A Lightworkers Heart: One Child at a Time, Many Hearts as One!


Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 5, 2022

A Lightworkers Heart: One Child At A Time, Many Hearts as One!

Today I want to talk about orphans and children in foster care in America. They are not really very different except for the fact that orphans may or may not have biological parents though some of them have been put in orphanages because their families did not have enough money to feed them. In foster care children are put into that system because their parents are poor and are having trouble keeping a home and food on their tables because of the disgusting wages people have been paid. All part of a grander plan you may not have been aware of.

The parents of the children they put in the orphanages did it so they would have at least three meals a day. I ask myself … did they? What I know about orphanages today and especially those in third world countries is that they were loaned out to people for the day so they could take this child for ‘ice cream’ .

A total stranger wants to take a 2 year old child out of the orphanage and then no one notices that this child never made it back to the orphanage. Did anyone report this child missing? Did anyone even notice that child was even missing?

At night this is what plays on my mind, these questions and many more? I have been told that the reason why no one would report this child missing is because palms were greased so that the pedophiles from any country could go to these third world countries and have their pick the age and sex of children because there were plenty and no laws to protect them either.

 I can’t tell you how this sickens me. Most especially because these children had rights and the people that they trusted to keep them safe abused them in ways that are unimaginable to me and yet at night I get visuals of the fear the these children must of felt when they knew they were not going back to their ‘safe’ place but worse knowing that no one was going to look for them or perhaps even miss them. Can you imagine the horror this child must of felt?


I have lost much sleep over this for many years but my hands were tied and I was only one person with no money behind me therefore no power. Soon that will be changing with the global currency reset and with my now over 1500 members we will make sure we rescue these children. One child at a time! Many hearts will come together for each child no matter what country they are in. 

There are 153 million children worldwide that are orphans according (UNICEF) statistics. The children in the foster care system and in group homes ranging in ages from newborn to 18 years old and in the United States alone that amounts to 700,000 in 2017. That number will continue to go up due to the opioid crisis according to the “U.S. Department of Health and Human Services”.

It is WBG intention to find homes for all these children post RV. The foster care system has proven over time that it is an organization more concerned about dollars than the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable children in our society. We all know that having a support system is crucial to our becoming successful in our lives and there are statistics to back this up. Of those 23,000 that age out of the system and become homeless once they turn 18 years old.

It doesn’t stop there many of those enter other institutions like prisons. This is a pervasive problem worldwide and we at WBG have the solutions, commitment and resources necessary to find all these children forever homes no matter what their age is.

As one of World Benevolence Group’s Co-Founder, I am a retired Foster Mom and I will tell you that I was forcibly retired by the Children Aid Society where I fostered 60+ children in 7 years. I know all too well and have firsthand knowledge as well as experience of what the Canadian Foster Care system which is no different than the Child Protective Services in the United States. These ‘government’ agencies were set up not to help children but to traffick them especially those children that were unadoptable.  They were set up to break families and they intimidated them, threatened them and heaven knows what else but I am certain that the truth will be coming real soon.

Once the global currency reset happens I will have the funds to completely eradicate this social problem with some of the most vulnerable children on this planet that apparently didn’t matter to our governments who were legally their parent.

They purposely made foster parents not to be able to give witness in a court of law because they did not recognize us as an expert so we couldn’t testify in court and be heard.  Think about this? The people who they hired to speak on behalf of the ‘vulnerable and silent children’ they silenced us legally, so we couldn’t report all their illegal activity on behalf of the silent child. Do you see where I am going with this?


Wow, seriously and then to add salt to the injury, they made it so one government department couldn’t override their mandate (at least in Canada that is so). Legal loopholes to protect their asses! Not on our watch  EVER AGAIN.

 Just imagine if you will, that nothing has been done to improve these statistics over the past 50 years , (that’s almost my whole life),  and in fact, these numbers have actually been climbing! Why has no one brought attention to this you might ask? Well let me answer that question and you may have a hard time believing this but they have not brought attention to this issue because they had a bigger secret and it involved more money that the drug running and illegal gun running put together. You read that correctly… child trafficking brought in more money than both of those illegal activities and they used the same underground tunnel systems that connected not only in North America but to Europe and Asia as well. I don’t personally know all the systems and how they connected but I do know that their secrets were multi-faceted. The one thing they all had in common was billions and I dare say even trillions of dollars and many politicians worldwide and royals were getting and lived their perfect life while these children were not only being exploited but abused beyond in ways you don’t want to know because then you won’t sleep either.

 Why do we still have orphanages globally?

Why have they not found forever homes for these children?

