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Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 20, 2022

A Lightworkers Dream: One Child, One Heart, One Love

The World Benevolence Group is a global humanitarian group of benefactors that will be helping to rebuild the new earth but we are in need of many professionals in all disciplines. Engineers, Architects and Construction companies etc.that are willing to send teams abroad. Our projects are to house all the homeless of the world. It is our intention to find every man woman and child that is living on the streets a home. 

There is no reason why in this world there are even homeless people other than the fact that the Deep-State made life so difficult that many ended up there including some of our Veterans. Now that isn’t just in North America,  but worldwide. Why? Have you ever stopped to wonder there are so many people on our streets? Have you taken the time to listen to their story?

 Its true when they say that ‘our story’ does not define you and I am making this promise out loud and to our Creator that I am making this solemn promise to get all the homeless worldwide off the streets and into their own home and fully furnished at that. I want to have a restaurant also and on the ground floor of a building or a storefront nearby where there meals will be provided for if they can’t cook. I am also hoping that some of them will want to learn how to cook in our Cooking centers or learn whatever type of work they feel called to. We will have all those programs in place for them but also for youth out of care.

How many of you know that after a child ages out of the foster care system, they are just sent out into this world to fend for themselves with no one to cheer them on, or help them when they stumble. I can’t imagine… can you? Most parents don’t toss their kids out but our ‘governments’ who were they legal guardians/parents can do just that. Well, by now, we all know that our ‘governments’ were not here to service the people who elected them.

The other group we will be building homes for will be for single moms and single dads. This group also struggles to give their kids the very best. But with work being scarce and prices soaring, it’s difficult to provide just the basics let alone saving for a place they can call home. We have programs in place for re-training, second careers, counselling if they feel they need it and other programs. Basically, whatever they need to make life easier for them and their children. I feel it is society’s duty to make sure all of our children are cared for from the start.




Speaking of children, now let me tell you about another set of children that are very dear to my heart. Orphans those children who have no one person that loves them or even cares where they are and how they are feeling. Did you know that according to UNICEF there are 163 million children around the globe that are orphans! I’m not sure of how many orphanages there are around the globe but I expect there to be more than I care to imagine.

Did you know that the orphanages around the world provided the pedophiles in our society with children? They could just come in take a child out for ‘ice cream’ and never bring them back and no one would even question where or why they did not come back. Imagine that a two year old child or 8 year old girl and no one would even miss them the next day.

The reason this happened is because most of these orphanages were run by criminals and many hands were greased with that almighty dollar. Money in this case is the root of evil because the Illuminati ruled supreme and so they got whatever children they wanted worldwide and at a moment’s notice. It’s sickening to think that while I was safe in my bed with food in my belly that there were children who went to bed hungry and were beaten all day for the pleasure of these despicable human beings if I can call them that.

It makes me so sad to think about this and it is because I’m a retired foster mother that I know firsthand about trafficked kids. I too felt helpless because I knew it wasn’t just in the foster care system but that there were many institutions and governments, law enforcement agencies, etc. I’m not saying that there are not excellent police but a handful would not be enough to take down this system.

Look at what the American President D.J. Trump has done for trafficking. His second day in office he signed an Executive Order regarding trafficking and they have been cleaning it up including still today. Oh are you going to tell me he’s not the president of the United States, clearly you haven’t heard the truth about what’s really been going on underneath your feet but you will. 

I know it’s not out yet in mainstream media because even our media is corrupt hiding these criminals by not telling the truth. Honestly, how do these people sleep at night! Seriously, crimes against humanity holds the death penalty and rightly so in my eyes. How else can we send the message that these beautiful children expected us the adults in our society to do the right thing instead of turning a blind eye all for the sake of $. These innocent children lived in hell and no one came to rescue them. You think people didn’t know about and that’s why nothing was done. Your very wrong, once the truth comes out you will find that  the people you looked up to or emulated were devil’s in disguise and they fooled us for literally decades. Even institutions like the Red Cross, Disney, McDonald’s, UNICEF, even UNICEF were directly involved and profited from these innocent children. There are no words to explain the disdain and disgust I feel.

I could not do anything about the evil state this world was in. But I can do something about the orphanages around the world and that it is to eradicate them and it is my promise to these children that I will find them homes where they will be loved and cared for like they deserved. So I’m asking anyone that is feeling called to step up and help me get the names of orphanages around the globe so after the global currency reset I can start this project that means so very much to me.




This new world will no longer be filled with sadness but only love and joy. It is my solemn promise to the orphan children and I know that many will join me in this cause. We need to right all the wrongs of this world. I feel that the Light will come in with our humanitarian projects rather than our controllers coming in with their totalitarian projects.

Don’t panic when you suddenly see all these corrupt systems start crumbling down because that has always been part of the plan and the question I want to ask you all is what side will you choose? It’s time to finally stand up and make your voices be heard. It’s time to take our LIVES back! It’s time to stand up and be counted and for heaven’s sake it’s time for us to speak for all the silent children worldwide. It’s not acceptable to me that these beautiful children don’t have anyone to love them and watch them grow.

It’s time for us to get out of our ‘comfort’ zones and look at the reality of this situation. It’s time that each one of us take responsibility for these children everywhere. It’s time for us to open not only our hearts but our homes and share your love with those that have never known it. ITS TIME to walk your TALK. Just be you and don’t care about what others will think or say. Just be the authentic you who came here to be all that you are! Have no fear because it can’t exist where we are going. Fifth dimension the higher vibration ALWAYS trumps the lower one. So just be the LOVE you came here to be and trust that you are a light for this world because after all we are all SPARKS of God’s energy. Let’s show our Creator who we really are!

I’m asking you all to stand up with me. Let’s be the change we want to see in this world. If you feel called please email me at and if you would like to work with us please send me an email to Please pass the word around about our organization. It truly takes a village to raise a child but in this case it will take all of us to change the world and raise its vibration one soul at a time. Working from our hearts and acting on it is how we will make the difference. Imagine there are no borders anymore and we can move freely. Imagine being that free when we are free to give love to everyone we meet. Smile at a stranger you may be the only person who did. We CAN make the difference.

Peace, Love, Light and Joy,


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