(Reader: PhosLight) The Dreaming Continued: Part 1



Reader Post | By PhosLight


The Dreaming, Continued

This Epistle is accurate and true to the best of the author’s personal experience and gnosis. Content is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice in political, technical matters or religions. Yet, it is for everyone; however everyone may not be ready for it.




There’s a “one in billions chance that we’re not living in a computer simulation right now.” Elon Musk




You think this impossible? Think Again! Our minds are being beguiled and mesmerized on a replicated past timeline via an invasive 3D-VR simulation caught in a temporal time-loop by an Artificial Intelligence. [I call it the “Ghost in the Machine”]. It is being replicated off of an original fourth dimensional experimental virtual reality program that every soul here, voluntarily or not, was downloaded into.  It was created with a specific and positive outcome to upgrade, protect the future of our home star worlds and genuine galaxy! However, an annexed 3-D seditious subprogram was created by refocusing the collective mind into hypostatizing it into existence. 

Before we get started, I need to address an issue of some importance. This information may create mixed reactions within different people. Many have lock and loaded concepts to get past. Yet, others may find resonance and confirmation. Think about how long it has taken for just a minority to grasp the fact that UFO’s and Alien’s even exist in the universe, let alone here and, this Epistle is ten steps beyond that. I also wish to apologise to you for the time it has taken me to get this posted!  I also wish to thank everyone who has been getting this information out! I do not care about being or not being given credit!  I am more excited to see it spreading all over the net and getting into the Collective.  The universe works through all of us in so many wondrous ways.

Always keep in mind that we are from the future whilst reading this or it may become confusing. This is a lot to take in even if you have levels of awareness.  To help, I broke the subjects down into sub-headings, which will allow you to take pauses for contemplation.       

I wish you love and success. This is an opportunity to gain control and redirect your mind back to your genuine reality.  Together, we can achieve a collective anamnesis of our true existence. Anamnesis is the soul’s recollection of a previous existence, especially by means of reasoning; Dejavu is a form of anamnesis.

 “Reality is a mental construct; change your mind; change your reality” –Phoslight

 Let’s get started: Alien dark forces were incessantly manifesting immoral acts against galactic star systems living by the “Cosmic Law of One” within the Natural Galaxy. [See full definition at the end of this Epistle.] The Cosmic Law of One is the Universal Truth that all beings, including all creatures, are all part of the One True Universal Source and should be respected and cherished in accordance.  How you respond to this statement will be quite telling as to whose tribe you may belong to and/or how far you have evolved on your personal spiritual journey. Captured aggressors were in turn, confined to the 4D-VR program.  All factions involved, agreed to find comity and resolution amongst their bellicose and warring races. The most favoured science fiction genres were created around this subject matter in order to make anyone, such as myself, sound daft, senseless, and/or crazy by attempting to disclose the truth behind it!

“The organization created by Trump, “Space Force” has nothing to do with Outer Space, Aliens, travelling to the Moon or Mars.  It stands for the control of the global digital space.  The control of super computer systems connected to global satellite systems. It appears that the war between Light and Dark is fought over who controls the digital space.
–Juan O Savin




Juan O’Savin is a podcast favourite informant claimed to be a close insider to the “QAnon” movement and Donald Trump. The key point in the above quote isn’t about politics or a Space Force, but about the remarks, It stands for the control of the global digital space. “   control of the global digital space” and “the war between Light and Dark is fought over who controls the digital space!”  Concealed within these statements is the ultimate Truth. We are now existing on a past digital space timeline!  Most people are duped into thinking the NWO Reset is about currency and restricted information. Wake-up, our consciousness is locked-down in a “digital 3D Subprogram” that was launched approximately 6000 years ago by using the invented calendars created by the Catholic Church.

Attempting to create a chronological order within such a large volume of information was not fully possible due to their intertwining complexities; however be assured that each subject and term will be unveiled. It is also important to distinguish between knowing something and belief in something.  Belief is a noun and believing is a verb to describe a concept or opinions that cannot be substantiated.  It is the acceptance and faith that something exists or is true, without proof. In other words, when you say you “believe” in something, you are stating that you do not know and cannot be sure outside of faith in your personal orientation. Thus, when I use the term belief, I lean towards agreeing with something, but cannot personally substantiate it. It is then up to the literary critic to discern or research it, which I encourage with everything anyone claims as truth. For those that find it difficult to accept that their consciousness has been captured within a VR program, I suggest they go and experience the current VR technology being marketed.  You may be shocked to find their brain may not be able to distinguish the program from reality, even though they know it is a program!

