(Reader: KS Patriot) Regarding President Trump Ending Now vs. Later


Reader Post | By KS Patriot

I have been reading many of these letters from frustrated Patriots and sympathize and echo much of what they say. 

You have Truthers – smart, savvy, followers of Q, connecting the dots, the comms, utilizing other patriot reports and on the ground videos and proud supporters of Trump, the Alliance and the Military. 

You have the Sleepers/Normies – smart, independent, mostly Trump supporters, usually don’t watch MSM for the most part, do not research, did not take the vax, but think Truthers are crazy, a cult, listening and watching propaganda, make fun of Q, not usually on social media, like to tell Truthers to wake up, what we see/hear/believe is all a scam

Last you have the brain dead Sheep – the MSM zeolots, multiple vaxed, wear masks in their car, vax/kill their own children, through tantrums, hate America, scream at anyone that doesn’t think like them. Worship hollywood, Obama and Hillary and think Trump is walking evil etc etc etc

Truthers/Patriots all know both Sheep and Sleepers. And I think ALL of us will tell the Alliance that you are not going to wake these people up. Either group. If they are not awake or even questioning things by now, they are NOT going to in the future.

Meanwhile, your steadfast supporters are seeing loved ones die, America destroyed, our Military decimated, children abused and killed, more diseases released, people’s health failing, their families falling apart, being called names, laughed at and ridiculed. 

For what???? the November elections so we can watch them steal those too? We just saw them do it again with no repercussions on the Primaries. If they even hold elections in November, most likely we will be in lockdown under some new fake disease and only do mail in ballots or the disease will be so severe, they will cancel elections that the Deep State knows they have zero chance of winning. So, why would we wait for any of those scenarios?

Unless you have something drastic holding you back that we don’t know about, lets wrap this s__t show up, round them up, BROADCAST the TRUTH and get on the road to repairing our lives, and repairing America.

And you MUST have transparency, show EVERYTHING. If you hide truths of their depravity and evil you are doing the Deep State motto of “protecting us for our own good” It ALL needs to be put there and if it hurts someone’s fragile feelings too bad….they don’t need to watch it. We are sick of hiding information to protect the weak’s feelings. To keep this from happening again, people and history needs to show the total depth of corruption, evil and damage these sick, manipulative, sub humans did.

Time to throw down. If needed, we will throw down beside you.

We are ready to emerge and fight.

KS Patriot


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