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Chapter 7: Cold Blooded Reptiles, Self-Serving Mammals.

I remember talking to a friend in a bar when I was 26. I was lamenting with great trepidation that the future was going to pull the rug out from under us. We loved being young desirable men chasing fetching young women. I didn’t want it to end but I knew that it would. I was even conscious that I was substituting my success with women for success in career. I was a winner in that regard. And of course, a loser when examined more closely. An audit of what was gained by sexual conquest might show losses beyond one’s worst fears.

As I write this book, I am proving some pretty harsh realities to myself. I apologize deep regret to all the women I treated as objects in my perverse game. A game that was so much more harmful than I realized in my state of insecurity. I can tell the story but there is still inexplicable motivations that thus far, don’t have answers.

Just for example, what if I was put into a paid study when I was a baby or a toddler with the Kinsey institute. Had I been sexualized before I could walk, would that be the root of behaviors I should have been ashamed of when the opposite was true?

That is one hypothesis, but here is another. What if I were abducted by Draco aliens and their reptilian science included sexualizing part of Earth’s population for perverse goals. The point is, I want a reason for my odd behavior. I thought being attractive and getting more ass than a toilet seat was something to wear like a crown. The king of panty land.

What is very strange here is I set out to compile some of my best writing into a book and suddenly I am hating who and what I was. By the end of the book I hope I can make a case for being forgiven, but there is a good chance the only case I make is that karma is a bitch. 

Half of this book is fiction because I was proud of my creative imagination and talents. I thought I could be that Hollywood triple threat, writer, actor and director. And that was the course I charted after high school.


The other half of this book is non-fiction and that is the part that is gut punching me. Although I can make bad behavior pretty funny, especially when couched in the idea I was young and driven by hormonal self- sabotage, it’s the passing decades that contain the wakeup call. Once my libido slowed down, being a more conscientious person became easier. Thank God for that but this epiphany tastes sour. Digging cringeworthy diaries from my boxes as I am compelled to tell this story. I am now scared that reality has poured a bucket of ice water over my head before I’m twenty pages in. I really didn’t expect to hate myself this much. Best I can do is share the blame with the demonic influences that contributed to this fallen world and my own failure. 

I want to insert this commentary from Carla Cano, may she rest in peace. She is the author fairy who I asked to read the portion of this story about Bob the huge alligator.

She wrote,

Hello Gene,

I am pleased to have finished When Demons Snap. I loved the story. It was easy to get invested in Kelly’s life and what happened to Magic. I instantly hated Ed. There is a lot going on in the story. Sean is both likable and a jackass, not easy to pull off. Bob, Bob is a monster. He is horrifying. Loved him.

The reason I wanted my readers to hear what Carla wrote is what she said about the character that reflects me, Sean.

“Sean is both likable and a jackass.”


I must have captured myself very well because that is me in this world. I think you could ask 100% of the people who know me in this world and that sentence could fit their conclusions about me. Both likeable and a jackass. 

I really try to be honest about the things most would try to hide. You know, like first date salesmanship versus 6 months later when she has figured out all your annoying imperfections. Prince Charming versus Prince of the Underworld. Perhaps that is overkill on the extremes but girlfriends sure can have opinions that are 180-degree spins from the glowing adulation she first described to her friends.

And the Sean Kayne character isn’t just about the male/female interactions but his approach to everything; jobs, honesty, ambition, social justice, self-awareness, humor, humility, conscience, successes and failures.

“Oddly interesting.” Is a two-word phrase I have heard more than once from people who knew me.

Regarding a pre-occupation with chasing women like a male dog chases a bitch in heat, on an animalistic level it was just part of being young. Even if my shallow pursuit ended by default, that was even worse. A decade over 26 to 36, settling for broken single mothers instead of the freshness of a woman who had not been ruined by other men. It was inevitable. I didn’t see that part as clearly as I should have but the point is clear. If the libido never slowed down our world would truly be warped. 

