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by PhosLight

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein



Comity was obviously not reached in the 4D-VR original program and certainly not in this subprogram since we can clearly see that throughout our veiled history the Great Galactic wars spilled over into the 3D subprogram. This subprogram has now become “Ground 0” for the outcome on the fourth dimension. It has become a “Supernatural Chess Game” we must win!  The outcome will have a tremendous effect on everyone captured here and upon our awakening on the fourth dimension.  This is why there is now so much interference coming from off-world participants, along with the nefarious alien continents beyond the ice walls. Each and everyone one of us plays a key role in its outcome!!!  We must evolve; we must learn how to stand together as one nation under The Cosmic Law of One. Those who do not will be recycled at the end of the Game due to taking an unanticipated invasive downward turn called Transhumanism. Many who became aware have already awakened and are now helping us as “Off Worlders” during this reproduced apocalyptic Endgame

Essentially we are Beings of living Light mesmerized in self-created halls of darkness, polarities and underworlds. We have been robbed of our knowledge that we have the power and magic to recreate our world and personal experience by changing our negative thoughts to positives and releasing all negative emotions, past, present and future. From fear to love, from darkness to light is our choice until we are fully liberated! From childhood we understand the difference between making free choices that serve the light and those that serve the darkness. This has been the theme for almost all film genres since the beginning of the movie industry. Interestingly, social perception research studies show that people have an attraction to the villains in films because they perceive them similar to themselves in many ways.  Villains are normally portrayed as victims, intelligent and enigmatic. Perhaps, you have noticed that more films are now being generated where the good guys lose and the bad guys win. This is because during these darkened times, the bad guy characters seem to help appease the threats of those that identify with their victimhood.


During this Endgame we greatly need to find and follow things that can inspire our heart in order to find our way back to the Light of our ascending Star Logos. The Logoi represent the Father, Mother and the Sun within the natural worlds; they are the genuine Holy Trinity; the intermediary connection between our soul and the One True Universal Logos” –– the One True Source and Creator” of the Natural multiverses and all living things in the Natural Worlds  Imagine and visualize the “Father” as the sub-Logos creating Universes; the “Mother” as the sub-sub-Logos creating Galaxies and the Sun as the sub-sub-sub-Logos creating worlds. The Holy Spirit stirs our irrepressible inspiration to worship the celestials; for we came from the stars and to the stars we shall return when we become fully conscious.

This is why the Catholic Church depicts Jesus as the light of the world, with a halo above his head. The Pope carries an ancient Pagan symbol of the sun god, from Ancient Egypt, during all Eucharist ceremonies.  It is the Pagan symbol for Isis who they believe is the Mother of the gods. Everywhere you look you will see sun disk symbols carried forth from the pharaoh Akhenaten, who worshipped the Sun God Aten.  It symbolizes the concept of monotheism that started all of the Abrahamic religions. The Egyptians, Zoroastrians, Druids, Aztecs, Incas, along with Mithraism, Hinduism and Buddhism have all been intentionally misconstrued in their connection to sun worship. They would have you believe that they were ignorantly worshipping a big ball of gas when they were worshipping the Logos represented by the holographic sun above their heads. It was symbolic of the One True Source; the Universal Logos of all life; who and to what extent each of these celebrants grasped the totality of this remains questionable due to the Catholic Church bastardizing the truth in order to conceal the Knowledge of our true inborn heritage birth rights, and power.

From an esoterical aspect photonic light is created via the Creative Thought process of a Logos.  It is the spiritual principle that permeates all reality and the power behind all Thought, Word and Reason giving form, order and meaning within space-time. The Universal Soul of all creation is composed of many seminal logoi and there sub-logoi.  All is contained within the One True Universal Omni-Potent Source.  Because we are essentially created in the likeness of the light from our Logos, our brain emits recordable electromagnetic waves; however the differences lie in the frequencies. There are innumerable infinite dimensions. I am only personally aware of twelve of which nine that are distinctly interlinked into the diffusion of our consciousness via our chakras.


