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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

You know that I like to watch movies and series, I have often found topics for articles there and after all THEY show us many things in movies and series. New technologies, other worlds, the universe, just to name a few. And there is also a lot shown in movies of values that go far beyond financial wealth. And I couldn’t care less if Deep State celebrities are the actors or if they are White Hats. Putting aside the fact that we may not watch movies in the new world, do we really want to allow a ban on watching movies with former or by former Black Hats? Do we really want to allow renewed censorship or even a new book burning? Isn’t everything we have experienced, seen and heard, allowed, part of our history? How are we going to explain to future generations why and how the necessary changes happened? They will be much stronger than we were, much more consolidated and will certainly not be subject to the indoctrination that we experienced. In fact, I’m convinced that, much like Harry Potter was with the “Thinkarium,” we can go back in time with holodecks to show how we experienced this gigantic show. A censorship, a ban of these indoctrination methods of the Deep State would be fatal, because it could also be instructive for our descendants, don’t you think?

What is going on in the world? Everywhere red pills are distributed and many acts of the show are very exaggerated and overdone. In the US, pedophilia is coming more and more into the mainstream, corruption and who really believes anymore that Biden can send funds to [redacted]? In Germany, it’s the incompetence of the “government” and again, it’s about funds that are supposedly given. In reality, these no longer exist, neither in the “FRG”, nor in the EU, nor in any other country in Europe. “Journalists” can write a lot, especially if it is prescribed to them by the script.

On November 23, we have seen many pictures of massive military aircraft movements in the North American and European area. In addition, many naval ships are stationed on the coasts, where they seem to be waiting for something. Why on the coasts? And why the Navy? Because of an enemy that might escape? I don’t think so, because the enemies that could still have done damage are no longer there. They are still kept alive by some truthers in the media, so that the stooges of the lower levels feel safe. Believe me, they also read everything that is written. They crave protection, they know what is coming.

No, the countries of the world that are not yet led by patriotic governments, i.e. on the two American continents and in Europe, are still subject to maritime and commercial law, that is why the Navy has to be involved, or take the first steps. Similar to D-Day, they are in position and on alert, waiting for the green light to strike. Then as now, superiors and soldiers are in a frenzy and finally want to get going. But unlike D-Day back then, they won’t be storming beaches and running into enemy gunfire with great casualties, no they will be supporting their comrades of the Earth Alliance military who have been preparing here since March 2020. They do not always hide and often military of other nations have been seen here. Even Russian helicopters, Russian trucks and tanks. You don’t believe it at first, but then when you see the pictures, many things become clear. At least for those who are awake. For others, it’s an exercise. “Wait a minute, exercise? The Russians, who are at “war” with [redacted], are practicing here?” “Oh, what do I know?” one gets in response. That’s the way it is with the clueless. I and many others see military on alert, waiting for the green light. PERIOD!

Well, and who gives the green light? Since a lawfully deployed military can only be mandated by the UPU and Donald J. Trump is Postmaster of the UPU, you have your answer. Why isn’t he telling us, and why is he still waiting? Well, he’s not telling us because then more impatient people will wait even more impatiently. Because then those you actually want to catch with the stake will be warned and it will be more difficult to access. Who would betray his plans? And who knows, maybe he’s already given the green light. “Learn our communications!” they said, didn’t they? And he waits until all the “characters” are in place, until all the preparations are complete, so that there is not too much damage.

The people in the USA and in Brazil had to recognize now also only by the decisions of their highest courts, how corrupt and inhuman these courts are. The evidence of electoral fraud is overwhelming, and even the slightest hint should make the courts sit up and take notice. After all, their votes could also have been manipulated. But they do nothing and thus hand out red pills. According to the script! So we have wake-up program by exaggerated reports, wake-up program by corrupt courts and really big alarm clock by the mainstream media. I want to make special mention of the good Tucker Carlson. And, folks this is hilarious to me by now, there are still people who don’t realize it. Still, even though they’re already out of blue pills.


Soldiers on alert, about to go off. They are daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, granddaughters and grandchildren, cousins, so they are all part of one family. And their second family is their comrades in their units, especially if they’ve ever been on a real mission. These are connections that you can only feel if you’ve experienced it yourself. And there are still differences if it was in real operations or if it was just joint services in peacetime. In real deployments, bonds are forged that are stronger than family bonds. I haven’t had that experience myself, but I feel it quite intensely when it’s shown in movies and series. Not comparable to a real experience, but nevertheless I would like to take my hat off at this point, take a bow and pay my great respect to all the soldiers in this world who have fought or are still fighting for our future and thank them from the bottom of my heart. There were times when I would have loved to have gone off with all of you, especially if I had still been able to do so at that time. Such a family bond I would have liked to have made as well.

Time for the article topic, isn’t it? Especially in the last two years, our families have been put to the test. For many even before that, before there was this huge scam with a non-existent pandemic. And it really started with the vaccinations. It was not only strangers who were excluded or separated from each other. Also within the families. You won’t believe all the things I’ve read and heard about, about the deepest divisions within families. Shouldn’t families stick together in times of crisis? In a wolf pack or in other animal herds such a thing would be IMPOSSIBLE. Only the “masters of the world”, the “crown of creation”, let themselves be led around by the nose and still think they are something better. And all this, because we got drilled in, that our opinion has to be the truth. Indoctrination makes it possible and our families have been deliberately and successfully attacked and destroyed. That is why, especially in Germany, no agreement is possible, because everyone insists on being right with what they think or believe.

It is now a critical phase, because we all know that there is a worldwide excess mortality due to the vaccinations. Besides those who unfortunately ended their incarnation before liberation, there are those who end their incarnation because they wanted to be something better, because they bet on the wrong horse. Yes, they are also family members and we cannot even know how to deal with them. Since my living aunts and uncles, my cousins have “removed” themselves from my life (out of sight, out of mind), I only have my brother and my son. Both of them are vaccinated. Yes, and then there is my wife, but she is far away, very far away, although she lives in the same apartment. So that leaves my soul family, but they are also far away or even watching me from space. I miss them all very painfully. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that we will meet soon and then we can stay together. Whether it’s the old world we repair or the new world we rebuild, I don’t care then. The main thing is not to be alone anymore and to make and maintain bonds.

Please don’t give up, patience is a virtue and we need it today more than ever. Continue to hold the line together with me. Side by side, as brothers and sisters. Bound by the bond of patriots, woven from the courage, perseverance, strength and fortitude that can only come from having lived through hard times together.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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