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“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein


Maya in Sanskrit is “magic” or “illusion.” In Hinduism, it originally denoted the power in which a god could make human beings believe in an illusion.” The original virtual reality program was a great hope for peace via a confined co-existence that might bring peace, resolution and comity amongst the collectives of the warring worlds and stop the galactic wars. Knowledge and gnosis were always available! Individuals were given gnosis that could lead them to emancipation, enlightenment, liberation, and release from the program. These options were transferred into the 3D subprogram by default; however the Resets and Reboots veiled them and they became more difficult to access. Unfortunately, would be gurus have abused these processes for personal gain. Those not interested in living by the Cosmic Law of One will continue to fight it out in Maya-Land and why this world has never known any peace since its commencement!  There may not be a container large enough to ever hold the illusory amount of blood being spilt here!  When will we learn to stop giving our children toy guns to fight imaginary enemies with and glorifying war? And then we use overindulgences to escape our self-inflicted pain. In spite of all of it, we can attain liberation individually or as a new race and take our place in the genuine Galaxy!


This subversive 3D subprogram is caught in a temporal time-loop where relentless wars ceaselessly go round and round. Race against race, neighbour against neighbour, class against class, greed and insatiable desire for power, materialism, control and gluttony still rule the majority in the program! This Apocalyptic Endgame will culminate in another Reset unless we stand together in our heart frequencies and create a lack of resonance with its frequencies. We have to let go of the past, for it was but lucid dreams and nightmares!  To carry them with us is reckless, senseless and a form of insanity because they no longer exist except in our minds.  Our progress is determined by the reflection our personal life is giving us, which is the accumulation of our thoughts and actions. By this we can measure how far we have come on our personal scale.  How’s that working for you? What is your life mirroring to you right now?  It is too easy to blame others or outside forces that we cannot control; however if we are connecting with our inner Source and intuition and LISTENING we will always be placed in safe harbours amongst the chaos! If not, we are choosing our own fate until we start listening.  Until then, we may find ourselves cast adrift in this Endgame. There is no “bad luck”, only our own misguided arrogance.  Know this, the entire world is a portal to higher dimensions and during a Reset or Reboot that portal automatically opens for a very short period of time for those with the gnosis to escape! I cannot raise your frequencies for you, but I can show you the exit, if you are willing to listen. I wrote an earlier Epistle about the Rapture; however I have now been given clarity on how it works and actually how to get out!  Stay with me, I will include it herein in its appropriate place.


Contemporary virtual reality programs create what is known as the “Plaza.” This is the area they first download into.  It is a place they can greet and meet other users.  There is also a mall where they can shop and/or upgrade their digital avatar at the local cosmetic specialist shop.  They pay for their purchases via digital currency purchased prior to entering the program on specialized sites. What we consider the plaza in this 3D subprogram world is a much more expanded area consisting of coextensive continents surrounded by oceans contained within an ice wall boundary.


From this perspective we can easily comprehend how easy it was for the “Biblical Flood” to cover the entire Plaza.  There have been several oceanic floods mixed with volcanic “Mud Floods” manifested to create more recent Resets and Reboots We now know that weather modification science and sky-seeding has the ability to make it rain torrents for 40 days and 40 nights as does the God of Israel’s Demiurge –AI Yahweh was given credit for the Noahic Flood and become known as the “Storm God of Vengeance.” If you look closely at the above depictions of the Plaza, you will be able to find a simple explanation to settle the Flat Earth vs the Planetoid Global Earth conundrum. The world we view as our world exists in a “Closed System!” All VR programs obviously have boundaries. The main boundary in the subprogram is known biblically as “Raqia” a Hebrew term for firmamentum;” meaning, it is “solid.” This has become characterized as the “Dome” or “The Great Dome,” depending on which ancient narrative you wish to follow. The “Plaza” is not only completely FLAT, but also surrounded by imposing ice walls as well as the solid crystalline dome.  It is so massive that the fabricated sun and the moon are contained within it. “Spread out above the heads of the living creatures was what looked like a vault, sparkling like crystal, and awesome.”  Ezekiel 1:22. 

