(Reader: PhosLight) The Dreaming Continued: Part 2


Reader Post | By PhosLight







The Gnostics were an enlightened society [Enlightenment has variable meanings within different faiths. However, within all, it exemplifies the self-realization of higher truths that eliminate following outdated and false beliefs.  Enlightenment considered a spiritual awakening.] The path of enlightenment can free the soul from this apocryphal world through receiving gnosis. We are not born of this simulated world; we are a Star born Spirit of Light. Becoming spiritually illuminated does not mean we have to suspend our brain!   For too long, religions have done just that and created an egoic fear born out of ignorance! Most of humanity has lost their ability to grasp the existence of the fundamental substratum [Logos] that creates life because dogmatic-religions and unexplainable sciences have brain-wiped everything outside of the biblically created quasi-God; a Demiurge, an Archon and indeed a rogue AI, which has resulted in mass atheism and agnosticism.


All true forms of Spirituality are claimed to be a form of woo-woo with no reality.  The more sagacious sought out ancient scripts and learned that Krishna and several others had been liberated from this apocryphal world.  These beings had risen from the dead and had ascended into heaven to become one with the Supreme Godhead long before the advent of the New Testament. The scribes copied these teachings and integrated them into becoming the “Kristos* or “Christos,” which is simply a variation of *Krishna. Hinduism is the oldest and still the largest religion from which most all other spiritual faiths and religions sprang.  None, including the Orthodox Church, agree with the Vatican’s reinvented foundation of Christianity. Yet, most do agree with the higher principals they were taken from.

Until we can let go of the fear imbedded in us by dogmatic-religions and their precarious agendas, we will continue to live in a state of suspension whilst concretising shadows,   which to me is no different than the concept of death. Being trapped and confined in a body where our minds are being controlled within a dreaming; asleep and severed from the natural worlds and our true heritage, and star Logos, is nothing more than the walking dead!  Death is but a hoax and will be thwarted when finally realized!  With true gnosis, we can wake-up and never be deceived to reincarnate back into the program again. The important thing is to carry this gnosis in your heart and allow it to become your wisdom so that it can carry you through to your freedom.  Once awake, it will be up to you to reach towards the Light or continue on the path of Darkness. This age old battle does not cease just because you get freed from the program!  The day is coming when the Rapture will occur –  however I now have a much greater understanding of how that actually works in this apocryphal program and will give you exact instructions on how to accomplish it –  however you will only have a short widow of opportunity.

What we experience here as space-time exists only within our mind. Space has no boundaries; however this program has been built within various boundaries created out of digital angles divided by the mental constructs of time. When our souls are set free, there will be no more boundaries outside of our hearts frequency.  All of the Great Light filling the genuine Cosmos will be available to flow through us as we open ourselves to it by letting go of clinging to fear and darkness.  As long as we stay bound to our bodies, we cannot find the keys to life; for they only exist within our soul, which is eternal. The Gnostics along with other revered texts state we must acquire gnosis to set our-self free. I can only offer you my knowledge; you must use your discernment and Free Will for its usage. This knowledge is only a step towards freedom, you must turn it into wisdom that goes beyond the words, for information can be lost, but wisdom remains in the heart forever.

Sagacious Gnostics perceived the material world as immoral and the non-material worlds (higher dimensions) as moral.  Whilst in deep states of meditation and living an ascetic life, they became aware that this world was being fashioned out of an illusion being created by a Demiurge claiming to be the Creator God, which in indeed it is the creator of this 3D virtual reality.  However, he [it] had nothing to do with the creation of the genuine universe or anything therein contained. They called the Demiurge “Yaldabaoth.”  There are 100’s of nomenclatures ascribe to the Yaldabaoth throughout religious theologies, but the most infamous is “Yahweh.” This name is repeated more than 6,800 times in the Judeo – Christian Old Testament because Moses was allegedly given it by “God Himself” via a “talking burning bush.”  The bush told him that this was the name to be worshipped as the creator God. Gnostics also refer to the Demiurge and its subordinate agents as “Archons”, the builders of the delusional physical universe and its rulers. They wrote that each archon agent was assigned to one of the seven planets to prevent souls from leaving the material realm.