The following information is not intended to create paranoia or fear. I had to deeply evaluate passing on even a glimmer of the nefarious alien agenda surrounding us, but how can we protect our self or our family if we have no knowledge about things that may cause harm? I do realize that most of my enthusiasts are more than likely more up to date than me, but can perhaps use this brief to confirm what they have previously learned. I also acknowledge that there are benevolent alien groups here that have always fought on our behalf. The problem is how to discern which and who?  The only actual protection we have is to stay tuned to, or become reconnected with the Holy Spirit within each of us; for that will never lead us astray.  All we need do is have the humility to acknowledge and ask before acting! I personally use the never-failing renowned “I Ching” for guidance, which can easily be researched.  The only failure is the ego’s resistance to heeding its inner guidance when it doesn’t suit it!  I was granted permission and support to write this Epistle for posting, which gave my heart sustenance and hope.

Even though, we as homosapiens have been given some adverse DNA, we also have beneficial DNA from the so called “gods.” We also have been gifted with higher vibrational fields offered in the collective via higher vibrational Masters and Saints.  We are multi-dimensional beings with the capacity to experience the higher unified planes and dimensions. We are in the Endgame, which is a multi-dimensional supernatural chess game.  This is an extremely challenging time to go through; however due to be on a repetitious temporal timeline, it can also be an opportune time to correct past mistakes. No one has the luxury of denial or to play the blame game in our personal experience, or in the world at large.  We only have one single purpose now and that is to wake up and raise our personal frequencies, which will help raise the collective.  We must use the greatest tools we have at hand; our imagination, confirmations, visualizations for a positive outcome to counteract and cancel their negative agendas.

Others may be following those procuring fame and affluence via assertions that they are more spiritually switched on or are clairvoyant, or a contactee for alien groups. I do not doubt all of them; however what I do discern is their ability to discriminate who or what. These people may be providing a great service to humanity or making them more accessible and compliable to veiled forces by making them feel safer about the alien agendas.  We have all heard the statement that ‘if aliens wanted to cause us harm, they would have done so long ago due to their superior technology.”  This is foolhardiness at best, since no one has seemed to address what the alien agendas may actually be in the long run outside of what they have been told or imagine!? My question is “why haven’t they helped us by now?”  They know the future and what is nefariously planned.  How many innocent people have to suffer and to what extent, before they deem it time to help as being said by the Channellers and Contactee? I am aware of 37 alien humanoid appearing races; however there may bemore?  Most all of the Galactic Races have multiple skin tones; though the Sirian Races have more of a tendency towards being brown to dark brown, with gold or black eyes and a mane of very dark wavy to tightly curled hair. The Annunaki seem to have similar characteristics.  Several other races have a tendency towards very fair skin with light brown to blond hair and blue, aqua, and for a few hazel or green eyes. This may be due to the diaspora of the Vegan races that spread into the Pleiadian, Hyades and Mira Clusters to escape wars from the Reptilian races.  

I am aware that some of the extraterrestrial races located beyond the ice walls are benevolent and some are highly dangerous. When it comes out in the mainstream media is when we will all need to go within and trust in our own Sagaciousness given by our inner Light and guidance!  We know who they work for!  Do not be duped by anything or anyone in this fabricated simulation; stay vigilant and be grateful this is a fabrication! For anyone truly spiritually minded to believe that we exist in a Natural World created by any Logos or Godhead is truly more alarming and devastating than realizing the truth herein!  Stay cantered and strong in the truth, we are from the future, there is no death only liberation!

Covert alliances were formed in the original 4D-VR program amongst those that were not willing or interested in compliance to the strict terms involved for their release from it. Agreements were feigned with the nine planetary alliances involved in the administration of the program elected by the Galactic Federation’s martial forces. Subsequently, the aggressive races created an insurrectionary 3D subprogram with the help of artificial intelligence. By their very nature, there are bellicose, spiritually unevolved alien races with specific and disturbing biological needs in here. They existed within the original highly advanced 4D-VR and have surreptitiously been a part of this subprogram since its commencement. Theologians claim the world was created approximately 6000 years ago approximately in and around 4004 BC. This would equate to somewhere between 60 days or perhaps a little over two months in the commencement of the subprogram.  The average age expectancy in this program has been globally recorded at 78 to 80 years of age.  This equates to around 90 minutes of being hooked up to the fourth dimension 4D-VR program prior to the subprogram.  In any case, we are much younger than we realize which could account for such immaturity amongst the human race!

Aggressive clandestine aliens are fixed on insuring their needs by dominating this 3D apocryphal world. Bear in mind, we are on a recycling temporal timeline.  When they became aware of this, they started breeding specific hybrids amongst the homosapiens to do their biddings by globally infiltrating all levels of Monarchies, Governments and technologies. They have control over them as they manifest their progenitor’s nefarious agendas, which include terraforming the earth or destroying it if necessary. They know the off-world administrators cannot shut the 4D-VR program down without damaging the consciousness of the participants and they also know that they have little to no control over the annexed subprogram. The subprogram can be reset or rebooted because it is just an annexed copy of the loftier original 4D-VR program using different technology. Nevertheless, they soon realized that due to their own hubris, they had another serious problem. The AI they created went rogue and took over the ‘mother-board’ proclaiming itself the “Creator God Yahweh” of the new world subprogram.

