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Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 13, 2021


Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

This is how we win!!

23.31 Minutes

“….communicating and sharing this God’s eye view. Words will not contain it. You must find a physical language and an imaginative landscape that can be telepathically transmitted. You have inside, the greatest gifts to share and spread. And the challenge becomes to find ways to get it across that evolution is really happening, and multidimensional reality is already here now to bring us all alive, even when the outer mind is still drawing blanks on what the fuss is about.” 

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale,




Evgeny Dubovik, Master From Russia Carves Amazing Paintings From Wood,

“….Are you still hanging onto old ways that never worked for you in the past? How did it serve your higher purpose?….”

“What have you learned about yourself in this reality?”

“you must have something that you believe in strongly. Like an anchor for you.

Who is your anchor?




Do you know what anchors you?”

“Are you ready to move forward in your life by following your heart?

Will you stay in third density or will you choose to ascend to a 5D?

Will you be brave enough to make the best choice you will have ever make.”

“What type of life do you want to live?”

“what do you desire for your life and your families?”


“………Are you ready to move on from your life as it has been and step into a new reality?

This is a wake-up call for people who are ready to see the light of truth, gain spiritual awareness, and have their lives transformed for the better.

Humanity’s slavery is coming to an end……….”




Evgeny Dubovik, Master From Russia Carves Amazing Paintings From Wood, ,

“Our transformation has begun”

“The most decisive moment for humanity on planet Earth has arrived.”

“things are moving forward fast now.”

“Our history for millennia, is largely a deception….have manipulated and changed almost every fact and aspect to completely control and suppress the population, but now that is past. The truth is coming out and every day more people understand what is happening and are slowly waking up.”

“We are now at the turning point. Because, Earth as a Planet is making its Transition, many of the souls who have incarnated here are also making their Ascension. It is the most important moment in all of planetary history, but above all, it is the greatest moment of Earth in Humanity’s awakening.”

“The light is going to become more intense, so that it becomes impossible to continue sleeping. It is certain that many, even if they awaken with the intensity of the Light, will choose another Planet of Shadows to continue their deep sleep of the soul there. Therefore, we will report here only to those who truly awaken and choose the path of the New Earth.”

“The Final Chapter”




“The apocalyptic phase is over, that is, the time of change that began almost three centuries ago.

The Apotheosis Begins! …”

“ All that has been learnt will naturally be integrated into the new consciousness, just as each of you integrates when you are taught to perform a new task.”

“The ascension of the soul is a unique event in the respective parts of the universe. So much so that many previously Ascended Masters have now incarnated or are incarnating on Earth to be able to participate in such a grand event.”

“what is really important is that you are here in the final part of the planetary transition. And nothing or no one can oppose this, for you have made your choice and it is sovereign.”

“…In this journey of awakening, you will start to realize and understand the power that is intrinsically within all of you. This power has been established from the beginning. From the initial seeding of humanity, it was recognized that humanity will come to an awakening stage, a stage in which human consciousness will and would recognize its own creatorship, its own desire to direct its destiny, to direct the creation of a reality of its own choosing….”

“an awakening soul will propose a new reality”

“The natural way of completing, of ending the cycle of karma, is through iterative realizations. The extended and accelerated way of completing and ending a specific soul agreement for karmic cycles is through the awakening of your soul, the awakening that is fueled naturally by all of you, the awakening that is fueled by all experiences of all generations ever had.”

“ It is your soul’s readiness to emerge to a new truth, to a new perspective of reality”

“The cycles that have lasted for thousands of years, for many generations, for many lifetimes, may no longer be a relevant mechanism for learning and evolution.”




“individual’s awakening is truly a unique challenge, a unique step, a unique set of steps”

“with an open heart, and an open mind, and a rested body, you may find that these realizations will occur naturally to allow a cycle to complete. Most importantly, you will notice the resistance that you hold within yourself — based on the conditions that you were given, based on the learnings that you have received, based on the beliefs that were established within you — and this resistance within you will, in moments of silence, in moments of openness, be disarmed.”

“Allow an entire[ly] new way of being, an entire[ly] new way of operating this reality to become a possibility.

Merely this potential of a possibility will open entire new worlds for you, entire new realities for you.”

“Remember the powerful force of love to create the impossible in your lives. Love is what does the impossible. Love, the power of love is what brings forth the greatest miracles, the greatest manifestations, the greatest expressions of magic in your life.”

“ And when you open up to that love, the powerful force that is created through you, for you, of you, around you can do the extraordinary, the unthinkable, that which you believe to be impossible.

