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Reader Post | By Danlboon

Some people on the inside thinking only on the RV, QFS, NESARA/GESARA, USTN and TDAs are not looking at the whole present financial war and the means to take down the Deep State, thus the Can is continued to be Kicked.

One major thing is that the corrupt BAR and DoJ is a major crime ring involved in the financial corruption that involves every criminal activity that is brought forth or covered up and it cannot be stopped overnight, like it will end on June 15 as some have picked that day as being special. They are are also trying to halt all this NESARA/GESARA like they did in 2001, and also keep their ‘For Profit Corporation’ going by stealing the TDA funds from We The People, and that is why there are delays. So it is not just how soon all the lawful big bonds can be liquidated as it is flood waters have to recede first before you can build a proper foundation. You start off with the 50 state Attorney Generals and work down to every court clerk and their associates then that could be tens of millions of people to be halted. And the White Hats have to retrieve all these stolen TDA funds so we can be compensated.

President Trump is the Commander-in-Chief of the US Military and no public arrests can be made without the approval of Trump, and this also goes along with the play out of John Durham and his indictments as they have to be done in a precise order and timing for We The People to see and not have major riots coming out if all those indictments are released within a week or two without any major trials or tribunals. And for right now state after state are now coming forward with major evidence with their audits of the 2020 election fraud with people now going down.

For Trump to make a world wide speech that the USA is now a Republic with the payments from NESARA/GESARA and your TDAs being paid out then John Durham and his indictments are going down the tubes without every one of them being arrested with Due Process being followed. Trump is going by the book and that takes time.

The other thing is if this stretches out too long then there has to be hundreds of thousands of doubles and clones put in place for those that have been arrested, and you cannot have 535 of them in Congress. Some other employees may miss differences in looks, wording, habits and actions of some of these doubles, but when you replace the whole Congressional team that may not even know where their office is or who their special staff are then there is a problem with so many in that mind condition. “You don’t know who your chauffeur is that has worked for you the last 12 years?” You may have some replaced in January 2023 with the US CORP government still in place, but that has already been shut down, yet this also puts lies out to We The People that we still do not have a Republic.

Read this from the Friday meeting of the White Hat generals:
Gen. Berger to White Hats: “Stand Down!”

There may be a military clerk that is allowed to report what is going on at their meetings, but just to give enough info for all of us that are waiting for all these arrests that appear not to be happening, and not just continue on some conspiracy theory, or else all the GITMO stuff is false too. Here, General Berger states; “If he feels public arrests should wait until the midterm results are in, I side with him,” speaking of Trump, and that Kicks the Can into November before We The People can really see what is going on, in which the whole RV, QFS, NESARA/GESARA, USTN and TDAs has to be put on hold till then and the NDAs could be stretched out till then beyond the 90 days and in a previous posting it said maybe 5 years, and why for that long. Those White Hat generals were in a dispute as to how fast the arrests should be done, but it was General Berger that finalized it to “Stand Down!”


We The People cannot just have part of the RV, QFS, NESARA/GESARA, USTN and TDAs released while the John Durham indictments are still covering up pertinent info on those accused for the actual actions of everything that has happened in the last 60 years and more. We The People cannot be provided as to why all these new financial changes are happening if John Durham does not provide it as to why.



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