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In The Light of Truth

There is something that has been on my heart for over six years since I retired from fostering.  I feel the time is right now so I will share with you a story, my story. It began in 2005 when I embarked on what would turn out to be the toughest years of my life so far. Tough in that my heart was going to go through many tests, twists and turns, My journey ended up as being a very long and arduous  eight year journey. While I cared for foster children in my home like they were my kids and I had no idea the profound the overall effect it would have on my being personally and the demons that I was to live amongst and see firsthand how abusive a ‘governmental’ system can be. I know now and I know why, so you can’t call this a conspiracy theory.

A few years earlier and in one of my meditations in 2002, I heard a voice tell me to “shine a light in the dark.” I heard that voice in meditation a few times more but this time it was a faint whisper and it said “help my children” and then I got shivers all over my body. I realized now what I was to do… sort of!

I have always known the truth will be revealed but what I didn’t know then, is that it would take 7 years and 65 foster children. Justice is now just around the corner and it’s happening as we speak but you don’t know yet because our mainstream media was covering up the truth from you and (the world).  So whether we are ready is actually immaterial because the time IS now for the whole world to hear this ugly vile truth that has been kept hidden from us all. I can tell you it won’t be pretty but it MUST come to the light. This revelation is necessary to FREE us all from this evil tyranny and most especially it will help us all to heal especially the children.

This story will seem like fiction and I wish I could say it was but I assure you that it is the truth because I lived it. I was fired (constructive dismissal is the legal term and they knew I wouldn’t sign their ridiculous demands) because I knew this Truth and I trusted that it was time for me to go as much as it broke my heart and that was their intention. Breaking me was the intention and they tried many times over the years but I was prepared for them. They knew me well enough and they knew that I wouldn’t agree with their ridiculous terms i.e.: like giving them carte Blanche over my personal and private information such as my CRA/IRA account, medical files, etc. It was as if I was a criminal or I did something wrong but I knew who the criminal really was. I also knew that my time was done there and that I had accomplished my mission and I had to be good with that.

In fact, the last baby that had came to me in the middle of the night and unannounced unlike all the others where they called ahead. I opened the door and was told that they had this baby girl for me so obviously I invited them in but first I asked “who is this lovely little girl” and the worker replied Karma (and I said with a ‘K’?) and she said “yes”. I knew then without a shadow of a doubt that my time fostering was coming to a close but I couldn’t have imagined that end.


Even the paperwork they filed with the Government for the closure of my home was falsified.  I never got a warning in those years about anything except 6 months before they meant to close me. It was so ridiculous that in their scoring they actually listed me as I was homeless. How does one who is fostering for the state be homeless and works for them for over 7 years? In their haste and in trying to get rid of me, they did some stupid things and this was one of them. Right so how could I foster 2/4 children for that long and still be a foster parent? I like to think that my LIGHT intimidated them. I always demanded the truth about the infants/children that I fostered and they hated that. I believe that information is my power and if I didn’t know their real story then I didn’t have all the pieces to help them.

This is the first time in I’m talking about it and putting it down in writing and now publishing it. I wrote a very long email letter to my local Member of Parliament for my district but I never sent it because I knew intuitively that they are all in it together. I also realized that I did not send it because I was told by some insiders that a target was on my back by Children’s Aid Society (CPS in the U.S.) since they blacklisted me. Being a fierce child advocate all my life, I just ignored it and did what I was guided to do in Jesus’ name which was to ‘shine a light in the dark ‘ and I feared no evil! Believe me when I say that it was very difficult for me to be quiet especially with what I was witness to in regards to how the children were treated moved from one house to another like they were chattel with no regard to their emotional well being. I wondered if they really made it to another foster home now I feel I know where they were being sent. I was never able to see any of my foster babies/toddlers again even though I asked numerous times. I was told that it was better to disconnect for the ‘sake of the child.’

While working for them I was bullied, they attacked my integrity, treated me with disrespect and still I went on to do my mission everyday for almost 8 years. All the children I cared for were born addicted to drugs/alcohol at birth and so many were very sick with breathing issues and a host of other things such as born addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Some cried for month’s non-stop while their nervous system regulated various functions in their fragile system. Born disconnected from their mothers due to her addiction I was blessed to watch their ‘light’ turn on after a couple of weeks or so in my care. I loved them like they were my children. I don’t know how to love any differently I just know how to love! I thought my heart would break when they were taken from me because I didn’t know where they would end up. A part of me didn’t want to know but my soul knew! All I could do for them is pray for their safety.

I had to walk away after being fired that was now nine years ago. It was the most difficult decision of my life and it tore me apart for the better part of two years. I even had a car accident and in that pain all I could do is just continue caring for my babies. I suffered a breakdown during those two years which lead me to the realization that I truly could not have done this alone. Being a natural caregiver you just want to fix everything and my inner psyche couldn’t accept that I had to walk away not only for my health but the safety of family. I realized that it was not the right time to take action and though I was okay with God dispensing justice it never occurred to me that I would still be here to witness Lady Justice shine brighter than ever but I am confident I now will see just that and along with each of you reading this and the whole world. We have been watching it all play out in the fake media but the real truth hasn’t come out yet but I feel we are just a few day/weeks away from the most shocking truth you will ever hear about in this life.