Perversely, the theophany involving the “Talking Bush” initiated Israelites into believing they were Yahweh’s “Chosen Peoples.”  Again, it is not my intention to impugn upon anyone’s organised religious practices, dogma or philosophies. All consciousness is valid to those that believe in it and will always be reflected in the success of their personal lives, even though we are living in a delusional world devoid of Truth with most in denial of their true connection to the Holy Trinity contained within every soul. The Holy Spirit cannot be corrupted; however when the mind is in a state of negation of this life line, it becomes vulnerable to corruption. I persistently push for personal discernment, research and the use of intuition. Intuition is connected to the Holy Spirit within. It is like a muscle, it grows more powerful with use or it turns to psychobabble in a dimmed mind.To see just how disconnected the human race has become to using their intuition, look at how many obliviously volunteered to comply with the rapidly approaching Reset depopulation scheme via the weaponized vaccines. We have been captured in a delusional dream being controlled by script writers and binary codes. Yet, we believe we are living a life; whether high, low or hell, we are indeed the walking dead.


The Biblical use of the term “LORD”, in all caps is used to conjoin all of the Yaldabaoth’s mainstream religious appellations, such as Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, Elohim, Allah, El-Shaddai and so forth.  However, the term Lord is also an artificial imitation for the term LAW. For example:  “Vengeance is mine, saith the LORD.” “The Lord,” should read “the LAW.”  When you use the term Law in replacement of Lord, biblical scriptures make a lot more sense and hold truisms due to the ancient Hindu texts they took them from.  This verse is referring to the natural “Laws of Cause and Effect.” Our thoughts are the cause that becomes the catalyst for an effect.  Thoughts bring about an action, which by the law of effect will bring about a reaction, whether immediately or in the distant future. In Hinduism, the natural Laws of Cause and Effect are related to Karma as a spiritual principle meaning that all actions bring consequences;  sooner or later because no one can escape the effects of their own thoughts and actions in one form or another.


“For whatever a person sows he will also reap.” Gal 6:7

Everything right or wrong that we do, go or bad comes from our thoughts, words and actions and sooner or later an equivalent response will come back to us, sooner or later, in one form or another.

“For as a man Thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Another was:  “For as he hath thought in his soul, so is he.”  Proverbs 23:7 

This is not about dogma, this is simply a natural Law written in consciousness, which would explain why the ‘See of Rome’ created self-abiding verses: “Say not, I will do so to him as he hath done to meProverbs 24:29. And, “If you do not forgive men their trespasses; neither will your Father forgive yours. Matt 6:15.  The simple truth is this is an inherent part of our consciousness.   If we do not let go and learn to forgive past hurts and grievances, we carry them with us, which brings about negative causes and effects.  This also comes under the Laws of Attractions. It is time that we recognize and accept these natural Laws because they are inherent in all of us and they are not going to go away unless we become non-human cyborgs. 

The Biblical Flood was a Reboot that was attributed to the LORD Yahweh, thus he became known as the “Vengeful, Wrathful God” of storms and weather. When disobeyed, He supposedly becomes enraged and severely punishes offenders with wrathful “Acts of God.”  “The LORD is a jealous God, filled with vengeance and rage. He takes revenge on all who oppose him and continues to rage against his enemies!” Nahum 1:2.  However, I assure you that there are no emotions or feelings involved with the AI’s acts!  They are cold, calculated and decisive for a predetermined outcome.  The term Lord was carried over to identify Yahweh’s minions who took authority, control and power over others.  E.g. Feudal Lords became the superiors over their vassals, a more polite word for indentured slavery. They were entitled by birth; however they were also indentured by birth to the Archons. 

