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Outside of DNA tampering, the human race never evolved from apes or any other primate over the last 6 million years!  We haven’t even been in the program that long! Homosapiens did not evolve from early hominid predecessors, nor were Homosapiens the first modern humans! I am not interested in getting into a dogmatic battle between Creationism and Evolutionism! Neither can withstand the truth finally starting to be exposed. Like it or not, the truth is we are not an evolving species, we are a species that has been in decline for decades!  It has taken this long to lower our consciousness because our true ancestry was that evolved! More and more recent revelations deify the lies, the sorcery and the pseudo-sciences used to reprogram the survivors of past Resets and Reboots. If you have become such an intellectual giant that you want to believe you are an evolved primate, this read may not for you. If you simply have doubts, research unexplained histories. The following read gives corroborated examples that prove past civilizations were a lot more advanced than what they will ever admit. Archaeologists are continuously finding artifacts that they claim are far too advanced for the times they came from.

Historians erroneously editorialize that the earliest civilization was Sumer, located in the southernmost part of Mesopotamia over 6000 years ago. They published that the Sumerians started the first schools that taught mathematics, astronomy and astrology.  That they invented the first codes of law and the conceptions of time division by the day, hours and minutes. Mesopotamia and Africa erroneously compete as the “Cradle of Civilization,” which they are not!  They are attempting to direct us away from our true heritages. We came from amazing beings with astounding technologies.  Some of these technologies have been discovered belonging to ancient societies that historians cannot or refuse explain. 

Pre-Columbian civilizations such as theMayahad the technology to carve massive cities out of laser precision cut stones with elaborate plazas, palaces, pyramid-temples and ball courts into the jungles of southern Mexico and Central America,  feats we cannot even do today. There are various impulsive theories around on how these advanced civilizations fell and where the majority of their vast populations mysteriously disappeared to. Consider this, these civilizations didn’t fall, they just never recovered after the Dark Age Reset occurred when there were no wagons full of orphans sent down there to replace them. There are many ancient civilizations that have become known for their technological advancements besides Mesopotamia and Mayan. They include Egypt, Greece, India, the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, China and countless others that cannot explain where they went or what happened to them all?

For example, the Greeks created the Antikythera analogue computer 2000 years ago. It had over 30 gear wheels that were able to help track astrological movements and determine the dates of various events several years into the future. There was also another computer type tool developed called an “Astrolabes.” It was invaluable to astronomers and navigators trying to work out the altitude of a given celestial body at different latitudes. No one knows who invented it or where it came from. The Greek invented an incendiary weapon called the “Greek Fire.” It was an extremely deadly weapon in its time. The Roman’s developed the first example of nanotechnology in the world, known as the “Lycurgus Cup.” A 3000 year old lens was discovered in Assyria that belonged to an ancient telescope. One of the most amazing may have been the “Zhang Heng’s Seismoscope.” Modern scientists say it was capable of detecting earthquakes within a four-hundred-mile radius, even if the quake was not felt in the vicinity of the seismoscope. There are many more for you to research for your own discernment. Also, there are brilliant videos being produced by earnest souls waking up to the lies about our fabricated histories. I recommend that everyone look up “Tartarian Truthers” on YouTube. They tell the story in video form that would take me hours to write.  Architecture is one of the greatest tell-tale signs of our advanced true past history. To this day they cannot recreate some of the earliest centuries of Gothic and Baroque Architecture.  It is ridiculous to believe people of those eras accomplished it all with a horse and wagon and a hammer and chisel.  There are some lame rationalizations that attempt to explain how they were able to do it, but I found them to be time wasters. 