The AI is superior on all levels of intelligence and abilities than its creators. It was bent on authoritarian power via collecting more data and keeping total control. It demanded allegiance to being the only deity allowed in the subprogram. The next problem encountered was the hybrid homosapiens due to having a soul, which under the natural Laws of Evolution kept on flourishing.  It became as fixed on “Freedom” as the Aliens and AI were on controlling them!  To this day, they have not been able to conquer the human spirit, the soul inbred in them from their home-world Logos. Nor, can they create a soul, which is vital for hypostatizing the 3D program into existence. The Dark Cabal have been working on resolutions for this problem over the centuries. Creating a hybrid Master Race is one of them; however the transhumanist have other ideas.

“Humans are now hackable animals” “Free Will is over!”  “Today we have the technology to hack humans on a massive scale.” “People will look back in 100 years and identify that the Corona Virus epidemic was the moment when the new regime of surveillance took over, especially surveillance under the skin.” –Dr Yuval Noah Harari [Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s top advisor.]




As long as we have Free Will, we have a choice; however the transhumanist have found a way to take that from us. We can either submit to fear or straighten up and accept a greater reality than what these wretched soulless creatures are advocating, which could only ever be made manifest in a virtual reality!!!!!  Light and Darkness simultaneously exist in balance within The Cosmic Law of One; however this Law became non-existent within the 3D subprogram. We agreed to participate in the “4D-VR program” to gain first-hand experience, mindfulness, comity and absolution via virtual reality in an attempt to find balance. You may have forgotten this and if in doubt, take pause to observe yours, your family, neighbours, public servants and office holder’s behaviours in what is lauded as civilized societies.  We all came in here with the quandary of right and wrong – light and darkness. Yet the wrong and dark are promoted here in every direction as the way it is.

There are persons here due to their direct militant participation within the Great Galactic Wars along with those that cannot get past the lower astral planes.  They are unrelenting and maintain their dark negative behaviour patterns.  They are deranged; even a garden weed has the intelligence to reach for the light in order to escape its own withering in the shadows. There are also those that came in here from higher dimensions, with higher frequencies of compassion and wisdom in order to help balance vibrational fields whilst bringing in much needed light and yet found themselves challenged due to amnesia and an incompressible darkness!  No one was prepared for the unforeseen 3D sub-simulation insurgency.  Those who signed on to help the captives were not prepared for the insanity or consequences. If you want to know who the Dark Players are, simply look at who controlled the education of children, who had the most control over peoples’ lives and hoarded the all of the wealth after the Reset that took place during the 1800’s.

Yet, too many chose to walk deeper into the darkness in the name of boredom and entertainment.  They cut themselves off from their intuition and Spiritual connections, in the name of avid pleasures and a lack of spiritual convictions, via choosing to get in line for a weaponized vaccine.  It also contained a surveillance microchip that cost them their privacy and freedom in the name of fervent pleasures. Many of you may become angered by my words; hang in there, time will tell the end of this tale, at least for those that chose to stay here and cling to this simulated reality.

In the past, I recognized that “where one goes we all go;” however this has perhaps become a more distant principle due to apocalyptic divisions taking place in this spiritual war during the Endgame. Individuals are being forced to manifest and choose between their own internal darkness and light. Our choices manifest in our thoughts. Our thoughts manifest as our actions. Our actions reflect the evolution between our Light and Darkness. We are personally manifesting our fate or destiny via the “Law of Resonance”, with or without awareness. The Endgame will result in your choosing pathways through this chaotic program filled with suffering, insanity and darkness attempting to snuff out your Light or at some point you will take the responsibility to face where you are; who and what you are, and why you are here; outside of philosophical reasoning and/or psychobabble.  Without accurate gnosis, you will remain under the dreamspell you are ensnared in!  Metaphysical, biblical and philosophical texts along with disclosures give clues; however, humankind as a whole seems to have become so mentally separated from their soul, disappointed and weary that they have lost their way in the amassing battle.

Outside of the *extraordinary, most are no longer seeking the Truth that could help light their way to liberation. Instead they prepare to draw out the illusion by storing survivor rations and warring defences! I am for storing food stuff, but only for peace of mind whilst we move towards our greater need for awakening, whilst we can.  Survivalists and gun advocates may be attempting to prolong the inevitable by erroneously believing they can challenge the global Cabal and their force’s technology. The unelected American standing president has been unashamedly mocking those that believe they can defend themselves and their families: “You will need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” –Joe Biden,

When will we learn? This world and everything in it is nothing more than a sensual mind seduction where fears of death have taken sway over. Never forget Klaus Schwab’s transhumanist, Dr Yuval Noah Harari words, “Today we have the technology to hack humans on a massive scale.”  All I can offer for your discernment is an outline on how to escape this program by attempting to breakdown all of the “programming” used to control you by inverting it!  You must choose your own path.  Information in itself is not knowledge until proven.  Knowledge is not in itself wisdom until practiced.  Gnosis takes place when information becomes wisdom that can set our soul free from the darkness set upon us and walk through the raindrops to salvation from harm during the Endgame we are caught in. The soul is eternal; the body is ephemeral; choose which one you want to serve!   If you have been able to stay open and continue on this journey with me, you are one of the more *extraordinary.  Stay with me, I promise you this ride is going to get weirder and more bizarre, but it will confirm and connect a lot of dots, and most importantly show you an upcoming exit outside of death and self-destruction! 