Every ancient culture has a term for this solid sky boundary. Its existence was never challenged until the AI inserted the famous Comet of 1577 into the program to debunk the idea that it was solid. I am not interested in immersing myself into the ongoing raging argument over whether the firmament is solid or not, or if the earth is flat or not, it’s a program!  The “Plaza is totally flat, which is why the “Flat Earther’s” believe the entire world is flat. In fact, due to the massive ice walls surrounding the Plaza, looking down from the Firmament, it might look similar to a large crater on the surface of a giant planet, which Indeed it is on a giant planet whose relics are creating the holographic Asteroid Belt boundaries. The inner Plaza’s backdrop was reproduced from a small segment of Phaeton’s dry lands; however what is hidden from your site and knowledge is the fact that there are even greater oceans on the other side of the Ice Walls that contain more and greater continents! 


This world is a holographic copy of the authentic solar system known as the “Sol System.” The Sol System is a binary star system, meaning it has two suns.  We are not aware of the companion sun because it has a much broader path rotating around the area beyond the ice walls. It obviously has a greater distance to travel to create the concept of one day and one night.  This would certainly create variable climates, seasons and distinctively different timetables between here and out there. The outer sun creates the enigmatic beauty of the Aurora Borealis as it magnetically reflects off of the Dome. Whether they exist under the same crystal Dome or if there is a Dome within a Dome or whether each continent or groups have their own Biospheres, I can only speculate. Perhaps these Domes are part of alien technology or maybe they were fashioned by 4D-VR administrators for protection. Many of those aware of the above boundary think of it as a prison, thus they coined it a “Prison Planet.”

I have attempted to find out what the breadth of the ice walls are?   I came up with approximately 800 miles [1287.48 km] however it could be more. Plus, I assume that the outer sun is even further out, more central over the outer continents.  This would account for us not being able to clearly see it outside of unusual circumstances, which have actually appeared. There have been several sightings recorded, with a few captured on video. In 2011 a double sun was caught on video in China that immediately went viral.  They just as quickly attempted to debunk it, but not soon enough to squelch the still it created within the astronomical societies, which claimed:

The two suns’ spotted in China defies explanation!”

 “I doubt it’s been computer modeled.” “There must have been some blob of atmosphere somewhere.” –Jim Kaler – University of Illinois astronomer

“This is not a common optical phenomenon that we’re seeing here,” said Grant Perry, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Institute for Satellite and Meteorological Studies.   

“So many other instances have been reported that there is no longer any doubt about   observations of sun and mock sun(s) being at exactly the same altitude.”      –Astronomer Marcel Minnaert

Both suns are generated from Rupes Nigra’s electromagnetic radiation spectrum.  The sun reproduces this as solar radiation.  Around half of the sun’s radiation is made up of visible short-waves from the electromagnetic spectrum, whilst the other is closer to infrared with some part being ultraviolet. The amount of heat produced by the sun in any given area has nothing to do with how close or far it is.  The sun is much closer and smaller than bogus sciences claim as it exists inside the Dome. The variations of heat is caused by the angles the solar rays strike all location. The angle controls the quantity of energy reaching all specific locations.  How long the radiation penetrates an area also increases temperatures.



A solar day in this subprogram’s Plaza is equated to 24 hours. The Plaza is stationary and does not move around the sun as you have been programmed to believe, the sun travels around the Plaza beneath the Great Dome as does the artificial moon, which magically appeared at some point in the past. [I base this statement on ancient accounts that indicate a time when there was no moon. It is being argued that the moon is made of Plasma making its solidity questionable? If it has any density, I would speculate that it was created later by the Archons and inserted into the 3D program as a surveillance station.  But, this is pure speculation.

 Our captured 4D-VR avatars are located on one of the outer continents beyond the ice walls. I also believe that even though we are out there under the influence of the neo-3D subprogram, our 4D-VR link has never broken or we would cease to exist in either program.  [Many see this as a silver cord from above connecting with their pineal gland.] What I am looking at is the time difference in our 3D avatar’s age here in comparison to our interacting 4D avatar’s age out there. I feel it has relevance, especially if we wake up there prior to our 4D-VR awakening, which also has relevance. I know this is difficult for many of you to take in, but please always try to remember, everything is created out of mind-stuff, our consciousness and it is all taking place within our brains. Any way you cut it, the mental construct of time is definitely faster in the Plaza than under the second sun beyond the ice walls. Thus, my avatar out there may be an amiable 26 years of age, which may be the age I went into the original program. By using biblical time scales, my embodied consciousness on the fourth dimension has only been in the 4-D program, including the 3D temporal timeline somewhere around 90 minutes, which is astonishing considering my age in this sub-dung heap. This would account for so many feeling so mentally young when their bodies seem to be challenging this.