Many have talked about the statistics and have even held conferences worldwide but that’s as far as it has gone and we are now in the 21st century. The sad fact is that little to nothing has been done by our governments worldwide. Shame on them! And shame on us for turning to our phones and gadgets and Netflix/Disney movies and supporting this. Those companies had a lot to do with Epstein and child trafficking. Even though you didn’t know that is no excuse. It is up to all of us to protect all of our children. Our Indigenous people have a saying “that it takes a village to raise a child” and we have failed miserably but I will acknowledge the few that did speak up and lost their lives. To them I say that your sacrifice will not go unnoticed.

All lives matter and especially our children. And I say that all children deserve to grow up with a family and NOT in a institution that NEVER had their best interests at heart. These institutions have no HEARTS! All that mattered to them was the almighty $. Their bottom line and I saw that in the agency I was here in Canada. We cannot let them silence us anymore!

WBG intends to set up adoption agencies to tackle finding homes for all children in the foster care system that we are not able to reunite with their biological families you see many foster children were legally stolen from their families with trumped up charges and I know this first hand. Just like I know, that some of these parents committed suicide (this happened to two of the Father’s I knew personally because I was caring for their daughters,  one was a baby and her Dad arranged a beautiful 1st birthday party and then committed suicide just a week later (today his daughter is a teenager) and the other girl was a teenager whose father was kept from seeing his daughter for almost three years but I fought to reunite them and did for a two day visit and he committed suicide a week after his daughter was court ordered to another province to go to her biological mom to live) .

The helplessness, those father’s felt of not only being able to protect their daughters but not being able to get them back because they didn’t have money to fight the establishment they knew was the monster. This happens more than you know. These parents have been trying to tell their stories but nothing ever comes of it because there was another monster in this story and that is mainstream media.

 It’s never ever reported in the mainstream media because they don’t tell you the truth of what’s really happening in our world. They only know how to cover up for these monsters. Money talks they say and its evil but their time is done and the truth is about to be spoken worldwide. In fact, one of the reasons they don’t tell you what’s really happening is because that way you think everything is just perfect until it happens to you!

Shame on us for not noticing all that was going on around us or even when we were presented with things like this we just said it was a conspiracy and walked away. Yes it was too horrific to acknowledge but look what has happened around us now.


Perhaps things might be a lot different if we did and if we all stood up and fought. Just like today we need to STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS AND FIGHT TIL WE GET THEM ALL BACK!!!

It is WBG’s intention to also find homes for all children in orphanages worldwide by giving them a better quality of life and surrounding them with people that only have their best interests at heart. They will never feel abandoned or alone again. 

The history of these agencies globally has been firstly to not act in the best interest of these children. Imagine that. People had no idea when they put their children in foster care even temporarily they put their kids in danger. 

As some foster parents who had this done to them in retaliation for them giving evidence against their agency and I have known a few of these foster parents because they were my friends who actually were unjustly put in jail. It is with only because of God’s grace that I was not! My experience with the Canadian government foster care agency was published last June and here is the link: 

We are all free and sovereign beings and we will not be bullied? Remember to STAND UP for YOUR RIGHTS ALWAYS. IF YOU DON’T THEN WHO WILL!  YOU WERE BORN FREE under God’s Natural law.  

It’s WBG’s intention to not only put these children first but to ensure that they are matched with people who genuinely work from their hearts to ensure that unconditional love is their natural state. 

Our agencies will be located in major cities around the world and in particular, third world countries where the need is greatest. Now I am putting out a call to all Social Workers, Child Advocates, Children/Youth Workers to join me in this mission to ensure positive outcomes for all of these beautiful children who deserve only the best that life has to offer. I have a few of our members in WBG already to pitch in after the GCR happens.

Once the reset happens we will be FREE to be WHO WE CAME HERE TO BE. WE WILL BE FREE to help THOSE that CANNOT help themselves. There will be nothing and no one to stop us. God is taking care of every one of these monsters and many are already gone permanently.

“And the Meek shall inherit the earth!”  Matthew 5:5

So let’s all start a new and create a safe and loving environment for all the world’s children. Let’s start with those children that were the collateral damage of this war on humanity but mostly these innocent children. I am more than ready to take this challenge on myself but I now it’s smarter to have many people with a heart like mine to help me. I will need people to help me find adoptive families worldwide and also, I will need people to run WBG’s adoption agencies worldwide. So no matter where you live please contact me. I am also looking for names of orphanages worldwide especially in the Third World countries which I plan on working in first.


Let’s do this together and show them that there are genuine human beings that truly care about them. Please contact me if you want to make a difference in this world. I don’t care about University or College degrees.  I only care about hearts. Help me make this endeavour one of the greatest things we do as human beings and that is to work with our hearts. May you all be blessed. 

One Child, One Heart, One Love!   My other article:

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Peace, Love, Light and Joy,


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