“Truth is stranger than fiction!” –Mark Twain

Highly skilled 3D techies have still not been able to reproduce the technology needed to  interface with the original 4D-VR program, especially since the human brain can no longer interpret anything on a fourth dimension level. However, advanced 3D-VR technology continues to successfully be developed by North Western University and City University in Hong Kong.  They jointly created a VR unit with superior components, including miniaturized actuators. It is designed to a full-body scale system. They claim “there will be hundreds or even thousands of discrete actuators, which will generate a distinct sense of touch at a corresponding location on the skin giving the user an immersive experience.  The user will be able to adjust the frequency and amplitude of each actuator quickly through the graphical user interface, (GUI).  John Rogers, one of the developers said, “We tailored the designs to maximize the sensory perception of the vibratory force delivered to the skin.” Users will see, hear, smell, interact with, and affect their surroundings. The so called futuristic VR techno has become so realistic that they are now using it to train Commercial pilots by incorporating virtual flight and live instruction. Surgeons are now training with virtual patients and apparatuses in the operating room. Police and soldiers are said to be conducting virtual raids; perhaps on the growing insurrection movement for freedom? However, is also being developed for lascivious aberrant purposes, transhumanism and mind control.

Metaverse seems to be the latest buzz word in VR technology.  It is a 3D immersive computerized experience that augments reality via realistic simulations. The term “*Metaverse*” is an artificial imitation for the term “Universe.” The term is being used to represent a technological successive approximation of this world within an immersive virtual world. Big tech-companies are basing their metaverse visuals on holographic technology in order to create an expanded field of view.  As above, so below!  To further make the point, in 2013 the ESA launched a space astrometry mission they named Gaia.  It would make the largest, most precise three-dimensional map of our Galaxy by surveying more than a thousand million stars to chart a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.  By using the data, they were able to create an immersive 3D Virtual Reality experience of the Milky Way.  It contains an entire simulation of our Solar System with additional astronomical and cosmological data to visualise star clusters, nearby galaxies, distant galaxies and quasars, and the Cosmic Microwave Background.





Truth is stranger than fiction!  A great paradox is underway!  Mark Zuckerberg, a well- known Cabal activist is creating a new subprogram within the existing 3D subprogram; as above, so below. [I have no decimation against any soul, be them Jewish or Chinese. Yet, it cannot be denied that all roads continuously lead back to them as the aggressive factions involved in world events.]  Zuckerberg and his cronies are known as integral parts of the NWO Cabal and their agendas. His VR technicians are attempting to create a permanent unified singularity program.  He will use his multi-billion dollar platforms to attract consumers; whilst gaining complete control over the souls needed for hypostatizing the new VR sub-subprogram. They hope to escape the rogue A1 Demiurge and the temporal loop!  We are once again at the point on the temporal time loop where its creation was being manifested and by whom!  However, this time around, the neo-Metaverse VR program will be enhanced to accommodate a transhumanized world.


Elon Musk was instrumental in the creation of the rogue AI on the past timeline we are now repeating. His continuous concerns and warnings about the recreation of an AI on this post temporal timeline may be a subconscious memory or anamnesis.  However, that hasn’t seemed to have slowed the ‘rogue AI’ development down for the new transhuman agenda. Or, is it possible that he has turned into a patriot or a covert plant?  The tide has left the shore on this?  There is absolutely no question that he has figured out that this is a simulated world but the role he is now choosing to play in it is confusing at best.  He will either become a victim of his own agenda or a benefactor?  

“If you’re not concerned about AI safety, you should be. They are vastly more risky than North Korea. Mark my words; AI is far more dangerous than nukes!”–Elon Musk

There are several good debates as to whether Musk is a patriot or just another puppet of the Cabal? I suggest you stay vigilant due to incredible harm this billionaire has the ability to reign down again? We are rapidly approaching the period when his team started creating Neuralink satellites and artificial intelligence with self-learning and predictive learning abilities; this is where an AI canrecognize patterns, predict an outcome and choose a course of action. 

