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Reader Post | By Pete H

Hello fellow Patriots,

I just wanted to share with you guys who know I’m a big fan of subliminal audio/video.  Well, I decided to take control of my eating and diet.  Earlier this month I created an audio file to help me with weight loss and motivation.  It changed my thinking instantly after listening to it, so much so that I began completely changing my diet, sleep schedule, and have begun working out again.  I’m in my mid-50’s now and to get me exercising is not an easy task.  But here I am doing it, thanks to all the positive words going into my head when I listen to this.  I’ve turned it into a video and just posted it here…

Ultra Powerful Weight Loss

All in all in the past 21 days I’ve lost 20 lbs.  I’m continuing to eat well (healthier food x10) and am excited to lose 35 more lbs to get to my ideal weight.  I was at that weight back in 2008 and am super excited to see myself in much smaller size clothes once again.

If you are wondering what I’m eating… it’s simple.  Steak, hamburger patties, chicken, and eggs.

I’ll eat 2 hamburger patties with 4 eggs (over medium), or a steak and 4 eggs, or 2 chicken breasts and 4 eggs.  I can eat once a day around 7PM and not be hungry at all until 24 hours later.  Some days though I want to eat earlier, and as long as it’s after 12PM I’ll eat one of the above meals.  Later, if I feel hungry by around 7PM, I’ll eat again.  The food gets used so efficiently by the body (basically NO carbs) it ends up as fuel and won’t cause obesity.  If I get a very strong craving for carbs, I allow myself to drink a bottle of Slimfast which is super satisfying and doesn’t undo any weight loss (at least for me).  It’s basically a Keto diet and even leaning closer to a carnivore diet.
What’s changed for me since this began…

I went from being tired ALL THE TIME, to having huge amounts of energy!  Instead of sleeping 8-12 hours a night, I now sleep 4-6 and wake up feeling so FULL of energy and am raring to go!

My son said I stopped snoring.  My blood pressure has dropped to a healthier level, my skin looks better, I’m skinnier, my mind is very sharp for hours on end, and I just feel great!  I really do.

So, if you’ve read all of this, please watch that video and maybe do some of the things I’m doing.  If you’re on lots of meds consult with a Doctor first, of course.  If you have some amazing strides like I’ve had, let me know in the comments under that video.  

I have LOTS of patience but regarding this RV it’s wearing a little thin.  It’s always the same updates over and over.  I was in Iraq the day the new currency was issued October 15, 2003.  I’ve been in this for close to 20 years.  10 years ago I was certain it was about to go for us.  But here we are 10 years later.  To anyone who complains after 2 years of waiting, how do you think I feel?  All we can do is wait and hope for the best.

Thanks for reading and WWG1WGA,
Pete H.


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