Thomas Anderson: Info Flash for September 2023



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 29, 2023

INFO Flash

for October 2023 / end of September 2023

it has been a while since I posted one.

some people surely were happy about that, some missed it.

sorry, simply didn’t find the time to summarize.

sorry for not having  written for a longer time.




I confess I was overwhelmingly bored by the same sh… happening all over,

predictable like a clock and still by far too many people believing the nonsense presented to them.

I can only underline what others wrote and said already:

this is about EVERYTHING for EVRYBODY!

the phrase, who cares, I have nothing to hide, will not save your freedom.

the phrase, I am solidary and getting my jab will not make you or another person more healthy.

and even if you tend to give all responsibility to the government because “they will surely take care for you”, they will do… but in  a very different way than you expected….




this is about LIVE or DIE!

you find this too exaggerated?

well… I don’t.


first of all I would like you to watch this video

and then rethink what you have been knowing and doing within the last years and perhaps rethink also, what you plan to do from now on.

so, let me sum up what has been going on since July.

google is now officially using your data to train AI,




windows does the same but also wants to correct you to write only mainstream truths on your own PC

and has now the official rights to do so

and internet browsers censor what you can see

“WEF orders…”

while google bans all independent media from search results




so I guess my channel could be good for searching.

but of course only for so long as telegram will be up and free of censorship

which might be something we could doubt…

the speed has accelerated enormously

and I have the feeling that this speed is the trap in which they will fall

because now with this speed their aims and actions become visible to many

to which the slow development was invisible before

Mosquitos are spread all over the world




I assume many, if not most are genetically modified by Bill Gates & Co

not surprisingly illnesses pop up directly after mosquitos are set free

for example Malaria in areas where it hasn’t been before

dengue fever in the USA

mosquitos with built-in vaccine




Paris: so many mosquitos “suddenly and unexpected” fly in that they order a lockdown

and beware..

some of those mosquitos might be artificial drones

drones can monitor and take pictures, audio and video

…or do other things…

and they are even selling us the invading mosquitos as reason to get mass vaccinations





weapon technology

china presents neuro strike weapons

that can affect brains thousands of kilometres away

remember: what is presented officially is already state of the art , mostly for decades already

and Japan is also using this kind of technology for “behavioural detection” in advance of crimes

you have a smart watch?

you might have wasted the money…




human DNA can be controlled with electrical signals from wearable devices

and semi-human-computer chips are manufactured and USED

and (I am not sure if this video shoes a weapon like this in action)(but it surely shows some kind of remote control behaviour)

the WEF admits to use this stuff

and here some other patents about stuff like this

and where they are used


Joe Biden seems to be under criminal investigation

although… we should recognize that his Joe  is not the real Joe

and at least the real old Joe seems to have had some sexual relations with his daughter confirmed the diary is hers

and there are even news channels who refer to joe as “former president” already

and there are things going on in public which should be explained…

and, just before the same sh.. happens again…

the PCR test through the nose is a quite old medical method called lobotomy

that was invented in the late 1940 by  Dr. Antonio Egas Monis

and destroys the personality of victims of this method and leaves them behind as a kind of willingless human robots.


beware of what you are taking!

test EVERY medicine with a magnet before you take it

and try to avoid EVERY modern normal (children)

nose spray for example

because many of them now start to have built-in vaccine

try to avoid EVERY vaccine

and try some methods to detox your body from those heavy metals and mercury

because the effects are not only visible in your own body but also have severe effects on your children


there is no autistic child anywhere  who was not vaccinated!

and also think of this:
YALE university has invented a method for vaccinating people while simply breathing

the complete theory of infection is TO BE DISCUSSED and has to be checked

if true at all

because there is evidence that its not true

and if there is any health issue, perhaps a 2000 year old remedy out of the bible could help

which is said to help against everything

somebody did that already?

any place where to buy this?

this is a video showing people just falling down and die.

a medical professional in this video explains, why this is not normal. it has never been normal but a very rare exception in the past.

today it is quite normal and it only happens to vaccinated people.

however, the vaccine might have some importance in this situation but still there are billions of vaccinated people

NOT just falling down to die on the spot.

this doctor has the theory that this is a kind of experiment, targeting directly those single people.

perhaps it has something to do with DNA-frequency.

it could be worth doing a research, if somebody has the time and ressources for that.

who of those people who fell down dead on the spot had his DNA in any of the ancestry research databases?

might be connected…

I don’t know.