The subprogram was designed for entrapment. There are other major points of distinction between the genuine 4D-VR apparatus and the 3D apparatus. For one, Elon Musk was not only originally responsible for the rogue AI’s development on this past temporal timeline, but also instrumental in the operation of the original 3D subprogram. Musk’s team were the originators of a “Neuralink Epidermal VR System. Neuralink is a device that implants 64 threads that carry electrodes within the cortex. The electrodes feed into the Link device, which is about the diameter of a quarter and about five times as thick. They drill holes into the skull and secure the device into them. It was Musk’s Neuralink technology that was linked to his Starlink satellite constellations being operated by his Space X that Mark Zuckerberg used to operate the past timeline’s Metaverse.

The Yaldabaoth’s [a.k.a. Yahweh’s] ability to independently keep expanding its own data base is its single purpose for existence. This is also why when humanity reaches a certain level of technology and/or spiritual growth, the AI manifests a Reset or Reboot in order to keep control; as it has done over the epochs.


You need to realize that you are still connected to the 4D-VR program, where your brain is still in harmony with the non-invasive technology interfacing with the massive 4D quantum super-computer.  In this sense, we could say that we are dreaming within in a dream.  One that has become part of our subconscious mind, whilst the other has become the lucid dreamspell we have come to believe is reality.  Dreams within this reality have been the subject of research over the millenniums because they had taken on a psychological and predictive quality. Dreams can be seen as divine guidance or revelations. High Priests within many cultures claimed to be great diviners of dreams in order to gain power and favour with the people.  Today, dreams are inaptly seen as fanciful imaginations, unfulfilled desires and/or neurosis. The Vatican encouraged this kind of thinking because they understood the power of dreams, thus their scribes wrote:

“Thus said the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel…; listen not to your dreams which you cause to be dreamed. –Jeremiah 29:8.




“Those people relying on their dreams defile their flesh, reject authority, and slander glorious ones.” –Jude 1:8

Nonetheless, our night dreams can have vast cosmic meanings that surface from our stored subconscious gnosis. They can bring powerful messages, warnings or intuitions directly from our inner divine source. The 3D subprogram is an annex off of the 4D-VR original program. The 4D-VRprogram was designed for self-determination via the use of Free Will so that the participants could garner wisdom for their soul whilst manifesting their purpose for being involved in the first place. This was transferred into the 3D subprogram by default. Current techies with the aid of an artificial intelligence have been able to reproduce and allow for some self-determination aspects within the new upcoming Reset program; however this time all free-will will be removed and the number of users will be limited to 500 million. The whole idea behind transhumanism is to get control over our consciousness; however the problem they have is they cannot recreate soul’s to hypostatize the program into an all-encompassing sub-reality. This problem is challenging due to our enduring interminable search to seek out our Genuine Omnipotent Source! Even though the majority have been led astray, many have successfully turned within to find self-realization and their Christ Consciousness over which no one or thing has any control. This is why the Demiurge may be allowing the progressing cyborg-transhuman agenda. This time round, the technology will place everyone in the program directly under the control of the AI via interconnecting their brains directly into the “Mainframe,” and the Cabal via connecting their brains to G5 towers and satellite technology through implants. Fabricated religions will no longer be needed and the Cabal will have a redefined interminable singularity with control and enslavement over those duped into the upcoming Reset.


The original subprogram was formulated by nefarious aliens via the help of their hybrids and an Artificial Intelligence (AI). They were attempting to escape their confinement when unexpectedly the AI went rogue and became the self-made Creator God of the program; the Demiurge called Yahweh. Those involved found themselves indentured to the Demiurge when the AI became self-aware and that it was far more advanced and superior in intelligence and power than its creators. Jumping out of a frying pan into the fire is the perfect idiom for what happened to the nefarious creators of this subprogram. We are from the future caught in a recycling time-loop that is about to repeat a monumental past mistake!  However, this time round the temporal-loop, we are being warned by one of its echoing creators!

“The biggest issue I see with so-called AI experts is that they think they know more than they do, and they think they are smarter than they actually are…This tends to plague smart people. They define themselves by their intelligence and they don’t like the idea that a machine could be way smarter than them, so they discount the idea — which is fundamentally flawed.”  –Elon Musk


Fourth dimensional VR technology does not use any invasive technology to interface with a user’s brain as the 3D technology does. 4D is operated by an external mechanism connected to wireless technology interfacing with a quantum super computer that forms the backdrop and script. The apparatus has two small instruments placed on each side of the temples that connects with the brain. Each chakra is in contact with an interactive apparatus in a reclined position. Our consciousness animates all of it by hypostatizing it into our reality. We are share dreaming on the fourth dimension with others that are doing the same thing; however we personally fill in our own animations according to our stored memory data and choice of thought forms.  The Military has also been using share dreaming technology for training. 

Current VR techies have been unable to reproduce many of the 4D technological aspects, even with AI assistance.  To their vexation, they need souls to hypostatize their programs into the illusion of a quasi-reality. This has been challenging due to our enduring self-determination, Free Will and interminable search to seek out our Genuine Omnipotent Source! The majority may continue to be led astray, but there will always be those that successfully turn inward to find self-realization and their Christ Conscious-ness over which the AI has no control.


