(Reader: Truth Is Unbreakable) Real Good Guy Groups, Fighting Psyops, Truth Community Infiltrated, and More


Reader Post | By Patriot Barbara Joan

The constitution has long been dead, other questions for real good guy groups, fighting psyops, truth community infiltrated, civil unrest, zombies and tyranny advances, and running out of freedom

I know that I said plenty not only in my last piece, but other works as well. Some are repetitive, but everyone has their own way of having their voice. Check out what DWEHelen West and is correct not on full trust at this point of this horrible bad movie, Humble Human AngelKS PatriotMary Hammer, and Tiger have to say. For those still in the cult of personality, as such in the Cult of Trump, why follow a egotistic narcissist tyrant such as him, who says one thing and does another. Trump is in that big club, part of the Satanic bloodline, which was why he was selected for the role he is in. Please explain how Trump was able to get out of being owned by the Rothschilds, despite being bailed out six times and hiring Rothschilds agent Wilbur Ross as the Treasury Secretary? That is among other questions that others and I had about Trump and more. Pay attention to their actions that really reveals their true character. Trump called for the suspension of the Constitution due to the rigged election. Of course, as John Whitehead shows and tells, the Constitution has already been dead because “we the people” allowed this to happen and were conditioned to be ruled and robbed by dictators and overlords for many decades. Don’t forget we are still under a federal bankrupt corporation, not a republic? Do you want to call that freedom or slavery? And MAGA is the 5th degree highest level of Satanism. Yet, people who claim to follow God cheer on MAGA and Trump? Are you freaking kidding me? Our rights come from God, not Government. If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights. Any suspension of liberties due to peaceful slavery, means having no rights whatsoever. Think of the consequences in the long-term.

DESANTIS AND BIG PHARMA AND OTHER CONNECTIONS, LGBT, AND TRUMP’s NFT TRADING CARDS: Then you have Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s donor, Kent Stermon who suspected Suicide and other disturbing connections into child trafficking and is connected to DeSantis, Matt Gaetz, and other lobbyists. As of recently, DeSantis is calling for Grand Jury investigation into Pfizer and Moderna regarding the Covid vaccines. Yes, he did at least say these covid jabs are used by the “globalist elites to depopulate the planet”. But, the “public health integrity committee” DeSantis appointed will increase Government control in the event of the next “pandemic”. Let’s see how the grand jury really goes. But still mass arrests of these evil doers and military tribunals for crimes against humanity. Amazing how DeSantis didn’t shut down human trafficking, question everything. Is he a Freemason being groomed for Potus of a bankrupt federal corporation? Trump is in that big club as well, are pro this and that when it benefits him, via narcissist and ego. What is with Trump selling these NFT trading cards as NFT’s have no value and portraying himself as Superman, that symbolizes the serpent in the chest, “S” for Satan, and false savior complex, that fuels breads and circuses? Is there a card at Epstein Island? Did you know that the Knights of Columbus Biden & knights of Malta Trump both spoke at the same masonic lodge last year? All about bloodlines and control.

Why is Trump still promoting the Covid shots, the LGBT, Surveillance State, other agendas, is pro-Israel, and in the false left/right paradigm lie? Did anyone notice that Kari Lake praised the LGBT in conservative politics? If you haven’t figured it out of how Trump’s LGBT Gala really shows how the Deep State not only contaminated the political Elite, while it’s a big club, where anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree. What the Twitter Files have revealed how deep the Evil really goes, as both the Biden and the Trump Administration suppressed Covid, Hunter Biden, and other information that increased censorship and expanded the fascist surveillance state. Including fueling the industrial complexes, conditioning the masses to accept further enslavement and genocide. No surprise of the Big Tech and Government collusion of using our taxpayer money to fuel the agendas thereof. No matter what has been revealed most would believe the lies, instead of the truth. As Biden is doing the same as Trump with demanding travelers coming from China into the U.S. show a negative Covid test. While the Marines can’t say Sir And Ma’am any longer to avoid misgendering. What about the oath they took to protect against those domestic and foreign?

Meanwhile, Sam Brinton, the Cross-Dressing Nuclear Waste Specialist and thief who stole two women’s luggage at two different airports no longer works for the Department of Energy, either he resigned or was fired, no charges will comes against him because he suits the LGBT and in the District of Criminals.