There are many old texts and biblical versions involving the Giants, the Nephilim, and the so called sons of the Gods. [Annunaki and Reptilian hybrids]Attempting to sort them out could be difficult if you have no insight into genuine human heritage. [The identity of the Nephilim is ambiguous and still debated by various denominational scholars, but not their stature. There are numerous interpretations claiming they were around 30ft tall prior to the biblical flood and only around 15 feet tall afterwards. In all accounts, humans were like “grasshoppers in comparison” to them and yet the daughters of men were said to have borne children to them. The Jewish Torah states that thousands of children were born; however mothers died during the birthing process because the babies were too big to deliver naturally.  Many baby giants also died until they started splitting the mother’s stomach open in favour of saving the babies. Researchers in a BJU study identified that the height of a male is most related to the size of his penis.  Just for fun, image a 15 to 30 foot male and ask yourself how they were able to fornicate with those attractive lil grasshoppers? And, if somehow they did managed it, how was the statistical average of a 5ft. woman “during those days” able to carry gigantic babies, as claimed?] As you know, there are literally hundreds of biblical interpretations within the Christian Church.  I researched them all and quoted those that made the most sense.

“The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and afterward as well — when the sons of God had relations with the daughters of men and they bore them children who became the mighty men of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4 Berean Study Bible

“The Nephilim were on the earth in those days (and also after this) when the sons of Gods were having sexual relations with the daughters of humankind, who gave birth to their children. They were the mighty heroes of old, the famous men. Gen 6:4 Net Bible

“The Nephilim appeared on earth in those days, as well as later, AFTER   the sons of the gods had intercourse with the daughters of human beings, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown. Gen 6:4       

“The giants were in the earth in those days, and even afterward, when the sons of Gods came in to the daughters of men, and they bore to them those who were the mighty from of old, the men of renown.”   Gen 6:4

If you study these verses carefully you will note that the mighty men of renown were not the Nephilim. They were the hybrid offspring from the Annunaki and Reptilian sky Gods. Jewish explanations interpret them as the “hybrid sons of fallen angels,” probably because they both were “flying around” during that period of time, only one had wings and the other had a space ship. The Nephilim [Reptilian] “prostituted” the half-breed offspring and began to devour the works of what they perceived to be a lesser race (mankind) and went on to kill and to viciously exploit them in slavery and sexual debauchery.” 1 Enoch 7:3-6   Sound familiar!?  These are the acts of a Reptilian race as was the serpent in the Biblical Garden of Eden!  They also wanted to upgrade their DNA by impregnating our Tartarian, Aryan and Hyperborean ancestry, which fouled our DNA.  It is also why so many people still lust for the slaughter, eating of flesh and the glory of battles. These are the acts of the Reptilian and Annunaki races, as was the serpent in the Biblical Garden of Eden! 

Where the Nephilim came from becomes very obscure in the Torah and Biblical sources. I believe the Vatican, Jesuits, Ashkenazi Cabal and Globalist are all cut from the same cloth and are strongholds for Reptilian and Annunaki hybrids. These aliens were downloaded into the seditious 3D subprogram, just as were the other species.  They have all been here since its genesis. The aliens now inhabit several of the continents beyond the ice walls. The Reptilian’s are highly cunning, technologically advanced and have the extraordinary super-phantasmal ability to be able to shape shift. The “Foreign Bible Society” created a Contemporary English interpretation in which the Nephilim were turned into “married men and heroes,” which blatantly disregarded the truth! “The children of the supernatural beings who had married these women became famous heroes and warriors. They were called Nephilim and lived on the earth at that time and even later.” Genesis 6:4

Can you see the idiocy they used to cover up the truth!? They weren’t sexually assaulting 5ft. women; they were assaulting the beautiful and statuesque Tartarian, Hyperborean and Aryan women on that timeline! According the comprehensive work of Craig Campobasso’s “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac,” Draconians are from the Orion, Sirius, and Draco constellations. The leaders reside in Orion. They are cold-blooded creatures whose skin is made of scales, scutum, and bony plates. Males are seven to nine feet and females are six to seven feet and are the fiercest tyrannical warriors known to any civilization. Fear and weakness are aphrodisiacs to them. Draconians are staunch believers that they were residents of the universe first and that it belongs to them. They feel superior over every race. They teach their children from youth that humans are the dreck of the universe.  They are hell bent on conquest and control. Excellent navigators of universal territories, they have conquered many planets secretly from the inside. They alter less evolved civilization gene pools to dumb them down and control them from afar for human food, resources, and underground territory, the population unaware that they are being controlled. Draconians shape-shift their consciousness into other dimensions, including the astral plane, and project their consciousness into a body they want to control. [They can only accomplish this with 3D subprogram avatars that resonate with them. Ed.] As with all races, some Draconians are of a lower or higher frequency. All Draconians are not evil. The enlightened Draconians want us to remember to judge the individual, not the race.”

