(Reader: Liberty) Christmas Presents, the Psychos are Blowing out!


Reader Post | By Liberty


Priorities for the last weeks of December:

For myself personally – CLEANING, ANALYSIS AND FILLING yourself, your family and your environment with the ENERGIES OF ASCENSION.

It is best to start cleaning from your home. All the old must be removed from the house!

In this case, the old is energy without movement. If you haven’t used something for a year or more, this is frozen energy. This energy, like a monolith, fills your home and does not give an opportunity for NEW FRESH ENERGIES TO COME!

Scan your entire home, clean it up and get rid of unnecessary things!

You will immediately feel GREAT JOY, FREEDOM AND EASIER!



Further CLEANING CLOSE PEOPLE, unable to do it on their own (children and sleeping people).

Fill EVERY DAY your home and your loved ones with white radiance (ENERGIES of high vibrations).


In the collective plan, the priority remains the GLOBAL MEDITATION on DECEMBER 21 and DISSOLVE, TRANSFORMATION OF DARKNESS, which still exists in huge quantities in the collective consciousness (fear, aggression, despair, despondency, and so on).

Despite the fact that EVERYTHING SEEMS dull and terrible, there are clearly POSITIVE CHANGES !!!!

You must understand that megatons of darkness on our Planet is an abscess. This abscess is brewing. It is pushed to mature by HIGH VIBRATION ENERGIES. It is painful and unpleasant for people.


BUT it is LIFE NECESSARY! When the abscess matures, then megatons of garbage will burst out. It will be disgusting, dirty and painful again, but on the physical plane, when the abscess has broken through, it becomes easier. Then you can relax.

We are now in the stage when the abscess is about to burst !!!! But this only indicates that the DARKNESS EXPLODES and GOES OUT! And then, finally, the stage “Healing” can come.

If we DO NOT feed the trash heap with negative, then the stage of the abscess breakthrough WILL BE FASTER !!!!!

Whoever has a good intuition can feel NOW  that the PSYCHOS blow up !!!!! ALREADY THERE IS NO that strong TENSION that was felt and was a couple of weeks ago. It became easier to breathe !!!!

The psychos no longer have a master, no ideas, no resources (energy and money). Psychos are dying. Previously, psychos died in agony and dragged people to hell with them. Now psychos are dying quietly.


No more need to save anyone and do not enter into any discussions. We saved everyone who could be saved, the rest of the people (for whom it is still possible), the Event will save.

Don’t forget that we DON’T KNOW A LOT. Therefore, it is wrong to impose your point of view if someone is very strongly opposed to it. RESPECT EVERY PERSON’S SOUL PLAN!

We don’t even know who our loved ones are. I’ll give you one example. I say to my mom: “We are signing a petition for ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS to intervene in the situation on Earth. Do you want to sign this petition?” My mom’s answer is “OF course !!!!!” Do you understand what I’m talking about???

Not every YOUNG PERSON WILL ANSWER SO STRONGLY to this question “YES !!!!!” Many people don’t even believe that aliens exist.








I have compiled a selection of the channelings.

These are the GOOD NEWS and the best Christmas presents ever!


NOTE: Our heavenly assistants really want to help us !!! We only need to say about it, ask, formulate it. Divine energies HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS! That is, when you ask the Divine energies to do something, THEY “UNDERSTAND” YOU AND DO what you ask for! You can invoke the energy of a certain color and the Archangel who is responsible for this energy. White radiance is a mixture of ALL DIVINE ENERGIES, therefore WHITE LUMINANCE IS A UNIVERSAL ENERGY, that is, it is suitable for ALL CASES!



Note: These are not complete channelings. Further on the links

The Portal 21 12 21 Part 1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

A lot of people are waiting for the date 21.12.2021. Indeed, as the DNI has narrated more than once, a new portion of the Souls will move into 4D during this day.

The previous two waves were in August and October 2021. In December, there will not yet be a mass Transition. It will occur later, many of us still have time.

How do Souls move into 4D?

