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May 8, 2021

May 8, 2021: UPDATED—Who Can Sleep At a Time Like This? Comms Everywhere [videos]

UPDATE:  3:38 pm May 8, 2021

This video popped up on Telegram and I thought about the “bomb” comms and also how close the moon looks in this perspective. Fascinating! It was like the Twin Towers when we saw the missile go in one side and then the explosion immediately on the other. It almost looks real. Can it be real? Are they showing us just how un-real NASA is?

Check out the video at this link –

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post…

One can get dizzy trying to get a handle on all the headlines and messaging on the Internet. I’ve been up since 2:30 so I’m not even sure all my faculties are intact.




I’m seeing a lot of interesting comms on Telegram today. It sounds like Jerusalem is hopping and Israel is militarily active and on high alert, and the largest ever military “exercise” is on the table. That’s all from memory so I hope it’s accurate. No time to check out every headline.

We’re getting suggestions that we’re at 11.4 and DEFCON 1.

There we have a 503. That means Q post #503.

Original [15] min
Revised [1] min

Some say they feel David Wilcock has been compromised, but others are pointing out this comm from him. Click the box to open and read the whole thing on Twitter.

Who doesn’t want an investigation into the Maricopa Arizona election? It’s obvious now.

BREAKING: Daughter of Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff Signs Letter to DOJ to Stop the Elections Audit in Arizona

Mike Lindell told Steve Bannon that he and his team have Dominion machines (not from Arizona) and they will soon have some damning evidence to reveal to the public. He said, “We have it all” and “It’s over for them.”




Patrick Byrne on his website said, “There were 19 cyber attacks from China affecting 5 swing states!”

My latest update is this headline…

Turn Over Routers or Face Subpoenas, Arizona Lawmakers Tell Maricopa County

Now that’s out of the way, I’m offering this exceptional monologue from Scott Kesterson. It’s similar to a Mike Adams pithy commentary and it gets a little dark and makes fun of the “zombies” but the ending is lighter and I was glad I listened all the way through to the very end. Scott told us long ago that it would take our utmost strength and resolve to withstand the force of the beast trying to force its will upon us in the form of vaccines so I believe his military contacts gave him at least a rough agenda for the White Hat plan.

He says prayer raises our frequency. Could that be why Q so often instructed us to pray? Bards of War is now back on Themtube but Scott is done with cow-towing to them so they might kill this video soon.

Storm Dispatch- 20210507

Our Texan friends were over last night after stopping at the grocery store where Mike was the only one, he said, without a mask. Governor Ducey lifted the mask mandate over a month ago, and the sheep just keep on sheeping. It’s astounding.

Of course, Kroger/Fry’s is still blasting announcements over the P.A. telling everyone they must wear a “face covering” in the store, and the freeway Jumbotrons are probably still telling motorists to keep Arizona healthy and mask up. A private community park near us has a sign on at the gate that says please wear a mask. It’s everywhere these manipulators can work their psychological operation.

How ironic! I found this just prior to press time. They stepped up their game and NO! This is not okay. This should be removed and not part of our freeway messaging. It has nothing to do with the Dept. of Transport or highway safety. Where are our representatives? Let’s get on it, people.

The Royal Mail is doing their part for the NWO agenda.




Did you see the UK gov’t document about increasing the fear factor in those who were too complacent about social distancing, masks, etc? They had to have the majority really scared into these early symbolic stances to pull off the vaccination push and get the herd to stampede for their vaccinations to keep them safe and allow them to have their lives back.

There’s just one problem. In the places where vaccines were encouraged and a substantial cross-section of the public complied, they still had to wear masks, social distance, close businesses, churches, sporting events, and many came down with Covid regardless. What? We told you, folks.

Once they get their foot in the door and get you to do one thing, there will be a cascading and escalating agenda to take away more and more rights. The psyop only goes one way. They take—they do not give an inch—unless it’s part of the ruse.

Obviously the lying, treasonous media isn’t going to discuss the end to the ludicrous masking in Arizona so the sheeple are going to prolong the insanity indefinitely. We need more people speaking up like this…

From Spain, a video clip showing the People coming together to defeat the enemy. See the video at this link on Telegram.

Police try to arrest a woman for not wearing a mask, what happens next is epic. The crowd remove their Masks in support, singing out FREEDOM as The Police retreat. UNITY will win this war. Long Live the People

Masks aren’t the problem, because Covid isn’t the problem. It was never about the virus. The threat is from the vaccines.

Salk Institute: The spike protein “damages cells” and causes “vascular disease” even without a virus

Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines (by design)

Little bits of news trickle down from time to time for those of us who understand the significance.

Just in case we missed it, they plummeted from the 17th floor. Seventeen = Q.




Swiss Diplomat Who Represented Biden Admin Interests in Iran Is Found Dead After Falling from 17th Floor Balcony in Tehran

This is an excellent analysis from Dave for May 7.

Following is a really intriguing video from Jetson White. He has some ideas about a number of things, including our ultimate destination. I happen to agree with him, that where we are currently cannot be rendered hospitable to the New Human in ascended form and that we will be relocating.

I can’t help but think whenever I see these NASA astronauts that they look as though they’re hanging from a clothesline, with shoulders hiked up and clothing in unnatural positions. And keep your eye on the lemon. A lot of us believe NASA is just another name for Hollywood.

Jetson begins with an audio clip from Juan O’Savin, who I believe is an integral part of this takedown and our ascension. He tells amazing stories and has larger-than-life interpretations of the Bible. He is clearly in the loop, but can only tell us so much. 13 min.

Station Water

We hear stories similar to this every day, where supposed Human Beings are behaving toward others in grotesque and unbelievable ways. How do we rout out these evil creatures so they can no longer hurt anyone? How you do find them? It seems endless and I can barely tolerate reading about it, never mind understand how anyone could do it. From beating on a man pushing a stroller to attacking a police officer… what happened to their Humanity? Are they possessed?

Pompano Beach woman tortured intellectually disabled boy, investigators say

I’m going to close with this update from LT. 52 min.

5.8.21: The DEMONIC PANIC is at EARTHQUAKE level! We must continue to PRAY!




What next?

Cyberattack Forces a Shutdown of a Top U.S. Pipeline Operator

I hope you’re ready to shelter in place on a moment’s notice, folks. It’s coming at some point from what we’ve heard—but then much has failed to go the way we expected.

I’ll leave you with a few words from Catturd. The fear porn is off the charts—like the world’s militaries are incapable of dealing with a piece of space trash like this. Keep the faith.  ~ BP


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