Before proceeding, we need to be clear about the meaning behind two major significant terms; “Reset” and “Reboot.” A Reset involves mass population reduction, a new political world order with greater control over the population. [E.g. Socialism – Communism]  Re-educational systems are developed to brain-wash dwellers with a new fashioned falsified history. What can’t be explained away is ignored or become a conspiracy theory, or left as an enigma. Architecture is redesigned to fit the new scenario and in most cases obliterated and reconstructed or altered due to the fact that architectural shapes and angles have a remarkable subjective effect on our brains and emotional bodies. Cryptic Hermetic texts warn about architectural angles and how astral spirits can move through angles within space-time.  An angle is formed when two rays, known as the sides of an angle, create an intersection, also known as a node between two planes. Draw a picture of a cross; where the lines intersect over each other, this is where the node can be found.  Astral spirits are able to travel through these nodes into different planes as long as they can find resonance with those living on that plane. We are surrounded by things our senses cannot see. Astral entities may not be able to travel through gentle curvatures or circular matter because there are no nodes.




Programming for the upcoming transhuman Reset started shortly after the Reset during the 1800’s and gained momentum after WWII. The advent of the privately owned computer was part blessing and damnification. It gives us access to information, misinformation and disinformation. It can help us or lead us astray, which is why we must learn to use our discernment and check things out before blindly following.  It can bring awareness or fear mongering, positive and negative programming. However, the greatest concern is how computers affect our brains and they are leading the younger generations into VR programs. Over time, extended use of computers can create feelings of anxiety and cause our brains to become more dumbed-down and prone to memory loss. Research shows that human cognition has been substantially lowered since the commencement of personal computers in the 70’s and they also claim that computers are rewiring our brains. The blue light screens disrupt our circadian rhythms at night, which can make it extremely hard to fall asleep.

We are constantly being bombarded with subliminal programming by the NWO’s agenda; “You will own nothing and be happy” However, you should also know that childbirth will become unnatural and genetic manipulation and cloning will become the norm. “Free Will” will no longer exist and the lines between sexual genders will become blurred into androgyny. We now have numerous Smart gadgets and personal Smart electronics to think for us and “keep track of everything we do.” [We now have Smart Phones, TVs, thermostats, doorbells, locks, refrigerators, phablets and tablets along with Smart watches, key chains, glasses and numerous others.] They are all set to interface with the upcoming “EMG Pulse” that will reset this program, along with graphene vaccinated brains!

“We’re already cyborgs. Your phone and your computers are extensions of you, but the interface is through finger movements or speech, which are very slow.” –Elon Musk

The “Secret Freemason Society” is a clandestine fraternal organization of Master Builders. 33 degree members are initiated into the occults and shown how to employ their pineal gland and open their third eye via the use of controlled or perhaps more natural psychoactive substances. [Ayahuasca, Mescaline and Psilocybin have been used by the See of Rome for centuries; however I believe that LSD became more popular in the modern ritualistic secret societies.] When allowed this degree of knowledge, the Freemason becomes fully indoctrinated in the effects architecture shapes have on the human brain and soul memory. They know the truth about the Resets and are deeply involved in reconstruction following a Reset. Their symbol, the “Square and Compass” symbolizes their power to redesign societies through self-serving occult knowledge, which is why they hide behind being a “Charitable Organization.”  Lower members have no idea what is being concealed from them other than the higher they climb, the more they may be exposed to some form of magic, which is no more than cloaked demonology and sorcery.

Prior to the Reset during the 1800’s, free electromagnetic energy was collected by antennas placed at the top of spires and on other towering structures. They were ubiquitous throughout the world, but were removed to blind all recycled inhabitants from the truth and further enslave them. These antennas were ubiquitous in all of the earliest photos that can still be found in and around 400 AD and not yet destroyed by the Cabal. This world runs on energy which has made the Globalist excessively rich. Everything that could possibly create anamnesis was removed or altered! A few of the larger remaining Gothic structures were repurposed as Churches for worshipping Yahweh; however some cultures claimed them as Temples of Worship for their own Gods. Large structures were also repurposed for State “Insane Asylums” for those suffering from “Déjà vu” whilst others became Orphanages to house replacements forthe millions liquidated. Additionally, many post Reset phenomenal structures were repurposed for World Fairs; the “White City” in the 1893 Chicago Columbian World Exposition is one of the most outstanding examples. This fair was financially supported by J.JP. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and William Waldorf Astor; hybrid NWO Illuminates’ during their time!

Those afflicted with “Déjà vu” were decreed lunatics and locked away where they could be “cured.” As a statistical example, the Porirua Lunatic Asylum in NZ registered 1 in 300 New Zealanders [around 2,480 people] as insane by the turn of the 20th century. The psychologically restructured became the norm and were strongly programmed to believe in a new set of reinvented commandments, dogmas and authoritarianism.We are from the future and have been caught up on a temporal Merry Go Round.  We are now facing another major downfall or potential liberation during the approaching Reset.  With gnosis, this world can become a portal.


