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Reader Post | By timjoebob

We do it anyway, because it’s all some of us have. We can’t or won’t go out and fight the enemy because of obvious factors like old age, lack of weapons that could actually hurt or kill, not knowing how to get close enough to the enemy, not knowing if we’ve got the right guy in mind…etc etc etc…and the pitfalls of being an assassin working freelance or working with another like minded assassin in league with the idea that what we’d be doing is right and true to the cause or even interfering with some other clandestine operation of legitimacy to take out the enemy is not a likely good option.

We are outnumbered in one sense, but in another sense, we outnumber the bad guys by an enormous amount. We are outnumbered when it comes to exposing the bad guys. We can all thank MSM for that. Everyone keeps saying we’re waking up by the thousands, even millions. It’s as slow as molasses in the winter. MSM had every sheep in the palm of their hands in one day, while we, the awakened ones, have alternative media which has the stigma of being misinformation platforms, struggle to get the truth out to the world via a slow moving slug compared to the extremely swift and precise calculating machine of MSM.

The so-called gurus of alternative media are great and all, but it’s not even close to MSM at dissemination of info to the masses.

I’ll say it, yet, again.

MSM is the #1 enemy of the world. If I had to choose only one thing, it would be MSM. The so-called good guys are not so good at tackling that monster. They’re hopelessly inadequate, at best, in dealing with what should have been the first thing to deal with…the very first thing. How stupid can they be? Everyone knows the first casualty of war is the truth. That is the first sign that points to their inadequacy.

They have failed, in epic fashion, to address the biggest enemy the world has even seen—the blocking of the flow of nformation and education.

They have failed at the one thing that would have made all the difference in the most important war in the history of the universe or, at least, this planet.

Information… Love him or hate him, Alex Jones was the pioneer of shedding light publicly, in a brash and fearless way, on the Elites and their horrific plans to kill us.

I knew that this guy named Alex Jones was on to something when they started an all out assault on information. If it didn’t come from MSM it was considered lies and disinformation.

And now after a quarter of a century of ‘lies and disinformation’ coming from AJ and others like David Icke and others too numerous to mention here, we still are fighting MSM.

This is a joke.

The so-called good guys are inept at dealing with MSM. If the so-called good guys had any real Intel, they ignored it when it came to MSM. I think MSM might have had some disparaging info on the so-called good guys. Why else would MSM be left alone to do their damage? Hmmmm?

It makes no sense…unless the so-called good guys, at some point, got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and their pants down around their ankles. Nobody is perfect.

I’ll never, ever, in a million forevers to infinity and beyond, accept the stupid narrative “it had to be this way”…yeah…”their way”. I called bs then and I’m still calling bs now.

There’s always a better way.
There’s always a better way….ad infinitum.

I think the good guys were either too arrogant or embarrassed to admit they were out maneuvered…especially on MSM.

Shoulda’ coulda’ woulda’… the so-called good guys won’t come clean. They only stick to a so-called plan no matter what happens. Let the world burn…destruction run a muck…it has to be this way.

I’m not buying it…ever.

So here we are preaching to the choir. The so-called good guys will never read these posts or even give a damn about what regular useless eaters have to say because they are the superior minds with all the money and power to wage whatever counter strikes they can muster as long as it fits in the plan…their plan.

They use the same tactics as the bad guys. Can you not see it?

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

It’s the same.

It has to be this way…on the one side.

It has to be this way…on the other side.

It’s the same.

It’s like all of them, both sides, were in this big club, at one time. Then, some of the club members didn’t like how it was going so they formed their own club…a different club…and we weren’t invited. We were told to shut up and trust in the plan. They don’t want to hear what any of us have to say because we’re inferior in tactical situations. That’s another load of crap. It shows how much confidence the so-called good guys have in we the people…the ones who love freedom.

The so-called good guys are not as good as they claim to be from where I’m standing. I may be wrong, of course. My instincts are very keen, however. In a most serious situation, such as what we find ourselves in right now, the senses are on guard for any miscalculation in interpretation of events unfolding. That’s why you see them throw we the people a bone now and then to keep us pacified and content on what they’re feeding us.

What is reality to someone who doesn’t know their own reality?

It’s OK. They’ll tell us what it is. Just trust in the plan and leave the driving to them. They don’t listen to we the people, anyway.

So, maybe it is all just a waste of time talking about it as if they’re listening, because they’re not. We listen to each other and talk amongst ourselves. They’re on a different playing field…and we’re not on it…but we’re caught in the middle just like always…being ripped to shreds because it has to be this way.

Shaking my head and talking to the wall. Maybe someone will throw us another table scrap with some meat on it in the near future. All I do know for sure, as a fact, is that some people are feasting and throwing away bits and pieces of scraps to the weary. Just shut up and quit belly aching and whining and bitching and moaning about the war.

It is what it is until it’s not.

Oh, and we can forget about the Fat Lady singing any time soon. That much is crystal clear.

And as the gurus say, “Enjoy the show.”



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