The Souls go to the 4D in different ways. Namely:

– Collectively. It’s easier to transit that way. That is why we are given certain dates so that we can better prepare for them together;

– By the Treaty of Souls. Family of Souls has agreed in advance on this experience. They may be in different places but are connected on the Subtle Plane. Having reached a certain level of vibration, they automatically receive the Family code for Transition, and go all together on their allotted dates, and unite only in 4D. They need each other’s support there;

– Most Souls have preassigned codes for Transition, but they need to terminate the experience of being in three-dimensional density. Very often they are stuck in it, and even fall below the tolerable level of 3D, from where they cannot rise anymore. These are disappointed Souls, with huge accumulated negativity and weakened Faith;


– There are Souls whose downloaded codes are composed in such a way that they pull others with them during Transition, awaken them with their vibrations. Here there could be problems. Their mission is successful only when they do not drag anybody to paradise by force. When they show by their lifestyle that everyone can see the Light on the Path. That each can live and rejoice in every new day and its events, instead of injecting into self another dope of negativity from the MSM;

The Portal 21 12 21 Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On December 13, 2021, at 02.12 CET PM, Higher Light Hierarchy and the Evolutionary Committee of Galacom conveyed the following message:

“Dramatic events will occur in the coming months that will fundamentally change and transform the Earth’s world.

By the Co-Creators’ Plan, the new Transition phase began from the moment of exit from the all-purifying corridor of eclipses on December 4, 2021.

The preparation of its active phase (the Transition Gateway) started on 12 December 2021.

The active phase of the planetary Transition will reach its peak on December 21, 2021, its climax.


Other key Transition dates are January 02, 2022, February 02, 2022, and March 23, 2022 – ending and stabilizing the Transition.


The Transition means a complete and final exit from the Old Matrix and the activation of the New Matrix.

This exit signifies the final technical redistribution of humanity into new existential realities where they will continue their evolution according to the incarnational scenario of the Higher Self.

Those who begin the Transition will be transferred into the field of the fourth dimension and will be fully taken over by the evolutionary service of the 4D Earth’s Logos.

For some, it means that they will be transferred to the fourth-density in the existing “scenery” – the picture of the world around them. Others will immediately see a new Earth and a new Universe.

Thirds will be transitioned to the 4D technically but will remain in the existing 3D field for a while. Much depends on how the process will go on.

Transition is not only a radical transformation of Man, his body but also of the entire 3D Earth.

Planet’s move into the fifth dimension which is actively discussed on Earth means the formation of a single body, the field of the reality of Gaia’s Absolutoverse 3D/4D/5D and its activation.

 3D Earth will be transformed beyond recognition but it will not go anywhere. Earthlings now have a clear events horizon and a planning time-frame for their lives.”

Argorians Update 14 December 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev


On December 14th, 2021, at 10:06 AM CET, another minute of Earth monitoring and the work of friendly space races was received from the Argorians and the Sirius tracking station on the Moon at 23D. Below is a summary of it.

Cosmic dust is dispersed in near-Earth and Terrestrial space by power fields emitting blue energy that carries new programs and codes.

The Argorians Earth’s control center brings the energy of parallel dimensions to the planet.

Cosmic pulsar jets affect the field formed by the orbital motion of the planet around the axis. This field sags in the middle and works like a giant dish, receiving more quantum fluxes from the center of the Galaxy.

Under the impact of force fields, the planned Souls’ evacuation continues in strict accordance with their vibrations.

Matter radiation controlled through a Hologram accelerates the removal of 3D plasma through the Portals of the Quasitron formed by the Bermuda Triangle in the Caribbean Sea, the Devil’s Sea in the Pacific region, and the Mediterranean.





Dearest Ones we come together to help you navigate this wonderful time of Christmas tide. Sadly Christmas on 3rd Dimensional Earth has somehow become a stressful time for so many ,especially in the last few years . We are here to remind you all ,how wonderful this time can be. Jeshua came to Earth over 2000 year ago to bring in the Christ Consciousness and now he comes again to help bring in the 5th Dimension of Peace ,Love and Harmony.

Dearest Ones we know how hard life has become for many of you ,especially those of you who know the Truth behind all of the darkness that has been surrounding your home planet for millenia.Now is the time to come out of this darkness and move more into the Light and we are here to give you the protection tools to help you do this.There is much fear and anger abounding on Earth at this time and these powerful tools will help you avoid this negativity and help you on your way into the 5th Dimension.