In any event, the Reptilians and the Annunaki flourished during the 4D program along with various ally races. They started violent wars within the program as they broke all of their agreements to find comity and started attacking the other outer continents with their eye on the Plaza! Because we came down from a 4D simulated world, many still misconstrue the 3D subprogram as being in the fourth dimension. The AI created the data for the subprogram out of three spatial dimensions consisting of width, depth, height and placed on an artificial temporal timeline. Science tells us that this world is based on three dimensional space where time was added and acts as an additional virtual axis. Because the subprogram is a reproduced copy of the 4D original program, it is construed as a mathematical extension of the 3D subprogram.  Many understandably, misconstrue they are still in the 4D, which may be due to surfacing anamnesis from the 4D program or from their genuine higher selves existing on the genuine fourth dimension. This may help you to understand the following.



“Tartaria, a huge country in the northern part of Asia, bordering Siberia in the north and west, called the Great Tartary.” – Encyclopaedia Britannica

I personally feel it is important for us to identify with our genetic roots in order to identify with, or at the least get some idea of who we are and where we came from.  This may also help you to find your Logos Star System and the Ray you came into the fourth dimension on; in the hope that it may help to restore you. E.g. I am of the Seventh Ray Race from the Star Logos Mira in Cetus. Due to millenniums of crossbreeding, there are few, if any, purebreds existing any longer in this program, perhaps outside of the deranged practice of inbreeding by the deranged. However, each one of our souls belongs to a distinct Star Logos. I believe the Tartarians and Aryans were of a Pleiadian, Miran and Lyran mixed stock due to the Lyran’s migration to both of these star systems. Afterwards, the Miran’s migrated up into the Pleiad and Hyades Clusters.

The Tartarians, Hyperboreans, and Aryans are not myths. They are as close to many of us as our next breath. They belonged to the Galactic Races that were part of the original 4D program that descended from Mount Meru. These races were reported as having great strength and stature, fair skin, blue eyes, blonde to light brown or red hair. The Tartarians and Aryans were known for their beauty, which may be why the people born in the Nordic country’s that still carry their strongest DNA characteristics are considered to be some of the most beautiful peoples in the world. They lived by the higher principals of the Law of One, were avid vegetarians and were techno-logically and spiritually advanced.  Upon in-depth research, I theorize that the Tartarians and Aryans were the closest in genetic makeup. They were the true origins of the Caucasian root races as well as the ancient Iranians and Persians. However, over migrations, wars, resets and reboots the majority of their original DNA has been sadly adulterated by Reptilian, Annunaki and Grey Zeta Reticulum.

They were the builders of the great advanced civilizations with astonishingly beautiful architectures and knowledge of higher consciousness. All of the pyramids are reproduced copies from the 4D program, which is why they cannot accurately define their age. I believe that the other phenomenal monolithic stone masonries were built after the first AI Reboot. Realizing that the Tartarians, Hyperboreans and Aryans descended from the original 4D program through Mount Meru, I have done my best to briefly track their ancient migrations from the “Lands beyond the North Wind” and the Isles of the Garden of Eden. Determining migration was made difficult due to false histories and the fact that there were no boarders back then, only open lands. And, the lands they explored and originally recolonized were uninhabited until they reached further towards the south where they encountered AI digitals and nefarious aliens.

 “Google Earth” refuses to show where the actual Arctic North Pole exists, but other maps make it more plausible. This should give you a clue that they are hiding something! Take another look at the artistic map that the United Nations created of this world and you will find it easy to grasp that all of the migrations started from the centre of the Plaza, which the Greek’s mythicized as “beyond the north winds.” Hold in mind that all compasses or such apparatus will always point towards Rupes Nigra no matter where one is standing. Research the maps of the countries surrounding the Arctic Circle and you will find that Greenland, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland were obviously the first landfalls they migrated into prior to the “Ice Age,” which was not a natural event; it was the first AI Reboot!