Truly I had no idea just how complicated and intertwined this trafficking was not just locally or in my country but all over the world and it encompasses not just governments, 3 letter agencies, politicians, police authorities but all kinds of corporations greedy beyond comprehension. Who could have imagined just how evil permeated our world and that it had been well cloaked. This greed ravaged our beautiful innocent children and now the whole world will know very soon. Though I know this will be very painful for all of us it will also trigger many of us. We have all had unwanted attention in our personal lives especially as children and young woman/men.

In The Light of Truth – Part Two

I took a two year break to recover from fostering after that experience and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back but I missed the kids so much. In 2014, I made another commitment to help these children. I was suddenly immersed in a real Human trafficking aspect of this private fostering agency while caring for high risk teen girls.  I had two young ladies aged 14 & 15 years old. Believe me when I say that this evil (Satan) that has permeated every place on this beautiful planet and its only one of the evils we had to fight.

No one wants to talk about this even though more than 2,000,000 children go missing worldwide while 800,000 children just disappear in the U.S. and Children Protective Services has been directly involved and it has been reported in mainstream media not just in the United States but even in Canada as well.

According to the RCMP, 40,000 children go missing, run away or are abducted in Canada each year but in 2019, that number went up to 57,233 children that have gone missing and I feel these statistics are much lower than is true because like everything else in our society the real truth has been kept from us. Also, it makes sense that they would downplay the numbers so as not to draw attention. But this is not just happening in North America it has been happening worldwide and by organizations that we trust. What’s sick is that some of these organizations were even posing as children’s organizations when in fact they were fronts for the trafficking of children.

You know these organizations like the ones that send food and/or medical supplies to help the poor. Or how about after a disaster like a hurricane or tsunami, where instead of dropping supplies for the people, they actually go there to scoop up these kids whose families were killed or injured. No one would notice they were missing and even if they did they would just believe they were buried under the rubble. It was easy for them to do this sort of scoop all over the world during different disasters. What is also really sick about this is that most of these disasters were part of their plan. In other words, man-made and specifically designed for this agenda. It’s just sick to think of humans doing this to innocent children and children in trauma. But that too is the point they are not human and that’s another story I won’t go into here!


In the underground DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) all over the world they have found these children some alive and other just used for body parts or satanic sacrifices. We will have justice for all them very soon.  As for all those horrid/vile monsters that are responsible and no matter what their positions in society has been those who chose money before human lives, rest assured that Lady Justice is already on her way.

I will be here, like many healers worldwide to help all these children and those after disclosure of this evil that become overwhelmed with this truth. I truly feel for all of them but they will not wake up and see the truth of this world and we need them all to wake up.

Evil is not innate to existence.” Good and evil were not established as equal and opposite forces belonging to an eternal drama. Evil is simply disconnection from God and denial of the love that you are!

It seems imperative to me that we must eradicate this evil since it can’t exist where we are going.  5D it’s all about love and working from your heart in service to others. We cannot have the lives we deserve since it was taken not only from us but all of our ancestors too. This evil has been running in the background for centuries and has become cleverer in the ways they hide. Many of our ancestors died by diseases that were created for that purpose and is still happening today with C*ovid.

The establishment/elites have been trying to kill us with food, medication/medical procedures, chem. trails, and let us not forget the vaccinations to damage our children and of course war! They imprison or even murder those of us who were courageous enough to stand up for the truth by putting ourselves in the line of fire naively. I’m courageous but you have to pick your fight and one that you can win and that was not possible at that juncture in my path but today I understand why more and more when I learn about how intricate their web is and its everywhere.

What I know today is that it’s best to put your energy into what you have control with and not to fight and lose when you have a target on our back. I’m so grateful to my guides and for their unending advice during some of my most vulnerable and painful times in my life. I have truly been blessed.

Even the crumbling banking system has been involved in human/sex trafficking, which by the way, brings in more $’s than the drug cartels and illegal guns! Wrap your head around that and also, many of the corporations who say they care about us or that are doing something nice for us have something to hide and they are so corrupt we didn’t have a fighting chance.

In every aspect of our society and in how this world is run you can find corporations, charities, law enforcement, legal system, and insurance companies that are so corrupt. Money became the most important issue before doing what is right for their fellow human being or our most vulnerable in society… our children. Even I could not have imagined what evil existed around me and I was immersed in all of those organizations throughout my career.

Don’t get me wrong I have never been asleep to the truth of things in my world. I have felt that evil and many times I had to face it but I couldn’t take it on alone, so I did the next best thing… I prayed and prayed and prayed! Well God heard not only my prayers but those of all of us who are awake to the reality of our world. I prayed for children to be safe but also to not be hungry. Why were they I wondered as young girl? I even remember being hungry at times as a child when there wasn’t unemployment to help seasonal workers. Each foster child that came through my doors I could relate to in many ways. In order now to have the life we have dreamed of and so deserve, we must remove all forms of this evil on this planet from one side of the globe to the other and leaving no stone upturned. The next time you are wondering why RV hasn’t happened just think of these woman and children waiting for someone to rescue them. Or those people that not only don’t have a home and but that their children go to bed hungry as well.