That’s one reason I find the little blue pill sales quite twisted and a reason to shout at dirty old men, “grow up you deviant freaks, your sex drive has slowed down for a reason.”

Action and reaction, I have learned but did I learn fast enough to plug the holes in the ship that transports decency from port to port? Let me jump ahead a bit and say yes. By the time I was 40 I began to allow my conscience to be my guide. Chasing women was an adrenalin fueled sport but I eventually substituted a gambling addiction for the endorphins my brain craved like an addict. Losing money is much better than losing friends, lovers and people’s respect. Plus, with gambling, I often won lots of money.

Along the way I discovered what many of us have discovered. Everything is a demonic lie that fools the mass populations of the world into a massive confidence game. Gullible, naïve, this awakening post September 11, 2001 just keeps hitting us in the face with new revelations about the truth. We were suckered into bad decisions for centuries, basing those decisions on erroneous information.

There was a technologically advanced civilization not much more than a century or two ago called Tartaria. This civilization disappeared as if another breed of people killed them off and destroyed their brilliant societal advancements in order to enslave us. Worse than that, whoever pillaged the science that was much more generous to their people’s well-being also– turned people into much lesser beings. Lesser in every way. Dumber, more prone to violence and chicanery. I got mine, you get yours — attitudes for survival, rather than mature minded cooperation. Predatory capitalism subscribed to the idea if one isn’t ruthless someone else will be.

Tartaria harnessed the free energy of the atmosphere and their architecture made entire cities run on clean efficient free electricity. Tesla is given credit but this free energy was being massively employed well before Tesla was born. Those amazing steeples and towers seen in Russia are built that way to interface with the aether of the atmosphere and harness the electricity that lit cities long before Edison. Please just research it. 


And the architecture was erected in many cities across the world.

Somehow society decided that we must pay out the ass for everything and a small elite should greedily benefit from that gluttony.

When the so-called settlers of the western United States struggled across the plains in covered wagons, amazing cities and architecture were already standing in some places like Salt Lake City or San Francisco. History books and Hollywood lied to you. Who built what and when has been a lie. Chunks of time erased from reality. Lies among a host of fabrications.

What we are figuring out is that the people were wiped out but not the magnificent structures that were kept in place. Those amazing churches, museums, libraries, castles were not built by the modern man of our college textbooks but a much more clever and possibly cooperative and giving people. It seems humanity keeps being wiped out and replaced in much shorter intervals of history. Then history books, altered. Controlling knowledge and the narrative is power. You don’t think the devil takes credit for God’s work? Likely why the concept of history books existing and being destroyed.

It appears a predatory hybrid human species arrived on the scene and it used deception to establish an elite predatory class. You may have heard the term, “A need to know basis,” used in military operations. Whereby strategies are compartmentalized.

Well folks, most of you run around the world blathering clueless opinions because you read an article or saw a show on the Discovery Channel, but the fact is, you were never included in the need to know loop. In fact, most everything you think you know is disinformation that allows an elite species of reptile total control of Earth.

Although this mind-blowing revelation gets buried by a slur called conspiracy theory, it is in fact truth that will change your life. Tartaria will lead to other hidden truths so I recommend beginning your research there. 

The internet has been a gift for all those who struggled to get the truth out (whistleblowers in academics, government, military) or to find it when things don’t add up. Personally, I think there is a rebellion by good people somewhere on this planet and they used the internet to recruit armies of revolutionaries. It’s more of an intellectual individualized war run as a collective relay race – tag your it. The thing about intellect is it had to arrive at the point that humanity realized we are on this boat together in order for us to truly evolve.

Those who chose deception aren’t nearly as clever as they thought they were. They are slowly but surely being defeated as a cosmic awakening is touching hearts and minds. Besides, if your operating premise of being a soldier and patriot is that secrecy is part of a battle plan to enshrine freedom, that very deception, that lie by omission is the cancer causing parasite in the blood of the human collective. To not see this– boggles my mind. Shove your security clearance up your ass.