How did Trump get out of being owned by the Rothschilds? Is he still a Freemason and performing Satanic rituals? Is he still full of ego and narcissism? While there are those who claim to follow God, but worship Trump as their Savior as some great leader, when he has proven the opposite of what he says. Talk about hypocritical of the cult of personality and psychological operations. Ignorance is beyond no defense.

Besides, whether it’s the real or various doubles of Trump are aligned with Musk on some plan to fight online censorship and government collusion with Big Tech. He is correct on free speech, but on what free speech do they really promote and who benefits? All this does is fuel the uniparty (left/right) paradigm. None of these people deserve a pass, that includes Elon Musk, Trump, and other controlled opposition. While they mix truth with lies, and implement tyranny under the guise of safety and control.


Is anyone from the supposed good guy groups want to get in touch with me as to what is really going on? Are you in the process of defeating evil or not? Why continue the charade under the false assumption of moving the goal post of the 80% awakening level that has never been determined to be one thing, some or everything? Not everyone will operate the same as you, accept that not everyone will be awake, history and philosophies never change. Playing God has grave consequences. No matter how much or how little one prepares lasts temporary. Besides, there are many animals and people, and our environment that need healing and real hope, not hopium. Does anyone care that more are living paycheck to paycheck, doing what they can to survive from heating and cooling, homelessness, hunger, and with the cost of living increasing the wages don’t change. This affects both animals and humans. Not everyone has the means nor the connections to help everyone, do you?

65 TRILLION MISSING AND NORTH CAROLINA POWER SABOTAGE LEADS TO OTHER ATTACKS ON OTHER POWER SUBSTATIONS: The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) are reporting $65 trillion of world’s Debt gone missing. Are there 65 trillion “hidden” in derivatives that would cause the global financial system to crash? If so , does the real Quantum Financial System/Nesara/Gesara happen yes or no? Even though the Mockingbird media has been sounding the alarms over the shooter sabotage of the power substation in North Carolina. While the media says nothing about the Government sabotaging the energy, fertilizer, food, and fuel. As the propaganda media would call that policy, and while soulless will still promote tyranny until their very end. These attacks on the food distribution & production centers, and power substations that affects our power grid are being carried out to condition everyone to get used to shortages and more authoritarian control. If we don’t stand together, we hang separately!

ARIZONA CERTIFYING OWN FRAUDULENT ELECTION: Is it any wonder that political parasite Katie Hobbs of Arizona would certify her own election, while Kari Lake files a lawsuit and isn’t backing down against tyranny. An expert witness in the Kari Lake trial testified under oath the Maricopa County Election Officials admitted they used the wrong size ballots on Election Day that it was the cause of the voter center tabulator rejection. No matter what is revealed from mass voter fraud, it’s the question of accountability in our current injustice system and the promotion of the narrative over the truth.

GRANDMA KIDNAPPED & CAGED OVER TRASH BILL, WOMAN ARRESTED FOR PRAYING SILENTLY, VETERAN’s RESTAURANT RAIDED OVER COVID POLICIES NON-COMPLIANCE, WHERE ARE THERE ANY BRAINS, CRITICAL THINKING, MORALS & PRINCIPLE?: No different how order followers as Alabama Cops kidnapped and caged an 82 year old Grandma over an unpaid over Seventy dollar trash bill. You would think over $70 Trash Bill that the Officers would’ve helped by giving her $$ towards the bill and/or disobey tyrannical orders. No different how the police arrested elderly women for feeding stray cats, neutering, and getting them adopted. A UK Woman was charged for violating the PSPO “Public Space Protection Order” because she was praying silently outside an abortion facility. So under the fascist surveillance state if you do good that is not Government approved, you are treated like a criminal. Just so you know under the conformist mindset, these order followers have no conscience and are monsters. This is what happens when God is out of peoples lives and lack of principle. These order followers tyrants think that “the problem” goes away with arrests but that’s when they start. Didn’t our forefathers warn us about men like this? Can’t reason with these conformist fools as they will obey orders no matter what.