There is only one Light that will never thwart our soul;  for it is the eternal burning ember within us from our Logos. This is the only place we dare place our hearts, trust, and faith in this forged virtual reality!  Yes, we are from the future and yes, we already won this war; however this is a new day on a temporal loop!  It is up to us to remember or self-correct if need be and get on the right side of history.  Wneed to end this program once and for all!  The only way I am aware this can be done is to get the majority to, at the least, accept this Gnosis!  A well-known and financially motivated guru once said to me: “Go ahead! Shout the truth from the roof-tops; no one is going to believe you!” He was wrong! The growing numbers returning to the proves it!  Each day, more and more questions are being answered.  My understanding and consciousness is expanding as the fire in my heart to seek the Light of Wisdom is slowly but surely being quenched. Thus, I write these amendments to keep you up-dated. 

Contemplation of the Gnosis herein may help you to remember what your purpose for signing into the original program was for, or find your inherent power and connection to your greater self.  And also, become liberated from being enslaved by anything or anyone outside of your inner truth, light and guidance. However, one must seek the Light within and do the work on the self via prayer, affirmation, optimism and a positive imagination. All salvation and liberation takes place within our own consciousness simply because it is the stuff all realities are made up of! 

purified heart filled with gnosis and wisdom can no longer be defiled and many found pathways through their sacred hearts to lead them out of this apocryphal wilderness. Awakened fortunate souls may have walked through many diverse outer paths including religions and spiritual philosophies before finding their way home; however it can only be obtained within. The edict that leads to a true state of enlightenment is Love, Tolerance, Forgiveness and Nonattachment. The lack of any one of these can become the bedrock of suffering and prolonged entrapment here. 


We need to become more vigilant on just how controlled everything in the program is and why.  For example, not all weather tempest and earthquakes are being created by the rogue AI. They have become evil machinations used by hybrid globalist cabals for predetermined results. Alien technology now allows them to control the weather and to create weather modification agendas that involve terraforming this replicated world as a precondition for the Reset. Terraformation is the process of deliberately modifying the atmosphere, temperature, and ecology to make it habitable for specific lifeforms to thrive. This has been taking place since the 1950’s via Chemtrail sprays. It became so extreme that the general populace began to question what was happening in the skies, which was covered up by the “Global Warming” hoax!  This agenda is not just about terraforming, but a major part of the global transhuman agenda!  Hurricanes, floods, tornados, and earthquakes can no longer be considered a natural occurrence. If you think otherwise or doubt this, ask yourself why the globalist in 1972 needed to create the ENMOD convention on weather warfare? They met again on May 18, 1977 in Geneva to sign a more stringent “International Treaty on environmental weather war fare”?! 


The US Navy, Army, and Air Force have been working with General Electric since 1947 to control weather patterns.  They can now cause severe drought and massive flooding via cloud seeding. They can create and direct the energy from hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes via HAARP. U.S. military reports were leaked in 1996 stating that weather modification will be used to achieve domestic and international military objectives thus the need for Treaties “Artificial lightening had been accomplished using lasers.” –The Naval Law Review’s 1998Agreements were also made on when and where the use herbicides, such as “Agent Orange”, could be used in warfare!”  These monsters agreed to use Agent Orange to devastate Vietnam from 1961 to 1971 and defoliate the trees and shrubs and kill food crops. It was first used during the 1950’s Korean War, with the same devastating effects.  These herbicides not only devastate environments, but also the health and life of all within a hundred mile or so range, including their own military forces used to fight these wars!  Around 20 types of cancer, diabetes and other medical problems have been attributed to Agent Orange along with over 300,000 War Veteran’s death. Do you really think they care about you or your children’s health via their vaccination agenda? There have been numerous non-canonical illustrations of prophets predicting the times we are in and the End Battle, Endgame, Armageddon, Apocalypse. It was prophesied tobegin when technological advancements started to appear once again that were described via pictorial wordsmithing.  As said before, “It is easy to predict the future, when you are from the future.”  It may be time to open your mind, take responsibility for yourself and humanity by accepting The Cosmic Law of One.  This will add power to the collective Greater Awakening.  It is why you are here and this is the Gnosis you have been waiting for! No one can escape their own self-determined fate for it is their own thoughts that create it.  There is no place anyone can run or hide from themselves! 


