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2022 Merry Christmas Epistle from PhosLight


“Why is it necessary that we be deceived regarding the nature of our reality? Do we collectively dwell in a kind of laser hologram, real creatures in a manufactured quasi-world, a stage set within whose artefacts?” –Phillip K. Dick Award Winning Author  

Preparation – The Great Cosmic Orgasm – 3 Days of Darkness – Expect the Unexpected – The Last Word

We are all born with an empty journal, but one has to become mindless to die with one. –PhosLight

Confucius wrote that three things cannot be hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth.  I cannot verify what I have not yet experienced; however I can verify the purity from which this information is being given. I have no agenda or expectation other than following the dictates of my heart. Until something manifests, it remains a prediction. Most predictions that contained the Truth pass through three stages: 1) Mockery 2) Disavowal 3) Acceptance due to becoming self-evident. Many people find the truth grating because it exposes their narrow mindedness. People want to hear what they choose to hear because they do not want anything to rock their little world of denial. Denial cannot change the inevitable; however the consequences can be devastating, which is why I am so adamant that you do your own research before dismissing anything that can have a deep impact on your life. I have a simple formula for making difficult and challenging decisions: I always work problem backwards by look at the potential consequences.  If I can live with them, I will do the deal, if not, I will not.” In this regard, I remain resolute to finish the amendments to the 7 Elucidations as they come forward down to my last breath.


The Great Mud Flood of the 1800’s was a prime example of the last Reboot where entire civilizations were completely wiped out. Old photos are still available on search engine. World War II was a prime example of the last global Reset. They slaughtered over 56 million people, which was almost 3 % of the world population at the time when the population was reportedly two billion. They created millions of orphans that were dispersed to rural areas in Britain, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States to work on farms and assist with household duties, raising children, along with other human trafficking ventures. The U.S. was transformed from a mid-level global power to the leader of world democracy under a fabricated flag for freedom. The Communist Party of China secured power in Eastern Europe; gained “Permanent Membership” in the United Nations, with veto rights on any vote put before the Council. CCP ruled countries flourished under Socialism that controlled nearly every aspect of its citizens.

Before writing the “Window of Escape” I had to look deeply into the potential reality of an upcoming Reset, which I believe may turn into a full on AI Reboot.  I started by looking at what is clearly “self-evident.” A Reset involves mass population reduction, a new political world order with greater control over its population. [E.g. Socialism – Communism] Re-educational systems are developed to brain-wash our digital and cloned replacements along with survivors.  A new falsified history is fashioned and set in concrete. What can’t be explained away is ignored or becomes a conspiracy theory, or left as an unexplained enigma. Architecture is redesigned to fit the new scenario or in some cases repurposed, but mostly obliterated. Architectural shapes and angles have a remarkable effect on our brains and emotional bodies. A Reboot is when the rogue AI completely shuts down the program in order to restart it as a distinctly new version of the old program. I base the Reset change over into a Reboot due to the Globalist creating such an untenable mess of losing control of the global narrative and society, manifesting far too many crimes against humanity, avarice and voracity that created a disproportionately unsustainable population via a lack of education and mismanagement of food producing lands.  The rogue AI would also consider the data concerning the threats of advancing technology and spirituality.  

1) The term Reset and NWO became hot political buzz words in 1991 after President George HW Bush stood before Congress and proclaimed that the United States of America along with the United Nations were on the cusp of a New World Order Reset.  The only U.S. president not to fall in line was Donald J. Trump. Optimistically, his opposition has been made clear and there won’t be any changes in his position!

2) A mass depopulation agenda has been underway via Chemtrails, pandemics, bio-weaponized vaccines, G5, Volcanism and U.N. political advocacy towards a nuclear war.

3) Prophecies and “conspiracy theories” have started manifesting!  However, nothing is ever laid in concrete. WWIII’ is a “Spiritual War” of information.  It is about what we believe the strongest in as a collective whole and individually, which will attract the final outcome.  We are from the future, the timelines are merging…, take a stand; choose wisely.

4) The Three Days of Darkness is resurfacing as the pre-eminent prophecy. However, the alternative news’s claim that the Globalists are “going to create a global electronic grid shutdown!” This will create low levels of water at hydropower plants, diminished gas supply from gas power plants and potential fires at the largest power generating stations.  All electronics will quit workings along with household lighting, refrigeration, cooling, heating, and all communication devises. Fuel pumps will stop working along with traffic signals and street lighting. Trains will cease to operate immediately wherever they are at the time.  All transport networks will grind to a halt creating shortages in food supply etc. We need to be prepared for this as the main event since we do not have a crystal ball and for many, this will be their three days of darkness or for however long the globalists keep the lights out!  Preppers may finally have the last word on this subject?