Archangel Michael: I bring you my Sword of Light and my Blue Cloak of protection to use when you go out into the 3rd dimensional world. Imagine the Sword of Light coming down from the heavens to the Stellar Gateway chakra above your head going down through all of your chakras to the Root chakra, connecting and grounding you to the Earth chakra below your feet.Surround yourself with my Blue Cloak of protection keeping the Light of Love inside of you and protecting you from all forms of evil and darkness without.

Archangel Metatron: I bring you my Magenta Flame of Truth to burn away any negativity coming from both within and without. Imagine this Flame coming from the centre of Gaia’s Earth coming up through the Earth chakra below your feet to the Root Chakra and moving up through your spine to the Crown chakra and up to the Stellar Gateway Chakra above your head to connect with the Central Sun .This flame will burn away any negativity that has attached to you from both this and past lives . Imagine the flame surrounding your body and send it out into your aura as far as you can see.

Use these tools whenever you go out amongst the 3D world and they will help you to overcome any negativity that you may attract.They will help you to navigate the 3rd Dimensional World of fear and negativity, for you to Ascend into the 5th Dimension of Love ,Peace and Harmony.

Whenever you are feeling down and unable to cope at this time, sit or lie down in the silence, connect with us and we will clear away any lower frequencies that may have been attracted to you. Call on us to protect you and keep you safe.

As part of the Angelic Realm we thank you all for coming to Earth to help Gaia and all living beings to Ascend at this momentous time .We applaud all that you are doing to help her and we send you all much Love, Light and many Blessings to help you on your way.


Today I want to tell you about the energetic changes that are expected on planet Earth in these last December days.

You often hear about various portals, corridors of eclipses and other “significant” events, which, by and large, are some kind of “fetishes” of the Ascension.

Why does this kind of information appear in numerous messages from representatives of the Forces of Light, and sometimes from the higher astral?

This is done primarily because a person is inert by nature, and in order to accelerate his progress along the spiritual path, he needs some “incentives” that will help him to go this path to the victorious end.

And if earlier he could overcome it slowly, being distracted by other everyday affairs, now time is inexorably compressed and, in order to reach the finish line, which is the Fifth Dimension in your case, a person needs, throwing away everything else, to focus only on himself – on his moral and physical, and by and large energetic state.

It is for this that you are given certain “milestones” -reminders on your path: so that you stop your run and go deeper into yourself, which will allow you to quickly raise your vibrations to the level necessary for the Transition.

In fact, new energies do not come to Earth strictly on certain days, but in waves – so that each person can accept them without prejudice to their health and psyche.

But these waves gradually increase their intensity and amplitude, just as the small sea ripples first turn into small waves, which, increasing gradually, become stormy.

And now, in the last days of December, energy “waves” will really reach their peak – the “height” to which those who have walked the path of spiritual evolution for a long time can rise, and which will become destructive for the other part of humanity that has chosen the path of involution.

In this case, the next year 2022 will be the main time boundary between the obsolete three-dimensional world and the emerging new world of the fifth dimension.

But still, my family, I want you not to be guided by certain numbers, portals and corridors, which are only mental “crutches” for an awakened person, but to be guided by your inner feelings and your own spiritual discipline.

Try to live as if every day is the very border for you that you have to cross.

Get ready for the upcoming changes every day, every hour, every minute of your life.

It is precisely this state that is being in the moment “here and now”, about which we have already talked so much.

It is this that will allow you to move into a new space of the Fifth dimension for you imperceptibly, calmly and harmoniously.

To do this, mentally place yourself as often as possible in a sphere from the Fire of Universal Love with mirrored outer walls, which will allow you to become inaccessible to any negative energies and programs of the three-dimensional world.

And fill this sphere with the Energy of Ascension, which will help transform your consciousness into the Divine, and your physical body into a crystalline light.

I bless you, my dear ones, and I love you immensely!


Dearest Ones Now is the time to sit back and reflect on all that has been going on in your own life in these past few months of this so called pandemic. Many of you as spiritual warriors have been fighting the tyranny that has been going on and it is time now for you all to take a step back and REFLECT on all that you have achieved in your own personal life by so doing.