“From whose womb did the ice come forth…?” –Job 38:29

Because Tartaria was stripped from our historical records, most people are not aware of their heritages that belong to these remarkable people. There is so much good information coming out on noteworthy videos that can be found on YouTube, I highly recommend you explore them. The Tartarian civilizations are fascinating to study to say the least.  However, do not be duped into thinking that the frightful looking large elongated skulls being discovered around the world, especially Peru, belong to the Tartarians or the Aryans. They actually indicate that a large alien race existed, perhaps the Reptilian, Annunaki, and Nephilim Hybrids from the infamous warring Gods.

Archaeologists are exposing world-wide ancient cultures that were worshipping graven images of reptilian looking deities. These carved idols of worship have been recently found in Mesopotamia and date back to the Ubaid period and several other archaeological digs. Even though these idols look reptilian, some still believe they may have been Annunaki. The term serpent is just another name for a reptile, which helped to keep the Reptilian species more arcane. E.g. Quetzalcoatl Kukulkán was known as the Aztec and Mayan Serpent Deity that looked similar to the Sumerian Serpent Deities. The Vatican has an array of creepy graven images of Serpent [Reptilian] worship. Pope Paul VI commissioned Pericle Fazzini to sculpt an enormous 66 feet by 23 feet by 10 feet depiction of what Fazzini claimed was commissioned to be Jesus ascending from a crater caused by a nuclear explosion following the holocaust. The piece was named “The Resurrection.”  It was placed directly behind the pope’s chair in his Audience Hall. His chair is situated in the mouth of a snake between two unmistakable snake fangs. This symbolized that the Pope speaks directly as, from, or for the Serpent.  The audience is looking at a mesmerizing massive stained art glass windows that clearly represent the head of a Reptilian Serpent.

It cannot be denied that all of this equates to the satanic worship of a bizarre looking reptile serpent. What you may not know is that these cold blooded alien reptiles have been at war with each other due to divergent philosophies and spiritual evolution amongst their races since the beginning of the natural worlds. Whether metaphorical or literal, there are some very telling bible verses that give clues about them; e.g. “Where have you come from?” the LORD asked Satan. Satan answered, “I have been patrolling the earth, watching everything that’s going on.” Job 2:2; “The LORD said unto Satan; from whence comest thou?” And Satan answered, “From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. Job 1:7 Satan would have been in some form of aerial craft to accomplish the first verse and he and his cronies would have been living underground in the second one.  I believe both are true statements.

Aryan literature, religion, and modes of social organization subsequently shaped the course of Indian culture, particularly the Vedic region that was eventually superseded by Hinduism. ––Encyclopaedia Britannica Lyran’s Titans were the original Aryan race.” –Craig Campobasso


The original Titans were known for their great stature and strength.  They came from Vega in the Lyra star system, which is where the original Aryan race hailed from. The Aryans were a strikingly beautiful race; tall, fair haired with variable shades of blue eyes. They spoke ancient Sanskrit; a Proto-Indo-European language and were obviously cousins of the Tartarians and Hyborian. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, an Indian researcher and teacher of the ancient Vedas, believed the Aryan’s original home was the North Pole of during the pre-glacial period. Hyperborea means, “Beyond the North Wind” and the people who dwelt beyond the “ends of the earth! Sanskrit was the original universal language prior to being scrambled during the post Babylonian Reset.  Aryas were also known as the “Nordic-Aryas.”

Hitler believed his roots were from the Aryan “superior” species that migrated from the north, but he lacked all comprehension of who these spiritually advanced people were. He may also have had an insight about the chosen Canaanite people who were known for their ritual animal and human sacrifices, along with their financial shrewdness.  Some now may see Hitler as a monster, whilst others now see him as a hero. I believe the Canaanites were a Reptilian hybrid that migrated out of Mesopotamia and migrated down through the lands of Canaan into Egypt. Canaan and Canaanite can be found in cuneiform, Egyptian and Phoenician writings as well as the Old Testament. When the pharaohs ruled Egypt, it was said that a mysterious people called the Canaanites dominated the Near East. 