I don’t hope so.

interesting experiment

here is another video to watch

it shows you celebrities

please just watch it and see what you see

got it?

and please: can somebody do this kind of video with John Doe´s from next door?

just to compare the effect…

and here is another experiment to watch

plant growth WITH and WITHOUT WIFI

Jim Humble, the inventor of Chlorin dioxide “mms”

is dead

child trafficking…

Planned parenthood seems to be one of the centers of interest…

PARENTS: watch out!

whatch this video to get an impression what might happen

CNN says it’s “anti-gay” to prosecute men who have sex with 12-year-olds

but also in Maui


a topic on its own.

for me the most probable scenario is that there is a plan to transform that area into a smart city

because (again) this is a situation with far too many coincidences

the sheriff is the same as in the Las Vegas shooting some years ago

I posted investigations about this here in this channel

and the acoustic forensic clearly shows minimum 2 shooters, not one.

and the investigations show that this shooting seems to have been a cover up for an attack on Trump and Bin Salman

who later gave Trump the famous sword ceremony, which never before a stranger had the honour to receive

and the basic line of Lahaina seems to be

DEW were targeted onto the area, blue coloured things survived the lasers, 2000 children were captured and robbed

and thousands of houses were burnt to dust and now celebrities and government come in any buy area for a penny. again melting temperatures are mixed up physically impossible

and books about the fires there had been published BEFORE the fire stared

and water supply was shut down WHEN fire started to prevent firefighters and house owners to fight against the flames

and WEF insiders confirm what I am writing here

and also the governor of Hawaii himself reveals some data

a summarization

and now they build a high fence around the area

wonder what this might be for…

and why can it be that someone published a book directly 2 days after the fire and had already printed it?!?!?!?

and of course there were no helicopters during the fire fight

and of course especially no cargo helicopters….

no no no

there were none

there were!

some of the 1500-2000 missing children were already found

in cages


nearly death

I assume they were on their way to hell

whereever that might be

but hell indeed

and at least some of this is already on mainstream…

and I assume that the canary island of Tenerife is next on the list

and some areas in Canada, too

and on a daily basis somewhere in this world

and of course the movie SOUND of Freedom

that used to be discussed a lot here but now is already out of the news stream again

might be not what it tries to sell us.

yet, perhaps watching it might be useful to get an impression of what is going on

yet… it surely doesn’t show the real horrific parts of adrenochrome production


some involved people are involved in film and topic itself, too

this story goes deeper and deeper


please find a very revealing video summary about who is spreading how much CO2

I am not saying that CO2 is in any form dangerous,

I just wanted to show on what basis countries are forced to pay for that stuff

Apple just announced that they start a new initiative to remove CO2 completely from atmosphere.


are there people out there who do not understand what that means….?

and of course the “the planet starts to burn” and “we are all going to die because of global warming climate change”-crazyness

goes on

WEF wants you to stop driving

(because of global warming)

and government wants you to not heat your homes

to reach zero CO2 aims

and, on top, owning a car is “racist” behaviour, says Joe Biden

in France, you are not allowed to drive alone any more on all streets


and the media shows one lie after the other


while at the same time in the “hottest summer since thousands of years”



hail storm in Reutlingen in Hot summer

and part of that, we should not forget, are our well known celebrities and TV

and those people do quite often not only get their salary from TV channels but also from other sources

like this guy here

(for my german readers it might be worth being reminded)

Dr Eckard Hirschhausen gets 100.000 Euro EVERY month from the Gates foundation

of course he was and is first line when it comes to “vaccines are a good thing”

by the way

the Bill Gates foundation gets 4 billion euro (!) every year from german government

while at the same time suddenly other well known persons

start to change their mind…(so it seems)

GRETA THUNBERG: “If we save the banks, we can save the world.”

Such an innovative and revolutionary statement by a young “environmental activist”. You couldn’t even guess that there are completely different interests behind the character Greta Thunberg.

well.. latest NOW we should know who is behind her

time seems to be right as insiders sell their shares…

vaccines are a good thing to kill people!


92% of Covid Deaths in 2022 Were Triple+ Vaxxed – Slay News

all this doesn’t happen by coincidence

1994 160 nations have decided to reduce population by 2030 to 800 million

and 2001 ALL countries have signed and agreed on weather manipulation and transhumanism

meanwhile we all should know…

and to hear it from some professional medical staff

however, it might be new to you that the deadly stuff was delivered only to certain countries

and not to ALL countries

and … what can we see? who was targeted???

and even in targeted countries a certain small group of people got different vaccines

as Pfizer admitted

and others also testified

and statistical data clearly shows

20 million dead

2 billion heavy side effects with possible death later

so there is a list of privileged persons…


there also is the opposite

a list of 8 million US citizens to be directly targeted, detained and / or executed in case of “emergency”

while somewhere in Africa the politicians sing aloud

burning from inside…

happened several times recently

the EU starts to register all properties and bank accounts of their citizens

(to later confiscate them)

and started the ministry of truth on august 25th

(no joke)

and the EU destroyed already 665 dams in the last years

I guess that will be the reason for some greater drinking water shortages in 2024

while at the same time Australia starts getting rid of cash money

which will surely be one of the next steps in the EU , too

and the EU is flooded with migrants from African and Arabic  countries

more than ever

Germany allows 35 million Afghans to enter the country

Sweden seems to be among the countries that fall the first

and this video shows the huge differences between the re-educated powerless Europeans (in this case example Sweden)

and the migrants, who give a sh*t and simply pull out their big knifes

Ireland migrants attack residents in their houses


the same

while the people born there search for food in garbage, the migrants sit in hotels and get all for free

and while migrant families get 5000 euro net per month

most families in Germany even if they have a job for well over 130.000 salary don’t have that much

whereas those few people who have THAT much re less than 5% of the germans

by the way…

in Germany it is allowed to have ONE wife.