With Matt Strikland, a Veteran and owner of Gourmeltz restaurant in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Matt kept his business open and did not comply with the unconstitutional measures instituted by the state so the state decided to sue him and suspend his licenses. It has been an ongoing legal battle for over a year and just this past week, his restaurant was raided by armed police. The focus is on the fact that this happened just days ago—not a year ago—and that Matt is still fighting these tyrants despite a change in the governor’s office. It takes a real sociopath to do that to a businessman. You could tell all the law-enforcement he was talking to knew he was right. Hopefully they really ponder this situation. The guy said it perfectly “if you all stand up this wouldn’t happen”. You can lead a person to the truth, but can’t make them think. Do you understand how this battle isn’t just about Good vs Evil, it’s about brains, critical thinking, morals and principle? Yet there are those who know better, but go along with the ways of the world and not doing what is right. Do you see that in the supposed leaders including the good guy groups, yes or no?

 Why this insanity continue to those who give their power and consent. Without the consent of the governed, these evil doers lose their power, which is what they fear most and keeping revealing their true colors. While the order followers will continue enforcing tyranny even though they knew better and continue to do so anyway until they are held accountable for their crimes against humanity. Until we forcefully stand against tyranny, this will only get worse.

END OF MILITARY VACCINE MANDATE AND RUSSIAN ARMS DEALER SUITS MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXIt took this long for Congress to set an end to the Military Covid Vaccine Mandate, as the Republicans threaten to withhold votes to increase budget for the $858 billion to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which did pass. This bill was passed without reinstatement or back pay for ousted service members. Sure it took this long for banker bought parasite politicians to figure that out, when the one party system are bought and paid for by big pharma, corporations, secret societies, and the overlords. All to suit them politically. As none of them would do anything to end the federal reserve, the IRS, TSA, NASA… Way too late to save the military as the majority complied to shots, even more are waking up to the reality of the bankers wars they signed up for. What’s disgusting are the wokeness indoctrination thereof, with no work ethic, no discipline, and more safe spaces compared to a liberal University. As they suffering from the adverse effects of the experimental covid death shots….more don’t want to sign up to fight in any bankers wars. The Government treats our Military like crap not only as pawns, but terrorists as well. Including our Government continuing their policy of money laundering, pay to play, arms and trafficking dealing that benefits the few at the expense of many.


That includes those at other places who took the shot in order to keep their job are either suffering, no effect, and/or are dead. Talk about crimes against humanity of those who have died suddenly. What about the advanced technology to be used for good? But of course anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree. Unfortunately, those who continue buying into the Covid religion known as Branch Covidians won’t break out of their mass psychosis unless they chose not to live in fear. You can’t wake up those who chose not to as they chose to believe in the lies and won’t seek the truth, no matter what you show or tell them, they won’t understand because they are under ideological subversion and/or mass psychosis.

Don’t forget the international arms dealer Viktor Bout, supplied arms for the Iraq War and now is used to arm Stu-crane. Viktor is not wrong by saying Liberalism and Transgenderism causing civilization suicide. Which is why not only agendas are promoted that promotes control purposes, but no surprise as to whom benefits. While our Government left US Marine Paul Whelan in Russia, but instead traded a mentally ill man named Britney Griner who suits the LGBTQ agenda. More questions arise from this as to whether or not Paul Whlean was a spy or was set up and Paul holds citizenship in four countries such as USA, Canada, Ireland, and the U.K. is up for you to decide.

MORE REAL RAW NEWS INSANITY TRUE OR FALSE: Apparently, there was some mass arrest that supposedly happened at the fake white house at Tyler Perry Studios, where the real Nancy Pelosi was arrested. That came from Real Raw News, another satire site that doesn’t show nor tell nor provide any sources that back up their claims and with scripts being re-written that make it true in the eyes of the writers perspective. For examples, you have the white hats upset with Trump’s comments on suspending the constitution. The consequences of what “martial law” is like this time in North Carolina after the sabotage of the electrical grid and the county imposed curfew. And supposedly Lloyd Austin sent 65 letters to the White Hats: Surrender and we will grant you amnesty or Else? Where is the copy of this supposed letter and the response to Austin saying No to Surrender. Those three officers who did surrender did fell off the face of the earth, is any of this story or anything from Real Raw News true or false? For those who still promote Real Raw News as a news source without question need to reevaluate everything and do the work on themselves. That is why you have to be careful with whom one follows and question everything.