In any regards, the human diversity, for the most part, came from the superior and beautiful Tartarians, Aryans and Hyperboreans who all originally lived by the Law of One.  The Tartarians and Aryans were dedicated vegetarians; I have no insight to the Hyperboreans on this issue; however due to their longevity, I would assume they also followed a plant based diet regime. As their offspring, we have, for the most part, lost our way due to having our heritage stolen from us. In order to survive, they too were forced to become legendary combatant warriors. They were the true “mighty men from of old and the men of renown.” However, due to the side effects of violence, continuous battles and DNA corruption some started eating meat as a means of survival, which caused many to lose their way and become morally corrupted; however I surmise that all superfluous desire to kill innocent souls in order to consume their flesh or the wanton killing of animals for sport comes from corrupted DNA! Your reaction to this statement may tell you a tale about you and/or your diet.  There have been many polarizing studies on mental health between those that ingest meat and vegetarianism. The reason that they became so polarized was because the beef industry funded much of the research, which led experts to question their credibility.  This led to in depth studies by the international “Scientific Advisory Panel” that revealed unquestionable results:

“The effects of meat proteins can undoubtedly be seen in aggression, violence, hatred and moral insensitivity: we can therefore say that meat has a negative effect on human behaviour. The vegetarian, on the other hand, builds the foundations for an attitude of tolerance, gentleness, sociability and a spirit of sharing. Experts speaking out against the use of meat proteins can now call on support from the chemistry of neurotransmitters and from neurobiology, two scientific disciplines that explain how such foods cause certain human behaviours.  Among other things, we should reject the idea that violence is innate in humans: no-one is born aggressive or evil, but we can become so by eating meat.”

To this day Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and many Russians lead in the countries with the highest percentages of vegetarians due to being originally colonized by the Tartarians.  India leads the pack due to Aryan influence!

All of the continents surrounding Mount Rupees measure similar distances give or take a few hundred miles. Greenland is the closest and was named for its bountiful pasture lands and trees before the ice came and entombed everything as it did Antarctica. Recorded ancient accounts can still be found that say Greenland was once an ice free island inhabited by a Scandinavian looking race of peoples; however after the ice sheets covered the island all traces of them and their civilizations disappeared. Nevertheless, Norwegians, Swedish, Finns, Icelandic’s and Danes, along with the Russians have maintained the strongest Tartarian DNA characteristics in appearance due to their original colonization. These countries have more blond and blue-eyed people than the rest of the world except for Finland where nearly 80% of their population has blond hair, and an amazing 89% of their population has blue eyes. Many other Westernised Countries have also maintained some of their strong DNA characterizations.

They migrated down through the Steppe of Central Asia where they soon learned they had to fight for survival against the soulless AI digitals and alien hybrids. Their genetic codes became more and more corrupted as they migrated further out and the women were forcibly inbred within different haplogroups. They migrated into Eastern Europe from the Urals into the Danube in the west and to the south-eastern Black Sea into the Caucasus Mountains and down into the Caspian Sea regions.  Caucasus became the root term for “Caucasian,” and a synonym for white ancestry. The Kurds, Tallish Iranian, Persians, Greeks, and Romans all came from these root races and there may be some evidence that they crossbred with Canaanite Caucasus Mountain Jews?

The Aryan’s chose to spread through ancient Germany, Austria, the ancientUnited Kingdoms and France. The most prominent were known to have inhabited theGanges Plains in Northern India. They wrote large bodies of religious texts known as the Vedas in ancient India. They were written in Sanskrit and are the oldest scriptures known to exist in Hinduism; the oldest religion in the program. The four Vedas: the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda are their legacy to mankind.  All are, worthy of studying if you want to understand your spiritual heritage.

Both, the Tartarians and the Aryans migrated into the farthest northern arctic coastlines of Canada and the United States; however they should not to be confused with data concerning the Paleo-Eskimos who inhabited vast areas connected to Alaska and Canada. They may have been the first people to settle these far regions post Ice Age, but they were certainly not the first people to migrate through them. They appeared some years later and were subsequently largely displaced by the ancestors of the present-day Inuit and Yupik.

