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I Feel Your Pain when Election First Out bc I was Looking at Maps and Seeing The Corrupted Governors Installed Again Through Another “Rigged Election.” But Then As “always told” bc I’ve been in this for 6.11Years… WE Must Do More Homework! Keeping in Mind That The Black Hats & DS/ILLuminati Washington, DC “Troll our given info too and Everyone Knows This Is A World Wide Sting Ops to End These Evils, Once And For All..We Have To Realize What’s Shared w Public “IS NOT Ever going to be Direct True Info, Up Front bc WE Would Be Nuked and FURTHER Killed Off Before We Get To The End WiN!!” #1: The National Security OF THIS COUNTRY IS AT STAKE/The Military IS Going to Protect That FIRST!” So did I Research Further? Yes! I Did and Will Share Here: 

I went And Watched Trump SAY AT Mar-A-Lago, Election Night That, He “Endorsed 300 Canidates-224 of 300 WON The House And Senate (for the New Congress IS Forming). THIS WAS WHERE The “True Red Wave Was TARGETED To Happened!” Installed Rigged MAPPING Shows Same Shit/Corrupted Governors THAT Fake News IS Still Pushing and WE HAD TO Wake Up~ LEARN During this is SO PRESENT!  .. Once I discovered this through digging in..While Fake MSM News Says “Trump Didn’t Get His Red Wave” seeing the  maps.. “We Learn that NESARA’s Law/Incoming New CONGRESS in “House” WON! .. Remember, they Are Responsible to  “Create legislation That Changes Laws” IS GOING TO Happen And, REVERSE WHAT HAPPENED! < Biden and Criminals didn’t count on this beneath their stupid noses..ok/Let’s Now Talk abt The SENATE Win: Already, Most of Right Senate WAS ALREADY  Seated PRIOR YEARs Voted.. They Have Power Stop or PASS House Bills! Get the picture? Why now, We Watch What Kari Lake in AZ Saying! SHE Was On News Yesterday! Claiming Calls She Won And PROMISED, Aloud To Cameras.. SHE “AND THE NEW CONGRESS Are Going TO Setup New Commitees to Go Investigate JAN 6..All the Corrupters..Auditing.. Ok?! All The Necessary CHANGES WILL HAPPEN THERE; NOT In States! WE Only Needed “5” More Seats AND Where Are They?  WHY The DS IS Is “Stalling Those States RESULTS! Fake News Is Running Defense! WE See That And Yet, Most People Aren’t Awakened To Look at The Bigger SETUP Being Built! WE Must pay Attention To Everything!!  Don’t Worry-Military is Counting The Missing Ballots, behind scenes- ANYWAY!! We r In Control!  IF the Public/You & I/WE ALL DID Keep up in this WAR? WOULD KNOW That The  Ballots HAD A Special invisible/black lite tracing of “Watermark” on the Real Ones ..This is how Trump Knows WE DID Indeed Win A Red Wave AND Kari Lake/AZ Knows she Won Governor of AZ Before DS Reveals their Bullrun… The Military IS Behind All This COUNTING UP The True “Watermarked Ballots!!” THEY WON The Senate The SAME “5” Seats that DS Is Stalling to Make Up The Final New SENATE .. NOW We Have To Look At THE RIOT Planned By DS bc That Shit WAS Planned! Their Plan: is to “Stall As Far As They Can Go To Get Patriots n MAGA Soo Angry About Stalling Election <it pissed u didn’t it!> THEY WANT A CIVIL WAR (to hide NWO’s Crashing Down of The Fed Reserve/Central Banking MARKET on Wall Street/System doesn’t last more than 40/50 Years)..They WANT US to go start A War In Streets so they Can kill More of us off in reaching their 90% depopulation planning since Covid Didn’t Work. Unfortunately Bashing WH or Trump Isn’t Dealing With This IN Reality AS REALISTIC happening! Your Talk Tho it’s Very Sadly True, that, We Are Suffering,  ITS A WAR That Both Sides are Fighting To The End Of This World As We Know it, So Equally Timed, WE GOTTA DEAL W THIS Next Battle! WE Know Better.. Don’t Go And Fight This Civil War Thing THEIR WAY! The EBS Will Be Thrown.. Lockdown Will Happen (ONE Option planned)..They Couldn’t Get Our GUNs Taken Away For Hiding what Fed Reserve/CBs Want To Support in Having us Stay as Slaves And Bringing us into Their SHIT/SLAVERY Green New Bill Planned To keep us Harmed! This Is Another Experience All Must Go Through.. Believe This.. BECAUSE WE MAY? We Won’t EVER Let These Shits Do this to All AGAIN, THEN bc we Will BE Ever AWARE n the Future! 

WE KNOW These Evils Wont Stop AND NeitherAre WE Gonna Stand Down In This Phase Upon All- 

