a past timeline in an annexed usurped subprogram with a clandestine perverted alien goal. 

I hypothesize that this is what the entire transhumanization agenda is about.  Nevertheless, they are desperate to expedite a solution because the timelines are already starting to merge between our 4D timeline and this artificial timeline.  To help understand how this affects us, comprehend that our fourth dimensional timeline is stored within our subconscious mind. Our brains have been technologically rewired via an artificial timeline within a subprogram. This means that as our consciousness inevitably continues to move forward on the artificial timeline, it will automatically merge with our stored 4D timeline, along with pertinent stored information.  However, the “Law of Resonance” cannot and will not be broken. This will inevitably create a respective distinct variance within the consciousnesses experiencing these merging timelines in the form of higher or lower frequencies.  We will respond to these frequencies via resonance and align with one or the other.  Those on the lower frequency may wake within the transhumanized program or stay in servitude to the Demiurge via resonance. They have been seeding the latter into our consciousness since the AD1 Reboot. 

Over the last century sci-fi film fantasies have been on the increase about extraterrestrial, Ufology, spacecraft, robots, cyborgs, interstellar travel and other covert technologies. Everything has become politicized as a pre-cursory for the prophesized “Last Days;” End Game.  Whistleblowers say, “Watch the skies.” Perhaps they are going to CGI a holographic appearance of a Jesus Christ prior to the upcoming NWO Reset as biblically prophesized that could dupe millions of followers. Or, they might create an aerial UFO war that may or may not be a hoax!?!? There is a much greater Alien threat involved in this “End Game” than is being disclosed on any level; hopefully Trump is for real and global military patriots have united under the emergence of the U.S. independent Armed Space Forces!

Our entire history is stored within our subconscious memory. They are using this to create the past collective temporal timeline we are on!  We must become aware and reject time and space as being presented to us because they are attempting to reconstruct our memories. There are reports that Trump has access to past and future information, which is giving him protection and to be able to counteract much of what is taking place here. This technology has been coined as the “Looking Glass.”  I am aware of such techno; yet we dare not rely on any outside forces for guidance and solace now.  If and how they may intend to deal with the rogue AI Demiurge, I have no clue outside of speculating that they either now have the technology or are depending on off-world help? At the end of the day, there is no death, yet there is a demise to what we think of as our temporary corporeal body. Be grateful, very grateful that this is a simulation and that by embracing this gnosis, the conceptual act of your demise can be a form of liberation where no one or thing can deceive or recycle your consciousness back in here again!    

“…signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves, people fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world.  For the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” Luke 21:25-26



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