However, when you are foreigner, you may enter the country alone and then when you have your allowance to stay in Germany

and you get money from German government every month for doing nothing (because it is so nice to have you there),

you are allowed to bring in your other wife(s). no matter how many. no matter HOW OLD!!!! and: no matter with how many children.

so, for example, like two young man just did: they went to court and got right to bring in their 16 children and 4 underage wifes.

if you are interested how it looks like when an underage child is getting forced to marry:

watch this!

however… even TALKING about migration will be target of legal prosecution WORLDWIDE

talking about “misinformation” or spreading “misinformation is already targeted by british police and people get arrested

and apart from this, the german border patrol speaks openly about what is happening:

the people coming in are MEN, and ONLY men, and no one has the authority to tell them to stay out or leave. they have to be let in by the german customs.

in the video also: “even if their car is LOADED with guns and ammunition, the german border police has NO RIGHT to confiscate the weapons and has to let them go through. so the man in the video says: these people are not asylum seekers, they are soldiers, waiting for Day X.

and 92% are men in military age. only 8% are women and children.

and if you want to know how a constant stream of illegal migrants looks like..

here it is on video from the southern border of the US

and don’t think those people pay something for their trip

instead is all paid

by whom?

I don’t know

here is the video

some months I posted the information, that most of those illegals got caught with a fully loaded debit card without names on it

legal, active, fully charged with thousands of euros

issued by the world bank

somebody has to pay for this

in past AND FUTURE

But.. Germany is not the only country run by lunetics:

Britons who disagree with the ‘climate crisis’ will be sent to prison

and perhaps the US is getting rid of Biden now:

Biden… who might have paid 6 billion to Iran to eliminate Trump

no joke

and Britain…

well Britain seems to have afraid politicians, because they suddenly rolled back MANY laws about climate change frauds

and Germany is not the only country which is flooded with migrants.

the US is, too!!!

Biden now orders direct flights to bring them in!

but what comes next?

WEF Klaus Schwab is already openly telling the world
nations: surrender to ME or DIE

and the American city of Phoenix is the first city to follow the WEF orders

and declares bans on meat, milk, private cars etc


since I saw this video I cant wait to get another bad weather above of my village

and a village in Peru had visitors

and here perhaps a fleet of UFOs?


the parliament was officially informed of extra-terrestial beings with biological proof

Solar System

earth like planet entered our solar system?


Niger liberated

Gabun liberated

Tchad liberation starts


Mexico builds the great wall

as president Trump predicted “they will pay for it”

Mexico PAYS for the wall



this video is hard to watch





Saudi Arabia




please note:

a reader commented, that this could be neither a sign for the actions of White Hats, nor Deep State,

but instead just Mother Earth cleaning itself.

Could be.

however, it could also be, that White Hats organized these floods to finally damage DUMBS underground,

because as we know these are well protected, but so much water as in these floods has a great power

that could destroy any human built structure.

Could be.

I do not know.

could be just very hard rain.

could be that this happens all over the place everytime and we simply didn’t hear about it in the news.

we will see.


finally a good news!

use pepsi and coke instead of any other poison against insects and other disturbing animals.

it works!

thousands of farmers in India cant fail…


if you ever wanted to know more about the Chinese elders..

EU parliament

some (!) people tell the truth

while their “boss” UvL makes it official that all those who don’t want to or resist against the new WEF-EU digital passports will be excluded from society.

well, shall she exclude herself at first please.

incl. all her gangster-fraudsters, who got their shares from vaccine-kickbacks…

while others (WEF)

openly claim power over the planet

and call for concentration camps for all people who think different…

and perhaps the best thing to hope the best

I will convert my telegram channel into a private channel by the end of December.

this has several reasons.

all people will still have access through invitation link.

we all should know that the origin of telegram was connected to people around WEF and Macron.

and although it seems that telegram for the moment is “open” and “free”

we should be aware of what is going on in the background.

I do NOT know exactly what goes on there, but I assume, telegram people will soon get to know what it is like being presented on a silver plate

to government authorities.

and the conversion of my channel to a private will of course not prevent that from happening.

therefore this is for me only the first step.

if my personal preparations will carry fruits, I will stop posting in the channel very soon.

I will then concentrate on other things, hopefully in a position where I can do MUCH more then until now.

please therefore take my apologies and explanation for what I announced here.

I´ll keep you posted (as long as I can)



And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

My Channel on Telegram:

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