All things are relative in vibrational energy on all planes and realms of existence including sensory perceptions that are in resonance with it. This could be perceived as good news for those that choose to resonate with the higher planes and bad news for those that choose to negatively resonate with the lower. Be aware that as you move above the mid-fourth dimension, time will cease to exist and as you move into the fifth dimension, the more radiant and ethereal the Light becomes. As you journey up into the sixth, light becomes even more radiant and space/time ceases to exist as we know it.  All things become one and yet hold their uniqueness. This is a form of loving and giving of our-selves as we continue upward on the vibrational journey towards the anti-material kingdoms. All dogmatic religions are alarmist threatening and programming their parishioner with brimstone and fire. They mandate that there is only one organized path to escape Hell and to get into their interpretations [concepts] of heaven; a NWO. This gains them obedience and control over the living and deceased willing to submit to their nescience and/or corruption. Always remember, no one has power over your soul unless you give it to them!  


The following info may help to support your understanding that death is a delusion and that our physical bodies here are holographic illusions, albeit tenacious, laborious and harrowing; yet at times, give us pleasure and joy.  All souls have an etheric body also known as an energy body, coined as a “Light Body” or “Rainbow Body” by others, due to the Chakras.  The Egyptian Mystery Schools called it their “MerKaBa.” The “Mer” is translated as light; the “Ka” is the “spirit” or “soul”, and the “Ba” is the physical component.  We now know that we have an energy field with several layers that can be seen by clairvoyants as an egg shaped aura encompassing one’s body. It can also be imprinted on film by special cameras developed for Kirlian photography that can actually capture images of these electrical radiations. Due to our genuine bodies being made up of pure energy and light, we can safely say that all souls have an etheric body. You cannot kill energy, thus our etheric body does not experience death and can retain memory imprinted on the heart!


All enlightened gurus, New Age teachers and Gnostics, along with many ancient texts teach that the soul is eternal and has become trapped within a corporeal body. [This would be within our genuine body on the fourth dimension.]  The soul is not subject to corporeal death. Only the concepts of a physical body lodged into our brain expires that creates the delusion of death. For those of you that are deep thinkers or meditative contemplators, contemplate this: by rational reasoning, we are incorporeal eternal beings. Death is nothing more than an altered state of consciousness, which leads us to a new experience after the physical body, expires.  We will attract the neo-experience via our own personal resonance and Law of Attraction. This is why it is important to keep it as high as possible. The soul carries all impressionable memories, which is why gnosis is also so important! Without it, you may be confused and vulnerable when you cross over.  This can make you an easy target to be recycled or misdirected elsewhere. Amnesia could be seen as a kind of quasi-death since we have no recollection of who, what or where we are?  However, the heart is recognized as an independent “thinking organ” that holds memory as does our soul. If you accept this knowledge and engrain it in your heart and soul, you will not be further deceived into another quasi-incarnation within a virtual-world. We have the ability to change our reality via our hearts!  Only the mind is easily deceived.  Sadly, most people have cut themselves off from their heart due to holding negative feelings and fear of expressing real feelings due to fear of a backlash.

The etheric body incorporates our mental and emotional bodies commonly called our ‘astral body.’ Our astral body characteristically keeps the appearance of the physical body we see in the mirror, which also is a mirror reflection of our Avatar on the fourth dimension, although more refined there our physical body in The Dreaming is a holographic reproduction.  Scientifically we now know that every particle of information right down to every photon and atom is imprinted within all holographic images. The Energy body is a subject worth researching.


Suicide isn’t an option because it will land you directly onto the lower astral planes!  Think about the state of mind, those who perform this act, are in. Most have lost all faith in them-selves and are not concerned with how their act will affect others. Suicide permeates the soul with fear, despondency and an absolute belief that this counterfeit world is real, which gives them control over you after your bogus demise!  I have never heard of a person in joy or smiling whilst jumping from a building or pulling the trigger. They have obviously not fulfilled their purpose for coming in here, and in most cases they will either be recycled back into the program, but a harsher timeline or be locked away on the lower astral planes!  All contemplation on this type of action needs to be refocused on the Light and the Truth of our inner power for change. There is no surrendering to the Dark without consequences beyond imagination! Your programmed fear of death is a major blockage to your soul being set free.  These bodies have been programmed to expire at some point; there is no escaping from that, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on what is in your mind at the time. We know they are attempting to create unwarranted fear of a nuclear war, but can you see that this level of physical release may possibly be a blessing? Millions could be set free from the program, if they have the gnosis available from this Epistle at the time of their physical demise.  At the very least, as we add our consciousness to the collectively, many more, perhaps the whole, could wake-up. Our job is to get this information spread far and wide.