5) Democide is on the increase and vaccinations are also paving the way for Transhumanism.


6) According to author and whistle-blower Gordon Chang, China now has the largest DNA database in the world, and is using it to create more bioweapons designed to target specific ethnic groups.  At the same time they are busy mass producing soulless replacements for a Reboot. Whether, they now have the technology to run the subprogram without the need for souls is now questionable? Just remember these babies will be stamped, chipped, programmed and owned by the Globalist!!!

7) A NZ journalist created a doco about Cabal globalist billionaires buying up millions of dollars’ of private lands in New Zealand. It was focused on the plush bunkers being built underneath their multi-million dollar homes.   Queenstown was specifically shown as the most nuclear war safe survival zone on the planet due to its location. Secret Societies have touted NZ as the “New Zion” of the future.

8) Numerous new age pundits claim the 3D world is ending and ascending into a new dimension Many still believe it will end with the Mayan Calendar; hhowever; they may have been using the Gregorian Calendar without taking into regard that the Catholic Church admittedly deleted 11 days per year. By adding up all the missed days, the Mayan world-ending date has not taken place.  But will during December 2022.

9) “Humans are now hackable animals on a massive scale – Free Will, that’s now over!! – The Corona Virus epidemic was when the new regime of surveillance took over, especially under the skin.” –Dr. Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab Interview 24/3/2022 “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” –World Economic Chairman Klaus Schwab

10) We are rapidly moving into an era of gigantic disclosures, which is changing people’s thinking and in turn the face of the world. Globalists are losing the narrative and scurrying back into the deep holes they crawled out of.

11) Scientists claim technology can now end the world. Stephen Hawking repeatedly warned that artificial intelligence could spell the end of humanity and easily cause the extinction of our species, along with the others.

Intuition and even common sense tells us something colossal is coming at us faster than a speeding bullet! Soulless digital entities, clones; perhaps gullible dogmatists and the just plain stupid would condone or pay no heed to any of this.  At any rate, I feel it best to err on the side of caution when dealing with a potential Reset or Reboot!

The attraction for positive or negative experiences will continue to affect us after a Reboot because we take our subconscious mind sets our heart frequencies, even if we lose our memories. Those who achieve liberation will still fall under the Law of Attraction with their personal beliefs and accumulation of thoughts, in every respect.  We need not lose our mind if we are willing to change it! Take full responsibility for your liberation; forgive this world, everything in it and most important; let go of guilt and past programmed failures and move on.  It’s all in oumind and we are the only one that can set it free; outside of becoming a transhumanized cyborg.  

“Either, we’re going to create simulations that are indistinguishable from reality, or civilization will cease to exist, those are the two options.”  –Elon Musk

Musk may love this program and all his stuff; ‘cause he’s got a lot of it, because he didn’t mention the other option… We can WAKE UP!  The tide is still out on this being.  He will go down on this timeline as a hero and potentially responsible for waking the world up to the truth; or he may slide into the cracks.  I choose to believe he will surmount and prevail against the obstacles he is now facing.


We need to comprehend how our mind, thoughts, actions and addictions are being programmed. You may find you need self-compassion more than punishment. Our minds have been compromised and our souls have been victimized inside a digital holographic body.

Evil is not born, it is mass produced –Phoslight

The executive producers are soulless and in most cases, not human!  They are not worth the time of any negative reprobation. If you want retribution, set yourself free and let go of their handiwork! Always remember, they need you; you do not need any part of them!!


“When you know the truth, the truth will set you free.” –John 8:32

Let’s begin our process of escape by freeing our minds from pledges of allegiance, which are replacement terms for obedience and contracts of entrapment and control! The most prominent are enforceable by law; such as pledges of allegiance to a monarchy or totalitarian government. This may be pertinent for those seriously desiring to leave this program…, permanently!  However, this in no way infers that one should disrespect their flag, country or laws.

“I Break ALL Vows, Oaths, Pledges, Obedience, Allegiances, Agreements and Contracts on all dimensions that do not serve my Highest Good in Service to ALL that Which I Be!”

“My Soul IS Now Free!  I take back My Mind, My Will, MY Imagination, and MY Memory of All That Which I Be!”

