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The plan to take over America by the Communists was published in 1958 by W. Cleon Skousen (free at and was outlined in a speech in Congress (link

The plan to Take Back America has so far characterized itself as a plan to remove the control of oligarchs (the World Economic Forum employing 1984 tactics outlined here) and the Chinese Communist Party by replacing those in government who have been coerced and captured by these forces. It is also described as a culmination of a war begun by JFK in a speech in 1961 outlining a secret society that controlled America (link  It has also characterized itself as a war against eugenicists who wish to destroy nine-tenths of the population as outlined on the Georgia Guidestones (link “The Plan” is also called Devolution (continuity of government after takeover from within) and voluminously described in a series of articles here

NONE of these plans, referred to as “The Plan”, EVER have pointed at Socialism (aka Communism, Liberalism, Progressivism) as a ROOT CAUSE problems observed nor has anyone (else) published a plan to rid America of this practice which inevitably corrupts government and, if not removed, will reincarnate this corruption AGAIN.

It appears that “The Plan” may end with the conclusion of Devolution, with the possible exception of economic revisionism ensuring domestic production of infrastructure and food requirements. It is said that what we are seeing is a digital war using psychological operations. But what is missing is a clear understanding of how America will reconstruct its political system in the aftermath. 

Numerous patriots are currently asking WHY our military is not coming out openly and resolving the crisis that is killing civilians daily from fraudulent vaccines. My answer to that is they do not see a path upon which they can assure a lasting solution. They don’t see any movement among The People that acknowledges Socialism as a root cause, nor do they see anyone (else) proposing a method of dealing with this. Consequently, entering into the phase of overt military control of America appears to create only problems they are not equipped to resolve and for which they have no evidence anyone else is trying to deal with. They cannot see a path to releasing control to civil authority, if those in authority would continue down the path of looting America to divide its wealth among their political following. To avoid this, there must be a Reform Movement with a reasonable follow-on Plan. 

I wrote a book that is my best guess of the reforms needed free at (comments to which contends that reforms to our system are necessary to realize the intent of the Constitution (aka Liberty and “The Idea Of America”). Yes, it is an undertaking that you may say requires either a tremendous ego or something like that. But if something looks impossible, I keep hearing my mother’s advice that “CAN’T never did ANYTHING”. And, someone has to start somewhere. If we need to fix our system, a pamphlet like “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine is as good a start as any.

In some cases specificity is needed in the Constitution. For example, we need to reconsider the vulnerabilities of representative government to coercion /capture. The Bill Of Rights has no entitlement of the People to Truth. Current technology enables controls over overreach by giving The People the ability to approve or disapprove legislation or to promptly recall legislators. Log-Rolling (we do this in your state if we do that in mine) is an abused practice that is better abandoned and power returned to the States. The practice of making government the arbiter of who gets whose wealth (socialism) is a criminal method in which government is employed as the actor — that is, it criminalizes government — and the results we have endured. A “civics lesson” is basically needed because ignorant citizens see their government’s only value as an entity that can send them a check and to achieve this they need only vote for socialists. It will take a generation of teaching to achieve this lesson. Meanwhile the “adults in the room” shall have to assert themselves. In the first American Revolution only one third of the citizenry were patriots, starting “brushfires of freedom” and actively supporting Independence to stand up for their rights. During that revolution there was no “waiting for 80%” or calls to avoid civil war because they realized the British had already started a war of conquest to extract the wealth of America. Likewise America is already in a war in which the physical casualties are medical. If that war is won by patriots it will be because of the Oath sworn by those to defend the Constitution against all enemies, which is not an oath to uphold provisions so much as intent, and IMO oath-keepers understand this innately. As part of a reform movement we shall need to reform education and there needs to be an overall plan to achieve this, and I think the phrase “huge lesson in civics” implies this.


I think it is important now that Brunson vs Adams is seen as a SCOTUS case that may remove most of the current government, that the possibilities for reform are thoroughly examined. Once the miscreants are removed, the balance of Congress will have an unrestricted rein, they can revise the system to do what it was meant to do by the Founders. It is interesting to me that Loy Brunson has a book published at which includes a chapter, a two-page essay, on why advocating socialism is a felony. In this essay, Loy Brunson describes reasons within the Constitution to justify this claim. I assert the same claim in my book but from the aspect of Natural Law and from what we have learned by live test in succumbing to Socialism.

If you want to support me in my work, please DON’T. I am on half-pay from the military as a retiree, and I am trying through my posts and this book to earn that money. However, I will ask if you will PLEASE go to and contribute to the work of Loy Brunson and his brothers in bringing forth this SCOTUS lawsuit by purchasing a digital download. I have been in contact with Loy and have been advising him of the articles and videos published on alternative news regarding his case. Of course, I have listened to every interview he has given, and what I hear is a patriot who wants the country he was promised in the Constitution. I respect and admire these brothers for carrying out this idea of a SCOTUS lawsuit to destroy the corrupt government, and wish I had thought of it and had had the knowledge to do what he is doing. I have the impression that Loy and his brothers are currently involved in many meetings, and the costs of travel, etc, are daunting. Please, if you can do a little to help, it will mean a lot.

From Alternative News, I ask you to understand, the White Hats are waiting on YOU. They want YOU to start talking about fixing America, DO something. STOP saying “this happened” and START saying, “THIS SHOULD HAPPEN” and “THIS IS THE WAY OUR COUNTRY SHOULD BE”. START rebuilding America IN YOUR MIND and don’t wait for anyone else to do it FOR YOU.



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