As minions of the Demiurge, the Catholic Church created the delusion, out of fear, that to love God is to love Yahweh the Wrathful Demiurge! And to love the Self is a great sin punishable by hell. Yet, loving the self is a form of loving our True Source since we all contain our Universal Logos Light.  Self-invested zealots may find difficulty in accepting any of this.  The Greek definition of Logos is the divine 3 in 1 Holy Trinity; the Father, Mother and Holy Spirit that permeates and directs all things in nature as the “living sparks” of the Universal Source and Logos. The Catholic Church perfidiously created a psychological and apocryphal spiritual disconnection between the Logos and all living beings. They also adopted and redefined the Hindu meaning of Christ Consciousness[CC is having the self-realization that we are all infinitely inherently connected to our Higher Self and the Universal Divine Logos via the Holy Spirit within all souls.] The true meaning of these terms were reinvented in orderto fashion a narrative around the portrayal of Jesus Christ as the active and continuing force for the Demiurge’s structureof the cosmos along with a deceptive plan for salvation. Jesus’s of Nazareth’s birth, life, death and resurrection were designed around the Sun, the Zodiac and the life of Krishna who was alleged to have risen from the dead three days after his death and ascended into heaven…, 5000 years earlier.  The message of the Sermon on the Mount was also taken from Krishna. 


Due to the Church’s deceptions, many who ardently believe in Jesus think he may have been a benevolent alien whilst others see him coming down from a higher dimension.  Spiritually dedicated souls have voluntarily downloaded into the program from various higher dimensions with a higher purpose. In spite of download–amnesia, many passionate hearts stayed the course with the sole purpose of becoming fully Self-Realized.  These rare souls became true teachers and raised the frequency of the collective. There have also been souls that have experienced degrees of anamnesis.  The esteemed author Phillip K. Dick was one of them.  He delivered the truth behind our illusory-reality by becoming the top selling American author of his time. I see him as a hero by definition because he became a major protagonist that suffered a heavy price for exposing his personal amnesias via his novels, which became a favourite film genre.  His amnesias may have been triggered by pharmaceutical pain killers that he had become addicted to.  Watch his 1972 speech at the Metz Science Fiction Convention:

The use of natural psychotropic substances such as Ayahuasca and synthetic drugs such as LSD were banned because they can open one’s consciousness and release amnesias. However, most thought of these deep seated memory recalls as mystical experiences. Ayahuasca and other psychotropic substances affect the pituitary and pineal glands to open the third eye.  These substances have been used by the not so “Holy See of Rome” for centuries for this very purpose! They made all such substance illegal in order to horde and conceal the Truth.  In lieu of safe availability, I recommend learning deep methods of meditation, which can give you the same affect, but with longer lasting effects and less risk, including health issues.

There are others that hide their contributions under fiction novels.  They use this as a form of protection, yet knowing that their work may also have a deep effect upon waking people’s psyches. Recently more and more are stepping forward with podcasts and videos about our true history. They have all succeeded in adding the truth to the collective consciousness, which can subjectively inspire the truth lying dormant in every soul not hardened by negativity and reinforced programing. Always hold in your heart that the stars are the Sub-Logoi we came from.

