(Reader: Doc P) To KS about the Plan


Reader Post | By Doc P

I have searched over and over in the internet, dark web and through resources and informants in the military, for almost two years to find evidence and proof to verify any claims made by the “so called” “White Hats”.  All claims made have been reactive, thus taking me to the theory of a reverse Psychological Operation that quells resistance by feeding the masses with intel on a GCR which is nothing but the Deep States global NWO reset.

Everything that has come to pass is all in line for the NWO to roll out the Great Reset,  of course they are doing everything in their power to “minimize civilian casualties” because they fear an armed true revolution.  As of this month a quarter of the US population is willing to take up arms to end this authoritarian unelected regime.  Yet the “White hats” bring more so called unproven intel to quell the masses. 

I have once before written an open Letter to the White Hats and received nothing to that open letter.  The so called funny stuff that KS describes is exactly the hypocritical rhetoric that the White Hats have been feeding the Patriot Movement.  The longer this goes on the more I become convinced that the “White Hats” are the psychological operations being conducted by the deep state to silence an armed revolution that would in all means spark a world war not for power as those in the deep state thrive for, but Liberty.  “Give me Liberty or give me Death” the true words of our past patriots.

There are many researchers like myself that have felt that something is just not right about everything we are being fed.  A wise man said once, if it’s too good to be true, it is most likely a lie.  All these promises made of which none predicted came true.  CEOs that leave their positions happen all the time only to be replaced with ones that are even more corrupt. 

I warned the White Hats over two months ago that if they did not immediately confirm their predictions for those that have followed them soon, they would loose all the gains and support of those Supporting the Patriot cause for Liberty.  They have ignored my warning by blowing out fake news of the Supreme Court reversing the Election and posting it without any proof or evidence, which in my eyes is a critical and sloppy error that the deep state would make in their overconfidence.

I will write this only one more time. 

White Hats are being called out to disclose without a shadow of the doubt that they are true patriots with a major arrest made public within 72 hrs or prove themselves to be a counter-Patriot psychological operation!

And don’t you dare arrest a pawn to keep the farce going.  We have seen through the betrayals to those that have dedicated years towards research and digging down the rabbit holes.  Do not turn your back on us or you will feel the weight of Millions rising in Revolution!

You have 72 hrs from the time of posting until the world knows who you truly are.  Deep State Counter-Patriot Psyop or true Patriots. 

The choice is yours, either way the prediction of a summer of fire is upon you, and the consequences will likewise be your responsibility.  The People are done and your sick Movie needs to end. NOW!

Fellow Patriots, Researchers, and simple American Families looking for hope,  protect your loved ones, protect your property, protect your Liberty.  When the Lord sends his Angel of Wrath he will come with the Armor of God and carry the American Flag in his left hand and a rifle in his right, proclaiming, ”Give me Liberty or give me Death!”

God bless every last one of you and may his Grace protect you through these hellish times.

Doc P


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