Did you ever wonder over the past 50+ years what happened to the missing children that were on the milk cartons? Why did they stop that? I really wondered as a kid. I know it wasn’t because they were all found or there were no more missing kids but I wondered why no one questioned it. I never saw anything on the news anymore. I wondered how our society could just let this happen. I do know this and that is that we can never turn our eyes away from the truth. NEVER!


All these woman and children who were trafficked are casualties of a silent war. Things started to change once the internet became a part of our society and though we like to think that it helped matters in many ways it made it ten times worse because it connected all those vile people and they were doing under our noses but that is a different story. You see God is the source of all creation. The source of all evil is the denial of love which results in the ill-fated chaos of life unsupervised by love. When a person denies the love that he is, he loses the power to command the affairs of his life. In its place he will use force and deception. But love commands. It does not control.

And here we are today… on the precipice of this being eliminated everywhere. The Light will always win over darkness and believe me when I say, that I have been witness to a few miracles in my life. Always remember that the dark can’t hide in the Light and when that happens it comes into full view for all to see. All the light workers globally have been working diligently and in our own way following our guidance and some of us for our entire lives. So, in that light, we have been fighting corruption in all its forms whether you were aware or not.  Many of our missions have been in these organizations and at times it seemed that this insidious evil was everywhere and I felt so strongly that it even permeated the air I breathed.

It seems that I have spent my whole life fighting corruption. Then a few years back this man whom we all know as the now U.S. President Donald J. Trump who had the guts of a modern day hero. Our own superman for this time on earth and it seemed he even had super powers and I know he was heaven sent because God heard all of our prayers. We needed Him to send us a person who was not afraid of evil in its many forms. God knew we needed his hand in this and I thank Him!

Having been a personal witness to this corruption in many systems, I realized that put a target on my back but someone had to stand up for those silent voices. I wondered why I had so many jobs in my 28 year career.

Yes, it was difficult and in the beginning when I didn’t realize what God’s plan was yet but I trusted my inner guidance and just went along with it trusting that the truth would be revealed. Now looking back all these years later and I realized I was to learn about vibration (energy) so that I would be able to pick out the evil. I had to feel what it was like working with Presidents/Vice Presidents of huge banks (part of the Central Bank system), and to know what it felt like to work for these men who had no souls or put it another way working for people who sold their souls. Satan truly existed and he was everywhere in my world.

Money was their objective, their motive, and their mantras. Money before decency, honesty and even human life. It sickened me to no end and yet, as this was my mission at that time, I persevered since I trusted God above all else and because I knew there was a higher plan and that all would be revealed when it was time.

I have ALWAYS trusted my inner guidance and it has helped me in more ways than I can tell you. Trust for many is a very difficult thing in this world especially due to all the corruption we were surrounded by and yet, I never lost faith in it. It has been my guiding force through all of this. We have to take our bumps and bruises along this road but “as we follow the raven into shadow, we will find the light.” Well ladies and gentlemen, that time is upon us now and though we are still waiting for the central bank systems to announce they are bankrupt which we already know.  It’s common knowledge now that they are in a serious decline and scrambling. I like to call it their last breath!

I am anxiously awaiting his cleansing of the dark forces as are thousands of light workers around the globe. We are ready and with God’s help we will take back this earth, our Home, become sovereign and restore our earth to its former Glory and together as One people.

As our native people keep telling us, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” I came in as a warrior and so I will continue to fight till my last breath if need be and not just for my family but for all peoples’ of the world.  I am a Truth Warrior.

I want you all to always remember that our Hearts are multi-dimensional portal of lights and we are all so needed on this planet. We must pick up the pieces after this evil is lifted and make our world whole again. That is our most important mission to be here for each other. Do not let those evil forces divide us any further as the time is rapidly approaching for us to band together worldwide and do what we came here to do! Let’s not waste another minute. I know this is all of our mission because we are all here together! So please hold the Light for those that can’t or those that don’t see it right now because they will! I am certain of that!


Never, ever give up or stop believing that you can and are making a difference. Each one of us has our own special magic that our Creator infused us with. Just feel it and be all that you came here to be! Then just watch how we transform our world into much light and joy.

Lastly, I want to thank our Creator for having my/our back through this most difficult period in my/our life but mostly for helping me keep my heart open through all of this. Yes it was very difficult and at times I didn’t think I’d make it but he saw me through it all, so that I know now I/we will be able to help to make this world a much better place and definitely safer and more peaceful. I am also so very grateful for WBG so together we can help these children and I am also grateful for all of you the wonderful awakened ones and together we will all triumph. Let’s all show these women and children what true unconditional love is. If you or someone you know has an idea or plan on how to help them as a worldwide mission then I ask you to join up with us at the World Benevolence Group. My contact information is listed below. May you all be blessed!

‘The seeds of happiness are sown in darkness’

Peace, Love & Light,

World Benevolence Group (WBG)
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