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Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 7, 2022

3.6.22: Sheila Holm connects GA Guidestones, Ukraine, bloodlines, HELLywood,Cronkite & EYE! PRAY

LT waking up???


Open email to LT (And We Know) Feb. 24, 2022:

  • Thinker2
    The Rule of Law for Fascism is “This rule is for thee, not me.”
    The Rule of Law for a Democracy is “Mod Rule” (Lawlessness).
    The Rule of Law for a Constitutional Republic is “Equal Justice Under Law”
    A Democracy is Lawlessness, because Lynching, Rioting, Voter Fraud, and Cannibalism are Democratic Acts.
    Voting is a Democratic Process NOT a Democracy.

    LT, Please call or write.
  • Thinker2
    Religion = Ra Legion = Army of Ra (Ra / Re is the son / sun of Isis and El = Father of all gods)

    LT, Please call or write.···
  • Thinker2
    Is – Ra – El (Israel) = Is or Isis (Mother) – Ra or Apollo (Son / Sun) – El (Father of all Gods / God the Father)

    Trinity (Mother – Son – Father) the symbol for Isis is the Statue of Liberty (Semiramis) Columbia Pictures Statue (Columba = Dove) The Holly Spirit is symbolized with a Dove. Semiramis (Isis) = Whore of Babylon!

    LT, Please call or write.
  • Thinker2
    “Bloody” Marry Tudor was named “Bloody” because she burned alive 300 Protestant Leaders for reading / teaching the Geneva Bible, and you think The Word of God has something to do with the Creator.

    The Founding Fathers used the word “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence. The Satanic Bankers use the word “God” on the back of the Federal Reserve Note.

    What do the Founding Father know about the word “God” that you do not know.

    Are you reading the Word of God, or the teachings of a Rabbi Carpenter from Galilee.

    LT, please call or write. 


No reply from LT.


People like LT (And We Know), Dave (X22 Report), Mike Penny (The Truth Seekers 88), Dr Sam Gugzzi (The Quantum Shift) think they know, we will never know it all, and if we are unwilling to listen to OTHERS who have a different perspective WE WILL NEVER KNOW. What you Don’t Know, you Don’t Know, is your Blind Spot!

There is a fundamental flaw in the human condition; “Crazy people don’t know they are crazy.” (Catch 22) – Thinker2
(CIA Mockingbird Media = Brainwashed = Deceived = Crazy) – It’s not your fault, but only you can fix it!

We are not crazy because our mind is broken, we are crazy because; Garbage-in = Garbage-out”.

I don’t listen to Dr Sam Mugzzi because she is RIGHT, I listen to her because she is not part of the Echo Chamber Media. I’m looking for what I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know (Blind Spot).

None of the people / Channels I listed above want to know what I know. They have “Blind Spots”. As do I, but I’m willing to tear my Blind Spots DOWN!

“Know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” – Yahshua

Wake-up Call!


Peace, love, and Blessings,



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