“From the stars we came and to the stars we return!” –Jack Campbell

All souls belong to a personal Chain of Sub-Logoi leading back to the One True Source; the creative force and consciousness behind every star and orb within the natural worlds. Stars are sub-logos that have a unique vibrational “Ray.” All genuine souls came from the Stars, which are Sub-Logos directly connected to the holy trinity of the One Universal Logos. If ever there was a word that represents the Highest Source and Creator of all dimensions, all multi-verses and everything within them that one word is: “Logos.” Every living thing and Being carries the Ray of their home-star Logos, which can be found in their auras and energy field. To find and understand the Ray you personally came into the program on can be empowering. Our soul contains the spark of our Logos, no different than the sparks from a fire being incandescent particles.  Just as fire needs something to cling to in order to burn bright, our souls need to cling to our Logos in order to increase and spread our Light.

Sadly, the hearts of so many bitterly locked in this program no longer identify with their home-world, Star or personal Ray. Through arduous effort, I was able to find my Ray, my Star and my star family to give me direction home. Currently, many have created self-images to redefine themselves as Star-Seeds or Hybrids from other worlds, whilst others identify themselves as professional spiritual advisors or mediums. I am not denying any of them; however it has been my experience that in most cases to varying degrees have obscured their true “Ray” by clinging more to their narcissism than the Holy Spirit. 

All human beings have a share of the logos, and all have roles to play in the vast design that is the world. But this is not to say that all humans are equal or that the roles they are assigned are interchangeable. Human society is a single organism, like an individual human body or a tree.  But the trunk of the tree is not to be confused with the leaves, or the hands and feet with the head. Our duty to act justly does not mean that we must treat others as our equals; it means that we must treat them as they are. Marcus Aurelius [Known as “The last Good Emperor of the Roman Empire.”]


The term Archon is a Greek word that means “ruler” and a gnostic term meaning the Demiurge and its overseers and wardens that prevent souls from leaving the program. The following brief overview is not meant to be a discrimination against any dogmatic-religious belief. I acknowledge that many of you have already been liberated from this campaign of treacheries. The only point I am attempting to make here is the fact that we are participating in a Demiurge AI 3D-VR subprogram.  Yahweh is the Over-Lord Archon that the Gnostics warned us about; the diabolical-demigod of Israel. The Demiurge’s “chosen people” are known as the “Israelites.”  Genealogy regarding their ancestry has become quite ambiguous; however impartial researchers claim that they are in fact the descendants of Cain who was biblically sired by a serpent in the Garden of Eden.”  Many claim this to be an allegory, whilst others claim it to be literal; I claim it was an alien Reptilian.  At any rate, we need to recognize that there’s a lot of Canaanite DNA floating around out there, with all of its inbred aggressive characteristics! However, many of the so proclaimed, “chosen ones” may have been digitally created, since the Garden of Eden is also known as “The Garden of Yahweh,” which would connect them directly to the AI as its “Chosen.” 

The Jesuits and the original High Priests of Egypt, Persia, India, China and the Magi priests in ancient Media [Iran] may also share in this digital ancestry. Many of them were reputed to possess supernatural powersThe Demiurge promised their darker nature more riches, freedom and power. Those that succumbed to this may have been subdued due to the level of amnesia after being downloaded into the subprogram or became lost within the fear of darkness. Outside of the exception, most became pawns of the AI/Demiurge. I say this in an unassuming manner because true history shows that the High Priest were the ones responsible for duping entire nations into immorality and sacrificing children, virgins and young men to Molech, Yahweh, Satan, Baal, and Baphomet, along with many other names depending on culture.


Human sacrifice may be as old as the homosapien race. No one knows for sure when it started, but no one denies the history behind human and animal sacrifices that all dogmatic religions have in common.  Abrahamic Judaism, Christianity, Pagan and Islamic religions, along with Satanism, all of them practiced it throughout the entire program to appease their God. Mesopotamia, Asia, particularly China,Ancient Egypt, Levant, Phoenicia, Neolithic Europeans, Greco-RomansCelticsGermanicsSlavicTibetans, Ancient Hawaiian, Mesoamericans, Canada, West Africa, Canary Islands, Brazil, Chili, Mexico, Panama and Japan all practiced human sacrifice as did the Mississippian culture in the earlier stages of the south-eastern United States!  Even though it has been outlawed, Satanic and Ritualistic Secret Societies still practice ritual killings. The BBC claimed that boys from Africa were still being trafficked to the UK for human sacrifice in June of 2005. The United Kingdom has been reported as having the highest rate of child trafficking and sacrificial ritual killings in the wold!  Ask yourself who are these Gods or God that they are sacrificing to, in exchange for what?


