Auld Lang Syne: Say Goodbye to 3D


Operation Disclosure | By GMan757, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 22, 2021

Auld Lang Syne – Say Goodbye to 3D

On 26 July 2021, we ushered in the Galactic New Year that was supposed to unlock the enlightenment timelines. Ever since then, I have been mulling writing this article, but just have now found the time to be right, until now.

And, what new year would be complete without this wonderful bit of poetry set to music? The song begins with:

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind

To me, it means that it is time to put 3D in the rear view mirror, and never look back!

Far too much of the population just don’t get it. Everywhere I see videos, or print articles, where people are asking questions such as “When is Trump coming back?”, or “When is the Earth Alliance going to finish this War?”.

Folks, it is “We the People” that is the holdup! Most informed people, including 107 and others, are saying that the object is to awaken x% of the global population.

What they are not telling us is that the bigger concern is the critical mass of people required to kick the human race out of the 3D Matrix and into the higher fourth density, or dimension (4D) if you prefer that terminology. (The Law of One series of books has an excellent distinction between Density and Dimension).

Until those of us who are enlightened get up off of our collective a$$es, and stop sitting around waiting for a savior to come and do it for us, we “ain’t a going nowhere”.

How, you may ask, are we to do this? We must, en masse, all Pray and/or Meditate offering gratitude to Source (God) for this opportunity. We must also, focus very intently on our ideal of the reality we wish to live in. And, we must ask Source for assistance in manifesting this reality, NOW.

I wrote about this in a previous article, Now is the Time for We The People to Trigger Our Ascension. I believe we should take a more urgent approach to this now. I believe that Patrick’s resumption of posting of Kat’s updates, validates this thought. The end of 3D really is nigh.

In our individual preparation for the ascension process, we must be more than 50% in service to others, rather than service to self. This also means showing kindness to others and performing acts of kindness on behalf of others.

The second verse ends with this phrase:
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet For auld lang syne

We must focus our efforts on triggering this ascension immediately to save lives at this point. While the Earth Alliance so focused on awakening the population of the planet, the DS, in its death throws, is lashing out with every possible resource.

In the process of these death throws, the DS is now throwing the Big Pharma under the bus, all the while killing as many as possible, in the process. Case in point is the attack on Trumps credibility. The frauds, Thomas and Betsy, at AIM, published a video laying all blame for all deaths from CV-19 and the jabs directly on Trump.

My favorite readers’ digest site writer, BP, the Cap’n, was taken in by the fraudulent video. Since I have benefited greatly from her writings in the past, so I am going to avoid any personal attacks here. In fact, she inspired my last article, The Dark Night Of The Soul Is Upon Us!. However, BP’s BS meter failed her in this case.

My favorite author, James O’Brien, wrote a wonderful editorial article on this issue today, entitled The Big Picture. James was less kind with his remarks, and I cannot blame him. His reference to George Washington being in this situation was spot on.

However, even though James wrote an excellent, well worded, and accurate editorial, I believe this is a case deserving of more “sauce”, as the anons say. I will give a couple of examples here, then dig a bit deeper in my next article.

I wrote off AIM as a disinfo site way back in early 2018, when their info ran counter to the 17th letter’s (Kew)drops. At that time, I was not alone in that assessment.

So, after replaying the first 15 minutes of the video (linked in James’ article, above) and finishing the first time of watching all of it, I conclude it is a product of “Spook School 101” Mix in, in this case, a lot of true facts, with several distorted facts, among a few outright lies, all in an attempt to exact revenge on Trump.

I have written here, and in comments on Starship Earth, how to spot these hit pieces, along with the step by step on the process. I will get more into itemizing some of the specifics in my next article, but this is enough for tonight.

Love and Light



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