We hear your cries of exhaustion and frustration and wanting the battle to be over. Many of you may be thinking that nothing has even changed and it may seem to you that the majority of people around you are still asleep, so to speak

We are here to tell you that even though many friends and family around you are still thinking differently to you, after you have been trying to persuade them otherwise , ALL IS WELL. It is time now to REFLECT on what THEY have been feeling and to try to understand them and to not fight them anymore. Do not believe ,that if people around you do not think like you, that they are the enemy.The real enemy is Fear.

It is time now to show those around you only LOVE not Anger. It is time now to stop the arguments and discussions and show only LOVE . Listen to their worries, fears and sadnesses but do not engage , REFLECT the LOVE through your eyes , agree to disagree, end the arguments and just walk away if necessary.

You have all done such an amazing job of waking people up , and they are, but it is time now to come together with your friends and families and to not disassociate from them. Their personalities may not have heard you but their soul will have done so .It maybe that you have not awoken them but others may well do so in the future .

There maybe some who are very angry with you by your refusal to comply with the restrictions.Take no heed of these people for they are in fear and cannot understand your LOVE of Freedom. Do not engage with these people for they will lower your vibration. They will awaken in time .

Loving the enemy is the path of the true Spiritual warrior at work. It is a difficult path to take and many fall by the wayside. As you keep focussing on LOVE you will be more than able to take on the new vibrations that are being beamed upon Earth at this time .

Imagine these new vibrations as pure LOVE and you will begin to see many changes in those around you. You have all gone through your own personal journey of Ascension upgrades and in the process you have gone through many challenges but it is time now to sit back and enjoy the show ,so to speak.

Everything is an illusion and many of you are seeing through the illusion that others are in control of your own destiny. It is time now to reflect on your life and realise ,that as you come to this pivotal point in your own lives,YOU have manifested everything for your own soul journey to be able to ASCEND to the 5th Dimension of LOVE,PEACE and HARMONY on Earth NOW.

YOU are an amazing soul who came to Earth to help Gaia and her inhabitants to Ascend to the 5th Dimension at this time . Many were called but few were chosen and YOU are one of the chosen strong ones. Believe this Dear Ones and continue on your own soul journey whether others are with you or not. You may feel very much alone but Dear Ones you are never ,ever alone.We are with you constantly and we are here to support you.Call on us both day and night and we will help you to complete the mission that you all came here to achieve.

The battle is over Dear Ones ALL IS WELL even though you what you are seeing maybe to the contrary. When you are feeling low ,call on us and we will be with you in an instant to lighten your vibration. Stay away from those who would darken your LIGHT and engage with those who would help you to shine your LIGHT.

There are no accidents, you are where you are for a reason. You may be the only one shining the LIGHT around you but never give up for the LIGHT conquers the dark always.If you are the only one shining the LIGHT around you ,it just means that you are the strong one showing them the way .

Have no fear of anything that those in their so called Power are throwing at you.Those on the Dark side are just trying to use their last vestiges of control as they see their own futures fall apart. We have told you many times that YOU can neutralise any dark force that is trying to take over you in any way.

There has been much talk of the dark side using ,food ,water ,weather patterns,chemicals, so called viruses and now solutions being injected into you to harm you and to hide your LIGHT.Dear Ones we are here to tell you yet again to have no fear whatsoever about anything that these so called dark forces try to throw at you .Their power is no more .YOU are the strong ones NOW and YOU can neutralise anything with which you come into contact and turn it into LIGHT. YOU can REFLECT that LIGHT back into the darkness and in so doing CHANGE the World.



We are SIRIUS and we are with you always.

We applaud you all and we send you much Love ,Light and Blessings.


Dearest Ones, souls on Earth may sometimes wonder what life on Earth is all about. Not everyone can imagine what a New Heaven on Earth can possibly be like. The talk of LOVE and LIGHT may be an anathema to them.The Earth to them feels as if it is a place of anger, sadness,greed,illness and poverty. These thoughts and emotions have been instilled in many of you for eons of your time on Earth.Souls come in and go out, enduring much hatred to other souls in their time incarnate on the planet. It is sometimes inbedded in their very way of being, so to speak. This way of life has been engendered by the darkness that abounded on Earth from souls who fed on these dark emotions.

