The Ever Increasing Signs of Freemasonry, Illuminati, Satanism



Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 13, 2022


Having just come through the Christmas Season with the many Hallmark, and Lifetime Christmas movies, I was stunned to see the ever increasing signs of Freemasonry, Illuminati, Satanism. Of course these three sects go together, like cake and ice cream, or peanut butter and jelly.

I have researched the aforementioned signs for decades. I did a deep dive into Freemasonry, and knew the initiation ceremony for each of the degrees of the Scottish Rite. I never really pursued my research into the York Rite. I was raised in a family where the men were steeped in Freemasonry. My father went thru both the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, and was a Shriner. My brother only went through the Blue Lodge, but my dad put my brother-in-law through the Scottish Rite, and the Shriners. My brother-in-law’s son (my nephew) also became a Shriner, and was Chief Potentate of a lodge in Kentucky. My dad was also in a few other secret organizations, and he sponsored many others to become Freemasons. I was always diametrically opposed to secret societies, so I never did speak to my father about joining. It’s funny, back when I was younger, you had to initiate the conversation to pursue Masonry, now they recruit on Facebook. I guess things aren’t going so well with them these days.

I almost hate to admit it, but I like the Hallmark channel, particularly their Christmas movies. Many of my friends call them chick flicks, and I can’t honestly disagree, but it gives me a reprieve for a short period of time, from the world we are living in. Now, if you are not a viewer, and decide to watch, It’s imperative that you mentally divest yourself of at least 40 IQ points, and mentally place them outside your consciousness. That being said allow me to speak of the signs mentioned in the title of this article. 
Several years ago, nearly all, if not all Hallmark movies, displayed a Masonic handshake. when two people shook hands, the camera would zoom in to show the hands, and if you knew what to look for you would recognize the Masonic handshake.

After several seasons of the handshakes, Masonic signs would be displayed at least once in the film, by one of the actors. It might be a 666 sign, or possibly the devil’s horn sign. And since both of these signs have a non-satanic counterpart, you would have to view them in the context in which they were shown. For instance was the actor signing his/her approval using the okay sign,if not, it was safe to assume the 666 sign was being given.

This past Christmas season, the signs were elevated to a new level completely. This season I watched movies as one character spoke, within a couple of sentences they would flash a couple of signs, i.e. the 666 sign, and the devil’s horns sign. Also, there were movies where all the main characters would flash signs showing their allegiance to the devil. This is not what you would normally expect in movies shot at Christmas time, the time we celebrate Jesus’ birth (even though we know he wasn’t born in December). Also, this year, we see the pyramid sign, the devil’s triangle, shown in the movies. And to take things further, nearly every TV show uses the same signs. 

I always DVR’ed the shows I wanted to watch, so I could fast forward through the commercials. I decided I would watch a few commercials to see if signs were given in them as well. I wasn’t at surprised that three of the top mobile networks all had there main actors displaying the devil’s horn sign. TV is made to identify with Satan. TV, with it’s subliminal messaging also is used for indoctrination, and telegraphing the punches of the Deep State.

Now take this into consideration. Why are the vast majority of all the “good guys” shown, after a very simple research, to be using these same hand signs. Are all the pictures we see photo-shopped? I’d have to say, I highly doubt it. But people can and do change. Let’s hope these good guys with signs of past allegiance to the dark side are among them.

Why at this time when it appears that we’re at the point, where we are told that things are about to happen to bring this war to a close, we see these things ramping up? With the majority of the Cabal leaders taken out, it would seem that the bottom levels of their organization would try to become less conspicuous.

Is the White Hat organization all fighting on the side of God, or has some bad guys been able to infiltrate and even occupy leadership positions? Or worse yet, is it possible that we have two organizations from the dark side, vying to take control of the world? That scenario would call for extreme measures that we can’t even fathom.

Over the course of the last many years we have seen a lot of great things happen. But this last year we have seen those same things reversed, much more quickly than they were brought to pass. We have also been told the White hats are in control of the current administration. How much more damage must they do before the White Hats say enough, is enough?

We know that all time lines especially during war, must be taken with a grain of salt. However, if you view the world from the perspective of the Q posts, it appears we are at major turning point, where we will soon ascend into a new age, a world of love and human kindness. The next couple of weeks will prove to be a very telling time in world history.

With all the great things being said, particularly on this blog, there are still many questions that beg for answers.

* Why do we still see Chemtrails covering our skies? I will say, I have read that in some way, shape, or   form the Galactic Federation forces, perhaps the Pleiadians, are cleaning the air of the chemicals being  dropped.

* Why is our water still being poisoned with fluoride?

* Why is our food still being poisoned, with a list of chemical ingredients that looks more like a inventory   list of a chemical lab?

* Why is Trump STILL pushing the vaccines? 

* Why is Trump’s family, and organization, still sending out countless emails and messages soliciting money?  isn’t it true that under NESARA/GESARA, money will become somewhat of a nonissue?

* Is there reasons to be concerned about Trump’s children either being married to or dating Zionists?

* Why have some truthers been taken out, by “Covid” while some of the others have changes in their   narrative and thrive. For example, I was a early follower of one individual under a couple of NDA’s, that  originally reported on the vast amount of gold, documents and artifacts removed from the Vatican, and   a year or so later he was reported to head the team of those removing the treasures, having never said  that before.

* Where are all the rescued children and adults?

With all the questions, I still try to weigh both sides of any issue, including “The Plan”, in a balance to see which side has the weightier content. And I still have my hope in the plan.

But one thing I KNOW FOR CERTAIN, in a battle of evil versus good, GOD WINS! The timeline is what he determines it to be. The Creator is always more powerful than the created. I have to believe with the spaceships we can view in our skies, we have the help we need to win. The Galactic forces have been responsible for intercepting and deactivating nuclear bombs in the past, so we can be assured that we have the assistance we need to win. 

Always keep your faith in God! He knows the end from the beginning. Let’s be in constant prayer for our leaders our military, and for the rescue of all those children and adults that have been trafficked. Pray that the pedophiles, rapists, and murderers, will be brought to justice, and pray that they may come to realize the heinous acts they have committed, repent and turn to God, and our Savior, so when they leave this world they will be survive to continue their path to God.


God bless,



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