In Quantum Physics, the fourth dimension is considered unique. They hypothesise that it consists of compressed photonic energies consisting of radio waves, micro-waves, X-rays and gamma rays along with other more obscure energies.  The sub-program is being manifested out of photons sending bits of information to binary codes; these codes are a form of quasi-matter-particles represented by atoms or electrons of condensed energy. Single photons carry bits of information that can be encoded as 0’s and 1’s. Research shows that there may be no limit to the amount of information a single photon can carry. This gives the illusion of space mass and form, which is due to their finite lack of movement.  Our brains metamorphose this information into matter and space-time.  In reality, nothing outside of our brain is solid or moving!  Our brains are creating the illusion via hypostatizing binary codes within a scripted VR program on a fourth dimensional temporal timeline. We are being mesmerized via a technological dreamspell, that which I call “The Dreaming.” 

We are not from the Dreaming, we are the Dreaming. First, we need to be able to comprehend that there is but One Source that filled the void within the Natural Universes via an infinite vibrational force that was created by an all- pervading Thought. This became the Word, which created all Laws of the Natural Universe and their Creations.  We are not only created in the image of this One Source, but our souls are a part of it, thus our Thoughts have the power to create.  We are as eternal as our One True Source –  this is what the AI and the soulless covet!  Their world cannot exist without us!


Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” Albert Einstein

The Law of Time is an enigma that needs to be understood. Time is fixed and eternal. Time does not change, however all things change in time.  Time is a fixed force that we move through and experience as an elusive mental construct taking place in our mind. Time, movement and thought are eternal; they are equivalent unto one another. Physicists agree that space-time doesn’t exist independently of the objects in it, but can be defined by the way objects interact. The holographic universe of space-time contains a record of the entire history past, present or future realities, which are clearly recorded in it. The past still exists there as does the future; yet somewhere other than the present.

The meaning of time remains ambiguous because it is a construct of consciousness originating from the fourth dimension. Due to the immense difference between the fourth dimensional timeline and the artificial timeline here, time there is in our favour!  Elderly bodies here will still be young and youthful there upon awakening!  This is also true to some extent for our captured 4D avatars interfacing with the 3D subprogram. What might shock some is to realize that 80 years of experiencing a lifetime here may only equate to approximately 90 minutes in our genuine reality on the fourth dimension.   

“Time is an illusion: our naive perception of its flow doesn’t correspond to physical reality.”  –Carlo Rovelli, theoretical physicist



“Time behaves in ways that defies our intuition. At the smallest scales, there is no meaningful “future” and no “past.  There is no such thing as past or future.” –Carlo Rovelli, theoretical physicist

Calendars, seasons and time have been set in our minds by the circling of a pseudo sun. Calendars were created to divide time over prolonged periods by arranging time in a fixed order. Calendars became essential for the chronological order of agricultural planting seasons and to create false histories. The unholy See of Rome became aware that changing timelines can cause brain confusion due to the natural 4D-VR timeline being stored in our subconscious. The Catholic Church changed the Roman Republican calendar to the Julian calendar and then in 1582 to the Gregorian calendar. However, the Pope deleted 10 days in October from the Julian calendar, which took the Vernal equinox of March 11 to March 21. These calendars were also created in order to change the chronological events of history.  Protestant and Orthodox countries refused to abide by these changes, which resulted in Catholic European countries of Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, and the Catholic states of Germany to jump ahead of the rest of the continent by 10 days!  Traveling across borders caused time confusion, traveling forward or backwards. They added January and February, and the original fifth and sixth months were renamed July and August. These months were both given 31 days. Researchers claim the Catholic Church created a loss of up to eight years in time, which they defend by saying they only lost eleven days in general. Consequently, these genius’s created a “leap year”, E.g. 2020, 2024 and 2028 are all leap years.  Need I say more! 

