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NOW Is The Time For WE THE PEOPLE To Trigger Our Ascension

Folks, if you have not noticed, the quantum shift is a happenin NOW! Note that for nearly 4 days over the past couple of weeks the Schumann frequencies were so powerful that the equipment in Tomsk, RU stopped recording.

Peter B. Meyer published a wonderful article on the tie between Geopolitics and Spirituality today, entitled “All is Illusion 7”.  This article, which contains much supporting sauce, ties in nicely with this article, as well.

I started this article a week ago, but made the mistake of attempting to combine two projects into one.  So, it was fortunate that I laid it aside to ponder the next step.  As is the case when you take time to listen to still small voices, today provided clarity.

Friends and Patriots, if you are tired of waiting on someone else to do something to end this madness, think again!  YOU are the hold up to everything!  Together, We The People have the power, through our collective consciousness, to put an end to the Archon Matrix once and for all.  Mr Meyer alluded to that in his article, as well.

So, just what possessed me to make those bold statements.  Well, Gaia (Earth) is undergoing the transition from 4D to 5D NOW!  Over on  Lev, Dr Schavi, Pleiades 1, and The Pleaiadian Collective say so. And,, Pallas Athena says so.  Yesterday, on this site, Peter B. Meyer said so.

Back around 5/23, Dr Georgi Stankov posted a channeled message from Pallas Athena that his ascension was imminent. He has not been heard from since. On 6/2, another post from the Pallas Athena Channel, then on 6/17, there were channeled messages from two Karmic Council members, including Pallas Athena. Both stated that the transition has begun.


We cannot wait any longer.  Everyone of us who believes as I do must immediately begin Meditating and/or Praying a minimum of once per day, and if possible, 3 or 4 times per day.  Remember that Source (God) expects us to do our part.  So, don’t pray for Source (God) to do it for us, nor should we expect Trump and the Earth Alliance to do it for us.

It was never about the White Hats expecting us to take over the Government.  It was always about us taking back our true power.  That means using our free will and collective consciousness to reject the DS hold over us, and manifesting our new 5D Matrix.

Up this point, I have talked in the typical generalities.  Now, I’m going to get into specifics.  The NUMBER ONE task is to break the DS hold over you.  This is the simplest and most overlooked step.  In your first Meditation/Prayer, simply take the time state with purpose and conviction, “I reject any claims of dominion over my soul or consciousness.  I am a sovereign being and hereby reclaim my sovereign free will”.

That is one of the greatest lies of control, that once you agree to give up your power, it is forever.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  That is why the Dark ones fear an awakened humanity.  Just remember that while your human body has an expiration, your Soul is forever.

David Wilcock has spoken of 7,000 people meditating at the same time affecting a 70% reduction in violence on the entire planet for a period of 24 hours.  That is not enough for this transition.  

Cobra has spoken of a critical mass of 144k for a number of smaller tasks.  That is not enough for this transition.  Therefore, I call upon Peter B. Meyer, Cobra, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Scott McKay, Mel K, Brad Johnson, The Unknown Light Warrior, BP (Cap’n of Starship Earth TBP), and anyone else with a substantial following, to help organize mass meditations and start pulling together instead of separately.  

Kew said “together you are strong”,  Let’s put that statement to real use.  We must all meditate/pray to end the 3D Matrix, and ascend to 5D, and manifest a new 5D matrix, that is our ideal for a new “Golden Age”.  Remember that 5D is really simple, Love and service to others, while not forgetting our own spiritual growth.


Put that concept into our Meditation/Prayers.  Share love with everyone, even the DS.  Love and Light are the two things that can ALWAYS be given away freely, and you still wind up with more than you started with.  Don’t ask Source (God) to do this for you.  Simply express gratitude to Source (God) for being a part of this momentous event, and do ask for reinforcement of your resolve to accomplish this task.

My suggestion for each Meditation:
     1.  Declare your intent for ending the 3D matrix, and manifesting your ideal 5D reality.
     2.  Do a clearing of negative energy, per my previous article, linked below.
     3.  Ask your guides to assist (I prefer my higher self and guardian angel).
     4.  Give Love and Light to and express gratitude to Source (God) and your guides.
     5.  Visualize the building of a mirror of golden light that will reflect negativity, yet allow passage of Love and Light in both directions.  This is akin to putting on the full armor of God, and could be done interchangeably.
     6.  Share Gratitude, Love, and Light with the Maestro and Earth Alliance, as well as all who have put themselves in harm’s way on your behalf.
     7.  Focus intently on the reality that you would wish to see as you transition into 4D.  Note, we have to stop in 4D at least long enough to learn how to avoid problems with our 5D abilities and not to intrude on others’ free will.
     My ideal would involve perpetual perfect health, getting a bit of time in my hobby shop, teaching truth and technology to others, an end to financial slavery, plenty of resources, food, and a chance to learn truth about everything.  I would also love to vacation in another Solar system :).
     8.  Focus on making the reality happen in the NOW moment.  In higher densities and other dimensions, time is perceived differently.  Ultimately, everything is NOW.
     9.  Ask your guides to assist in keeping your vibrations high, your love flowing outward, and your light shining bright.

Now, for what is happening right now on Gaia (Earth).  As Gaia passes through the Photon belt, the energy levels are increasing exponentially.  The impact of all this energy is measured on the Schumann resonance charts published daily on  Over the past couple of weeks, there were nearly 4 days of enormous energy hitting the earth.

There were 101 over straight hours of nothing but black.  Dr Schavi reports that the energy levels were so powerful that the instruments at Tomsk, RU were unable to measure them. We’ve had about a week of slightly calmer levels, and now it is expected to head back up, and is expected to grow even stronger. So, now is the time to pray and/or meditate. Focus on keeping vibrations high, and how you would desire the world to be after the transition.

Cobra, along with others, got over a million people to participate in a mass meditation  event in 2019 or 2020.  I believe that enough people have awakened to push that to over 3 million today.  I also believe that would be sufficient to flip the switch, so to speak.  So, join me in wanting it to happen, and as Drake would say, let’s go and GITTER DONE!!!

I am a Christian, but one with an open mind.  I got a totally new appreciation for Archon control structures after rereading the entire book of Genesis, two weekends ago.  If anyone is interested in learning of my religious background, please read my previous article on choosing Prayer or Meditation.

If any of you would care to do your own research into spirituality and religion, there are two references that I would highly recommend.  First, and foremost is David Wilcock.  He has researched every major religion globally, and his writings are available in his blog archives at  He will have more footnotes than a PHD dissertation in some articles there, as well.

The second is three writers at Disclosure News Italy, Lisa Renee, Dr Schavi M Ali, and a third named Lev.  His writings are based primarily on Vedic and Hindu scriptures.  Each article, at the bottom, contains a list of resource books that any researcher would value.

Many would dismiss much of what I have written as “New Age”.  I absolutely REJECT the label of NEW AGE.  The Vedic and Hindu scriptures predate Christianity by many millennia.  And, this is one of the Greatest deceptions perpetrated on Humanity by the dark ones.

We are (our souls) all aspects of the Source Creator. There is nothing that anyone else can do for us. It is up to each of us to prepare for the energies that are coming.  

Also, I would not worry too much about technologies such as Med Beds. I hear our transition through 4D is getting expedited by friends in high places. In 5D, none of that matters, as we we gain the ability to heal ourselves with just a thought!


Love and Light — GMan757


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