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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Why isn’t the RV started yet?
Why do the gurus always say that it has already happened or that it will come tomorrow?
Why hasn’t anything happened yet?
Why is everything delayed again and again?
Why is every forecast wrong for years?
Why is it that every date on which something good is supposed to happen has passed again and again without any events?
Why is then again and again a one-year, two-year, three-year, four-year and even already a five-year delta of the “Q-drops” past without which something has happened?
Why then is the Earth Alliance military at odds?
Why does Putin have to call Trump to finally step on the gas?
Why is there still so much bad happening in the world?
Why is the waiting time so long?
Why is the Queen still there?

Why, wherefore, for what, I could go on endlessly with questions now. Questions that I get asked, questions that people ask themselves (at least the awakened ones, because indoctrinated people don’t ask questions!), questions that I asked myself before I realized that nobody can answer them for me and nobody wants to answer them. No one, except those who designed the plan, knows when something is coming next. Everyone else is just guessing, as I am myself. Most of the questions I hear are about our future. But it’s not here yet, and no one I know or read has a crystal ball. Even cartomancers, people who deal with star constellations and horoscopes are wrong (experienced on my own body!). Then there are all the channelers. They pass on what they have been told. And also this is seldom true. I do not condemn all this, on the contrary, I like to listen to what is on the net and on YouTube. For the most part, it helps keep me in a good mood because it’s mostly good news (has been for years!). I watch it all, but don’t rely on it. Most of the time it’s combined with a prompt about what I absolutely should or must do. Well, I’m doing quite well with what I’ve been doing for weeks and months, I don’t have to go along with everything.

But what we all need to realize quite urgently (now I’m writing it myself, how awkward…..) is that the plan is a secret plan. Secret means SECRET, and not “I’m going to tell you something now, I’m bored right now!” Let’s compare the whole thing with watching movies. The movie I’m watching is new, I don’t know it. So I watch it, depending on how well it’s made, there’s an arc of suspense that sometimes flattens out, sometimes builds up again, well, it just captivates me. Would I think of calling the director and telling him to speed it up? Or that he should please change the plot at minute 34 or 65 so that it goes faster? Would you have told Peter Jackson that Frodo should throw the ring straight into the fire instead of putting it back on his finger with a sardonic grin? Or better yet, Isildur throw it directly into the fire in the opening credits of Part 1, just as Elrond told him to. Then it won’t take three parts of Lord of the Rings and we can watch something else. Would you do that?

Or would you ask the person sitting next to you in the cinema how the film continues, or how long it lasts? No, that wouldn’t occur to you, would it? You would disturb yourself and everyone you would ask and maybe miss something important. Well, you know what I mean? In movies and sporting events, we are patient, we watch everything to the end, waiting with excitement for the end, whatever it may be. Only with the current show, the current movie, we suddenly want to know everything that is going to happen and want to speed everything up. Au contraire!

And how do you feel when someone already knows the movie and spoils everything in advance? One of the differences between a movie and the current show is, there are lots of spoilers. And we all fall for it all the time, forgetting our experience from the movies, acting completely opposite and not even realizing it. Some of these spoilers clearly have financial intentions, that’s obvious. Paid webinars, paid club, and so on. I do not need to tell you, you know. Let them, I’m not upset about it anymore. It’s just a pity for the money of those who spend it. If they would let it be, all this would also be finished very quickly. But no one lets them. I think a lot of people are actually horny for leadership, one of the logical consequences of decades of giving up personal responsibility. It already starts in the family. Wife and son don’t take care of anything, they give everything to me. If I should not be there any more, and this day comes as surely as the Amen in the church, they stand there and have from nothing a plan.

Yesterday I watched the short film “The surrender of the world” and I can’t tell you what feelings of happiness I got. It was just times summed up in just under 45 minutes all that Trump has done in the first few months of his presidency. And along with Mohammed Bin Salman, he’s been bamboozling the Deep State, grabbing it by the collar and bamboozling it. He has forced every damn Deep State government and the Vatican to capitulate. Bin Salman has gone after the big corporations and they too have capitulated to the Earth Alliance. And at the latest since Donald J. Trump is the Postmaster of the UPU (Universal Postal Union), the end of the Deep State was sealed. From that point on, the show began. Yes, the show! The UPU determines when there is war and when troops are deployed. It is the most powerful organization in the world. And Trump is the POSTMASTER. Nothing works without him anymore. And he has powerful allies. Not just Bin Salman, but the BRICS countries. That’s two-thirds of the planet, of the populations. They have everything under control, and no one can stand up to them. That is always forgotten.


And if there were also victims who had to pay with their lives, or were ruined financially, or ended up in prisons, for example, because they did not pay broadcasting fees, or did not wear a mask, or simply took part in a demonstration.

If I already question and do not believe every report or news of the MSM, I must also be critical what official “government sites” announce, what institutes and hospitals publish. Or what pharmaceutical companies publish. They all belong together and are under control. The show is solely for the awakening, the start of the awakening process. And in the same way I have to be critical when I read or watch messages from alternative channels. Don’t panic, not everyone is controlled opposition, and in the last two years, intensified in the last months, more and more chaff is separating from wheat. And as for casualties. In every war there are casualties, and we are at war. No longer against the upper and middle levels of the Khazarian mafia, only against the lower levels, which for years have been leaderless, just working out their last plan and executing the last orders. We can see that they have no new ideas and do the same thing over and over again: Viruses and shootings.

And last week’s reports that the alliance military would be at odds, some generals would prefer more gas, others want delays. To that end, Putin is said to have called Trump to speed things up. Folks, honestly, what theater are you in that you write BS like this. What about SECRET did you guys not understand? Even if it was, do you think that would get out? And undermine the morals of the Anons? And there you go, you have the motive, and you know what corner this kind of bullshit comes from. PERIOD!

In the meantime, they’re getting down to business. This year, already 22 food companies that have been damaged by fires or explosions. Banks are being swallowed up or going bust. Every day that passes, the finale draws closer, the final end of the Khazarian mafia and our liberation. And it goes on as long as it has to. We don’t know anything about the plan, that’s why we can’t know how long it will take. For me, I don’t read anything that makes me afraid or gives me a bad feeling, I don’t read anything about institutions that no longer exist (EU, WHO, UN, UN, WEF) and their actors or clones, I don’t read anything that comes from any “governments” anymore, and I ignore everything that has to do with diseases or lack. We have been and are being shown that this is all just a play, sometimes obvious, sometimes between the lines.

For your own well-being: Don’t chase every report, don’t follow everything and everyone. Ask questions, do your own thinking, form your own opinions. Try to have more faith in the alliance and the plan, it really has everything under control. So strengthen your faith! Become sovereign and independent.

A quote from Sean Thornton on Telegram fits this:

“There seem to be a lot of people wasting their precious time on earth trying to calm down a bunch of people who are worried about something they have absolutely no control over. You need to shut down for a while and enjoy your LIFE! So here’s your assignment for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday – go out and do something fun and entertaining every day.”


WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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