AIRLINES LOBBYING FOR ONE PILOT, SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, RESTRICTING FIREARM PURCHASES & GUN RIGHTS, DIGITAL IDENTITY PRISON, 27 CORPORATIONS ON POLICY BLUEPRINT ON DIGITAL IDS, ACTRESS FACES PRISON FOR SAYING MEN CAN’T BE LESIBANS, BITCHUTE, VANGUARD, WEF NEWS, & NEURALINK TESTING: Are you supposed good guy groups are okay with advancing the Transhumanist agenda that harms innocent animals such as Elon Musk’s Neuralink microchip? But that’s okay, Bezos and Gates are invested in the Australian version of the implant that finances Neuralink. How are these evil doers still have the means to finance their evil operations? The Airlines are lobbying for a change as instructed by their overlord masters are lobbying for one Pilot for flying and the co-pilot placed in the Cockpit. If this does pass, and during a flight the vaccinated pilot dies and the co-pilot is Not in the cockpit, the plane crashes. Is it any wonder these evil doers seek to kill us at any turn?

The TSA/Security Theater are testing the Biometric Facial Recognition machines at the airports, only a matter of time before this is implemented as part of the AntiChrist system. But that’s okay, as Southwest Airlines canceled over 60% of their flights, that’s 10,000 flights canceled with zero customer service. No, it wasn’t just bad winter weather/weather warfare, Southwest Airlines own memo reveals of the “state of operational emergency” before the Christmas storm. The memo reveals “an unusually high number” of employee absences. In other words, this is the result of compliance with the Covid vaccine mandates that continue to cause more suffering and death. Including those who were layed off or were fired for non-compliance with the vaccine mandates by these businesses and the Biden Administration. This was all by design not only to create more chaos and mass die offs, but to restrict our ability to travel freely.

Vanguard bows out of the climate alliance as woke investing backfires. Bitchute’s bank accounts have been frozen and suspended in attempt to end the platform. As credit card firms are restricting firearm purchases. This is coming from customers from gun shops who see what’s going on. In the meantime, pay in cash and alternative means whenever possible. Without our right to defend ourselves, how does one expect the defeat the evil doers? More quickly realize how the Government will fail them and realize the power of gun rights and private security, this is just in Philadelphia.

This Norwegian Actress faces three years in prison for saying “Men can’t be Lesbians”. Here’s the thing, this actress is a Lesbian. This is a factual statement as Truth is the first casualty of War. But, we live in a world where lunacy is considered sanity and you are jailed for free speech. Who is to say with the QFS and the Nesara/Gesara, who is to say that Free Speech won’t be criminalized? The same goes with the culture, philosophies, and ideologies.

Why allow the Digital Identity Prison via Social Credit System to continue in places such as China and implement the Totalitarian model worldwide? There are 27 corporations who published a ‘policy blueprint’ on how Governments should adopt Digital ID’s. No surprise the conformist order followers will obey no matter how evil the actions really are. The test of the Climate Lockdown and restriction of Freedom of Movement with the use of Permits begins in Oxfordshire, England.

While WEF U.K. Prime Minister Sunak may go Justin Castro style on calling for police powers to stop “illegal protests”? This is first in the nation as Philadelphia Transit are treating every commuter as a potential terrorist, straight up totalitarianism. Why are we allowing this to continue?

Are BlackRock and the WEF testing their 4th Industrial Revolution in Stu-crane? The future world order is really at stake as this year in review sums up the top ten real conspiracies. Besides, the WEF canceled Twitter and are directing their followers to Chinese social media apps. Will the WEF be scapegoated for the failed liberal-globalist world order? Why allow the evil doers to flourish under the false guise of waking people up when they don’t have the means nor the resources to take down the top evil doers? The conformist order followers won’t change as they will obey orders no matter how evil the actions are and they have chosen their side. You know the consequences of playing God always end badly.


FREE SPEECH, SBF, AUTHORITARIAN MADNESS, AUSTRALIAN POLICE ASKING NEIGHBORS TO BE SNITCHERS AND SOCIAL MEDIA PASSPORT, EUTHANASIA PROGRAMS IN CANADA, TAXATION IS THEFT, GREED AND POWER CORRUPTS: Which is why others such as myself have been asking what is going on and exercising my free speech to do so. Why have I been given the silent treatment? Are those within the broken truth community and/or those supposed good guy groups who believe in “trust the plan” can’t see the psychological operations, the indoctrination, the cult of personality, and admit they’ve been lied to presently and/or are indoctrinated to believe that someone will save them? Or do you continue to mix truth with lies and subscribe to the false left/right paradigm lie, because you benefit as a business financially, another money laundering business, please explain? Without free thought and free speech, how can one live in a supposed free society?

