Isis and Queen Romana Didulo of Canada


Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 1, 2022

Isis and Queen Romana Didulo of Canada

Isis is the Egyptian Mother Goddess who wears a throne headdress. Her name is derived from the Greek derivative of the Egyptian name Aset, (or Auset), meaning throne or seat of authority. Isis was the embodiment of the Earth, and divine right to rule was by Her authority. The Egyptian Goddess has the same name as our Mother God, Isis, and the divine right to rule is by Her authority.

Canadians have never voted for any Queen or King; (Mother) God appointed them. Canadians will not have a vote for a new Queen; that’s the Goddess’s right; providence. 

Articles on Operation Disclosure have indicated that Melanie Trump is a Romanov; royalty appointed by the Goddess. In Egypt the royal bloodline ran through the female and her consort was the Pharaoh. This suggests that Trump is the new Pharaoh, thus Trump walking in front of QE II. As a name, Romana is very close to Romanov; perhaps an indication of that royal bloodline.

There is a divine portal, the Aquarian Gateway, in the 3 week period from 02 02 2022 (5 2’s) to 22 02 2022 (6 2’s and 3 22’s) based on the feminine qualities of the number 22, including the ability to change the course of history, as in this channel by Patricia Cota-Robles (Welcome to Era of Peace) and repost:   

(Exciting News!!) THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS MOMENT By Patricia Cota-Robles (


On 02 02 2022 ‘the Master Number consisting of five 2’s, will amplify the Divine Potential of the Master Number 22 one-thousand fold’ and on 22 02 2022 ‘will amplify the Divine Potential of the Master Number 22 ten-thousand fold.’


3 weeks = 21 days = 7 + 7 + 7 or ‘trip 7’ days

4’s create a portal on Earth and February is exactly 4 weeks long

Our universe is created using the number 12; 6 2’s added together.

Queen Romana is headed from Vancouver to Ottawa to give a speech on the 03 02 2022. It is reported that She will raise a new flag during Her speech to the trucking crew.

The CANADIAN red (and white) flag is symbol of the CANADA CORPORATION, which I presume is a private corporation owned by a Rothschild, a name meaning ‘red shield’.


Personally, I’m tired of hearing ‘O Canada’ and hope for new anthems (plural).



Providence is the care and control exercised by God

When The Almighty gives His Masters in Heaven a nod

Allowing experiences of many things

Then calling you home through music the sphere-choir sings

Songs in Harmonic Perfection

Guiding you in Love’s direction

Silver bells sounding in golden rings


Sending light codes upon Angels’ wings

So we rejoin the celestial dance

Grateful to Divine Superintendence


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