The Dark Night of the Soul is Upon us!


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Submitted on July 26, 2021

The Dark Night Of The Soul Is Upon Us!

This evening, as I was reading today’s post here, “Starship Earth: Planet in Crisis and Humanity in the Dark, BP (the Cap’n) listed a summary of all the world news headlines. This was followed by a short post from Simon Parkes that said the “10 days of darkness” was more likely to be “10 days of disruption”.

After I finished the article, it then dawned upon me what all this really means!  We are now in the “End Game” of the 4D/5D transition, or ascension process.

In many older writings, it is referred to as “The Dark Night of The Soul”  It is a time when one comes to the realization that what was done in the past was wrong, and it is time to change.

Dr. Stankov refers to it as “Soul Catharsis”.  This is  mentioned in the following article:

And, it is more fully explained in this article, along with links to additional information on this topic:


As for me, it means JOY and happiness!

Yes, I am really feeling joy right now, along with excitement for what is about to come for all of humanity.  Enough of the negativity, already.  It is time to change our focus, for those of us who have already awakened.

There were a great many called to battle in this war.  We must all express our sincere gratitude to those who have sacrificed so much.  We also must express our gratitude to Source (God) for aiding the light forces in these battles.

Now, it is our turn.  As each of us awakens to truth, we must choose a path.  Most of us will choose the path of light.  Then each of that does choose the path of light, should then turn to aid another in their awakening process.

In the 10 years since I began the research that let to my awakening, I have been preparing for this moment.  Now, I feel compelled to reach out to others to help them to see that JOY in what is to come, rather than feel sadness for that which has been left behind.

During more than forty years of working in the manufacturing and retail industries, I honed my technical writing skills.  Now, with my awakening, I am honing my intuitive and creative writing skills.

In my previous article from July 20, I noted how short time was until the great transition:


Now, confirmations of this keep rolling in.  The most exciting of these was today’s report from the Pleiades 1 group on Disclosure News Italy.  While these reports have been steadily showing a greater sense of urgency over the past few weeks, today’s report really shifted gears:

Note, that each days report is placed at the top of the page, with previous days to follow, until archived at the end of each month.  Today began with what appeared with military comms, then ended with “Final providences are made for Leap”.

I would recommend reading at least from today back to 7/20/2021, which contains this statement: “Terrans ready for Leap?! +++ Eleven +”.  Doing so should give a pretty good idea of why I said that today indicated another shift in urgency.  

From the July 22 report, are two statements that I can personally confirm:
     “Visions of Local Sun lighten.”
     “Local Sun Luminosity smoothes for transition.”
That was the day that I noticed that I was seeing much glare when I looked directly at the sun.

That prompted me to look closely at this month’s full moon.  When I watched the moon rise on Friday, July 23, it was a beautiful harvest moon of old.  Sort of light blood red, zero glare from the sun and all details easily seen.  Last night, the moon looked much the same.  When I mentioned this to my son who was traveling in Missouri last night, he confirmed that the moon was much dimmer.

Note that as recently as May, the moon was reflecting so much sunlight that it was difficult for me to stare at, and the glare put it out of focus a bit.  If anyone who was not paying attention to the moon this weekend, just search the internet for replays of baseball games.  I saw a beautiful shot of the rising full moon in the Cincinnati – St. Louis game from Friday night.

Further evidence of the impending shift can be found in the following linked article, from Neioh of the Pleaidian Collective:

Dr. Schavi M. Ali posts regularly on Disclosure News Italy (DNI). His articles have been indicating more urgency over the past few months.  It should be noted that his articles are steeped in tradition and ceremony of the ancient Hindu and Vedic scriptures.  It should also be noted that these are but tools and reminder aids for use along the spiritual Journey.  

Lisa Renee has published sporadically on DNI.  Over the past week, she has been furiously posting installments in a series entitled “The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization”.  This is Part 6, “Atlantian Conspiracy – Border Guards of Falsified History”.

I have just begun reading the latest from Lisa Renee, but believe that I will find these to be a true history of what has been hidden from us.  I also believe that the timing of this release is no coincidence.


And, now for Lev, who has been publishing feverishly on DNI, as of late.  Lev has been the most positive for my own spiritual development.  He usually posts technical details of what our “friends in high places” have been doing for humanity, and doing so in almost “real time”.

This is where my new intuitive skills come into play.  While on the surface, his articles sound a bit fantastic, his information resonates well with me. This is a recent technical article with real time intel, “Argorians Update” from 7/22:

The Argorians are currently completing the process of using their fleet to move the Earth to a 5D compatible orbit.  

On occasion, he will do a Q and A from readers comments and questions.  None resonated better than his two part Q and A articles “Our New Self/DNA”.  Note that most of the questions answered are from intelligent awakened people.  

Part 1, Our New Self

Part 2, Our New DNA

These last two articles from Lev could serve as user’s manuals for how to prepare for and survive the upcoming transition.  In Part 2, the following statement, “Quantum transition has entered the final preparation of us for the new 4D/5D dimension.”, definitely indicates the transition is imminent.

Dr Stankov also posted an article that is similar to Part 1, above.  channeled from Pallas Athene:

If you read the information provided in the links in this article, along with the resources provided in my previous articles, you should have everything to prepare you for the event.  IF you commit yourself to the light, you should have everything you need to help others, as well.

Not everyone sees the joy in what is occurring as I do.  Many are truly going through the Dark Night of The Soul.  Everything they have been taught from childhood is being ripped to shreds.  It is up to us, to be the shining light at the end of the tunnel, and provide assistance to those that need it.  


And REMEMBER, the light of Love is the gift that never ends.  The more you give, the brighter it gets, and the more you get in return.  So, go out, Share Your Love, and Let your Light Shine.  

From a childhood memory: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let is shine, let it shine, let it shine…”.

Love and Light



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