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Reader Post | By Victor

I write to “trigger you”… and for me and for all of ” us “. I share articles here with the truths that I have found. I will share them with you on the surface, but the real purpose is for me because…..I AM THE PROBLEM here. This means I have to go where the problem is to fix it. You then are also the problem but you appear to be separate from me, but you’re not. I speak to the “NOT”  me that gets an Ego thrill. Whether it is still an Ego with my name on it or the SAME 

ego in your name on it… that is in mine also. One big messed up dysfunctional unconscious mind stuck in the hell of Self ignorance.

I am looking for the false thrills that are buried and “hidden” not to create more of the same, like new false Ego ideas of separation between us.This is all about SELF RESPONSIBILITY to the max for me….I have to go first and fix everything in me that is also affecting you. TRIGGERING is a tool to make the unconscious hidden dark matter come out into the light so that GOD or actually SOURCE can heal that dark matter. The same dark matter that was not visible until it was triggered in YOU….which is ME…since we share the ego.

The ego has a distinct personal aspect look to it, because it believes its own propaganda when it says….”I AM SEPARATED AND SPECIAL”….Wrong you are…That is a false perception because the Ego is from the only ONE here. YOU…and …SOURCE and that is who I will petition for me and for YOU to heal….”US”…until we see that we were SOURCE …the whole time we played in Heaven. So…” The Ego “… is just stuck SOURCE ENERGY of the false creations made by ME and YOU….in Heaven.

The healing is not for separate a SOUL as the unconscious ego says. It does not ever matter what the ego says is the truth…because it is not separate. Separation is an illusion and not real. So the ego is full of BS and only BS and does not know anything about anything…because it does not even know that it is a phantom effect of GOD manifesting itself. So what is more ignorant than that? To not even know what you are? Hence I also speak to you because you have the same ignorance do you not? Will you get triggered? How so? Then I can accept that energy as mine coming home to roost and ask for its transmutation for me and for you.

When GOD heals me in my petition to transmute this Ego and its “reactions”….I will only do this and say….”I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”…..THAT IS IT….That is the prayer or the HO’OPONOPONO cleaning technique. That manifested here in Heaven on earth or what is Hawaii….but it originally came from another galaxy. Which means that Heaven on earth here….has had a long history and a lot of interference and not only from you…..imo.

The difficulty is that the Ego is an expert in playing hide and seek. It thinks it is very stealthy and very smart and knows everything. It is super arrogant and can not remain quiet because it dies in the quiet SILENCE. It is a babler and loves talking all the time. Notice all those insane thoughts? Where are they coming from? From the UNCONSCIOUS…which I am trying to share here with you as the source of the darkness in this creation or Heaven. 




Those thoughts that attack us an pretend to be us, have made in the past, A very long past. When Heaven was at “Zero”…or nothing manifested. NO THOUGHTS were here. NOTHING…was that state. Then we showed up in the Garden and made what we have today….here. That is the effect that an Ego not aware of GOD can do. It can destroy even Heaven. That Ego, it can not ever know the GOD that is that unmanifested Silence. Since that Ego is only a phantasm. What can death know about LIFE? 

So the problem with me is that it is hard to see yourself with truly open and impartial eyes. So TRUTH speaking here in an article and perhaps triggering a tiger? It is like kicking sand in a tigers face and then see what happens? Then when a tiger growls back, you smile and say….”I GOT YOU NOW”….As that tiger lunges at you…YOU face MAYA….or the raging Ego Effect. YOU then say your short cleaning prayer I shared above and you clean the illusion away. YOU do not run. Because you kicked the sand to find the hidden Ego. Why would you be afraid of what does not exist?…SEE?

So I am working on “MY SELF”…a term I have used since the start of this walk. Which is the same SELF of the world out there. Because the world out there, is more of the same MAYA as the tiger is made off. An Ego pretending to be seperate. This pretension was not supposed to be a problem in Heaven….or Heaven on Earth. But now after much time and much distortion, much dark matter is here. Only one way to fix it. ,,,,”I HAVE TO FIX ME”…Because we are the creators of that dark matter. I AM the creator of the pain and suffering that the Ego shows ME. When I heal the me….you get healed….the world or Heaven on earth gets healed.

So when a tiger comes out….I can ask in my prayer for GOD to take back my false creations and set HEAVEN right again to its original state. It is like a computer reset in a matrix. That may be another way of saying the same thing. A computer is mechanical and the ego is like that. It is not the same as a SOUL since it has no life of its own. The life that it appears to have is like that of a shadow, which is an effect created because of the Light. That shadow effect is what the Ego is. It appears to be there and it can even move and follow step by step, so it can look alive and pretend to use my name, when it is nothing. So how can a tiger shadow hurt you? When you know what it is?

So when you ask GOD to take the tiger that you made with its energy. When you say …” I AM SORRY, FORGIVE ME”….I messed up in making this tiger!. The dark tiger energy is “TRANSMUTED”… from a dark manifestation in Heaven on Earth and Heaven then regains that small part of the infinite energy and it goes back to SOURCE condition of a zero point. Infinite potentiality waiting for an inspiration.

HEAVEN….you can actually go there. YOU can experience it directly since ..”YOU AND THE FATHER ARE ONE”….You are made of SOUL…so you can travel densities with your other bodies and your awareness. If you have cleared enough dark matter away from your appearing separate point of view, YOU CAN GO THERE. …Go home for a visit? Why don’t you. YOU CAN….If you want to go. YOU can also heal yourself and heal others and heal me and then all that dark matter that we/I have made does not block the view of Heaven. YOU are the only one here blocking YOU. It is not hard to heal. I told you how to do it. It will not hurt and once you notice your body healing and your outer life healing….you will believe.

When you get there….to Heaven while alive down here still…. YOU will find infinite peace and LOVE. It will be vast and empty. YOU will be content to stay in that state forever if you choose. That is perfection and it is unmanifested. YOU ARE THAT….Then if YOU are moved to create?…YOU create whatever you like. All those mansions are already there and you can make more. Earth as I see it, is from direct experience is such a creation.YOU do not have to believe me?.




YOU should confirm in the same way I did. Ask to go there. NOT with an Ego ideas but by taking self responsibility and cleaning the trash in your house. Because that is not what GOD is made of….”illusions and ideas”. So why do you hate GOD and use trash as your false Ego god. rather than the SOUL….of the Kingdom of Heaven within?

See?…The world is full of hypocrites. I do not judge you….because I would be judging myself. I understand because I am the same as YOU. Who is free of false creations? We all did them and do them now, still after 2 thousand years and many Buddhas before.Talk about blasphemers? Shall we?  Since you are one….and I am one in the same.

So that is why, trigger the human collective so that the arrogant Ego comes out hiding does have a purpose. Then when you bring the trash into the light YOU petition GOD for a transmutation of your transgressions and false creations….which are many. So that is why to clean Heaven you have to clean up the unconscious mind aspect of ourselves. Because those creations do stay in an aspect of Heaven. This earth is an aspect of that Heaven. That is where the term Heaven on Earth came from.That was a disclosure for those that could hear.

So what can seem like a contentious practice of ‘TRIGGERING OTHERS’….is actually a cleaning technique to heal YOURSELF….and then Heal all of the collective and then Heal Heaven on Earth and heal the unconscious creations in Heaven.



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