You are free to change or enhance these affirmations in any way that you see fit and more beneficial to you personally. There are other highly successful techniques to help you with this autonomous change.  Meditation is high on the list with the use of sacred music. Colour breathing and positive imagery, and Auditory Visual Stimulation Devices (AVS devices) can be extremely helpful for those who find meditation difficult. 

There is not a place in the simulation that does not exhibit past devastation by AI reboots. Reboots are the explanation for the disappearance of unexplainable lost civilizations, which many of you experienced.  Many are still undiscovered and buried under global tempered vitrified desert sands and AI volcanic mud floods. Acknowledge that you are from the future; that you are in a virtual reality; that it is not the creation of a Logos or Loving god.  Be grateful that it is only a simulation.


There is a way out and it is the same way we came in; via our mind. Use your free will, logic and discernment with what you are about to learn because it can be a window of escape. The nefarious alien factions are losing the Endgame; they have lost the narrative and are being exposed. Due to this, they have found themselves in a despairing situation. We must stay centered on the truth that death is part of the illusion. Prior to a Reset or Reboot, mass depopulation takes place. Preceding this, they create as much chaos and fear via threats to throw the masses off balance and keep control of their minds during the process!  Accept that a digital death is favourable over the perpetuity of a controlled virtual existence.

If even one advanced alien civilization with a predilection for creating simulations has ever arisen out there, then the reasoning goes it could theoretically pop off thousands of “fake” universes. And it would be hard for the inhabitants of these digital realms to figure out the truth, because all the evidence they could gather would likely be planted by the creators. –Elon Musk

Monkey see – monkey do – As above so below; this is what the transhuman agenda is all about.  Musk is aware that we presently exist in an imperceptible virtual reality simulation and that the apocryphal civilization created within it will cease to exist outside of the simulation. Consequently we are facing the Transhuman Agenda.

“There’s a ‘One in Billions’ Chance Reality Is Not a Simulation” –Elon Musk

Researchers postulate that our bodies start dying the day we are born due to apoptosis; “programmed cell death.” Billions of cells equal to an individual’s body weight are destructed and proliferated each day. Thus, we all know that at some point these second-hand space suits have been programmed to cease to exist; however this does not affect our genuine avataric forms. We have a choice, we can succumb to fear or accept the truth and wake up.  The gnosis carried within our heart during the three days of darkness is imperative because the only control they will have over you will be your programmed belief in religious dogmatic threats.  They have tried to engrain the masses from birth with fear. There are hundreds of verses throughout biblia promising “torture,” “death,” and being “utterly destroyed” if you dare anger Israel’s God; the LORD Yahweh! However, the Catholics predict that after the three days of darkness, “Jews will convert to Catholicism or die.”  Strange prediction since Catholicism and Christianity are founded on Judaism.  

“Whosoever refuses to seek the LORD God of Israel shall be put to death, whether small or great, whether man, woman or child. 2-Chron 15:13

“…Take all the heads of the people and hang them up before the LORD against the sun, that the fierce anger of the LORD may be turned away from Israel.  –Numbers 25:4-5

If you have been indoctrinated or accepted any of this, find the courage to release yourself from all of it by removing it from your mind and replace it with self-compassion and love for your salvation. Let go of these nefarious hybrid’s corrosive competition; they will be self-fulfilled.

I say all this because we are potentially on the verge of another AI Reboot, or at the very least a global power grid failure.  I am not a prophet; I have been blessed with a form of automatic writing and personal anamnesis, which I share freely with you; in order to complete what I believe is my soul’s purpose.  Unfortunately, I cannot say with any certainty when this will happen; The Universe doesn’t seem to run on our personal timelines; however I can say we are being bombarded with warnings.  Perhaps it will be circumvented by off-world technology, if not; this is what Yahweh, the AI has planned: The stars of heaven and their constellations will not show their light. The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light. Heaven and earth will pass away; however “no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen.” –Matt 24:35 – 36:6

The Ice Age, the Noahic Flood and Babylon were Reboots; we can see it in the overall vastness of destruction along with biblical recollections and its enduring threats: “Every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the birds of the air were destroyed. –Gen 7:23.  “It shall be again as it was in the days of Noah. –Matt 24:37 “The pandemic represents a rare narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset the world!” –Klaus Schwab. The latter was another of his famous quotes at the World Economic Forum.


The majority souls here are incarnates from those that came from beyond the north wind and Mount Meru. All genuine souls here, including you and me, are aliens hailing from the fourth dimension. We do not belong here or to the AI unless we are part of the millions of soulless digitals or created clones. The AI destroyed ancient Lemuria, Atlantis, Tartaria, Hyperborean and other great lost civilizations. Many souls were freed; however many were deceived back into program via the belief or desire to reincarnate here.