Questions remain as to whether or not Sam Bankman-Fried, former CEO of FTX, WEF member, and Democrat Mega Donor was arrested in the Bahamas for conspiracy, wire fraud, campaign finance violations, and money laundering. Apparently the SBF changes their mind on Sam’s extradition to the USA after four days in Bahamian jail that is “infested with rats, maggots, and insects.” Isn’t that the WEF buffet? SBF is so stunning, brave, diverse, inclusive, and his pronouns are criminal/nerd/ idiot. Thank you JP Sears!

Interesting how parasites flew to the Bahamas, but object to the prison conditions. Leave Sam Bankman-Fried there! But since SBF has since been extradited to the US on a $250 million bond and under house arrest at his parent’s home. Is this to make it appear the injustice system works, while SBF gets a slap in the wrist and gets the same judge involved in Bin Laden and Epstein cases?

Apparently, Biden and other world leaders are under pressure to drop the charges against Julian Assange. Biden won’t because he’s under orders by his handlers to prosecute Assange for revealing the truth about the Governments. The Associated Press admits Alex Jones trial was just for show and will be soon thrown out. Not only did Jones file for Bankruptcy, it’s going after his right to free speech that threatens the Cabal control and they are losing their power. Twitter bans links to other social media platforms as they will suspend accounts directing users to alternative platforms. Doesn’t this tell you that Elon Musk, the Devil’s Champion isn’t for free speech? He put up a poll suggesting that he should step down as CEO of Twitter? Don’t you think these psychological operations continue to distract, divert, and to deceive?

Am not surprised of the $1.7 trillion spending by our US Government. Of course over $40 billion goes to [redacted] for the latest round of money laundering. Among other agendas included in that package, as this will make our long term economic problems worse and accelerate economic collapse. The income tax is the main enabler of the Government’s criminality against the people, taxation is legalized theft and is used not only to rob and rule us, but is used to finance agendas, authoritarian madness, wars, and these tyrants and their masters pocketbooks. Yet some believe that voting for the lesser of two evils is okay? If voting really made a difference, the controllers wouldn’t allow us to do it. While the authoritarian policies continue to divide and conquer and accelerate the Great Reset. The Gestapo Australian police are asking Neighbors to be Snitchers and Rat out those who are Anti-Government, Anti-Police, or Covid-Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists. Besides, the the Australian Authoritarians may consider implementing a “social media passport” to crack down on ‘bad behavior’ and ‘online abuse’. In other words, truth is treason in the empire of lies and the authorities are threatening through force and violence compliance to tyranny.

Those impoverished Canadians seek Euthanasia as a solution as you will owe nothing and be dead just like the Covid vaccine it’s voluntary at first, while Justin Castrudeu vacations in Jamaica. Is it any wonder that anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree? Where are you good guy groups doing to stop people from killing themselves? What is being done to prevent the euthanasia of cats and dogs at the animal shelters?

SOLUTIONS SUCH AS REGENERATIVE FARMING, HOT & COLD FUSION ENERGY, & BELT SOLUTION FOR EV’sEven if the Quantum Financial System does come into play, what can be said if we revert back to tyranny? Yet, the supposed big truther channels are blaming us for not reaching the 80% awakening level and telling us to do something. With what? Each of us are doing what we can in our own time, we don’t have the means nor the resources to do everything just because you are able to doesn’t mean the other person is. Consider that if you will. What is being done to help the homeless, hungry, suffering, and those struggling to make ends meet? What about regenerative farming as a solution to repair the soil, reduce chemical fertilizers, produce better yields during droughts, and higher profit for the farmers as revealed in a 40-year old report shows. Need more Farmers, not Globalists! What is being done to end weather warfare and the consequences of other drilling projects such as lithium that are causing more harm to our environment? Don’t forget of the chemtrails, frequencies, and other devices that are driving animals and people crazy. There are consequences for allowing this to continue for what? To the point where more are suffering and dying and there is nothing you can do, and conditions are beyond Hell on Earth, is that the plan all because of an 80% awakening level, really?