Dearest Ones IT IS TIME NOW to rise up and clear these dark emotions from your soul.Most of you who read these words, are understanding what is happening and are working hard on yourselves to transcend from darkness into Light. This is the work that you came here to do Dear Ones .The TIME is NOW that you will all move from the 3rd Dimension into a 5th dimension of HEAVEN ON EARTH.

EARTH or GAIA as she is known is a living breathing organism ,a being of LOVE and LIGHT .She knows all of the souls on her planet and she is helping you to clear the last vestiges of dark emotions within you. Do you not feel her LOVE ? However she also knows the evil ones and she has decreed that they leave the planet NOW.

GAIA is transcending as we speak and she has no place for these dark souls on her planet.As you are seeing there is much movement from her as she also moves from the dark 3rd Dimension into a lighter 5th dimension ,where ALL souls have her best interests at heart.You are all seeing the changes in her .Volcanoes erupting ,Earthquakes, high winds,floods and strange weather patterns taking place. Many of her weather systems have been interfered with in the past by a dark agenda and she is now slowly coming back into alignment and balance.

Dark souls have been trying to control GAIA for centuries.She has been patient waiting for humans to change but it is TIME NOW for all souls who live on the planet to be in alignment with her.Many ,many souls have come in to help her progress . Her weather patterns will change and much of the planet will have moderate weather, where humans can thrive.This may all seem like a pipe dream to you and you may feel like this is in some distant future but know that all of this is happening NOW Dear Ones.The frequencies that are bombarding Earth at this time are allowing those who are in tune with GAIA to proceed into the NEW EARTH.No more poverty, disease,hunger or lack of LOVE.However those of a lower vibration who are not willing to change will not be able to sustain these frequencies.

Many of you have noticed many symptoms in your bodies as you go through these new frequencies which have never been known on the planet before. Your body is catching up with your soul, so to speak.Be gentle with yourself and ask your body what it needs to go through these frequencies. Your body is changing from carbon based to crystalline and as such you need to welcome these changes, however hard they may be. Many of you are feeling exhausted and are having very odd symptoms as you go through these new frequencies.

Your body and soul connect to GAIA so always talk to your body and GAIA and listen to what they have to to tell you. The cells in your body are constantly renewing themselves and they know exactly what they need.Your body may need more rest,more sunlight,more nutrients or more exercise.Be at one with your body and learn to LOVE it no matter what happens.There is always a lesson to learn in any symptom .It is hard for humans to understand but in every illness there is a lesson for the soul, however hard that may be for you to hear. The more that you learn to listen and to LOVE the body that your soul abides within ,the more peaceful you can become.

There have been many technologies which have been hidden from you by a dark agenda .Many of the illnesses of mankind have been perpetuated by a dark controlling agenda .They know that many illnesses could have been cured eons ago and many illnesses have been started by them to make money on the so called cure . Money which is given with a good heart to some so called charitable organisations go straight to these evil ones . Many of the so called illnesses in the world have actually been caused by a dark agenda to make money from a so called cure and to keep the population living in a Matrix of Fear . You have been kept from knowing about your own SOVEREIGN power as a being of GOD.

GOD has given every single human being on Earth a perfect immune system which keeps the body in balance.However over the last few centuries your Earth has been bombarded by the dark agenda with much pollution and many so called epidemics in a way to control you and to make vast sums of money on finding so celled cures. Over the last year many people have been in Fear of another such one which appeared to kill many people .However Dear Ones a certain number of people die each year and this has not changed.The fear of this so called C…d has been orchestrated by the dark to control the population .

This so called C…d was produced synthetically by the dark agenda and a cure in the injection was produced apparently very quickly but this was already in operation and was used in an aim to de populate and control humans ,not to cure them .

GOD gave all souls free will to live on Earth to learn their lessons and higher beings were not allowed to interfere.However Dear Ones this agenda to de populate the world has stepped over the line of non-interference and GAIA sent out a call to the Universe for the Higher Beings to help. Much of the damage that the v could have caused has been ameliorated by the Higher Beings from many of the Star systems . Some souls did incarnate to take the v , to experience symptoms and to wake the population from their slumber and some brave souls did incarnate to die from the v to awaken other souls in their vicinity.

