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Reader Post | By KS

First off, Semper Fi Marine. I’m former Army, So Hoorah!

Let me say this, I see a few things that I believe are “Possible” Scenarios happening now in all of this. I sent another post to Op. Dis. a couple of days ago which actually mentioned a couple of the things that you did, but for whatever reason, they chose Not to publish that post. In it, I actually too, spoke of Operation Looking Glass, when I mentioned the Excuse they are now giving of Putin going too early is now “Supposedly” the reason for the holdup on the GCR front, which, according to them (the WH’s), said it caused many issues that were either unforeseen, or now, had to be redone. I called BS to that Excuse because Yes, of Operation Looking Glasses abilities to see in the future. So, Zero surprises are excusable. All it takes, is for anyone with a decent memory of the WH’s themselves being the one’s who told us about Op. LG to begin with. So 5×5 brother! Loud and Clear and Copy That!

Next, I saw too, where the Leaders of this have differing opinions and went to DeSantis. Personally, I think that’s a Bad Idea and here’s why. While YES, DeSantis IS stepping up really hard NOW for a lot of the Right Reasons, he HAS been known to be a bit of a RINO on a few separate occasions before Trump ever took office. Personally, I feel that there are at least 2 better options for them to approach IF that is indeed where this is all headed. My thoughts are, either John Kennedy from Louisiana, OR, Rand Paul of Ky! BOTH of those men have, since as far back as I can remember, have Never Once waivered unless I am mistaken and maybe have forgotten. As I said, DeSantis IS as of NOW, doing what he should have been doing all along. Same can be said about Ted Cruz as well. He CAN, and HAS as of late and a few other occasions, stood rightly. BUT he too, has had his own Moments of acting like the other RINO’s over the past 10 years or so. But this is just My Opinion, and we all know how that goes.

All of these people Running this Sh*t show, don’t make any Real Life connections because not ONE of them ACTUALLY, have to Live on OUR LEVEL of life Or WALK in Our Every Day affairs. So they simply are Out of Touch COMPLETELY, with REALITY to anything and Everything outside of their little worlds. So it’s very Easy for them to all sit and THINK we aren’t suffering as bad as WE KNOW we are, because they simply Have NO CLUE about it! None! They can’t seem to Grasp in their own finite minds, how Their INACTIONS, are what is Causing so many to become distraught and completely Disengaged anymore with them and their “Plan”! They tell us to “Trust the Plan” and HAVE for over 5 Years now in the Q drops and thousands of posts and comments. Well, For ANYONE with half a brain who is actually Paying attention to the most Recent events of General Bergers and the Other Top White Hats differences in all of this, if they can’t seem to figure out HOW to End this Disaster of a So Called “MOVIE”, (nod to TJB and Thanks for the props brother), That to me, is in itself proof that THEY HAVE NO PLAN and are either Solely relying on Trump calling the shots, or this Quantum Computer to call the shots. My Grandfather taught me as a young boy that, if you don’t Plan your Work, you plan to Fail. Plan your work and WORK YOUR PLAN!

Now, as I see it, we have also been told Numerous times, how We Have More Than We Know. Meaning, we have already been given the plan In the Q Drops and Intel. Does anyone remember the comment about “The Arrest that would Shock the World” in the Q posts? I’m just spitballing here, but could this be T’s arrest for what is happening now? Hhhmm?? Very thought provoking indeed isn’t it? Or General Berger? Or BOTH maybe? It MIGHT be, that Trump is just now realizing, that once this Final push is made, and NESARA/GESARA are Publicly Announced, then as we’ve been told repeatedly, that EVERY POLITICIAN, Cop, Lawyer, Judge and so on and so forth, MUST STEP DOWN for the Whole Planet to have NEW Elections. Could be, that he has realized that he’s Waited Too damned Long here and is Losing the Vast Majority of his voter base (WHICH WAS ROCK SOLID TILL NOW), and is worried that HE, Will NOT be Re-elected as he WOULD HAVE Beforehand. Who the hell knows at this point. They keep telling us to “Question Everything”! Do they mean that TRUTHFULLY? Or do they mean that to Just be Applied to question everything the DS does or says. Because Honesty and Truth, doesn’t mind if you question THEM TOO! Therefore, if we ONLY question the Black Hats and Not the White Hats as well, then WE, are not Really searching for TRUTH! Only searching for What WE Want to BELIEVE the TRUTH is and not what it ACTUALLY IS! Because I for one, DO and always HAVE, Questioned EVERYTHING. Even my Own Self and Actions at times. It’s the Only way that I can stand and Rightfully say that I am a Just and Honest man and am No Hypocrite.

