Thomas Anderson: The War in Europe is about to Start


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 13, 2022

Dear Readers,

The war in Europe is about to start.

According to my sources the technical conditions to start war in Ukraine will be met on Sunday,

If NATO / US answer will be peaceful, this will only be a short episode and local.

If the answer will be more and like wished, the war can explode within days.

The European Armies do not have equal strength to the US forces, they are much weaker and only in small portions of some special elite commandos they could compete.

And the US forces have repeatedly learned, that the Russian Army is (at the present day) so far advanced in organisation, speed, flexibility and of course technically, that their advantage is so big, that they have to play this card now before its over.

After years of provocation, putting NATO troops to Poland and other countries close to Russia, and after years of equal power, this is now the chance to clear statements.

What I hope:
       –      Biden steps down or is taken down legally.

  • US troops will not go into Ukraine.

What I expect:
I expect this scenario to be part of a very long term plan (Albert Pike…),

We will have the officialization of YALTA II, and I assume it has already happened and we will get a nice staged “official” YALTA II, where US and Russia, perhaps also british will meet for some days and make some  nice looking conferences, and then present what has been decided over the last 2 years in secret conferences of those in power behind the curtains in a certain hotel in Moskow.

What I fear:
there will be no Germany later on.

What my dream is:
we will get a version of Europe as it was in 1871.

of course including German Empire.

What is my recommendation for everyone:
stay calm

be prepared

do not try to leave the countries in Europe now, it´s almost sure too late to organize everything.

try to move away from big cities to somewhere on the countryside

IF the war would explode from Ukraine to central European countries, Europe will very fast become the epi centre of a Russian Blitzkrieg

and of course concentrate on the centres of power, that would be big military installations and big cities and ports.

what does it mean to be prepared:
please read my channel.

the possible outcome that there will be no Germany anymore doesn’t necessarily mean that all people there are killed.

its first of all meant politically.

and living in a different state for many todays germans wouldn’t make a difference because most of them have been de-germanized from birth on.

those few who still are “german”, especially to be found in the former “DDR”, where again especially the Saxxons are a lighthouse of german culture and tradition and mental power and braveness (as we see on the streets there in the past months), perhaps are then able to establish a new birth of a later Germany.

many of the mental victims of the marketing campaign called “pandemic” will anyway die soon from the vaccine.

cruel, brutal, horrible

but simple fact.

and in other european countries it will be the same, too

another part of those vaccination campaign will recognize perhaps what they have done and be the lucky ones because they got an injection with vaccine charge numbers ending on 0, 1 or partly 2.

those with end number 3 will leave the planet soon.

be prepared

be prepared for closed supermarkets

be prepared for empty shelves

be prepared for times we didn’t have in our lifetime

be prepared for turmoil

be prepared for civil war

be prepared for curfews

be prepared to overthrow whatever you expected to be very certain and true

be prepared to start to think for yourselve

be prepared to learn that complaining doesn’t help you

if you want to understand start to read

not only summaries from me or others

dive deeper

perhaps you find more or different answers

that may be important

this all has now become a ride on the razors edge


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