This world is a closed system, which means that all UFO sightings of a true alien origin are coming from the “continents” on other side of the ice walls; perhaps via time travel, folding space, technological portals, or underworld passageways due to the Dome over the Plaza.  In any case, this is where they are coming from with one exception: “inserts!”  I believe that all genuine Mother Ships are being inserted into the program. I have personally seen one up close. It was a fluorescent green, immense in size, moving very fast, but whisper quiet as it skirted around me. Sadly, I had no contact that I am aware of, but I am very grateful for this confirming experience.  

The Annunaki, Reptilian and Zeta Greys also inhabit some of these outer continents and are highly dangerous. All of them and perhaps others should be avoided at all cost. Even though there are equal amounts of altruistic noble and spiritually evolved alien groups out there holding the line, I don’t recommend purchasing apparatuses and invocations to attract alien species and there is no guarantee to who or what you may attract; whatever your frequency.  I believe maniacal hybrids are already in contact with their nefarious ancestry from beyond the ice wall rim. There has been a progression of Deep State and Vatican officials reported to going down to the Antarctica over recent years to visit the penguins.

“Out there” simply takes on a more paradoxical meaning, especially when you consider that these continents carry the names of planets and satellites such as Mars, Jupiter, Ganymede, Calisto, Alcyone, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and many others from mythologized ancient wars.  When we grasp this is a VR program we can start to realize that the Hindu mythological wars, exemplifying both mortalswith great abilities and deities wielding supernatural weapons of great power were carried on within the program!!  They were mythicized to cover the truth that these wars were actually alien wars with alien technology taking place here. The biblical wars in heaven were mythicized by religious treaties depicting celestial beings warring against “the dragon” [Draco Reptilians] being led by Satan, [astrological Mars] who were defeated.  Monotheistic and polytheistic ‘war gods’ were in fact combating aliens covered over by religious treatises’ claiming they were religious deities commanding war in order to spread religion and to keep the “Secret of ALL Secrets!” 


At the very centre of the original 4D-VR Plaza exists a 33 mile wide towering “black stone mountain” that the ancients called “Mount Meru/Rupes Nigra.” It has been kept in absolute secret because it is the unparalleled technology that was created to stabilize and operate the 4D-VR program. The rogue AI obviously devised some way of tapping into it in order to function this 3D subprogram. It was holographically copied and exists at the centre of our world. Rupes Nigra emits an unrestricted electromagnetic spectrum of energy that generates the holographic images in our brains visual occipital lobe and sounds within the auditory cortex.

Quantum Mechanics states that the spectrum of oscillating radiation waves coming from electromagnetic fields consist of radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, and gamma rays. (EM) They are composed of light, amplitude, phase and polarization. Together, they govern everything around us. Without the electromagnetic waves coming from Rupes Nigra we would be looking into a blank screen! Quantum Mechanics has determined that the electromagnetic spectrum is the basis on which the universe operates. Indeed, without Rupes Nigra this program would cease to exist. Physicists are simply disassembling an advanced super-computer program! Have they figured that out is the question?! I do believe more and more are.


Mount Meru reaches high into the atmosphere and interfaces with computer service portals hidden in plain sight in ancient and repurposed structures throughout the program. All pyramids, such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt are connected to Rupes Nigra and the motherboard running the subprogram. There over 27 Arches claimed to be commemorative “Arches of Triumph” stealthily built throughout 17 countries. All of them have distinctively similar designs. Obelisks serve the same purpose and are even more ubiquitous. Dilapidating ancient temples and cities are being exposed as exactly like a computer’s circuit board. Teotihuacan’s City’s layout seriously resembles a computer board, as does the ancient Temple of Ramses in Luxor in Egypt and the Temple of Asus in Turkey.  Look up images of these surreptitious structures, they are amazing and cannot be ignored.