Many of you are amidst others who are still sleeping ,so to speak and believe what some corrupt Governments are telling them .Those of you who have awoken are feeling frustated by others around you who are still asleep but have faith dear ones for ALL IS WELL and your time will come.There is a groundswell of souls awakening on the planet and once awake they sleep no more.The frequencies will continue until all souls awaken and the darkness will be no more. You will be much needed to help those when they learn of the unpleasant Truths which are beginning to come to LIGHT. Those Governments who are corrupt and continue to keep the population in fear will be overtaken by others in the LIGHT and local communities will be more able to govern themselves.

Many of you worry about your friends and family who have taken the v.Worry not ,Dear Ones for mostly they have been neutralised and will cause them no harm.They too will be as you ,when the TRUTH comes out to what has actually been going on and that time is very soon .All you can do now is to just be yourselves.You cannot persuade others to think as you do.They will learn in time and be as you are now..They need to learn for themselves as you have done.The frequencies on Earth are such that they are awakening many ,many more souls to their own mission on Earth at this time and for all dark evil souls to leave the planet.This is decreed and WILL happen.

Dear ones no more Fear now as the world is changing . Look around you and see the changes that are happenning .Gaia is ascending and you are ascending with her. Look forward to all that you so desire and manifest the NEW EARTH NOW. No more fear of illness, poverty and lack of love for GAIA will give you all that you need. Talk to her and ask her how you can help and she will give you all that you need to survive.You are strong ,you are powerful and you can manifest the NEW EARTH yourselves in community with other like minded souls.

Decide to leave the matrix of Fear that the dark side have tried to install in you. BELIEF is a powerful thing Dear Ones, learn to BELIEVE in a LOVING GOD as a part of YOU and have FAITH in an abundant EARTH now and nothing or no one can ever harm you .You will be given all that you so desire.

There is much talk about the days of darkness but in Truth if all souls awoke to know that they are a part of GOD and in tune with GAIA now ,there would be no darkness .New free sustainable energies will be found and new ways of clearing the Earth of pollution that humanity has caused ,will come to LIGHT.

GOD ,GAIA ,and the HIGHER REALMS will always support all of you who ask .

Dear Ones the TIME is NOW to connect with GAIA .Know that you all came here to be with her to bring in the NEW EARTH and that TIME is NOW.

Rejoice with GOD and GAIA as you all bring in the NEW EARTH together.

We are with you as you transcend from darkness into LIGHT and we send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS on your own journey.


Dearest ones the Archangelic realm have come together as One to encourage and help you all to find the LOVE within yourselves and for you all to become Superconscious within to be more able to create that amazing NEW WORLD of your dreams.

As a Loving soul ready to move into this New World ,you must first learn to let go of the old to manifest the New into your life.Many souls have been programmed to think of Earth as a learning planet and as such have had many painful lives and experiences for their internal growth . Souls have been coming in and out of incarnation and Earth has been this place of learning for eons of your time.However that time for learning is now over and the time for manifesting has become .

However many souls are now in a state of flux, so to speak and their emotions are not letting them move forwards.Much of their life has been in a state of fight and flight and their experiences reflect this and they are finding it hard to let go of their own anger towards others.This is why you are finding so much Division in the world today.The dark entities have been doing a very good job of dividing and conquering so to speak .Dearest One your challenge now is to rise above this and to manifest a NEW WORLD of LOVE PEACE and HARMONY. In real terms this means being as we the Angels are and seeing beyond the Fear of others and Loving them as a soul.

There are no coincidences and this challenging time has indeed awoken many souls to what has been going on for centuries.The fact that you are a Sovereign soul and able manifest anything for your highest good has been hidden from you for millennia. Some brave souls have tried to change this world in the past but it is TIME NOW for YOU to do this for yourself.We put this in the singular form for no Saviour is going to do this work for you.

YOU are the only one person who can change your own life from within and in so doing you WILL change your world from without.Much has been spoken about Learning to Love yourselves and many of you have been able to achieve this but it is TIME NOW to learn to LOVE every single soul on this planet, even the so called Dark Ones for without them you may not have awoken !!!!!.

