(Reader: Patriot Barbara Joan) My Decode of The Wizard of Oz


Reader Post | By Patriot Barbara Joan

After getting many red pills, I re-watched one of my favorite childhood movies, The Wizard of Oz (1939) produced by MGM. I studied it with my new ‘red pilled’ pair of glasses. I know there’s already been some decoding out there, such as OZ=ounces, yellow brick road=gold. I discovered some new surprises & my decodes also led me down a 3 more rabbit trails. Keep in mind, this movie was published in 1939 based on a book published in 1900. Therefore, the cabal has been covertly telling us things, right in front of us, for a very long time. I think the movie serves dual purposes.  I think it is covertly dedicated to the faithful members of the cabal, & to MK ultra the “Young in Heart”. There’s tons of hidden messages, but I will limit my decodes to my top findings & mostly the ones I haven’t heard before.  Here we go: 

The movie is an adaptation of L. Frank Baum‘s 1900 children’s fantasy novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  It’s interesting that it was published in 1900. The number 19 is a power number & very important to the cabal. We are in a battle to reclaim the numbers to mean good things. 

-Before Dorothy sings “somewhere over the rainbow”, she ponders where to go to stay out of trouble. One idea is “BEHIND the moon.” That’s very odd. I might think “ON the moon” but never “BEHIND” the moon. 

-Dorothy sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow. The words “lullaby” (we’re asleep) & “star” are in the lyrics. There’s something about the word ‘star’ & the cabal. It repeats later. 

-Ms. Gulch takes Toto away, but first Aunt Em (aka Mrs. Gale) angrily tells her: “For 23 years I’ve been dying to tell you what I thought of you…” The number 23 is referring to DNA, 23 & Me. She doesn’t say 20 years, or 24 years, it’s “23”.

-Toto escapes & runs home. Then Dorothy & Toto run away from home. They cross a bridge with a TRIANGLE formation. Triangle=pyramid & the “all seeing eye.” 

-& finds a sign “Professor Marvel-Acclaimed By The CROWNED HEADS OF EUROPE” a fortune teller/juggler. He didn’t “earn” the title Professor. Either he was given the title on a silver platter for cabal deeds, and/or he fraudulently adopted the title as a swindler/illusionist. 


-he lights 2 candles (ritualistic in daylight). I was SHOCKED!! when Mr. Marvel said: “This is the same genuine authentic MAGIC crystal [ball] used by the priests of ISIS & OSIRIS in the days of the pharoahs in Egypt.” (If you’re not familiar with the Isis/Osiris myth, see rabbit trail #1 below.)

-He tells her to close her eyes [we’re asleep] while he secretly digs through her basket to find a way to deceive her. He sees a photo & tells her to open her eyes. Then he fraudulently speaks of the photo while gazing into the crystal ball. It’s all an “ILLUSION”. MK Ultra’d. 

-“FAIRY GODmother” MAGICALLY appears. This is the good WITCH. Witches, fairies, & magic are common in cabal stories. The good witch’s crown has STARS at the top & a magic wand with a STAR on the tip. There’s something symbolic about STARS & the cabal. Examples: Judy Garland is a movie “star”. The Christmas tree has a “star”. The Paramount Network logo has 22 “stars” over a mountain.

-Midgets are the munchkins. There’s something about midgets & the cabal. Midgets are in other cabal movies: Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, The Polar Express, etc.

-the wicked witch of the East is dead & Fairy godmother proclaims Dorothy as the munchkin’s NATIONAL HEROINE & sings to the munchkins, “…she [Dorothy] FELL FROM THE SKY, SHE FELL FROM A STAR…” The dark angels fell from Heaven. Here’s the word “star” again. 

-a munchkin climbs up from a manhole [from UNDERGROUND]

-munchkins sing “ding dong the witch is dead…WAKE-UP YOU SLEEPY HEADS…, WAKE UP the wicked witch is dead…she’s gone where the goblins go BELOW BELOW BELOW…RING THE BELLS OUT…” Wake up=we’re asleep  Below=underground. There’s something about bells & the cabal. I think cabal bells ring a certain frequency to suppress us.


-the midget coroner presents a CERTIFICATE OF DEATH. This pertains to US INC & we’re all dead to the cabal.

-3 ballerinas represent the LULLABY LEAGUE & they welcome Dorothy. LULLABY=ASLEEP. The cabal likes the number 3.

-3 boy midgets represent The LOLLIPOP Guild & they welcome Dorothy. One of the midgets has DEVIL HORNS!! There’s something about LOLLIPOPS & the cabal. The circle swirl & hypnotism. The cabal likes the number 3. There’s 3 ballerinas & 3 guild members. That’s “33”.

-Wicked witch of the west MAGICALLY appears. Her dead sister has RUBY RED SLIPPERS (adrenochrome) that MAGICALLY disappear & then re-appear on Dorothy’s feet. 

-wicked witch MAGICALLY disappears in a red smoke & fire. The good WITCH says something very strange: “Oh. What a smell of Sulphur.” What an odd thing to say in a children’s movie! Since it’s such an odd line, I looked up Sulphur. See Rabbit Trail #2 below. 

-The good witch tells Dorothy that the famous mysterious WIZARD of OZ can help you find your way home. The cabal finds a weakness in a person, in this case Dorothy is lost, vulnerable, & needs help. They take advantage of this.

-before following the yellow brick road, the good WITCH reminds Dorothy to never remove her RUBY [adrenochrome] SLIPPERS “or you’ll be at the mercy of the wicked witch of the west.”  This instills fear. Do what you’re told or else. Dorothy is now dependent on adrenochrome for her life.