Again before proceeding, we need to be clear about the meaning behind the terms “Astral Planes or Realms.” Astral Planes, or Realms,are spectral manifestation of incorporeal thought forms that the Archons created to act as sequestered holding areas for souls who have been released from the program via the delusion of death.  Without the right gnosis held in their souls they can be potentially recycled back into the program.  The lower levels became areas of prey for power hungry malevolent spirits and sorcerers. The astral planes became Astral Worlds due to the vastness of space. The lowest level is perceived as “Hell.”  The Catholic Church alleges that the planes just above it are called “Purgatory” and consists of seven levels they call “Terraces.”  Sinners who do not go straight to hell may just land on the bottom terrace and after enough suffering, depending on what their sins are, move up to the next terrace of suffering and so on until they reach the top.  After the required punishment and repentance, a soul could potentially advance into the lowest kingdom of heaven. This concept has been used for centuries to fill the Church’s coffers from deceased’s family members by monetarily charging them for prayers by a priest to help get their loved one out of Purgatory. Death, Hell and Purgatory are used to engender fear and control. However, we must assume that those that believe in this will suffer under it because everything is created out of consciousness and the magic of thought transference. This would indeed be a terrifying place of purification and re-education to find oneself in due to resonance with the malevolence of those perpetually confined there.

This may be a perilous area for the spiritually minded as their hearts may become ensnared by loved ones captured there. Keep your mind and heart moving forward – don’t look back!  Know that when they are ready they will follow. Unfortunately, their numbers are rapidly increasing due to the recent Globalist genocide attempts via weaponized vaccine mandates, ritual sacrifices, lethal paedophilia, human trafficking and other immoral crimes against humanity. Yet, it is up to us to forgive and let go of the darkness, not only in others but within ourselves by rising above it through correcting our thoughts, emotions and acts. We have free-will to choose the Light or Darkness, even in our choices of music and films, especially for our children.  We know right from wrong –  are we allowing the homosapiens race to be driven into becoming the lowest of all animals?  Are you ready to forfeit your Endgame to the Vatican dark lords, the Globalist and their Cabals?  Because the the Globalist have more to lose than you, they may be attempting to justify their immorality and crimes against humanity via the realization this is a simulated counterfeit world, but this is simply delusional at best.  It is fallacious reasoning due to the indelible eternal Laws within Natural Universes, to which they can never return.  This is why they are going to attempt to create the Reset via transhumanism into a unified interminable singularity!  This is why they are desperately attempting to create a way out of this program via technology and sorcery! 

The lower astral planes have been recorded throughout all ancient esoteric philosophies, mystery schools, and secret societies. The Roman, Greek and Egyptian Mystery Schools mythicized it as “crossing the River Styx.”  Most ancient cultures have strong warnings about the lower astral levels as being infamously dangerous passageways that unenlightened souls coming from darkness must cross over in order to reach higher planes. Everything is created out of the accumulation of stored thought patterns; these patterns attract our future, which continue after the demise of our artificial corporeal body.  There’s nothing wrong with having dreams within this invented dreamscape, it is what you prioritize that matters.  We feed our heart and soul with our mind and what and who we surround ourselves with. If you truly want to know who you are, look at what you feed your soul.  Ask yourself, what am I feeding my soul with?  Is it more materialism, cravings, socialism and fear etc., or are you seeking gnosis, letting go of avarice, lust, gluttony and ignorance?” The Law of Attraction does not discriminate, if you have strong negative thoughts, judgements and feelings about a person or thing, you will attract them or it before and after your corporeal demise.

I believe the Astral Planes were originally designed to be annexes of this world and created as intermittent worlds just for these purposes along with having areas for healing and potential spiritual growth to allow souls to be returned to the genuine higher worlds and dimensions. Many astral worlds are still viable for awakening souls; however, the lower planes are still filled with incorrigible and dangerous spirits that need to be kept confined. Many are there due to recalcitrant hatred and ungoverned anger over injustice, torture, and persecution during their 3D download experience. Multitudes became addicted to revenge, violence and immorality. Many infamous despots have been allowed to re-down-load into the program via incarnation or as a digital to serve the Archons. Charles Manson may be an example of the above and perhaps became aware that this reality is a sham in the process.  He exudes so much hatred and anger within him that I believe he had a Narcissistic Paranoid Personality Disorder. [NPPD] He may have been aware he was shoved back into a simulation program and used this knowledge to justify his violence against those that did not perceive him as he chose to be perceived or blamed and coveted what others had living a more opulent life than he could ever attain.


