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Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 7, 2022

Dear Reader

according to my information, coming from various channels from different countries, there are some points

I would like to share with you.

it seems that within Russia, the elite have brought their families to safe places outside big cities, preferably in bunkers.

this comes from some “service”-employees there on site.

according to some telegram channels, the NATO had plans to proactively attack Russia, probably by using only its proxy Ukrainian army, probably by joining them




there is a laptop which was found in a military base in Urkaine, coming from the NATO, with registernumber of the NATO on it and stickers, and lots of plans for an invasion into Russia on it.

so, again here is a parallel to the german situation in the 1940ties

The German Empire said, they had knowledge about a planned Russian invasion to Germany and were attacking Russia just days before this invasion started.

(this was also reported by a Russian general later in his book).

so here perhaps then Russia know had knowledge about this planned invasion and attacked Ukraine just days before it would have happened (it was planned for march 8th).

according to my sources, there are plans within NATO, EU, and the embodied countries to attack Russia.

these plans seems to have hardened throughout the last days and I was told to expect an attack within around 10 days from now.




this would be around middle of march.

whether this would be a counterattack after a Russian attack, or a proactive move from NATO – no idea.

fact for now is:
the EU delivered weapons and ammunition.

this is a legal basis for the declaration of war.

Germany has delivered weapons and helmets.

this is not only a legal reason for a declaration of war, this is also a violation of the treaties of 1940 to seize fire.

so Russia has now already ALL rights, to start again with fire on Germany. It would be legal and justified.

I do not know why german politicians seem to step blindly into this situation but I must confess, that I have given up to have the hope to find any intelligent german politician

with an higher educational background than just singing and dancing in school.

as a german patriot you should believe me when writing that every of these words cuts into my german soul like a knife, but nevertheless it is the truth and necessary to see the truth.




after carefully considering all incoming information I would recommend the following the European citizens of all nations:

– empty your bank account. there shouldn’t be any interest rates, so , so why not having the money in cash at home rather than electronically on the bank.

– take care for food storage, long lasting conserves, can food , noodles etc, water, softdrinks, whatever you think would be useful

– go to the pharmacy and get what you normally need in a year or two: some paracetamols, whatever. buy enough(!) of those

– get yourself a gas grill and gas bottle or two

– by some fuel storage, 100l stored somewhere at home

– candles, batteries, and , of course, TOILET PAPER (it was sold out in the local supermarket where I go in Germany for the forth day in a row, nothing to get there anymore)

– charge all batteries, tool batteries, torches etc

– collect your personal data, birth certificates, school exams, etc, passports, marriage certificates etc

– pack an emergency luggage and leave it packed somewhere at home




– collect your electronical data, print out important things, addresses, lists, documents, accountnumbers, whatever.

– empty your bank locker if you have one. if banks are closed you will not get it.

– my personal recommendation: sell ALL shares NOW.  you could see this different of course. this is just my personal opinion.

– if there is any repair necessary on your car, do it NOW NOW NOW

– if you think you need shoes, clothes etc : buy them now. no idea how long this may or will last and if and if yes when things like this will be in shops again and for what price.

– when you sell things on a regular basis, try to get some storage now, because the supply chains will implode within the coming months.

– have your car always, every day, fuelled up to the max

I have followed every of these steps within the last 2 days.

I bought myself some 4 pair of shoes, some 3 pair of jeans, a new jacket, and my food storage is luxurious….

my bank accounts in germany are empty except  a small minimum.




my to do list gets smaller every day and I have bought whatever I could think of within the last weeks.

and even if my information about a coming hot attack from Russia or NATO and viceversa, even if its “only” an economical breakdown,

we already see at least this breakdown knocking on our doors.

it is coming.

the supply chains are ripped apart,

the chains between Russia and the western world are ripped apart.

this is not done smoothly with a kind of zipper, which could be easily reversed and zipped back together like “oh, sorry, this was just a misunderstanding, we are good friends again”

this is done with brute force and will cost BILLIONS and YEARS if not decades to repair.

look at Mastercard, VISA card, IKEA, Airbus, Aeroflot leased and cancelled airplanes, gas pipelines, you name it.

the economical damage is immense.




only IKEA closing in Russia means 15.000 people with a job.

the leased airplanes of Aeroflot HAVE TO BE brought back to Portugal this march. the contracts are already cancelled.

but not all of them can fly, and no spareparts from Airbus coming in anymore to Russia.

ALL of this detailed information you find on my telegram channel.

I invite you to join it.

if you feel in need to get some more preppers products:

like vertical farming for example for the coming food shortages worldwide… see here:






And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

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