Earth Alliance and Patriot News for April 28, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 28, 2022

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for April 28th, 2022

Sources: Ted Mahr videos, Q interviews, Gene Decodes live and videos,, C-Vine News Network, Operation Disclosure, Jared Rand, Before Its News, Michelle Fielding, Zorra of Hollow Earth, Alex Collier, Dinar Chronicles, Q drops, Benjamin Fulford Website, DoD, Era of Light, and Other Live Conference Calls.

4/28/2022 News: Extremely Hot News; James Gilliland: Frontline real Updates, Fleming notes from Video’s on New Protocols, Nick Fleming DoD. Articles: Yeshua: Love Revelation Part 2, Saint Germain: Peace and Freedom Time, Saint Germain Q & A: Disclosure, We Rise, Put Compassion in Action; Blessings of Wesak Season, The Arcturian Group: Divine Plan for Ascension, Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, A Channeled Message Received by A Lightworker On Current Energies (Patience), Arcturian High Council: Quantum and Christed Wealth, Dr. Joseph Mercola: A Staggering Number of Athletes Collapsed This Past Year, Watch the Water! How do you help yourself, with snake venom in the water! By Mark Baughman 4/22/2022

James Gilliland: Frontline Real Updates: (Note: On the Ukraine, real news there, this is really what is going on, confirmed by Gene Decode and my research.)

(Note: Trump is the Real Commander-in-Chief of the Military and is doing the right thing to expose them, arrest them in the background and take back America, as a Restored Republic, already declared.)

Trump and the military are doing what is best for their people. There is a rumor they are all working together to put an end to the stranglehold the global elite has on each country and end their mass genocide plan, all bioweapon labs, child, drug and sex trafficking. Each country has its deep state and corrupt politicians and leaders who owe their allegiance to the global elite and their agendas not to their people.  China has its Chinese Republic and the CCP, Communist Chinese Party. We have the White Hats, the honorable Military keeping their oaths and many in the Republican party, not all. The democrats, very few of which have maintained any integrity or moral compass are fueling the take down America agenda. Most have sold their souls to the CCP or the Global elite who openly brag about taking down America, the last block to their N.W.O global control.

(Note: Fake Biden is controlled by the Alliance, in secret, the CCP thinks they are controlling him. The only reason why he is head of the Corporation America, Not the New Restored Republic is they Deep State threatened with multi-suitcase size nuclear dirty bombs in January 2020.)

Are Biden and company doing what is best for the people? What has he done for the people, the economy, the security of the country? Gas prices are debilitating, inflation is through the roof, shelves are bare, borders are open, crime has escalated like never before. It is like they are being paid to create a controlled demolition of America. “They are.” When the evidence in Hunter’s laptop comes to light and the Durham investigation is released you will see just who is under the control of the globalists and who has taken money from hostile foreign governments. Watch who is and has been blaming Russia for everything. Russia has been at war with the global elite and their deep state Satanic/Luciferian regime for years. Edgar Cayce said Russia will be the cradle for Christianity. That is a prophecy being fulfilled.

(Note: About Stolen Election, Most Up to Date Patriots Know, some Things people do not know)

The facts concerning the stolen election will also come to light and eventually those responsible will be held accountable either through the public courts or the military. If the public cannot perform its duty the military will step in to protect and insure the continuation of America and its Constitution. The ones involved in all this chicanery are guilty of Treason and will be dealt with accordingly. Did you ever wonder why Jesse Smollett faked his hate crime and hanging? Didn’t law against hanging come into effect shortly thereafter? What is the penalty for Treason? Usually, death by hanging. The ones guilty of Treason are the ones that pushed that law into existence. This is all theater, and no one will understand what is unfolding unless they learn to connect the dots, know the plan of the global elite then and only then will this all make sense. There is acting on both sides.

(Note: New Technologies are real, Hydrogen Cars are real, High Gas mileage cars are real, (all suppressed by Big-Oil), many solutions for cars, and the real ultimate solution is Anti-Gravity Vehicles for Personal Use!!!)

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