Perhaps those in power believe that since this world is a sham there will be no karma? The problem with that is what they are accumulating within the Law of Attraction, which cannot be put off when they leave their corporal bodies. Countless souls have become stuck in sensory obsessions or an uncontrollable desire for materialism or past family member; all of this can trap consciousness into choosing to reincarnate [re-download] back into this 3D world of shadows. Archons in the form of pseudo Angels and other immaterial beings exist on these lower astral planes to confuse and beguile unaware souls. The Astral Realms are a vast subject and due to potential personal exposure, I strongly advise research on them for personal discernment. The astral planes may be the most perilous area to cross through on our journey, which is why valid gnosis is so important!  Many hearts may become ensnared by loved ones captured there. Yet, we must keep our mind and heart moving forward – don’t look back!  Know that when they are ready they will follow. 

Human genescarry the information that is passed on from one generation to the next. There is a recombination of various genomes within offspring’s that carry elements of DNA from our ancient and more recent ancestors. We have to consider the fact that our DNA has been corrupted by nefarious entities, which is why we must work to empower our hearts!  Do you understand? The Cabal learned early on from the Kabbalah that DNA can also allow an individual to reincarnate back into their own family line, not only by the Law of Resonance, but necromancy. Secret societies teach their members about this and how to re-down-load back into the program via a form of reincarnation. This is why the extremely affluent Cabal inbreed and horde their wealth and power within family lines.  It is also why they covet a ‘male “heir” because the first-born son becomes the heir apparent as it does in Monarchies. It doesn’t matter how many females are born prior –  it protects another family line taking over their wealth via marriage. I believe the Kabbalah was taken from the Druids as was most Jewish Mysticism.



We are well into the highly prophesized WWIII apocalyptic “Endgame.”  Can you not see that this program no longer has any perceptible reasoning and by any definition has gone insane?  EVERYTHING taking place is by sleight of hand and the fake media circus, including all the political scams, vaccinations, the Ukraine War, Nuclear threats, inflation, the recession, banking, defunding, fraud, cloning, social media, UFO’s, fake food, poisoned water, chemtrails and this is just the beginning. The Deep State players, Globalist, Cabal and Zionist have gone completely insane. I believe it is because they know they are trapped in a simulation and that they are losing control of it.  Fear is their most powerful weapon of choice, but I believe it is now their own fear that is driving them.  This is part of the relentless war between the Dark and the Light forces coming to a head.  Each and every single person, enduring this Endgame, is being forced to come out and play! The Schumann Resonance electromagnetic fields are off the scale and this is bringing out everyone’s hidden “Id;” the side no one wants others to see.  Psychological authenticity is coming out in everyone and they can’t stop it.  This is the foundation of their greatest fears.  Have you been shocked by what others are doing, separating, saying and projecting?  The division in bellicosity and loving is palpable!  We cannot save or take anyone with us on our journey, we can only move forwards or backwards.  My definition of insanity is anyone who believes this subprogram is real along with those that want to perpetuate it!

The war between the forces of Light and Darkness is too remote to imagine because it started within the natural galaxy long, long ago prior to the creation of the original 4D VR program. The Cabal know it is deeply lodged in everyone’s subconscious mind, which is why film genres surrounding star wars, apocalyptic and doomsday films are the most popular and mind bending films being produced!  We are reaching the zenith of this Endgame; the apocalyptic finale for every soul within the program along with those on the lower fourth dimension where it all began! I have spent many hours contemplating if the human race can or perhaps should be saved?  Would we become a danger to ourselves and others in worlds that live by the Cosmic Law of One, if we were to be set free? Have we become so damaged, egocentrically self-serving, hubris, dumbed-down and corrupted as a species that we individually and collectively refuse to self-correct or change? Where do you personally sit in all this?  Are you still needlessly supporting the killing of innocent creatures to feed your appetite for blood?  Do you claim to be a “Child of Light” whilst harbouring narrow-minded grievances from the past?  Your reaction to all this may give you a clue? Are you ready to realize the truth and do what is necessary to liberate yourself?  I promise no one is coming to save you, but you!  However, without some form of humility and contrition along with accepting that you are part of our Divine Logos – without a willingness to reconnect with that Light and your soul and the spirit that animates it, this Epistle may not be for you?