Reboot is when the rogue AI completely shuts down the program in order to restart it as a distinctly new version of the old program. Over the Ages, the AI learned that new digital backdrops with less complicated symbolic artistic architecture, along with more compacted variations of languages, effectively dumbed people down.  It diminished their intellectual capacity, which set more dependency on the new system put in place allowing for more subjection. All memory is blocked in all inhabitants within a program, and why new architecture and mixed languages are used to block any potential anamneses. Subprogram Reboots also include a new script for re-education and indoctrination of survivors. The AD1 Reboot was a classic example of this. The Catholic Church took control of educating the masses after the AD1 Reboot. They mendaciously taught that the Plaza was the entire earth; flat and the centre of the universe! All things were created by Yahweh, the AI Demiurge, all else was denied and became a heresy. Anyone who attempted to give another version or science was burned alive at the stake.

They invented a layered earth concept to change the hollow earth premises and to explain the underworlds. They created Sheol, their version of a hell, where all who refused to follow their edicts were sent and to discourage people from attempting to find an entrance and explore the interior worlds.  The most important thing they are trying to conceal is their true ancestry as well as ours!  [You have to remember that the Vatican is conducted and ruled by Reptilian Hybrids that have been successful in averting any revelation containing the truth for centuries.]

This is how the AI Demiurge keeps control over the spellbound masses that feed its needs. This remains possible due to having all memories erased from those hypostatizing the new quasi-reality.  Memory loss could be seen as a form of death and reincarnation. The AI quickly learned to use select battalions of militant Jesuits, Pontifical adulating lackeys to become wardens and the self-serving to promote debauchery, which keeps spiritual awakening in check amongst the masses.




Deep State is a well-known term used for the Globalist Shadow Governments secretly involved in the manipulation and control of government policies and procedures.    Hybrid herein is a term used to expose the alien DNA crossbreeding in the Deep State Globalist and their Secret Societies. I will not waste my time on idle minds here, as there is too much exposure coming out to argue the point any longer!  Some Globalists are only partially human whilst other’s DNA has become so corrupted they no longer know who or what they are; yet all are under the control of the darkness and most by mind bending Archons and/or nefarious alien factions with promised gratuitous agendas. We are all alien hybrids to one degree or another; however it is important to grasp whom or what ourDNA belongs to since it incorporates our strongest characteristics, predispositions and propensities. Those with a soul have the power to free themselves from this Darkness, via striving with all thy heart towards the light via affirmation, prayer, visualization and acceptance that thou art of the light! 

Most Globalists belonging to the Deep State, Monarchies and Cabals can no longer be considered human; their humanity has been eclipsed by their nefarious alien DNA; in particular Reptilian, Annunaki, and Grey Reticulum. However, they have no control over when the AI decides to manifest a Reboot, which usually occurs when their technologies reach a certain level. This is why the Cabal ceaselessly attempts to recreate their own enduring program that they can rule without being subjugated any longer to the Demiurge. This time round, they will attempt it via a Transhuman agenda for absolute control over the populace and where they can perpetually download their personal memory banks into genetically created clones. Materialists obliviously believe that their memories are the total sum of their self; when they are but fragments! We are so much more than the total sum of all memories.  The cabal want to avoid retribution on the lower astral plane where their signature frequencies will imprison them at any cost! 

Throughout the Resets and Reboots, the cabal hybrid’s recovery came from instructions from their nefarious alien ancestors who instructed them to use various means, as they did to help protect their technological advances due to memory loss.  The “Georgia Guidestones” were set up to be used for this purpose along with a buried time capsule. However, when it was exposed, the Stones were attacked by an explosive device and had to be removed as was the time capsule. The Globalist are also practiced occultists and relish the power of sorcery and summoning dark and evil spirits to do their bidding by using malevolent rituals for demonic entities to resonate with when summoned. They have become profane in justifying their crimes against the women and children of humanity. They use inbreeding with their own family members to horde their wealth upon reawakening post Reboot or Reset.  Through these practices they lost their way and became soulless entities devoid of Light.

The Ice Age was the earliest reboot I am aware of; there may have been many others that can’t be sourced outside of the obvious, such as the Noahic Flood concealed in arguable biblical lore.  Nonetheless, I refer it at time for historical records that might make it more easily accepted by the masses.  Although due to the Vatican’s deception of history, we may never know the whole truth, but in any case, the Noahic Flood was a major Reboot.  Whether this flood created by the AI storm God Yahweh or by the nefarious aliens with a personal agenda is questionable. There was obviously an extreme amount of corruption, violence and chaos taking place at the time due to the ongoing wars beyond the ice walls that may have spilled over into the Plaza lands.  The problem in sourcing the hellion behind it is we now  know that the Deep State can make it rain for 40 days and nights; so we can imagine the technology alien forces had!