Hot and cold fusion energy (LENR) would strip power from the climate authoritarians. If more keep buying into the electric vehicle, as they require more power, the fact the NYC electric garbage trucks can’t handle plowing snow, cost $523k each via taxpayer expense. The EV’s don’t work well in acclimate weather conditions, but to suit an agenda. This guy came up with an idea for his electric vehicle Chevy Volt fix of attaching a belt and generator to the rear wheel, charges batteries while driving thus eliminate the need for the EV charging stations.

HOPE & PRAY THESE SATANISTS ARE BEING TAKEN DOWN: From all that is going on thus far, I sincerely hope and pray the Satanic rule are being taken down. At least there is good news from Amos Miller, the Amish Farmer as he wins part one of the battle for food freedom in the US court of appeals, no more jail time and the $300k fine is dropped. While in the USA at Whole Foods in the District of Criminals, if you don’t have a QR code, you don’t get to shop. Those who continue to go along with tyranny because they continue to fuel this with their compliance are not only ignorant, but are stupid as well.

As China is rising up, with the Police shutting down the PCR testing centers and arresting those running the testing sites, and shutting down the QR codes in order to check in this and that place. This is in addition to those standing against the Globalists in Brazil, Peru, Europe, Australia, Canada, Russia, and elsewhere worldwide.


AFLDS IS TIED TO ISRAELI LOBBYThose such as Simone Gold, the founder of American Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is an agent of Israel. If anyone has reviewed American Frontline Doctors website is the big pharma/Pharmakeia symbol of the serpents wrapped together on a pole called Caduceus (symbolism of Hermes, god of commerce and thieves), while the Rod of Asclepius (symbol of the Greek god of medicine and healing, and authority) that has one serpent wrapped around a pole of Moses lifting the serpent in the wilderness is used on the World Health Organization’s symbolism as well. Makes you wonder why AFLDS would have any serpent symbolism that serves the beast system? As these evil organizations, governments, and bloodline families believe they have authority over your life and property. Their symbolism will be their downfall. Don’t forget that Jesus Christ was lifted before all men and women, so all to look towards Jesus were healed. Why is that site run out of Israel/Synagogue of Satan and not in the USA? All one has to do is follow the money, connections, hidden agendas, and so forth. How was she able to get a speedy trial, a reduced 60 day prison sentence and $10k fine for January 6th, while her boyfriend may spend 24 years in prison, among other hundreds of Jan6ers who are still in the DC gulags with no due process whatsoever? You have to wonder if she did sell out and gave up names of the freedom movement to save her own skin? Don’t forget how Israel is tied with the star of Remphan and Saturns Cube, Cronos, Time Square, and with numbers 69, 37-73, and we could possibly be in the Tribulation period and see the AntiChrist in mid 2026? Question everything.

REVELATION: Be careful how the word of God is being interpreted, especially doctrine that promotes mainstream Christianity and other doctrines of false prophets that won’t teach you the deep truths about the reality of this world. But those within the indoctrination centers, organized religion, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley teach you to obey authorities and conform to the ways of the world. Don’t forget Rothschilds agent Cyrus Scofield, a criminal, manipulator, convicted lawyer, who spent six months in prison for fraud and forgery, and lived in exile for the same reason. He was financed to create a study Bible with the purpose of hijacking Christianity. Thus made Christians believe the world will be run by the evil doers, the rapture, tribulation, and the mark of the beast. When in fact we all have to go through tribulation in our lives look up Matthew 24:29, the vaccines are a precursor to the mark if we allow this insanity to continue, and revelation is about what we’ve learned about ourselves. The world has not yet marveled and wondered after the beast, but instead are resisting tyranny worldwide, but again you’d be the judge as to whether or not we are in the end times. As in this documentary by the Scariest Movie Ever, titled “The “Old Gods” Are Returning For Armageddon” (2022), you will see how the signs and symbolism still rule this world. This battle we are in is between Good vs Evil and the battle for our souls, from the LGBT lobby, grooming, indoctrination, queer sex lessons taught at a Chicago private school (as they’ve been exposed thanks to Project Veritas), psychological operations, promotion of control and separation from God, and destroying the innocence of the children. After the 27 min. mark you will see the Baphomet hanging over the Christmas decorations such as the wreath and the White House Nativity scene selected by the Biden family. It’s true that Christmas is a pagan holiday, to each is their own, spend time with loved ones, give back to those in your communities, as we should not worship the doctrines of men, but celebrate Christ everyday (preach it The Doctor of Common Sense). But at least have faith and trust that Jesus Christ is the true Savior and is the most high!