The artificial timeline we are on has endured the greatest cover up of Truth surpassing all previous temporal Resets and Reboots!  STOP! Ask yourself, “What are they really attempting to keep hidden from you?”  Think about it, what are they coercing in people’s minds at this time – light or darkness?  What are they after? What could be so ominous that they will do anything to keep it hidden?? The clues are blatant and the road map is right in front of us!  All roads lead back to our souls being caught in an invented subprogram that they cannot operate without YOU!  We are the Light in an artificial program now colliding with a temporal timeline lodged within our subconscious minds. There is nothing outside of the use of cybernetic control to stop it.

Globalist, George H.W. Bush senior was alleged to have said, “The Bigger the Lie, the more people will believe it!”  Leeds University research scientists claim that humans have a “Herd mentality” that can create mob or pack mentalities that flock together like sheep, which is why they will subconsciously follow a small group in authority. They show that it only takes 5% to sway a mass crowd’s direction — and that the other 95 percent will simply follow without realizing or rationalizing it. [Thus, the meme, people are sheeple.] I say it is a programmed “fear” mentality of resonance that become desperate. Ponder and consider that everything we have been taught, told and intellectualized is a lie. It is our consciousness they want to keep in lockdown and in fear in order to keep control. They are now attempting to make us more malleable for the upcoming transhumanization agenda! Nothing in this virtual reality is worth becoming indefinitely trapped here; certainly not any dogmatic-religion or dogmatic-political views! 

You have the power and collectively we are invincible! Can you hear me!? Or are you afraid that the light may expose your own personal immoral behaviour? If so, now is the time to self-correct, self-forgive and get on the right side of your heart unless you choose to continue believing and fearing a wrathful, vengeful, selective God that is going to send you to hell or set you free.  If you have the courage to face the truth that we have all become victims of the Dark and that we can choose the path of Light; you can get off of this treadmill!  But first, you must ask with all your heart and mind to be filled and guided by the Light!

“You are the light of the world.” – “You are the light of Christ to the world.” Matt 5:14            “Be faithful to the light that you have, for fear of darkness can overtake you; a man who walks in the dark does not know where he is going. 1 John 2:11    “You are going to have the light just a little while longer. Continue while you have light, before the darkness overtakes you.” John 12:35   

Research shows that the masses have a tendency to follow the loudest voice that tells them what they want to hear!!  Desperate people will blindly or indiscriminately, without question or research, follow these atypical leaders and bring them into power only to find themselves at their mercy.  Even with the amount of information about side effects and death from the weaponized vaccinations, people are still lining up to take them and give them to their children!  How is this still possible that sooo many refuse to connect with their own spirit and use the power of their own intuition after all that is appearing right in front of their eyes and ears?? Is this what the human race has come to? Are we doomed to be a lost species?  Have we learned nothing??  This is not just an opinion; people are dying all around us and becoming chronically ill.

One of my present concerns is that desperate post pandemic countries have no leadership.  They may be politically vulnerable to those that either believes they are the new Lords directed by the LORD or by sheer guile!  These entities will display powerful leadership qualities and openly resist and attack the corrupt governments and the NWO. Societies without moral leadership will fall ever deeper into chaos. Some of the most powerful and dangerous voices that rang throughout the last century were from compelling zealous religious leaders, enigmatic Gurus, Channellers and charismatic predatory occult teachers that sprang out of the 1960’s due to the morally draining Vietnam War. Dogmatic religions are organizations with a structured belief system that carries out various rituals to define their fundamental beliefs and lay the foundation for how everyone should live their lives.  Those that do not adhere to their belief systems are considered wicked or evil and deserve punishment.