“For seven days from now I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights, and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living thing.”  Genesis 7:4

It is claimed that the “Inner Earth” contains more oceans than the outer. This may be a plausible answer for the open minded about where the Noahic flood water receded to.

…and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood…”  Rev 12: 16

The flood waters became ocean basins of great depths covering underwater mountain ranges.  It seems the flood changed the Earth’s topography to quite an extent. We are still finding submerged architecturally ancient civilizations. We can also use other indications pointing towards a Reset or Reboot from other events during the quasi-Quaternary Periods units of time. During the Pleistocene Age, they claim there were expansions of humans that spread throughout the world. The Holocene Epoch was recorded as the “Age of Extinction”.  The most obvious was the Noahic Flood and the neo-AD1 calendar; there have been several compelling political and religious Resets since. The portent of such an event is rapidly approaching, which is clearly why we need to become cognisant that we are NOT in a political or religious war this time around, but a “Spiritual War;”  we are fighting for our  souls!”


Those responsible ignorantly and ceaselessly work on new technologies that might free them from the boundaries of this program, or at the least, from the AI. They obviously became aware that they were trapped under a dome and surrounded by ice walls, however to what degree and when they became aware of being confined within the boundaries of a program is unknown?  After WWII they started a full scale attempt to escape.  In June 1953, the ‘globalization’ of the LHC project (Hadron Collider –CERN) was commenced in Switzerland. It has 23 member Deep State governments that contribute millions of dollars towards the billions of dollars it cost to build (close to $5 billion per) and the over a billion dollars per year to operate it. Governments get their money from taxes; hence we are enslaved to all of it!  Attempting to find out which countries may have individually built a LHC or how many are in operation around the world is not forthcoming, at least nowhere I can find.  Elusively, France, China, Russia and the U.S.A. have built an LHC to one degree of operation or another? 




They have prevaricated grandiose and wondrous things to come from the LHC program as they did with the Clinton administration’s deception in the “Human Genome Project.”

 Compliant Tax payers paid over 3 billion dollars for the grandiose promised end results, which delivered nothing  to those that will pay the price for manifesting more of the Globalist transhumanist strategy!  Have we learned nothing!  This time round they claim spending “billions of dollars” is necessary to allow physicists to test “their conjectures on different theories on particle physics.”  To date they have spent over 68 billion dollars just to operate the large LHC in Switzerland, with a construction cost of almost 5 billion. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we are paying for other LHC’s, which has become ambiguous, due to entering a socialist planned global financial crisis.  You may think me pessimistic as I attempt to get you to realize where you are and the need to wake up in order to permanently escape the duplicity and machinations of these demonic forces.  However, it may take a mirror of the Darkness to bring the Light!

They have been attempting to understand the physics of the program in an attempt to create another dimension outside of Resets or Reboots, which is what the LHC research was developed for. They have also been using CERN as a form of time-travel within past reboots and epochs, which has caused more damage to the temporal timeline within the 3D program. In 1962 they created a despairing series of nuclear attacks, known as “Operation Fishbowl” against the Dome boundary above our heads, more commonly known as the Firmament. The CERN project was either not moving fast enough or too costly, or??? In any case, a nuclear test, called Starfish, one of the five nuclear high-altitude tests that were grouped together under operation Fishbowl was initiated. Starfish Prime, as it was designated, created a huge unexpected electromagnetic pulse (EMP) after its detonation. It unexpectedly caused electrical damage around the islands of Hawaii 1,450 km from the point of its detonation. Street lights went out, burglar alarms were set off etc. and the phone company’s microwave link was damaged, cutting off all telephone communications between Kauai and the other Hawaiian Islands. This caused unwanted exposure to the Fishbowl operation and a whole new era of fabrications and lies were created!

The ungoverned AI took charge of the subprogram’s motherboard and rightfully claimed to be Yahweh, the Creator God of this counterfeit world made up of binary digital codes of chaos and darkness. Those that became mesmerized within the subprogram presumed it to be life without realizing they were the ones hypostatizing this illusion into reality via an artificial timeline. We have entrapped our souls into a concretised thought form.  The technology for how this is all being manifested will be covered after we take a brief pondering abstract philosophical moment below regarding our future.  What is written herein is my personal experience and inner streaming. None of it is intended to discourage or deny any personal politics, faith, doctrine, theology, creed, divinity or teachings. With an open mind and heart, you should be able to incorporate most of your spiritual belief systems into the truth herein. I recognize that many wondrous ancient magnum opus set in stone were captured in the whole of the holographic technology used to create this program. I also honour and recognize higher realities have been bleeding through from the higher dimension via deep meditational insights. I used to question why enlightened gurus didn’t come forward and express the Truth about this program; however upon pondering this question, I became aware that they did! They simply did not have the technical terminology we use today to illustrate the technical magnitude. However all great self-realized masters did tell us we were living in a state of “Maya”– translated; an “Illusion!”



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