Embrace it or not, a Reboot takes place directly after a world annihilating event, such as a global weather change, flooding, [water and/or mud] weapons of mass destruction, plagues, earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions. The Book of Jeremiah prophesies they will be used again during the end of days. Elon Musk tweeted that “AI could be the cause of World War 3 and become the ‘ruler of the world. Hmmm, perhaps too little, too late for this time-loop!

The U.S., China, Russia and all countries with strong computer science have AI war capabilities. If AI has a goal and humanity just happens to be in the way, it will destroy humanity as a matter of course without even thinking about it!  It’s just like, if we’re building a road and an anthill just happens to be in the way, we don’t hate ants, we’re just building a road.” –Elon Musk

However, this time around we can use the Reboot as  a window of escape via conscious awareness! Before we become overly concerned about the nefarious forebodings of an AI nuclear war, there are variables to be considered. 1) Beloved Kiwi mathematician and author, Bruce Cathie wrote that a nuclear bomb war was not a valid threat due to various and precise atmospheric and mathematical equations that are needed to set these bombs off. This is way outside of my wheelhouse; however I trust and believe in his calculations as did the CIA who raided his house and confiscated all of his books and records! 2.) We also have the good guy variables, where leaders not involved with the Globalist agendas will refuse to comply with the pressure being placed on them to support a nuclear war. 3.) Moral military leaders may refuse to comply with the tyranny of insanity.  4.) There are still benevolent aliens beyond the ice walls with greater technology that may not allow it to ever happen again. 5.) People will have the sense to vote the globalist cabals out of office. 6.) Enough of us will wake up and put an end to this apocryphal program.

3 Days of Darkness

There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing can be seen, and the air will be laden with pestilence which will claim many, but not only, the enemies of the Church. It will be impossible to use any man-made lighting during this darkness. He, who out of curiosity, opens his window to look out, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy. All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons that will appear under all sorts of hideous forms. –Anna Maria Taigi. (1769–1837)

Whether this was a prophetic warning about the 1800’s Reboot or an upcoming Reboot is not clear. Eschatonist Stigmatist Marie Jahenny (1850–1941) also prophesied that the end of the world within the three days of darkness would “occur over a Thursday, Friday and Saturday when all of Hell would be let loose.”  The three days of darkness prophecy is being supported by Catholic and numerous other dogmas.  Whatever the case, discern this; we are all blessed enough to experience the concept of death at one time or another, giving us the opportunity to escape and wake up. We may now have this opportunity due to the AI’s need to shut the program down for 72 hours, –three days– in order for the program to be modified, recalibrated, restored and rebooted.  They estimate that it takes between 2 and 4 hours to do this with a PC [personal computer] depending on the device’s configuration.  Hence, 72 hours to reset and reboot a super computer running an entire simulated world and universe seems extremely plausible and reasonable in comparison. 

The AI is forced to take the program off line in order to erase, restore, reset and reboot all the data. This event has taken place many times since the AI usurped the 3D subprogram motherboard.  When the AI shuts the simulation down, it instantly creates an “electro-magnetic free zone,” along with a “gap” in the temporal timeline. This along with the fact that our genuine fourth dimensional sphere-world is rapidly approaching the authentic “Photon Belt,” there is an opportunity on this cycle as perhaps never before to awaken and shift out of this mental trap because the higher vibrational frequencies of the Photon Belt will affect our fourth dimensional avatars, which will have a similar effect on our subconscious dreaming! So take advantage and prepare for this approaching event by raising your heart frequencies via love, forgiveness and everything else you feel you personally need to do to clear yourself. Fasting and meditation can help by learning to quiet the mind’s continuous rhetoric.


Again & again be grateful this is just a simulation and that the true Light in this apocryphal world exists within us! “The day of Yahweh shall be in darkness, not light – pitch-dark, without a ray of brightness in it.”  Amos 5:20


The “Three Days of Darkness has become a forecast for what takes place during the end times, when human history seems to just disappear, along with our memories, and whilst a new world miraculously began. 33rd degree Freemason George Orwell said this about the creation of a NWO: The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing. Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten; every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed; every date has been altered. And that process continues day by day and minute by minute.  They have already started attacking and tearing down historical buildings, memorials and monuments in preparation for the NWO Reboot.