This can be a very challenging time for you all and you may want to shy away from others who do not think as you do. We have to tell you that if a soul has come into your aura ,however distasteful they may be, and not as loving as you wish them to be, there is a part of you that has attracted them for a purpose. It maybe that YOU are the one person that can help them to move forwards and to let go of their anger towards others. BLESS them Dear Ones ,however hard that may be, for YOU maybe their only Saviour if you can do this.Their physical presence may not thank you but their soul will, Dear Ones.

It is TIME now for all souls to come together in LOVE and not in anger and hatred in your differences.In truth all souls came to Earth at this time on a mission to build this new wonderful world of LOVE for all. Many have now awoken to this mission but others maybe still be asleep ,as you were at one time.

Many of you are in families and around friends who are still asleep, so to speak, but have no Fear that these souls will stay asleep forever.The energies are such that more and more souls are waking up every day and once awoken they will not go back to sleep. As a soul you will have done a very good job of helping them ,however hard it may seem to you.

Do not give up on your friends and families. You may have to be physically apart from them for awhile and they may not thank you for the work that you have done but just know that if they are in your presence their soul WILL have learned a great deal from you.YOU are the wayshowers Dear Ones and YOU were chosen to be here at this time for the brave fighter souls that you all are.

As we have said before think of Earth as a stage and you are the mere players ,as Shakespeare famously said.The dark entities have done their job well and will be leaving the stage to continue their soul’s progress in another place of learning.They have no part to play in the NEW WORLD and the stage that is to be.BLESS them,thank them and let them go.Take no heed of what they have done ,however evil it may have been. You know that whatever they have done to others, will be brought to their soul’s attention .There is no judgement here ,however hard this may seem for you all to understand.

And so Dear Ones we are here to help you overcome these last few years of turmoil that you have all been through .It is TIME now to look forward to a new way of being,one that you have never known before.

Learn to LOVE yourself for all that you have been through,learn to LOVE others for what they have been through and you will all come together as a community of souls to create the NEW WORLD for all. Come together now in your groups of like minded souls and other souls will be attracted to your energies.

In Truth once the so called evil beings have departed the planet and the departure has begun there will be only LOVE. All of the sins of the World will drop away as if by Magic.

YOU Dear Ones are the MAGIC .YOU are the ONES to Save the World, so start now and learn to LOVE ALL ,no matter what. The Time for talk is done and the Time for MAGIC has begun. Learn to connect and to speak with your families and friends in your dreams and meditations. Send them your LOVE to help them to see the LIGHT within themselves. This is the truly Magical way to change the world around you.

We are here to help you to achieve this Magical New World Dear Ones .Talk to us always and ask us how to navigate your life . When you are in pain, sadness or distress talk to us and we will guide you to find the help that you need.

Dearest Ones we applaud you all for the amazing work that you have done on your mission to change the world ,do not give up Dear Ones for the end is in sight.

Talk to us every single day and be the Earth Angel that we know you all are. We have many techniques to help you on this new journey. Whatever Archangel that you feel drawn to will recommend a certain Coloured Light ,a sound or technique for you to use, to help and protect you from any negativity that may overcome you.

Below are a few suggestions to assist you on your journey.-:

Talk to Archangel Zadkiel and St Germaine and use the Violet flame to wash over you..

Talk to Archangel Metatron and surround yourself in the Diamond White Fire.Metatron also use many other colours including a deep magenta red.

Talk to Archangel Michael and he will surround you with his Blue cloak of protection and Sword of Truth.

Talk to Archangel Raphael and cover yourself with his healing Green Light.

Talk to Archangel Uriel and walk on his Rainbow Bridge to guide you forwards.

Talk to Archangel Gabriel and ask him to show you the White flame of Sound and Truth .

Talk to Archangel Sandalphon and use his Turquoise Earthing Sound and Light .

Talk to Archangel Chamuel and surround yourself in her beautiful flame of Loving Pink and joyous music.

In Truth there are many other Archangels that you can talk to and many colours, sounds and and techniques that you may also feel drawn to,to learn and to use.It is up to you to connect with the Angels and to use whatever feels right to you.

And so My Dears the future is up to YOU.

YOU are the MAGIC.

YOU are the new ANGELS walking on the EARTH today.

Welcome to the Angelic Kingdom.

As always we send YOU much Love and many Blessings.

The Archangelic Realm.

Victory of the Light!


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