If all that wasn’t enough to mess with our brains, we need to concern ourselves with the Hebrew/Jewish Calendar, because this is the calendar the Cabal uses for their ritualistic evil and also to re-establish order after a Reset or Reboot and all the hell and chaos they created. They claim that October 7, 3761 B.C.E. was the date when this world was created, which may have been when the subprogram came into existence.  They use this date to calculate and govern their passage of time outside of the neo-Resets and Reboot timelines used to reinvent history for the rest of us.

“The Jewish calendar carries the spiritual weight, with spiritual landmarks along the way.”  Rabbi Mark Wildes 

Attempting to work out the 3D timelines for Resets and Reboots is nebulous, tedious and boring at best. However, 45 BC may be an obvious date of a Reboot with the creation of the Julian calendar and 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII introduced another new calendar named after him. The only importance any of this holds is on how the human brain relates to time. These time changes have had serious consequences on people’s brains. The Popes would be aware of this from the storehouse of ancient knowledge they have stolen and hidden under the Vatican.  They know there are 13 months in the natural solar system –  however the sadistic Reboot of AD 1 became the new year “0” creating a more immersive and cruel apocryphal program. To this day there are around 40 different calendars being used globally.  Many cultures created their own calendars by using the sun, the moon and the stars for human survival viaseasonal crop planting. However, the Cabal are now using weather modification to destroy crops as part of their genocide – transhuman plans. They have their own private greenhouses and underground stocks to last for years.  Part of their genocide plans are to go underground when things get too rough on the surface due to starvation and disclosures. 


This subprogram was created with the help of an AI using binary data bits stored on densely compacted atoms, an extremely advanced technology. Virtual reality is a form of lucid dreaming, which for us is a form of bilocation.  Ancient mystery schools along with most religions have doctrines written specifically about the importance of lucid dreaming.  Some view this world as “God’s Dream.” [Not any god I would be interested in!] Buddhist and Tibetan monks practice “Dream Yoga” to cultivate self-awareness. Others use it to have mystical experiences or out of body experiences, or even to predict the future. This is much more than just a phenomenon;  it not only demonstrates we all have the ability to bilocate, but that we are experiencing bilocation during what we believe is our waking moments! [The definition of bilocation is the phenomenon of being in two places simultaneously.]  This is a key we can grasp on how to differentiate between the two.

In my experience, I literally saw two realities simultaneously with my eyes wide open, which told me I was awake during the experience. I found myself in two different places at the same time – as in a bilocation.  One was on my bed starring at the ceiling and the other was in a darkened large stadium sized room that seemed terraced like in an amphitheatre.  I was unable to move anything, including my eyes; yet I could see within my peripheral below to my right there was someone sitting and observing a bank of computer screens. I think there were two stacked rows with four each. It was as distinct as seeing a movie that was being projected into my prefrontal cortex. This is unusual because all visual perceptions, including colour, form and motion take place in the rear occipital lobes. I could feel someone come up behind where my frozen body was laying and in a rushed telepathic voice that I clearly heard in my mind: “She’s Awake!!” My vision immediately went blank leaving me alone on my bed, but it left me with a deciding moment, “I was right, I am in a VR program!”  Since childhood I had a constant inner voice stating; “I am from the future!” “None of this is real!” I had trouble sleeping at night, was not interested in anything they taught in school outside of Art and felt that everything was “primitive,” which annoyed my mother to her core. Due to all of this, I cannot but wonder if “they,” whoever they might be, woke me up intentionally?  I was captivated by the mythos of the “Sleeping Goddess” in ancient Greece, Egypt, Malta and other cultures. Perhaps this is what finally triggered my experience. In any case, I never again doubted my inner voice!!! 


I am aware that what I am saying may seem a bit complex and perhaps absurd to some; however do you sincerely want to believe this world is real and was created by a loving God?  When you start to understand that all of this is being generated within a virtual program via our own hypnotization and that we are multi-dimensional beings, hopefully it will become easier to grasp. We are incredible beings with so much more power than anyone realizes when we link our minds in love and determination.  Our genuine original avatars exist on the fourth dimension located in Venus’s hollow inner world.