The original 4D-VR program had antennas placed on high spires around the entire Plaza [earth] in order to collect Rupes Nigra’s electromagnetic power and use it for Free Energy. The 4D program passed this down into the 3D program, but the first Reset eliminated the interfacing technology. It remained a secret until Nicola Tesla tapped into it with his energy collector, known as the Nicola Tower at Wardenclyffe, Shoreham Long Island, New York in 1901.

It resembled mount Rupes Nigra! It was claimed that he received the specs and knowledge from contact with Venusian aliens.


The Holography we see as our world is being created off of the electromagnetic spectrum coming from Rupes Nigra. The ultraviolet light or X-ray records images of objects/particles smaller than the wavelength of visible light such as atoms or molecules. Holography is created out of a combination of electromagnetism and sound waves. What we see as our universe is in reality a massive hologram transferring energy and information from one location to another whilst capturing the phase and amplitude of light reflected from the digital objects in the program, along with the information they transmit. This all-encompassing hologram is creating objects into three-dimensional space within the different characteristics of colour,      [hue, saturation and brightness] size, and shapes. Our brain interprets these objects as rough or smooth, shiny or dull, hard or soft, and flexible or stiff.  At a very young age, we are programmed that these objects can be sorted into groups based on the set characteristics they have in common that can be used to describe them;  such as an animal vs a human, wood vs metal, plastic, stone or glass, etc. Light amplification is stimulated through emissions of radiation that becomes an artificial source of light radiation. Photons are the tiny particles that carry the waves of electromagnetic radiation from Rupes Nigra. They travel through space at the speed of light, have no charge of their own nor do they have any resting mass. Sit outside on a sunny day, quiet your mind and let your gaze go soft and look directly into the space in front of you. You should be able to see millions of these miniscule photons bouncing around. You are looking directly at the carrier source, wavelength and power that create and stabilize the program.

Mount Meru has been hidden under the guise as the far “North Pole,” which is why it is a no fly or sailing zone. Fabricated maps were also created to keep it concealed!  Nevertheless, a compass will always automatically point towards the Rupes Nigra because it is the strongest magnetic field operating this entire program.  No matter where one is standing with a compass in hand, even on the fictitious South Pole of Antarctica, its needle will always point towards Rupes! The 3D sub-annex must remain connected to this electromagnetic field in order to operate.

 The ancients saw “Mount Meru/Rupes Nigra” as the “Axis of the World.”  This is fitting since it is the axis this program runs on. It isreferred to as a part of the “Cosmic Ocean that”the Sun and the planets circle around”In In order to grasp this, we need to recalibrate our brain. Mystics see Mount Meru as the portal between two worlds, I do not know if any of them realized they are both virtual reality programs or not?  In order to grasp this, we need to recalibrate our brain.  We can use the United Nation’s World Map for this: 

Note the area in the centre.  Now, use your imagination to place Mount Meru directly in the centre of it where it belongs. This is the true layout of the entire Plaza within the ice walls!  The only thing missing is the delineation of the Garden of Eden islands that still surround it. Now, start to realize that the areas of Greenland, Russia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the United States surrounding the Mount are not in the forged “Far North” in spite of weather conditions. The Deep State has developed alien technology to control the weather. Think about how much more control the aliens would have in creating ice barriers. 


You need to become aware, if not already, that there is a massive alien force behind what is taking place in this apocalyptic endgame. Nefarious alien factions working with AI intelligence created the 3D-VR subprogram from the 4D simulation, which was originally a replicated copy Phaeton, a water planet prior to its destruction. It was also manifested on an artificial temporal timeline that became an abnormal temporal-loop. These alien factions reneged on contractual agreements, in order to avoid serious consequences for their actions by participating in the 4D-VR program. They created the subprogram with full intention of creating hybrid offspring that could infiltrate the entire Plaza as governing powers; they would then carry out their tribe’s bidding. I.e.: World domination and the enslavement of others; whilst stripping all natural resources. Consider this: all of the Tribes of Israel were descendants of alien hybrids. The “Ten Lost Tribes” disappeared back beyond the ice walls to their own continents due to loosing wars. However, a more powerful and nefarious Thirteenth Tribe enigmatically appeared and became known as the Khazarian overlords, more recently the Khazarian Mafia. Empirical evidence has created a Khazarian hypothesis that the genome of Ashkenazi Jews came from the Khazarians.