GREED AND POWER CORRUPTS, WEATHER WARFARE, RENT BASED ECONOMYAre you the supposed good guy groups are under the one hat operation and in fact are here to usher in the AntiChrist system, yes or no? Prove your loyalty to God that you are in fact defeating evil and not under the guise of a movie while more are dying and by the time anyone does anything we are either in FEMA camps or are dead, which is it then? What happened to the supposed one hundred years of food supposedly found in the DUMBS and other places that would feed the world that are going hungry, under famine, homeless, and doing what they can to survive as they can’t think about researching nor questioning everything, but to keep the lights on and food on the table, hello? At least this Father and Son duo have found a way to make sleeping bags for the homeless out of recycled grocery bags. There is so much that we don’t know how the QFS works, to how the MedBeds really work and from the technicians who operate them and to make sure that you are okay from getting the help that you need. As you will need those who are willing and able to help those who don’t know any better. Also, what is the paying off the rich people and these secret societies such as Tier two through four or whatever it is at this point that has been going on for years? Those who are greedy power hungry and the zombie order followers won’t change either. Just so you know history and philosophies never change.

Why continue to give money to these fake truther channels who push hopium, while they live a luxurious lifestyle? What’s being done to get control of the fakestream media and weather warfare, among other areas? There are plenty of areas experiencing rolling blackoutspower substations sabotaged as in Washington state on Christmas Day. This includes frozen and/or burst pipes at various apartment buildings around the country while the owners of the buildings do nothing to properly maintain the buildings so there is cooling, heating, electrical, and plumbing. This is done as an excuse to kick out the current tenants, renovate, and generate more revenue that suits themselves. Look at the price of apartment and home renting are increasing, thus making it difficult to live at these places and leads to the stack and pack cities a.k.a. Agenda 2030. Why we are in a renter based economy where you don’t own anything and be miserable. Try not paying taxes and be charged with tax evasion and more, but for the elite it’s rules for thee, but not for thee.

While the Biden Administration have passed a law banning low-cost appliances and bragging about it, and customers told to lower their thermostats amid the geoengineered cold winter blast. Due to the geoengineered blizzard storm Elliot that buried Buffalo, New York with 40 inches of snow, NYC is covered in ice, with dozens in New York trapped and froze to death, followed by the looting, the clean-up and recovery process. While NYC Mayor Adams goes vacationing in the Virgin Islands ahead of the storm claiming he needed “personal time”. The Biden’s vacationed in the Virgin Islands as well, as Old Joe signed the $1.7 trillion bill. These political parasites only serve themselves and their masters. Why allow the evil doers and their minions/order followers to do this as this suits control and depopulation agenda? You wonder why more bad things keep happening in this fallen world?

Who has the most to gain from good and the bad decisions that lead to consequences? Is is true that you the good guy groups have the connections and the resources to put an end to these evil doers, why haven’t you destroyed them? What about destroying the cloning centers and the rest of the DUMBS? If this was all about to save the children, why do you allow more children to die from the murder protocols, human and children as slaves who are mining for Cobalt in the Congo and Zambia, and other poisons thereof, that includes the years of indoctrination and psychological operations thereof.