The Military has stated that, they will “MONITOR” the elections come November?!?! Again, I call BS in a BIG WAY! We The People Don’t NEEEEEED you all to just SIT AND MONITOR ANY MORE, repeat ANY MORE ELECTIONS! YOU HAVE IT ALL as of 2015! REMEMBER???? No More Sting Ops, Zero more BS of Any kind! THAT, would be Absolutely WORTHLESS in Every Way Imaginable! So what are your Plans then? To just Sit and MONITOR the next elections for the Next 100 Years while You STILL do Nothing to HONOR YOUR OATHS? BS! Operation LOOKING GLASS Gentlemen! REMEMBER???? NO EXCUSES/LIES for your so called Surprises! If you KNOW THE FUTURE, YOU CANNOT, CANNOT, CANNOT BE SURPRISED! PERIOD! PUT UP OR SHUT UP! Your OWN, Inability to Figure out how to END THIS BS MOVIE, is Proof THERE IS NO PLAN! So If YOU ALL, don’t have a Plan, What the Hell ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TRUST?? Trust the Plan!?!? Yeah Right! You MEAN, Trust US and not the CABAL! Oh but Wait, Question Everything. Oh, Except us. Don’t Question Us or what WE say. Just them and what THEY say or “Claim” without Proving! Right? How do you actually believe the masses to Just Trust You and Believe You when YOU WON’T PROVE ANYTHING? Thomas doubted Jesus’ Resurrection. Did he not? When he saw Jesus with HIS OWN TWO EYES, He Still had Doubts. But Wait a minute, Jesus, PROVED IT TO HIM IMMEDIATELY! By Sticking out his Hands and letting Thomas TOUCH and Feel, AND SEE with HIS OWN TWO EYES! You Seriously want to Wake up the Sleepers????? Stop Saving MSM for Last and QUIT THREATENING THEM WITH EMPTY GESTURES of We’ll Pull Your licenses if you don’t start reporting the Truth! You’ve Threatened them now what, 3 different times?? And you Still haven’t done Sh*t to them! You may as Well tell them You’re Gonna Count to 10 and if they don’t stop what they’re doing, you’ll start counting again with empty threats which They KNOW. Stop giving some little “Hints”, Q-Drops, or Gestures, that maybe, kinda sorta, MIGHT be, Associated with Some Gematria BS that the SLEEPERS AREN’T EVEN AWARE OF! How the Hell are they supposed to Pick up on Anything from that Foolish HOGWASH?

The last thing I want to touch base on is this. They (the WH’s), have told us that we have Actually been operating under some form of Soft Martial Law for several Years now. On top of that, just before Trump left the White House, he acknowledged that there in deed WAS a Smooth Transfer of Power, from Himself, to the Military Generals who are RUNNING THIS SH*TSHOW. So, That being said, General Berger’s claim that they can do Nothing unless Trump Says to, IS a Pure BS LIE. If THEY are Running things after that Smooth Transfer of Power took place, AS WE HAVE BEEN TOLD BY THE WH’s now Countless times, then Trump is NOT RUNNING THINGS but the Generals are! So if General Angle and the others are telling Berger they have a vote of No Confidence now in Trump over his Inability to seemingly FINISH THIS, as we so often see on Restored Republics sight, then They are claiming No Confidence in the Wrong Person. They Should be directing that vote of No Confidence now in Berger the way Anyone who has ever served would see it!


Anywho, those are just a few thoughts I’ve had since my post the other day. You Patriots, have a wonderful upcoming week! To the TROOPS Putting their lives on the Line FOR ALL OF US FROM EVERY COUNTRY! HOORAH and THANK YOU! Be Safe and God Bless!

Signed, a Reader KS


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