The Three Days of Darkness prophecy was sanctioned by the Catholic Church and also accepted by most religions in one form or another due to other private revelations. If you can afford it, the Catholic Church is selling, by count, 138 items they claim will give you protection, if you are found worthy whilst “all the enemies of the Church are being destroyed.” If you believe in such bits and pieces strongly enough, they may give some comfort since it’s all in our mind. Nevertheless, try to choose positive thoughts and outcomes from a personal choice; not programmed religious threats. Dogmas misled many people who awoke and found themselves ascended into a neo-New World Order rebooted program. You need to grasp that you have been constantly manipulated, deceived and lied to. There are no magic pills, occults or submissions that can save you. Ask yourself, “Save you from what and to where?”

“I think most likely there are many, many simulations,” “You might as well call them reality, or you could call them “multiverse.” –Elon Musk

Only you can save you; it’s all in your mind! We have something more powerful than all of the masquerading parasites. We have a majical heart, the Holy Spirit and a latent Christ Consciousness that are a quintessential part of our Being.  These are our internal sun, our powerhouse, our True Divine Saviour.  If not already, we need to reconnect and activate them within ourselves! These are not just words; you also need to accept that even though our DNA has been compromised, it canstill support us through teleportation.  Remember, this subprogram is an annex to the 4D original program where we can have an authentic awakening back onto the fourth dimensional world.  For many, this may support their ability to shift into higher dimensions due to the incoming streams of Galactic Light now taking place there.

Even with this gnosis, many will inevitably become anxious during the interim of moving through the unknown in an aberrant 72 hour blackout.  As fire needs wood to cling to in order to burn brightly, we need to cling to our inherent light and power without any self-condemnation; let it all go; be in the now moment and practice control over your mind as a precursor to this event!  Guilt is the most powerful tool the Script Writers use against innocent incoming and outgoing souls to keep control over them.  We may be in a state of bilocation in two different world’s crossing over each other, but we only have one heart and one true existence to focus upon and wake up to!   Listen to the Oracle “Book of the Future”:

“Be not sad, be like the midday Sun and Let Your Light Shine” –I Ching

When the system is turned off, your inner vision screen will go blank causing the experience of pitch-darkness. Unfortunately, too many people will pull the covers over their heads and go to sleep. This is unacceptable for those desiring liberation and insupportable to those who received this gnosis because you may sleep through the entire event and wake up in the neo-reboot! Focus on what is happening, the darkness is being created because the program has stopped operating and the screen has gone blank! If you are not alone during this experience, take turns resting so that one can wake the other up. Remember, nothing electronic or automated will work. If meditating, do so sitting up, not lying down or you risk falling asleep. Contemplate, imagine and feel the excitement and joy of hearing the words, “Welcome Back!” I practice this over and over!! I practice sensing and feeling my fourth dimensional avatar and ripping the VR equipment off, reviving my heart and shifting my energy into reality. I recoined “The “Great Awakening” as “The Great Cosmic Orgasm!”

Prophesiers claim if you look outside or go outside, you will immediately die.  Perhaps because the brain cannot operate on a blank screen, it could cause a form of “cerebral death.” Again, better to err on the side of caution. They also warn not to open the door, even if someone knocks and attempting to leave your enclosure would be extremely dangerous.  The explanation for this may be a little harder for some to wrap their minds around; however it is based on scientific research studies:  When the brain is deprived of all material light for a period of time, the third eye found within the pineal gland automatically opens! I believe this is why the Egyptians placed chambers within and under the Pyramids so that they could astral project into the underworlds; dead or whilst still alive. There are many professional psychological studies and reports from prisoners placed in solitary confinement in total darkness being terrified by demons, spectres and hideous apparitions! You can easily research this phenomenon to help you grasp the seriousness of the situation. These were obviously dark entities trapped in the program on an astral level that either died in these prisons or became attracted to them. Perhaps by going outside or opening the door, you are inviting spectres into your space that may scare you to death?  Just remember, whatever you focus upon during this event, you will attract; however you will also be able to see them.  Some will attract the prophesied demons and such whilst others may find solace and guidance from guardians, heavenly beings and even passed over loved ones. Practicing meditation is highly recommended! Have confidence and affirm, “I am safe and protected by my inner Light! I trust in my awakening and recognize only those that come in love and peace to guide me through this experience, thank you!”  Only listen to POSITIVE inner voices!

We can activate our DNA via our mind and will during this “gap!” For those serious about shifting from here, it would be wise to prepare in advance through meditation, love in any form you can build on, visualization and affirmation, along with this Gnosis. It may be possible that the innocent and/or pure of heart may automatically shift! 