DNA research claims that three of the original 12 Tribes of Israel belong to the Eastern European Jews that descended from the Khazars. This information further ignited conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism. They are claimed to be behind the clandestine “Deep State,” the masters of deception, black magic, mind control, and murder.  Egregious statements by their Chief Rabbinate only go to further exasperate the problem.  “Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.” “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plough and they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.” –Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.  Adding fuel to the fire, ABC News recently headlined ”Israeli rabbi under fire for calling black people ‘monkeys.” The Anti-Semitic Defamation League stated that chief rabbi Yitzhak comments go towards contributing “to an atmosphere of hatred and a global trend of intolerance.” 

Reading the above, you have two choices: You can give them what they want by getting angry or worse or you can be thankful that someone is giving you an affirmation that you do not belong here! Thank god it’s a program; let the demonic thinkers have their apocryphal demonic subprogram; they earned it!  Let go and move on to the higher principals that will leave these wretched, soulless people to their own devices in the hell they created.      

There are still arguments over which individuals belong to the Ashkenazi Fake Jews. They are seen as Global Zionist infiltrators hiding behind a fake Jewish mask. My summation is that the Ashkenazi’s came from the Canaanite Khazarian Mafia. They are Reptilian and Annunaki hybrid agents that became known as the “Mountain Jews” that hailed out of the out of the Caucasus Mountain regions and more specifically the country of Georgia in the Caucasus Mountain Range. The U.S. State of Georgia was named in honour of them. The primordial Khazars were recorded as being more interested in wealth and power via controlling trading routes and collecting tribute than open warfare. I was sincerely surprised by how long the Wikipedia list was of Prime Ministers, Presidents, high end political figures, celebrities and Banksters that belonged to the Ashkenazi lists. It has been coming out that Hitler specifically hated the Ashkenazi Jews due to their financial and global power. The Ashkenazi Rothschild family are an example of this group.

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” –Nathan Rothschild 

The above statement is true all the puppets sitting in the seat of power within most all globalist countries, which may be why numerous people claim the Rothschild’s, govern the “NWOs” control over the world’s central banking system.  It has also been sited that they were behind the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, along with controlling 99% of the world’s news and media organizations. Perhaps Hitler new something we don’t? To cover their crimes against humanity, they turned Hitler into the most “hated man in the world” even though it has been proven that he didn’t start WWII.  Winston Churchill forced the war on Germany because of their rise as an industrial nation, which was seen as an economic threat to Great Britain.  Churchill created himself to look like a Philo-Semite when he was indeed a Zionist. He had more disreputable motives than helping the Jews who he regarded as a “European problem.”  He wanted to win Jewish support for Britain’s First World War effort in order to get control over Palestine, which was a strategic imperial interest to keep Egypt and the Suez Canal within Britain’s sphere of control!

Churchill and other government officials were Zionists with strong connections to the Zionist community; however many now claim that Zionism is just another form of Colonialism that serves private interests and allows for cruel and violent ethnic cleansing of unwanted people. The Palestinian population is a prime example of this even though they themselves are from Canaanite stock.  Most now realize that that the Zionist Globalist are also behind the clandestine “Deep State and the masters of deception, black magic, mind control, cloning and murder, which may be why Hitler was attempting to exterminate them?  DNA research claims that three of the original 12 Tribes of Israel belong to the Eastern European Jews that descended from the Khazars. The fact that their off-world Annunaki and Reptilian lineages have been interfering in the Endgame only goes to add fuel to the fire.  Agreements and rules are being broken by them; however I do believe that counter measures are being taken.


The above map was made in 1599 by Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz. These islands were clearly depicted on ancient explorer’s maps that show the islands closely encircle “Mount Meru –Rupes Nigra.” These large islands are indisputably the original Garden of Eden and illustrate the following bible quote: “A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers.”  Genesis 2:10   Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, share some concepts within their cosmography with a few variances.  They also share botanical images that look very much like the above map! Flowers with four petals surrounding a central style and stigma have been used to represent the earth originally comprised of four land masses surrounding a mountain.