-Scarecrow & Dorothy sing, “IF ONLY I HAD A BRAIN”. Dorothy’s lyric: “with the thoughts you’d be thinking you could be another LINCOLN…” I don’t know if it’s true but I recently heard that Lincoln was a communist. Heroes we thought were good, are bad, & bad are good.

-scarecrow=straw man = US INC & the cabal use us as straw men in Wall Street trading. 

Whew! That’s only ⅓ into the movie. There’s tons of subtle cabal symbolism.  Here’s my last decode. At the end, The witch lights Scarecrow/straw man on fire. Dorothy pours a bucket of water on him. It splashes onto the witch & she melts. (Watch the water). Dorothy takes the witch’s broom to the wizard as he requested. He says: “Oh. You liquidated her, huh?” Liquidate is a financial term. In this case, when we die, our estate gets liquidated. The cabal makes money off our straw man & we’re worth more to them dead than alive. Hence death from fabricated wars, Big Pharm, drugs, dirty food/water, cancer, vaccines, rampant crime, etc.)


In conclusion, my biggest surprise was ISIS & OSIRIS. SERIOUSLY!?!? Now I really, REALLY regret this as one of my fav childhood movies.

Rabbit Trail #1. Isis/Osiris myth. I apologize in advance for offensive material. I’m just a messenger. This is what the cabal believes, not me. I learned this story from Juan O Savin.

The Washington monument is an obelisk symbol for the cabal. 

It comes from the story/myth about Isis & Osiris. there’s variations to the story.  Here goes:

Isis, goddess of the moon, had twin sons: Set & osiris.  (I don’t know if his name is Set or Seth).  Set (a good god), murdered his brother Osiris (the worst of all gods). Set chopped him into 14 pieces & spread them all over the earth. Mom Isis found out. She searched the earth & found 13 body parts & put his body back together. His penis was missing. She made a dildo out of stone & attached it then had sex with her dead son. (Sex with their own children & other people’s children apparently is normal behavior for the cabal). Isis got pregnant & had her baby on the same day. The baby is Osiris & now he’s reborn or “resurrected.” His new name is Horus. His death & resurrection all happened in the same day, which was the 17th day on the Babylonian calendar. That’s why the number 17 is so important to the cabal. 
I think sometimes when the monsters/cabal honor the “sun” they’re also referring to this “son”. Double meaning. 

The cabal has erected (pun intended) obelisks all over the world … Vatican, City of London, Buckingham Palace, (& church steeples). They represent a dildo. This is the cabal f’ing us in plain site. Eeeeeuuuuu! What a yucky pooey story! Such evil. God help us!

The Washington monument is 555’. To the cabal, this represents the number 5, or defense/protection/war. That’s why they built the 5-sided pentagon. 

Rabbit Trail #2. The good witch mentioned the smell of Sulphur:

Since it’s such an odd line, I looked up Sulphur. 

English translations of the Christian Bible commonly referred to burning sulfur as “brimstone”, giving rise to the term “fire-and-brimstone” in which listeners are reminded of the fate of eternal damnation that await the unbelieving and unrepentant. It is from this part of the Bible that Hell is implied to “smell of sulfur” (likely due to its association with volcanic activity). 


Sulphur=Brimstone, an older/archaic name for sulfur.

-Sulfur has “23” known isotopes. One of those isotopes is called 32S. S=snake. 32 is an important # to the cabal. See Rabbit Trail # 3 below. That’s another story. This isotope 32S is created inside massive STARS, at a depth where the temperature exceeds … (32 is 23 backwards, DNA related)

-Sulphur is the fifth most common element by mass in the Earth. 

-Your body needs sulfur to build and fix your DNA and protect your cells from damage that can lead to serious diseases such as cancers. Sulfur also assists your body to metabolize food and contributes to the health of your skin, tendons, and ligaments. The two amino acids that include sulfur are methionine and cysteine.

Maybe the cabal lizards don’t like the Sulphur smell in our atmosphere so they go underground. Or, while they’re underground, they don’t like the smell of Sulphur down there. Or, maybe they use it in DNA experiments, or they harm us by squelching the benefits of Sulphur. 

Rabbit Trail #3: The number 32. (10+22)How is #32 important to the cabal? Have you ever noticed the Paramount logo on TV? It’s a mountain with “22 stars“ above. There’s something about “stars” & the cabal. (

This logo is unrelated to The Wizard of Oz movie, but notice the movie was published in 1939=22.)

Why “22” stars? The answer includes the importance of the #32. Remember, we are in a battle for reclaiming our numbers to have good meanings instead of cabal meanings. There’s lots of ideas for the number 22 in gematria, but this particular one had the word “cabal”. This is unfamiliar territory to me, but here’s what I found:

There’s twenty-two channels linking the ten “Sephiroth” between them in the “sephirotic Tree” of the Cabal. Source:

I looked up the ”Sephirothic Tree.” It’s very complex. 


This Tree [aka Tree of Life] is composed of ten circles, representing the numbers 1 to 10 and connected together by twenty-two canals–the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The ten numbers/circles plus the twenty-two letters result in the occult number 32, which, according to the Mishna, signifies the Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom. Letters and numbers, according to the Qabbalists, [Qabbalists=Kabbalah=cabal=secretive] are the keys to all knowledge, for by a secret system of arranging them the mysteries of creation are revealed. For this reason they are called “the Paths of Wisdom.” This occult fact is carefully concealed in the 32nd degree of Freemasonry.



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