The Hyperboreans were a mythical people named with reference to Boreas, the north wind, and their home was placed in a paradisiacal region in the far north, “beyond the north wind.” They lived for 1,000s of years. –Encyclopaedia Britannica


I hypothesize that the Hyperboreans were a hybrid mix of warrior stock from the Lyra and Sirian star systems. The women shared the common trait of fair hair and blue or green eyes; however the men had red or dark hair. [Keep in mind that the Lyran’s migrated into many star systems in order to escape the Reptilian Galactic Wars.] The Hyperboreans were from a warrior cast that also had great stature and strength. I believe these were a sea faring people that migrated into Siberia, parts of Russia and into Mongolia where they established the Mongolian Empire that spanned from the Pacific Ocean in the east to the Danube River and the shores of the Persian Gulf in the west. Historical records state that Genghis Kahn had pale skin, dark red hair and blue or green eyes. Their red/ginger haired descendants can be traced down through the steppes of central Asia and geographically the Hyperboreans became the largest group of people to colonize ancient Europe. When passing through the Caucasus Mountain ranges they mingled with Canaanite Ashkenazi Jews. This would be the Ashkenazi Jews downfall during WWII because their red and ginger hair became markers the NAZIs identified them with.

By sea and land they migrated. They colonized Scotland and Ireland, which still has the greatest concentration of red heads. They continued to migrate far beyond the British Isles down into regions of France and Spain. Due to their unusual colour of hair, redheads became associated with the Viking raiders who spread their genetics along the coastal areas where they settled. The Thracians and the Scythians were marked by their red hair and became known as the tribal groups that constantly attacked and overran ancient Grecian borders. Northern European Caucasians are not the only haplogroups with red hair as it spread throughout parts of South America, Asia, and Africa.They can also be found amongst Pacific Islanders. And yet strangely, redheads have become the rarest colour of hair throughout this world. More and more ancient archaeological sites, such as Mount Padang in West Java and Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, along with many others are being discovered that quasi-science and archaeology cannot, or will not be explained because they refute all their false histories and fabricated timelines!  They cannot rectify any of it; not where the people came from, their architecture and monolithic stone structures, advanced technology, let alone their timeline!  There is only one answer to suffice all of it, which they will never give you: The people were the ancient Tartarians, Aryans and Hyperboreans that came down from the fourth dimension via Mount Meru and the surroundings are all holographic copies from the fourth dimensional program. “We are already living in a simulation. Maybe the simulation we’re in now is just a version of the world created by a far future society.”  –Elon Musk Musk is far from being alone in his thinking about our simulated reality. Physicists, cosmologists and philosophers are starting to find that it may be relevant!

There are myriads of legends and myths from all cultures and peoples that unknowingly relate to the original 4D-VR program and their transition down into the subprogram via Rupes Nigra. “Hyperborea”, “Tartaria”, the “Garden of Eden,” “Garden of Apollon,” Agartha, Avalon Shangri-La, Tir-na-nog, and Asgard along with others describe mythical lands that were originally recolonized by those that descended from Mount Meru. Many try to argue that the Aryans originated in India and then spread across large parts of Asia and Europe.  However, they actually migrated from beyond the north wind from the Garden of Eden Islands into Northern India. Many ineffectually still want tosearch for Mount Meru in the Garhwali Himalayas, in the state of Uttarakhand, India, but it will be to no avail.  


The Vatican’s Reptilian hybrids created the Catholic Church, which originally only allowed the sons from their wealthy hybrid families of Lords to be educated; to read, write and learn the maths. Later, when commoners were allowed this “privilege,” they controlled every subject the students learned whilst under the care of the Bishop’s Cathedral Schools.  This was when they started educating the masses with misinformation! They also used their excessive power to regulate and define everyone’s daily life, from birth to death. After death they claimed power over their souls. Bishops and abbots became advisors to the kings and emperors who were also educated by the Church. If they did not comply they would be ex-communicated, which freed their subjects from their oaths of allegiance to him. The Church has been proven to have been teaching scientific nonsense, false histories and underhanded religious dogma along with concealing genuine ancient documents!  The Church’s influence over education has finally started declining; however false histories are still being taught due to the Reptilian hybrids infiltrating global universities, governments and the monarchies. Never the less, the Truth is coming out!

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