OTHER QUESTIONSWho determines the 80% awakening level, under what degree of awakening at one thing, some, or all to operate the same as you? If the people aren’t going to wake up now, they will never wake up due to the years of indoctrination, ignorance, cognitive dissonance, conformist mindset, cult of personality, ideological subversion, and mass psychosis. Then, you have channels who claim to say “military is the only way” and/or protecting the military, while there is division within, most chose to take the experimental Covid shot, suffer from the consequences thereof, and/or obey orders no matter how evil the actions are. These conformists/order followers won’t believe it unless it’s on the TV and/or their superior tells the order follower to stand down, so enact the (EBS) Emergency Broadcast System. Also, not everyone has a TV, nor a Radio, nor have access to the Internet, nor do they know how to get on Bitchute, Rumble, Telegram, nor will most pay for a subscription to hear truth mixed with lies that fuel psychological operations. If you really want the truth out, you would have to broadcast on ALL AIRWAVES. Don’t assume what works for you, works for everyone. How does one expect the truth to get out when the Grid is deliberately being destroyed by the Cabal? Don’t we need the Grid to connect with one another? Even if you do allow the evil doers to enact the CBDC and people lose their bank accounts, they won’t wake up the way that so and so wants them to, they will panic and act violently from looting to rioting in various places that leads to mass civil war worldwide. At the same time, the masses will beg for a solution to end it no matter the freedoms they give up completely. Thus choosing peaceful slavery and total enslavement to be robbed and rule by the Cabal. Unfortunately, there will be those who would submit to tyranny such as the Draconian mandates are the same ones who would submit to the CBDC because they felt they had to under the conformist mindset, along with willful ignorance and mass psychosis. Who benefits from an angrier world? Isn’t that the opposite of what the good guys groups wanted to avoid “civil war” and avoid fueling negative frequencies but are allowing it anyway as part of the plan. You may want to rethink on that one, there is always a better way, don’t you? You wonder why not everyone will agree with one another, including issues and infiltration within the truth communities and the good guy groups. Get your act and issues sorted out, isn’t this battle not only a physical battle of good vs evil, but the spiritual as well. What affects us human beings affects the animals and our environment in this world.

At the same time, no matter what is revealed, not everyone will wake up due to their conditioning as order followers won’t change unless they chose to snap out of their programming and chose to redeem themselves out of the conformist mindset. We are divided by the wise and the fools, and the moralists and the conformists/order followers. Not everyone will stand on principle nor fight for freedom. History and Philosophies never change.

TRUTH COMMUNITY INFILTRATED AND PSYOPSThe sooner the truth comes out, the sooner we can all heal and rebuild. No matter how much or how little one prepares only lasts temporary. Truth and Healing should be freely given and freely received. The only thing that is true if we don’t stand up forcefully together against tyranny we won’t have a future. The reality is not everyone will stand against evil. Not everyone will relax, meditate, and lower their negative frequencies because they dealing with things in their own way no matter whether it’s positive or negative. As there are plenty who are doing what they can to survive and can’t think about anything else but working to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, and so forth. Our current system is destroying the nuclear family unit and thanks to those who obey tyrannical policies thereof. Some need more help than others, as you can’t change those who choose not redeem themselves from serving evil. It’s not okay to give power and consent to those who seek to rob and rule us better and call for what it is tyranny. No wonder why there is a lack of common sense, discernment, thinking, morals, and principle? What I don’t like are the lies, the deceptions, the controlled opposition, plastic patriots, psychological operations and/or Psyopcracy, the evil, the order followers, and the suffering thereof. Don’t you think there are Chaos Agents that infiltrated movements from health to freedom, and more? I found this very interesting information from my patriots network on the CIA conservative controlled opposition and more, the same with expose the enemy. Pay attention to whom you are listening to, question everything, and do your own research via consider the sources you use, to the search engines as well.

CHOSE GOD’S WORLD ORDERAre the real good guy groups recruiting for more help the merrier to take down these evil doers, if so please sign me up? Am not the only one who is sick and tired of being harassed are you? If we can’t even unite against the forces of evil, then we have no one else to blame but ourselves for allowing evil to flourish and our destruction of all life on Earth. It’s not only due to lack of trust, but loyalty as well. By claiming “trust the plan” and using the agendas, the cult of personality, and psychological operations as a movie is a really bad move that continues to cost of many lives of animals, humans, and our environment. But of course, those who support this believe serving the “lesser of two evils” is a better solution. What are you doing? You don’t have all of the answers and neither do I. But claiming it’s God’s time under the guise of your time is very hypocritical and gaslighting at it’s finest. Whom do you really serve God or Satan? Why not choose God’ world order via live by Faith, in which Jesus shows us how to live in freedom and individual moral responsibility. Is real freedom, healing, and hope really free? 2023 backwards is 322. Since 2023 in the Chinese Zodiac is the Year of the Rabbit, are things speeding up to end the evil doers finally or allow evil to flourish under the guise of implementing the AntiChrist system as part of the plan? May the Truth set us Free.



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