Any sliver of truth hidden is hidden to give one side power over the other. How can the masses protect their interests not knowing what is being hidden? When one side claims they are the good guys does that not sound more like a confidence game than the strategy of angels? Transparency empowers truth and integrity and secrecy aids and abets the control freak nature of demonic self-serving tyranny. Mafias racketeer by this methodology.


Here is a question General, of all those shiny medals pinned on your chest, which one commemorates your courage and dedication to human trafficking? Or looking the other way?

The only honorable thing for you to do is make a youtube video, confessing, then blow your own brains out. Going viral in the end is sort of like repenting to a priest on your deathbed. I guarantee this honesty will be a much greater legacy to honor your name and your life. I’d respect that and forgive the transgressions with that sort of repentance. Most would.

I am proud to say I have been an active participant in the fight, starting around 1999, but before that I was living luciferian principles but not knowing it. The lustful deceptions ruined what could have been a wife and kids and a much nicer life. Of the 300 or so women I have slept with, had I been loyal to one, then my life could have been much better. That kind of love and integrity gains a level of strength that needs to be known and there is only one way to know it. One has to dedicate themselves to it. That moment begins the day you buy a ring and get on one knee, followed by vows that you really mean, in a Church. Otherwise stay out of the Church and delusional oaths.

Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn don’t you know. Sad to say this is a bit of an over-simplification because Luciferianism, run by fallen angels, reptile aliens are brilliant in making what glitters appear to be gold. We were tricked into bad choices most certainly but there is a fine line between realizing who the enemy is and knowing the enemy also dwells within our own heart, mind and soul.

Generational demons is another concept I learned on the internet. It’s a concept I think is quite valid. Sins of thy father. For example, I remember picking up shreds of my father’s gambling addiction affecting our large family in the early 60s. That demon morphed into a demon of lust and vanity for me, then later found that games of chance seduced me as effectively. Demons want control and they have plenty of weapons in their arsenal.

Yesterday an internet personality who claims to work with a team of white hat revolutionaries said she discovered various computer and Wi-Fi driven synthetic parasites that aid in the negative control of humanity. This technology keeps us down on the farm, so to speak. Slavery, chains of self-induced addictions, compulsions, bad impulses. It keeps us on a low vibrational frequency.

Before, I was baffled by my inability to pass a casino and not stop or not leave the casino when I was well ahead. I was baffled by my inability to not be loyal to the women I thought I loved. According to this woman’s discoveries, we are kept in a small bandwidth of compulsions and addictions.

Another field of research should be the resonant frequencies of music. Our elite predatorial owners set standards to tune music whereby the resonance keeps humanity down on lower vibration. It is proven science. There is even hidden science of sound vibration being harnessed to move huge stones. I look forward to this all becoming common knowledge again. Sadly, we have control freak demons standing in our way, so they always profit.

According to this person on the internet, the technology to have us surrender to our compulsions, interfaces with a chip in the hypothalamus in our brains. Likely put there in hospitals when we are newborn babies. This could be our generational demon. The constant compulsion to do the wrong thing. Having lived this incredulously perplexing self-defeat followed by regret and self-hate, stunned that I had once again repeated a behavior I swore to God I would never do again, I had no trouble believing it was more than just dysfunction. In fact, I had already floated this idea of a chip in my brain to friends who also struggled with these sort of vicious cycles of self-sabotage.

In this book, you will see how many times I entered 12 step programs out of a sense of self preservation, only to take that 13th step out the back door to hell again.


I am hopeful there is some sort of truth that good guys discovered and destroyed this weapon. We shall see right?

Regarding 12 step programs, you will see in this long story that this is the vomit I return to like a dog. The addictions create the reason for the low points that fill the soul with self-hate. The program is waiting to offer help. I guess for some, it does help people to face life with sober coping mechanisms. It never really worked for me. It was just a couch to crash on for a moment. Ironically another form of enabling.


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