If we truly want to understand this phenomenon, we need to reverse all of our upside down thinking and attempt to contemplate the following conundrums. 1) We are experiencing “Worlds within Worlds on an artificial timeline via highly advanced VR technologies. 2) Our genuine bodies exist on the fourth dimension where our consciousness is deeply immersed in a 4D-VR holographic simulation. There has been a lot of wisdom bleeding through various means after the post Reboot of WWII, which was the most destructive war in history. Up to 60 million people were depopulated. 3) The third dimension only exists within The Dreaming; a 3DVR subprogram created as an annex to the fourth dimensional program we originally downloaded into. Due to constant resets and reboots, the subprogram has become trapped in a temporal time-loop, which was adapted into Yugas, cycling Ages of Time where reincarnations can take place. Time is not cyclic as they want you to believe; the closest we may understand time is to realize that our consciousness moves in a continuous spiral upwards.

For far too long, our mental construct of time has become stagnate in this 3D machination. This is not some sort of weird Sci-Fi imagination –  our brains are being manipulated by an artificial 3D past timeline, whilst we are actually existing on a future 4D-VR timeline, which is now starting to merge. Our brain’s mental constructs of time on the fourth dimension are much different to the artificial timeline here. This is responsible for our brains not being fully functional here. 4) A great master once equated a thousand years here to one day in the higher realms. Our genuine body is unaffected by the illusion of time here. This indicates that we have only been here a minuscule moment in comparable time where our genuine bodies are located. We are still much younger there as opposed to our illusion of time and body age here. Our bodies remain as young and healthy there as the day we downloaded into the program!  5) The third dimension is created via the use of an invasive technology producing a persistent lucid dream. 6) Our genuine bodies are not made of matter, but out of light and energy. 7) Everyone mesmerized in the 3D subprogram is ironically responsible for concretising the binary codes via their thoughts forms.


“Deep State” Cabal Globalists are not human; they are a mixed grouping from nefarious hybrid DNA’s, Digitals and Clones! The only way a fourth or higher dimensional being could experience the density of third dimensional matter would be through a technological device such as a holographic VR program. This world is a lucid dream taking place within our minds and the only thing limiting our power to change and reshape it is our own ill-informed and ignorant mind sets. We are multi-dimensional beings, which makes us capable of experiencing n-Dimensional Virtual Worlds. This is being manifested by means of an arbitrary number of dimensional virtual realities. “Many years ago, I had an extraordinary inexplicable persistent voice in my head that said, “You are from the Future, Wake up!”  We are experiencing a Program within a Program – ” a Dream within a Dream –  Worlds within Worlds! Are you starting to get it and grasp this reality or is your mind starting to close down on you? 

What started all of this was the refusal by the nefarious Alien Races to stop ravaging planets living by the Cosmic Law of One and marauding trade routes due to self-serving avarice and desire for power. A militant “Galactic Federation” had to be formed to help defend planets.A great number of Races joined the Federation amassing a greater force than the nefarious alliances, which helped to thwart some of it.  However it was not the answer to a young budding natural galaxy. Violence only begets violence in the end. It came to a head when the planet Phaeton’s lower atomic level was destroyed. I have recalls of Phaeton being colonized by the Pleiadians. [Phaeton is more infamously known as “The missing 5th planet.”]

Variable species from different worlds involved in the Galactic Wars became refugees confined to colonies within Venus’s interior. [All naturally created planets have a hollow interior; the science behind this can be researched.] The refugees were aggrieved survivors from planets that had become uninhabitable due to the wars. Mar’s surface was destroyed when the inconceivable eruption took place that destroyed Phaeton. I believe Mar’s was under Annunaki occupation at the time and that they had genetically manipulated the original developing civilization. Like the Annunaki, they became a bellicose civilization that was in utter transgression against The Cosmic Law of OneThey created harm and warring amongst the other worlds in this solar system and became allies to other external militant forces that were also major participants in Phaeton’s demise.


