Restored Republic via a GCR as of November 16, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Wed. 16 Nov. 2022

Compiled Wed. 16 Nov. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

President Trump announced his 2024 Presidential Bid on Tues. 15 Nov.
The Time Has Come.
Prepare Backups.

“The Underground War”
There have been daily wars going on underneath our feet, below where our children play and we haven’t known anything about it – until now.

My Country, ‘Tis of Thee (

Judy Note: “In a Time of Deceit, Telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act.”…George Orwell

Remember: It’s all about the Children and our War with the Dark Side has just begun.

The Real News for Tues. 15 Nov. 2022:

  • Joe Biden Abruptly Cancels G20 Meeting Amid Reports of Serious Health Concerns.
  • In President Trump’s Tues. evening speech that announced his 2024 presidential bid, he said “Biden didn’t show up to the G20 Meeting” and “Nancy Pelosi has been FIRED, isn’t that nice?! She’s on her way to another country right now.”

Judy Note: Think about it. In those statements Trump gave us a hint as to what lies ahead this week in disclosure of the Restoration of the Republic.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Tues. 15 Nov. Evening MarkZ: Many rumors out there from banking contacts this afternoon that the Church Groups or the final parts of Tier 3 are going to start paying out in the next day. We will see how that one works out.
  • On Fri. 11 Nov. a private banker’s US Treasury Contact informed Bank of America that Gold and Gold-backed assets’ opening day was Fri. 11 Nov. German and Yellow Dragon Bond liquidity would soon follow, with the redemption process beginning in Miami, Zurich and the Philippines early this next week.

Election Fraud:

Global Food, Fuel, Water and Goods Shortages:

  • Major rivers around the world suddenly dried up at the same time — no one knows why. Something ominous is happening to the world’s water reserves, as large lakes and rivers across the planet have suddenly dried up for unknown reasons. Just at the moment when the globalists proclaimed a global food crisis.
  • Several sections of the Mississippi River in the USA had to be closed due to record low water levels. A state of emergency has also been declared on the Nile River in Africa due to water shortages. The Nile is the main source of water not only for Egypt, but also for Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia. It is also, like the Mississippi, a vital economic river that supports both agriculture and fishing.
  • The Amazon River in South America is another major source of water that is facing severe drought. Flood waters from the Amazon destroyed crops and flooded entire settlements only to subside and make the region drier than it should be. This remains a disastrous situation for Peru, Colombia and Brazil, which depend on the Amazon for hydration and economic activity.
  • In Europe, similar drops in the water level are observed on the Rhine, which, like in the Mississippi, made trade through some sections impossible. Europe is also experiencing a major energy crisis, which is compounded by the fact that due to the Rhine situation in Germany, it is difficult to extract coal as a last attempt to avoid a blackout this cold winter.
  • The Yangtze River in China, the third longest in the world, is also drying up like others. This creates serious problems for the developing communist regime, which uses the Yangtze for strategic purposes. It is reported that the current state of the Yangtze is a “record” in terms of damage caused by prolonged drought. It also affects river navigation, forcing several large companies to suspend their operations.
  • In the southwest of America, the Colorado River basin is also drying up, which puts at risk states such as California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, which depend on this important natural water resource.
  • The water level in Lake Mead, which feeds Las Vegas, is constantly falling to levels never seen before since the dam was built. This portends ominous consequences for major cities such as Vegas, Phoenix and the Los Angeles area of Southern California.
  • The Indus River in Asia is another source of water that is being depleted, leaving fishermen without means of livelihood. For centuries, the Indus has remained the center of civilization in South and Central Asia, including Pakistan, where plants that feed 220 million people require water from it. (

Global Financial Crisis:

Deep State Playbook: Operation Lock Step – Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Khazarian backed

  • How do you bring Civilization into a full Digital Banking control? Through hunger and starvation.
  • This planned Deep State Event will blame the War on Food Distribution collapse. Then the Deep State government will step in as heroes and give out food rations and free money.
  • BUT you have to register through their Digital Banking System that will control your banking and connect to the new system. If you break any of the agreements of the long worded pressed digital agreement your bank accounts and/or assets will be frozen. You cannot speak/write or share misinformation on the current pandemic procedures, vaccines, virus origins, war info. – that contradicts the mainstream narration.

Durham Report:

  • The vast majority of people do not know that Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA in the 1980s.

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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