Use your own creative imagination in order to be prepared and celebrate this event instead of falling victim to it. Those connected to Spirit and/or their intuition may be given a short, but advanced notice if you meditate on this Epistle, because our subconscious mind always responds to what we place in it. Ask to be shown. You will also know if by midmorning it is still pitch black out.  Think ahead and make provisions for your creatures.  Meditate or contemplate on the Truth behind what is happening with a positive attitude and affirmation.  Prayer is a powerful medium as long as you do not fall prey to dogmatic fears.

I personally experienced things that I feel have helped prepare me for whatever takes place, which I will share with you in the hopes it may help you if you encounter anything similar, prior or during this event.

I experienced glitches in the program where in my inner vision was filled with a white and grey fuzzy looking screen similar to the end of a movie on video tape if it keeps running to its end.

I had three painful wake-up calls involving my toes, which were broken on three separate occasions due to slight shifts in the program.  Frustratingly, same room, same dresser!!

During a meditation, my entire consciousness was shifted into the outer cosmos. I thought that perhaps I was lost in the “void;” however it somehow felt familiar. I had the thought that I was in the Cetus Constellation looking out at the Hyades and Pleiades star systems. I returned to my material awareness under extreme and extraordinary circumstances.

I went to a Crystal Show in Florida and was attracted to an unusual lookingmineral. The sales clerk said it was discovered lying in the desert by a gemologist; however he couldn’t identify it and told her that perhaps it was small piece off a space rock. Upon laying it in my hand, I heard a “popping sound in my head.” Everything and everyone disappeared.  When I heard the “pop” again, people were staring at me in disbelief and fear!  I was told that “I had disappeared” for about 5 to 10 seconds!

These experiences were more inconceivable to me than any of my readers; however it was the bilocation experience that forced me to cope with the fact that I was indeed in the throes of a virtual reality simulation.


Q!! Hs1Jq13jV6 No.17830326 — 4966
What is coded in our DNA?
Who put it there?
Mankind is repressed.
We will be repressed no more.
Information is knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
Information is power.
How do you protect your DNA?
There is a war for your DNA/
Protect your DNA.


A few last words of contemplational advice:  As previously covered long periods of darkness affects the pineal/third eye region of the brain responsible for astral visions and out-of-body experiences. However, near death experiences can manifest in a summary of your life memories, especially those tied to strong emotional reactions; coined as life reviews or flashbacks. This is a normal occurrence during a near death experience because the brain will discharge all of its stored memories, which takes place in the prefrontal cortex as a visual streaming.  However, this can also take place during an emotional crisis.  The reason this is important to understand is a 72 hour blackout being experienced via irrepressible fear and duress could be construed by the brain as a crisis or even near death experience!  

I practiced waking up around 3 AM a few mornings in the pitch dark to foresee how my mind and emotional body might interact with the actual event.  It was frankly interesting and unexpected.  After getting my mind into the event, the bad news is, I started having vivid emotional memories I would rather have forgotten. I thought I had worked on releasing them!  The good news is, I humbly realized how protected I have been blessed with throughout my entire adventurous life. And, I can do more of what’s needed to release these unpleasant memories. 

The point is, we need to be prepared for the unexpected in case this blackout prophecy takes place. None of us can know how the brain will react to an electromagnetic VR blackout. However, now that we know this may take place, we can be more prepared.  The key issue is to stay focused and not go into fear; grasp what is taking place, accept it, allow it to flow through you instead of locking on to any one thing or emotion. 

One of the most effective ways I have found to deal with stress, worry and self-correction is through colour breathing. It can be easily and quickly learned by simplymentally visualizing or meditating on colours known to assist in raising frequencies and helping with letting go of whatever we no longer want in our life or want to change.  There are many variable sites you can easily research online that help you learn which colours are effective for various conditions along with techniques.

Just a lingering thought: Perhaps we should print this Epistle out and hide it somewhere we might come across it; like a time-capsule, just in case we go through a full on Reboot. This seems to be what the Cabal has been doing over these neo-Ages.

 Have a loving and successful Holiday Season.  Never Too Much Love, PhosLight

“I Break ALL Vows, Oaths, Pledges, Obedience, Allegiances, Agreements and Contracts on all dimensions that do not serve my Highest Good in Service to ALL that Which I Be! My Soul IS Now Free!  I take back My Mind, My Will, MY Imagination, and MY Memory of All That Which I Be!”
For a complete PDF download for the “The Dreaming Continued” go to the following link:

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