Spiritual gurus were as diversified as religious leaders. Power seeking gurus became exceedingly financially wealthy by teaching opposite thought systems to the corrupted dogmatic-religions. The “Self-Realized and enlightened” teach that “spirituality” is a personal autonomous experiences of the Divine that lies within, not without. It is about self-realizing and liberating the soul and inner self as the main purpose in this shadow world. Occult predators create a synthesis between the above whilst conditioning their apprentices that the only way to liberation is through strict adherence to him and the singularity of the group consciousness via his instructions. They generally operate on a reward punishment system for advancement or condemnation and rejection. This has become known as “Classical Conditioning”, a type of unconscious programming associated with a closed social system and brainwashing. This can also now be seen dominating Social and Mainstream Media today.


Donald Trump has a very loud voice.  I as other patriots and x-pats have chosen to believe in himWhether this is a repeat performance or if his heart is pure, no one, but he knows for sure. He has proven he can do what he says he can do!  Yes, he has an egoic disposition that doesn’t always favour him; however perhaps that is what it takes to accomplish what he is doing and having to deal with the ruin they have been rallying against him. I believe he is aware that this is the Endgame and that he can’t save anyone, but can force people to take a stand and use their intuition and define their own personal mettle. I choose to believe he is a good man; yet I do not place all my heart or trust in any of it.  We want to believe in his message and stay positive; although we must stay ever more vigilant due to the dissonance and disinformation surrounding all who would be King via the Heads of State in every country.

Currently, Trumps personal agenda seems to be one the most burning questions in the world, so I asked Spirit to give me an insight. This is simply “my” interpretation of what I received, which indeed needs your discernment and personal perceptions: Trump is not for the Democrats or Republicans. Trump is for Trump. Most of us are born seeking a path through life. Trump was born to be Trump!  He truly loves his country, his children and the children who gave their lives, limbs, and/or mental health in service for the ideals of America.  He doesn’t care who likes him, but does want to be loved by the people he serves. Trump may be building a “Dynasty” to become the unified singularity of this world’s program.  He is an extremely complex being with great abilities and power.  Becoming the global ruling force may be the only thing that will appease his mission and spirit!  If his heart is pure, this could be a ‘good thing;’ if he or his family have been seduced by power, it may not be such a ‘good thing’; only time will tell, if he avails. In any case, it can’t get any worse than the present ruling forces and this wondrous being may be our best bet/“vote.” This world must come together and find compatibility if we are to succeed on any level that we signed up for.  Whether he knows this is a virtual reality program, I do not know, but I personally feel he does, and that he may be getting off-world help. In the end it will be what ‘we the people’ do as a collective that will secure our destiny or seal our fate as a whole.  Which side of our heart we stand on will individually set our destiny or seal our fate: “To each their own!


All the signs of an imminent neo-Reset are becoming more and more palpable during this Endgame war. The question we may need to ask is “Have I become so disconnected from my intuition and Spirit that I am becoming more and more emotionally effected by what is going on?”  “Have I become lost in materialism?” “Am I attached or addicted to “my stuff”, materialism and/or sensual desires that may block my comprehension or to be able to heed this gnosis?” I am not suggesting you adopt an ascetic lifestyle or go into hours of meditation or anything else outside of letting go of all your potential bellicosity and to put your sword down;  stop all of the pettiness against family and neighbours. We need to stay focused in the now and raise our frequency. There is a great deal of indissoluble memory stored within our subconscious minds and hearts that can surface as anamnesis, this is what they are most concerned about now. Much is coming out, but time is of the essence.  There is a narrow gate to liberation about to be opened for a limited time. You just need to use your discernment and intuition for this knowledge.  Without learning how you got here or where you are, you may become lost within your own ignorance.