DS Playbook of Battle “Also Planned”  TO GO Indict Trump Either This Weekend Or Into Next as WE KEEP Strong In Revealing What They Are Doing via Election and Civil War Thing..What Do U Think The Military IS Going To Do If They Come Arrest Trump bc Election Fraud Play is Blown out of the Water? Again-EBS! But it’s the Biden Clown Clone-Body Double Resident That Will Be Blamed As It’s Him That Calls The Emergency TO GO TO WAR! Blames China Going After Taiwan WHEN Actuality? Biden Pigs DONT Want “Free/Restored Peoples China (happened months ago; Removed CCP Evil infiltrates of Xi’s Govt) FINDING More Hidden BioLabs on Deadly Viruses or Deals That Biden Placed while VP! ALSO This IS The Other MAIN Hideout of THEIR ILLuminati/Sex Trafficking Ect and “whatever we don’t know IS DS’s, There.. Pres Xi’s Signal Came “By way of Our Election; NOv 8th” For Appeasing Fake News To Continue their Lies AS The REAL LAST Sting Ops set against this Drop of FF/WA3 Coming.. IS ALSO INTO activated PLAY from the Hype! We Must GO Through This! Everything Imaginable and Pre-Told AS The Worse.. WILL SPIRAL DOWN TO These Battles While Market Collapses.. Fed Reserve/CBs Can’t Hide this Any Other Way! Trump/WH & Alliances DID Counter and Stopped All They Tried! SO Why Are You Yelling For Trump To Get On And Finish This Movie? Silly- U Think That DS Is Just Gonna Stop Their Lies? Their Deceit Upon Humanity In America? Just Gonna Surrender THEIR Rothchild/Rockerfellers/Centralizing Plan IN CURRENT BANKING TO THE SLAVES They Call “Domestic Terrorists?” US!!!!  Why This Election IS IN THE STORM OF ALL The Rest Of This WAR Movie! This Entire Great Awakening IS Going To Be A Near Death Civilization Event of Epic TRUTH and Biblical To The Holy Bible’s Scriptures Of Past Knowledge! It HAS The Root Of Evil’s Monetary Banking Built Up INVOLVED IN OUR FREEDOM HANDED TO US IN This Realization Of Reality!! I For One? No Matter IF It’s A Play on Movies.. ACROSS SEAS in MARITIME LAW That Over Ran Our Independence Of 1776 AND Built The Rothchilds Federal Reserve HERE AND LIED TO The Peoples about That, I Want My Freedom Back By The Right Ruling.. Did U Know That after we had our Independence Won That, Fricking British CAME BACK Here And The Queen’s Rules Became Ours! These Shits rules going around our Constitution??!!! Yes! IF U Had Done Your Homework on That? U Would know WHY WE Cheered When Elizabeth-2 Died! U Would Have it Picked Up when “Trump Went To See Her In 2017 like he went to N Korea!” He Had w him ALL The Evidence collected in Surveillance That SHE And Other Leaders HAD TO Surrender To Trump in Capitulation FOR THEIR Involvement in War Crimes Against Humanity… Why SHE HAD TO WALK BEHIND TRUMP! He Allowed Her To Stay In Power UNTIL HER DEATH! King Charles and Pope Francis AS WELL, Have Been Arrested and Buckingham & Vatican & DC (trifecta of evils) R Abandoned At This Time..ARRESTED! Some Executed Quietly.. But For The Movie? Showdown of Real WAR Threats by WEF/CBs.. POWER And Greed in Evils Around Earth, STILL Taking THEM OUT.. We gotta do certain acting/Acts  to Unsuspecting “Other Unarrested” ILLuminati..Free Mason-33rd.. Knights of Templar.. NAZIS.. Communists.. All Those SOBS In MSM  and Social Media ..Gang Bangers of FBI’s Foot Soldiers.. Lastly? All The Still Sleepy Stupid Sheep Of Humans in This WORLD ..HAVE TO WAKE UP!! 

The Governors who were installed by rigging ..WILL Implode On Their Own Dismise AS New Congress Comes To Life.. THEN via NESARA Compliance REFORMS Will Happen! IT STATES; Not Trump That,  “120 Days Out, a New Election From This”.. Well, It’s Counting Down Since NOv 8th Rigged Election, ALRIGHT?! BY The American Way of Doing.. TRUMP Has To Be “Inaugurated” IN MAR 2023! Until Then WE R TO KNOW: This is the Timing of the New Congress that Will CALL Rightful Moves Up Front While Military IS Working in Background ON Counting Up Watermarked Ballots AND While Special Teams KEEP Working On Removing Antifa/BLM gang bangers waiting for FBI Orders “That When it happens and IF” wont be much at All To That .. The Military Will likely, Also,  Force SCOTUS To Stand Down And Reveal That They Invalidated Election BACK TO 2020 “But Wont Reveal Yet” on EBS too <Yes-That CAN BE HOW, Officially-Public, can put Trump Back Active Power,EARLIER (another option), TO Yank Biden Criminals for ALL Their Crimes Done Against Humanity!!! 

HAVE Warrior-Like Strength And PATIENCE! No One, Even Trump, Said “It WAS NEVER TO B A Thing to just  Be Easy and Get on with it!” IF IT WAS? We Would Always Expect this SELFISHNESS Being of Ourselves All the Fricken FUTURE IN TIME About it!.. Always Expect That NOTHING Can Be Nuked on Our Turf.. We Would Always Hold Dearer TO being Less Humane IN MORE leaning Into Free Thinking To Be A Character-Society based upon “Arrogance and Laziness..Stay in Herd Mentality AND KEEP ON Looking the Other Way when faced w Stress and Bullshit that’s a part of THIS SHOW!! See? U Got Pushy-  IS HOW WE GOT HERE TO BEGIN With! Please, Understand..”In this modern world of Computers..Acting FAST IS WHAT WE DID/DO.. So damn fast, WE FORGOT TO LISTEN..WATCH WHAT “They” WERE DOING Right Under Our Noses! So have Patience-WE HAVE THE POWER TO WIN but, we must TAKE “Very Critical-Strategic-Methodical-Logical “Baby Steps” TO GET THERE; MUST Keep Up W Changes Bc WAR “IS Fluid! Battles and Counterstrikes Are Fought! Anyone in Military Knows Battle PLANS Change–Keep Mouths Shut or Ships Are Sunk, For The Enemy IS Always Listening!  Not Only For Ourselves & America’s WIN but, FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD’S SAFETY “IS AT STAKE!” WE ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT! Americans are not used to Suffering as much as Europeans, Middle-East, Asians, Africans And Other Nations DID &  Still ARE WORSE! 

Sincerely Sorry It Has To Be This Way,




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