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Reader Post | By timjoebob

Have I been too harsh on the Alliance/White Hats? Many of us out here across the country are extremely critical of how this is going. Like I’ve said in a previous older article, we are all pretty much armchair quarterbacks preaching to the choir. But, not everyone is clueless.

There’s some weird bs going on about who’s in charge of this train wreck of a war. Why do so many people insist that the Hats are in total control? What exactly are these people talking about? Are they talking about total control of the Alliance/White Hats modus operandi being under control of their own operations?…that they themselves are in control of their own plan of operation and are not responsible for all of the horrific offenses to the country and the world?…that the DS is responsible for all the bs going on in this country?…that the B regime is acting on its own and is not controlled by the Hats? I’m confused.

If the acting clone B is just a puppet, then who’s puppet is he, CCP or Hats? If the DS is controlling this creature, who somehow manages to walk and mumble his way around, then it’s pretty clear that the Hats are either lying or they are being played by DS.

A NDE is sooooo desperately needed according to 107 that it really makes me wonder whose side is he truly on. Do good guys make up plans to let people die that are not a threat by means of throwing up their hands and saying that the DS is responsible for all the chaos and death and destruction of people’s lives? This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

The Alliance/Hats are in control of their own operations, whatever they are…some plan that’s been in the works for a long time, supposedly.

The evil DS is desperately trying to hold on to their obviously evil plans that are consuming the planet. We all know what their plans are.

So, depending on your point of view, who’s in control is a matter of perspective…and perception.


Why do we rant?

We need to vent.

When I read or hear that the Alliance is in total control, I automatically think bs. Why? Because no good guy would allow this crap to continue knowing full well that innocent people are being slaughtered because of inactive measures on their part all because they’re following orders from a plan or play book. This type of inaction is contrary to intelligent management. So, are people saying that, by default, the Alliance/Hats are not responsible for all of the destruction of everything?

America is being destroyed because of a plan.

Somebody is working a planned play book. I don’t care if it’s the DS or the Hats. Everyone on this planet is being played like fiddle to fit into a mold so as to be manipulated into obeying edicts, mandates, or coercive fear based doomsday scenarios. Somebody is behind the curtain. There is more than just one curtain, however. It’s a rabbit hole…a veritable black hole that will send you to new realms of crazy.

So, who’s in control?

The ones that win in the end are the ones who maintained control all the way to the end.


No exceptions.

Who’s guilty of genocide?

To me, it looks like both sides.

I may be wrong. But, there’s one thing I’m not wrong about: MSM. The Alliance/Hats have proven to the world that their complicity in the MSM is now undeniable. They still absolutely refuse to stop the lies by not letting the real truth come out. They refuse to get truth on MSM. This is the #1 enemy of the world and the Alliance/Hats have done nothing to give the truth a MSM platform.

I stand firm and unwavering on this. They have proven to be inadequate. People will never wake up at this rate and they know it. So, who’s zooming who here?

At any rate, people make claims about who’s in control and that it’s just a cleanup operation. If this is just a clean up operation, I’m sure glad it’s not a world war.

I may be wrong.



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