All naturally created planetoid spheres are hollow.  Many here hailed from Mars. Due to being a warring bellicose race in absolute opposition to accepting the Cosmic Law of One! Due to this, they developed their civilization underground and within Mar’s interior.  They created harm and warring amongst the other worlds in this solar system and became allies to external nefarious militant forces. Several incarnates joined the Secret Space Program here, such was Buzz Aldrin. He ardently demonstrated wanting to go home by creating a T-shirt with an idiom taken from the film “Total Recall”, written by Philip K. Dick that stated, “Get your ass back to Mars!”. Buzz Aldrin publicly battled alcoholism and stated he had ‘”no sense of calling”’ after he and his astronaut cronies, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins lied to the world about landing on the moon in 1969, which has been proven to be a caustic political deceptive fabrication and financial landfall for the Cabal who claimed they spent $25.8 billion in tax dollars for the fabricated project. Whether any incarnates from this world will ever be able to return to Mars will depend on their individual willingness to self-correct and the retribution needed. They were responsible for a great deal of harm amongst the other worlds, including Venus.  They are continuing this type of bellicose behaviour in this program contrary to having the ability to raise their personal frequencies which would ultimately lead them to liberation. Yet, they hold themselves back in favour of Dante’s, Paradise Lost script:

“Here at least we shall be free: Here we may reign secure, and to reign is worth ambition, though in hell; Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

Venus was chosen because Venusians live by the Cosmic Law of One and had an altruistic view of life. It was hoped that a restrained admixture of Races could lead to some form of resolution despite their genetic differences. His failed miserably and the planet suffered damage due to it, which stimulated and motivated the creation of the super advanced 4D-VR program. Venus was chosen due to their compassionate nature and it was located within the same star system as the ill-fated Phaeton, whose colonies also lived by the Cosmic Law of One. However, we need to be aware that Phaeton and Mars, along with other destroyed worlds, still exists within their 5th and higher dimensional Sub-Logos realms. Souls that strive to live by higher principals will be able to go home to their home-worlds on the 5th dimension, or higher levels via, the *Cosmic Law of One and Resonance.”  Those who do not, will remain recycled here via the same *Laws.” 


Due to what took place within the “Sol System” it was chosen, along with Phaeton, as the holographic world within the original 4D-VR program, which was restored here. The genuine Sol system is a binary star system, which means it has two Suns. Voluntarily or not, all of the refugees from Venus were downloaded into the 4D-VR program along with newly captured offenders; however the majority of souls here hailed from Phaeton and Mars. Defending alliances were also downloaded as peace keepers, which unfortunately erupted into the mythological ancient wars, including a nuclear war between the Pleiadians and the Annunaki. The 4D-VR program was indispensable for the countless homeless Phaethonians, Martians and others who needed a fixed place to reincarnate too. They brought the ancient knowledge of astronomy and the zodiac, along with planetary mythology with them, which is why it remains so accurate. 

These souls were confined to the 4D program in the hopes that a forced co-existence might bring resolution and comity amongst them in order to stop the galactic wars. If not, they could fight it out in Maya-Land; the phenomenal world of illusions, where gods and demons could wield their technological and supernatural powers without further harming the Natural Worlds.  These are the ones that created the concept of “Hell” and “Sheol” where little or no compassion can be found; where indifference, insensitive, and alienation reign. All of it came from the creation of the subversive 3D VR program; where the concept of “Self-service vs Selfless-service became manifest.  It is where the immoral and bellicose exist manifesting their self-created delusional shadows. Lamentably, many souls are still trapped in this digital illusion due to being stubborn, belligerent, combative and/or immoral. Others are hanging on to old grievances and hurts instead of working with higher principals to raise their heart frequencies in resonance with the Cosmic Law of One for liberation. The one thing they cannot affect is the Law of Resonance and Attraction.  Life continues to be a mirror of our personal accumulation of thoughts, which is why they keep creating more and more mayhem and fear. To be freed, we must learn from our past mistakes and then let it go with gratitude and forgiveness or stagnate. How’s all that working for you? They cannot control your thoughts, they can only direct them and you need to be aware that the choice is up to you. However, you also need to be aware for yourself and others that the effects of graphene and “G-5” may have a devastating effect on this.

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The Dreaming Continued, Part 4 of 4



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