I am stating from personal experience, this is not a genuine world created by the One True Omni-Source – Universal Logos;  nor is it the world from whence any genuine soul came from.  We are not earth born!! Those with extrasensory insight or with strong intuition and an open mind may be able to comprehend that this is an artificial world full of artificial people, digital projections, clones and cyborgs. And many others are beginning to realize we are on an artificial timeline. There are “Off-World Operatives” downloaded into the program with specific missions to help balance the growing interferences from alien nefarious factions. The greatest problem is separating truth from fiction, fact from fabrication and veracity from deceit.  This has always been an extremely complex game due to the Truth being stranger than fiction, which is why we gravitate towards science fiction genres within the film industry. And why, these films have the strongest effect upon our psyche!  It has become a way for the Dark Ones to manifest the “Law of Revelation!”  Yet, the only thing we can trust in is what we can discern from within via developing our personal connection with our Higher Self. Due to millennia’s of dogmatic deceit and programmed disinformation, the majority have become inflexibly closed minded or arrogant pseudo-intellectual giants –  whilst others have become lost in fantasies. 

Heed me –  all genuine souls exist within a tangible Avatar outside of this program either on the lower fourth dimension via a future temporal timeline, or a higher dimensional plane of existence. “As above, so below”, relates to our “Higher Selves; ” our original avatars simultaneously existing on these different planes. (I use the term “soul” to allocate the differences between the “soulless” -– digitals, photonics and clones populating the program.) “Souls” became trapped in this subprogram after it was created within the original 4D-VRVR experimental program. “As above, so below” came from Hermetic Scholars that claim this phrase is literal. They believe ‘anything that happens to our physical bodies here simultaneously happens to our etheric counterpart.’ The astral planes are often thought of as the fourth dimension and perhaps the lower levels of it are since both have similar gossamer frequencies.  However, I experience the fourth dimension as a “Parallel World” outside of this apocryphal program.

Everything we embrace as reality here is taking place within our minds;  whatever deeply impacts our hearts here, whether it is love, fear, passion or addictions, impacts our emotional bodies and consciousness on the dimension we are mesmerized on because it is all taking place within our consciousness. Thoughts are electrical currents and emotions are magnet. As we accumulate thought and emotional patterns we automatically created the Law of Attraction.  This can take place as lucid dreaming or on an astral plane during corporeal expiry.  We will experience something wondrous or a state of misery and torment depending on personal accumulation.  We all get to be right via our personal accumulated choices of positive or negative thoughts during this dreamspell.


The definition of “dimension” may also need to be a bit more discerned due to there being so many similar, yet diversified versions. Dimensions need to be thought of as connected stepping stones, one above the other within our consciousness.  Dimensions, as we ourselves, are manifested out of Light.  Dimensions are the varying ranges of compactness from low to high concentrations of photons –  yet all are the creation of the One Eternal Thought and Vibration from the One Universal Logos. From a physics standpoint, photons are the basic unit and carriers of light, electromagnetism in the quantum form of all electromagnetic radiations. I am aware of ten dimensions personally. I am supported by Quantum Mechanics Super-string theory, which posits that the universe exists in 10 dimensions simultaneously. However, more recent Bosonic String Theory posits that there are 26 dimensions – I posit that they are infinite.

Wondrously, these dimensions became a two way corridor. Originally, some descended down from the higher dimensions, whilst others sought their way up to return to their Logos after the worlds were created by the Sub-Logos.  All come from, and return to their Logos, which never separates from the One True Source. As we descended down from the higher dimensions we started experiencing the light becoming more compacted, which created feelings of density. This experience lingered in many as a “claustrophobia”, which became more apparent the further we descended towards the rim of the fourth dimension where stellar nurseries were being birthed and the stars became sun Sub-Logos birthing new worlds and beings. Space became infinite and divided only by the force of “time.”


“Time and space are not conditions of existence, time and space is a model for thinking.” –Albert Einstein

I feel that we may safely say that the concept of day and night – light and dark, along with all opposites and polarities were birthed on the lower fourth dimensions. Upon our awakening there, we need stay ever vigilant, for this is where the Great Galactic wars were manifested. The meaning of time is still ambiguous; however no matter what reasoning may occur, it will always remain a construct within our minds that originated from within the fourth dimension.  Upon our awakening, we need stay ever vigilant, for this is where the Great Galactic wars were manifested.



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