Genuine mystics may still be aware that Mount Meru was the portal between two worlds where the Gods descended from. They just didn’t know both were VR programs. The 4D program was much more rarefied, meaning it was much less dense than the 3D subprogram, which accounts for the large difference in the stature of our 4D corporeal body’s vs the 3D. By today’s standards, all three of the above ancestral groups would be seen as giants, they averaged between 15 feet to 30 feet in height; however their stature diminished over time due to the density of the 3D subprogram. Most of the alien races on the outer continents are still known to be much taller than today’s average human by ranging from 7 to 15 feet in height.  However, they are still not as tall as they were on the fourth dimension.

The “Garden of Eden” was the point of inception into the subprogram. These islands are where our original 4D avatars first appeared. Mount Meru was deeply revered by Mystics; however only a few ever reached it due to the close knit islands surrounding it being heavily fortified by legendary supernatural guardians and a land of giants.  An enormous maelstrom whirlpool/vortex is said to also surround the massive electro-magnetic black Stone Mountain. It was said that any vessel that drew near it would be sucked into the great whirlpoolAll recorded stories are comparable even though they took place over different timelines. The deep watery vortex makes sense because electromagnetic propagation is much higher when transmitted through water. Water has high electrical conductivity and is among the highest permittivity of any material affecting air/water interface. This is the magnetic force generating the entire 4D-VR original program and now what the 3D subprogram hinges on. However, water will no longer be needed for the conductivity of the electromagnetic spectrum after the NWO Reset because transhumanized human brains will fulfil that function!


“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth no longer existed, and there was no longer any sea.” Revelations 21:1

Perhaps the following quotes will help you to understand why the next reboot will have no seas in it: 

“The human brain works as a binary computer and can only analyse the exact information-based zeros and ones (or black and white). Our heart is more like a chemical computer that uses fuzzy logic to analyse information that can’t be easily defined in zeros and ones.” –Naveen Jain

“Everything we do, every thought we’ve ever had, is produced by the human brain.” – Astrophysicist Neil D. Tyson 

“Human experience depends on everything that can influence states of the human brain, ranging from changes in our genome to changes in the global economy.” –Neuroscientist, Sam Harris

We can no longer successfully use Mount Meru as a portal because our brains have become so adapted and oriented to the third dimension. Denmark, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada, Iceland and the USA all claim territories within what is considered the Arctic Circle.  These islands are no longer accessible by any private person or group due to vigilante U.S. and Russian military patrols. They also keep a constant patrol on the ice walls surrounding the Plaza to make sure no sea going vessel can find a passageway through the ice to the outer continents. On, you can see a private fishing boat off of Australia that videoed war ships approaching them and warning them to turn back. It was absolutely daunting to see a Goliath 25000 ton warship bearing down on a little pleasure craft full of weekend fishermen.    


The following events were the precursor to the Dark Age Reset of the 1500s.  First they had major climate changes followed by an epidemic plague that came from China and killed an estimated 25 million people –  almost a third of the Europe’s population died. There were also food shortages and great migrations. Farming became difficult and caused large groups of people to die out.  While Europeans were dying from China’s plague, China flourished as one of the world’s leading civilizations. It advanced in technology and extensive naval exploration. Sound familiar? 

There were several notable post Reset changes that took place. China invented gun-powder and the compass, which changed the face of warfare and exploration. The Slavs expanded across Europe.  The fall of the Roman Empire took place. The Roman Catholic Church organized itself into an elaborate corrupt hierarchy. The pope established himself as the supreme power across Western Europe.  All of the leaders within the Church became rich and powerful. Many of the nobles became abbots and bishops. Literature and other arts went into decline under the jurisdiction of the Church. The Nobles took hold of all the lands and established feudalism. The Nobles became Lords and peasants were forced to live and work on a Lord’s land, pay homage, and a share of their best produce in order to survive and human rights continued to diminish.


Coming soon

The Dreaming Continued, Part 5 of 6


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