The Decline of the Anglo-Saxon Nations


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 7, 2022



I had a call from an Englishman denouncing me for not contemning the misconduct of Russia in the Ukraine.

The caller could not differentiate between Anglo-Saxon lying propaganda following the lying propaganda principles of Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, and the truth.  The most barbaric nations in modern history for the liquidation of children have been the Anglo-Saxon nations since World War One as outlined below. It is important to note that it was the leadership of the Anglo-Saxon nations that was to blame and not the soldiers. For example, Sir Winston Churchill lied to the air officers that the Russians had told him that Dresden was a military target.

The Russians affirmed later that they had not so informed Churchill and then Churchill blamed his officers. This led to a massive officers revolt who were enraged that they had killed up to 500,000 women and children there, and when Churchill faced air force officers mutiny, he recanted and said I knew that it was a non-military target and am responsible for the order. This is our introduction to this infamous history.



There is significant unrest in the US Armed Forces based on its sodomization, woke movement, dangerous vaccinations, transgenderism, affirmative action, CRT indoctrination, placing women in frontline battle formations, and advancement based on the complete overthrow of Christian civilization. Only 30% of the 18-24 US age group are any longer eligible in the US even after continuously dropping standards as most young Americans are unfit subject to so much perverted public school education. The Bible has been replaced in all schools by sodomitic teachings.  

The US Army is a wreck. The officer corps at the top looks to their millions from Raytheon for contract grants on retirement and could not care less about much else. The rank and file US Military has been stabbed in the back. This happened to Germany based on the red communists who stabbed the army in the back during World War One.

The Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg quoted British General Maurice in his testimony before the Reichstag committee.

British General F. B. Maurice from his “Last Four Months” of World War One:” page 233:

“The plain fact is that on, or very soon thereafter, November 11 it would, had the hostilities continued, have been necessary to call a halt of the allied armies between the Dutch frontier and the Meuse until the roads and railways behind them had been repaired and the services of supply were again able to work normally. That is to say, it would have been necessary to give the enemy a breathing space, which would allowed them to restore some sort of order in his ranks and make good his retreat to the Meuse, where he would have been able to establish himself on a very much shorter front and in very strong positions.”

What he meant was far worse. The development of the tank was a key to allied victories and the Meuse river was a natural tank barrier.  The allies would have faced the equivalence of the Maginot Line made of water and lost hundreds of thousands of men trying to cross it. They may not have succeeded. There was no aircraft bombing cities so war production was in tact.  In the meantime, the Germans had knocked out Russia earlier and were being fed by the east against the British blockade which represented the beginning of the abandonment of the war crimes of starving to death women and children against international Christian custom. Even though Germany had surrendered, Britain continued to starve to death the women and children by continuing the blockade.  

Britain continued this barbaric policy in World War Two in by purposely bombing targets of poor women and children as military targets were hard to hit. Churchill knowingly bombed Dresden where 250,000 to 500,000 women and children fleeing from the east were massacred on purpose. Churchill had the fliers told Dresden was a key military target which was a lie. The US followed suit under General Lemay who under orders from Truman bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear bombs to warn Stalin not to invade Europe as we had the nuclear bomb. General MacArthur had vehemently opposed this bombing as Japan was already defeated.  See footnote one.

The concept of unconditional surrender abandoned all proportionality in wars. For example, the US lost at Pearl Harbor 2,400 people which could have been sharply reduced if Roosevelt had handed over the decrypts of Japanese communications to Admiral Kimmel stating the attack would be on December 7, 1941. Roosevelt wanted to enter the war for geopolitical reasons to prevent Japan and Germany taking over the Eurasian land mass and worried if the US prepared for an attack at Pearl Harbor Japan would cancel the attack as their custom was to attack without warning as at Port Arthur against the Russians.  It had nothing to do with ideology. The Japanese lost up to 3.1 million people while the US lost around 112,000 dead against Japan.

Japanese military casualties from 1937-1945 have been estimated at 1,834,000, of which 1,740,000 were killed or missing.

Footnote one:

Aside from the massive war crimes of the United States when Grant, Sherman and Sheridan launched a war against women and children in the south (Shenandoah Valley, etc.), the first major Christian European breach since the Treaty of Westphalia was the blockade by England of Germany in World War One which led directly to the starvation of 763,000 civilians which included innumerable children. England followed through in World War Two with the purposeful bombing of women and children outlined in a memo of Lord Cherwell who was the chief scientific weapons advisor of Churchill which is described by C. P. Snow in his “Science and Government”:

“The Cherwell memo described in quantitative terms the effect on Germany of the British bombing offensive on Germany between March, 1942-September, 1943.  This paper laid down the strategic policy.  The bombing must be directed essentially against German working class houses. Middle-class houses have two much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs; factories and “military objectives had long since been forgotten, except in official bulletins, since they were much too difficult to hit. (The meaning here is that more women and children could be murdered per bomb for lower classes as their homes were closer together.) The paper claimed that–given a total concentration of effort on the production and use of bombing aircraft–it would be possible, in all German towns (that is, those with more than 50,000 inhabitants), to destroy 50% of the houses.”

The United States General Doolittle vehemently opposed purposeful civilian murders and ordered his airmen never to target civilians. This is a far cry from General Marshall against the vehement objections of General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral William D. Leahy to drop nuclear bombs on the already defeated Japan.  The bomb was dropped based on the views of Secretary of State Burns that Stalin had to be shown the US power or else his formidable armed forces might sweep into Europe and this was accepted by the Pendergast gangster frontman Truman so hundreds of thousands of women and children perished. 

In Truman’s radio report to the nation Truman claimed that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were military targets which was a lie. In fact, the basic decision of the Japanese for peace was due to the Russians overrunning their positions on the mainland of China and into North Korea where the Japanese had just detonated an atomic bomb themselves. This cut off vital supplies to the Japanese mainland.  If the Russians had not overrun China and the Japanese nuclear facilities, the Japanese would have built nuclear bombs themselves and would not have surrendered. The German traitor Werner Heisenberg had purposely sabotaged the German nuclear bomb effort by falsely working out the mathematical equations on the use of the cheap conductor graphite instead of the expensive heavy water ending the German nuclear effort based on exaggerated cost.

Built during the World War II Manhattan Project, the Graphite Reactor successfully produced plutonium (239Pu) and enabled the demonstration of the chemical separation processes used to produce plutonium for the second atomic bomb.

This war crime tradition was carried forward in Iraq where the murder of 500,000 children by sanctions was justified by Madelaine Albright on Sixty Minutes:

Death of 500,000 Innocent Children is Worth It – We Want Oil – Madeline Albright

The question now to be addressed is whether the sanctions against Iran and Venezuela are war crimes in the sense that the denial of revenue to feed the children constitutes an immoral war against children. The answer is yes.


“They make a desert and call it peace.”

Footnote two.  

The military writer Manlio Dinucci below gives us some history of more recent purposeful killing of women and children in the 78 day bombing of Belgrade that Hitler had bombed in revenge for only two days.  The murder of 500,000 women and children at Dresden should have put Churchill on the dock at the Nuremberg Trials along with the Pendergast Mob frontman Harry Truman who ordered the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sir WinstonChurchill was a servant of Baron Eduard de Rothschild who bailed him out after his fortune crashed in. 1929 not unlike his ancestor the Duke of Marlborough who was a servant of Sir Solomon de Medina.

Ukraine: NATO launched its attack eight years ago

by Manlio Dinucci

Westerners have lost their memory and ignore their history. They are therefore easily blinded by war propaganda. They ignore that the Atlantic Alliance waged two wars without Security Council authorization, in Yugoslavia and in Libya (for the latter target, there was Council authorization, but not for what was done). They are also unaware that all NATO expansions east of the Oder-Neisse line (border between Germany and Poland) are illegal. Finally, they are unaware that the hierarchical functioning of NATO is also illegal because it is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations.


EU commissioner Ursula von der Leyen announced that the EU will ban the Russian news agency Sputnik and the channel Russia Today so that “they can no longer spread their lies to justify Putin’s war with their toxic disinformation in Europe “. The EU thus officially establishes the Orwellian Ministry of Truth, which by erasing memory rewrites history. Anyone who does not repeat the Truth transmitted by the Voice of America, an official US government agency, accusing Russia of “a horrible, completely unjustified and unprovoked attack against Ukraine” is outlawed. Outlawing myself, in extreme synthesis I report here the history of the last thirty years erased from our memory.

In 1991, while the Cold War was ending with the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union, the United States unleashed the first post-Cold War conflict in the Gulf announcing to the world that “there is no substitute for the leadership of the United States remaining the only State with global strength and influence”. Three years later, in 1994 NATO under US command carried out its first direct war action in Bosnia, and in 1999 attacked Yugoslavia: taking off mainly from Italian bases. For 78 days 1,100 airplanes carried out 38,000 raids unhooking 23 thousand bombs and missiles that destroyed bridges and industries in Serbia causing victims, especially among civilians.

While it was demolishing Yugoslavia with the war, and betraying its promise made to Russia “not to expand an inch to the East”, NATO began its expansion to the East closer and closer to Russia, which would have brought it into twenty years to extend from 16 to 30 members incorporating countries of the former Warsaw Pact, former USSR and former Yugoslavia, preparing to officially include Ukraine, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, already in fact in NATO [1]. Passing from war to war, the US and NATO attacked and invaded Afghanistan in 2001, and Iraq in 2003, they demolished the Libyan state with the 2011 war and started the same operation in Syria through ISIS partially blocked four years later by the Russian intervention. In Iraq alone, the two wars and the embargo killed about 2 million people including half a million children.

In February 2014, NATO, which had seized key posts in Ukraine since 1991, carried out the coup d’état that overthrew the duly elected president of Ukraine through specially trained and armed neo-Nazi formations. It was orchestrated on the basis of a precise strategy: attacking Ukraine’s Russian populations to provoke a response from Russia and thus open a deep rift in Europe. When the Crimean Russians decided with the referendum to return to Russia which they were previously part of, and the Donbas Russians (bombed from Kyiv also with white phosphorus) entrenched themselves in two Republics, NATO’s war escalation began against Russia supported by the EU where 21 over 27 member countries belong to NATO under US command.

In these eight years, US-NATO forces and bases with nuclear attack capabilities have been deployed in Europe closer and closer to Russia ignoring repeated warnings from Moscow. On December 15, 2021, the Russian Federation delivered to the United States of America a detailed draft Treaty to defuse this explosive situation [2]. It was not only rejected but, at the same time, the deployment of Ukrainian armored forces effectively under US-NATO command began a large-scale attack on Donbas Russians. Hence Moscow’s decision to halt the US-NATO aggressive escalation, which was initiated with the military operation in Ukraine.

Demonstrating against war by erasing history means contributing consciously or not to the frantic US-NATO-EU campaign that marks Russia as a dangerous enemy, which splits Europe for their imperial designs of power dragging us to catastrophe.

Manlio Dinucci

Il Manifesto (Italy)

David Lifschultz


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