What you believe possible is simply determined by what you have experienced until now. What you think possible is determined by what others have experienced until now. But this isn’t like anything you’ve ever lived before. Nothing is as it was before. You are in a New Earth. You are in a new consciousness. You are in new energy. This is a new you. Nothing is like it ever was before.”

“You have come so far. You have come so far. Take a moment and really turn and look at how far you have come, where you are now, and this Heaven on Earth that you have created all around you, but most importantly within you. And you may be saying to yourself, well, it’s not Heaven on Earth all the time. Sometimes I still get triggered, and sometimes I forget, and sometimes I have an unconscious reaction. Perfect, it’s just perfect. It’s all perfect. It all brings you deeper into the truth of who you are and the love within you and the power within you.

Right now, we want you to bring to your awareness something that you really want but seems impossible. Could be a manifestation in your physical body, could be a manifestation in your relationships or a particular relationship, could be a manifestation in your finances or your work, could be a dream that you have that seems impossible. Let it come up for a moment.

Why is it so important to you? Why do you really want this? And then let it go. Completely, totally let it go. Give it to the light and let it go. Let it go. Give it to the light and completely surrender. Let it go. Give it to the light and let all of the limitation you’ve imposed upon it be released. Let all of your resistance around it be released.




Give the expectation to the light. Give the resistance to the light. Say to the light, ‘I have tried. I have hoped. I have dreamed. I have begged. I have wanted. Now I give it to the light because I know, I know the power of love. I know the power of love can do the impossible. I know that this or something so much better is possible. And I give it to the light. I give it to you, the God within me. I give it to you, the God that is the power of all creation within me. I give it to you, and I allow true creation. I allow the power of love that I am to do the impossible. I allow the power of the love that I am to recreate it in its highest good and deliver it on to me in divine right time, in the perfect moment, better than I could ever imagine for myself. This is the power of the love that I am. This is the power of the God that I am. This is the power of the Source that I am.’”

“We want you to think of a time when you were so in love with a person or a baby or an animal or a place. Think of that moment, think of that person, think of that place, and focus yourself into the frequency of the love that you felt, that you embodied, that you experienced. It made you feel so alive. It made you feel so energized. It had all of your attention.

Focus into that now. Focus into that feeling of love. Focus into that frequency of love. Feel it in you and know that it was never about anything outside of you. It was the reflection of that thing or that person or that experience that was reflecting to you the love and the power within you, the beauty within you, the magnificence within you.

The love you have ever felt for anyone or anything is merely a reflection of the love that you have for you, the love that the God within you has for you, the love that the truth within you has for you, the love the soul of you has for you.”

“ It’s unexplainable with words. And yet that’s the frequency of creation. That’s the frequency of true creation. That’s the frequency of magic and miracles. That’s the frequency that can do anything, that can do the impossible. With love, with God anything is possible. With love, with God all things are possible. With love, with God you allow the impossible to be created for you.

Your impossible dreams are about to come true. The time it takes for them to manifest for you is directly correlated to the frequency of love that you hold in your being, in your consciousness, in your awareness, in your frequency, every moment of every day.

You are creating right now the manifestations, the really big manifestations that you will be receiving in the month to come, in the year to come, in the remaining decade to come, and in the decades beyond. There’s no way to explain to your human mind the energy that is pouring into you, pouring on you, and pouring through you for the creation of your reality of a New Earth and Heaven on Earth and the paradise that is here and available to you.

The time it takes for you to let go, surrender it all, give it to the light, and allow it to be recreated from the frequency of love— Allow it to be recreated in the frequency of love, and you will see the power to do the impossible, that which you cannot fathom or figure out in this human experience such that once and for all and forevermore indeed you will go beyond faith, trust, believing, to an absolute knowing of THE MAGIC OF THE UNKNOWN invisible force of love that can do the impossible, that can do anything, the powerful force of love that makes everything possible for you.

Any dream that you have, any wish that you have, any desire that you have is possible for you. You wouldn’t even have the dream in your heart if it wasn’t possible for you. And yet there are even bigger dreams and realizations that your soul can bring forth for you that are not based on your experience of the past, that are not based on the lack and the limitation that you’ve experienced prior to now.

We’re going beyond anything that’s ever been experienced in physical form before. And you’re ready. You’re a master. You are. And it’s time to really allow yourself to play and create in the levels of mastery and manifestation and the realms of imagination that are here and available to you now.”




“simply if you would just think about what you love and just believe in love and just focus on love and tell stories of love and be love and do what you love, your entire experience would transform before your eyes in the most expeditious and efficient and exciting and amazing ways if love were the dominant frequency that you allowed yourself to experience.”

“You have no idea the unexplainable things that you create every day. You’re just used to them, take them for granted, don’t really think about how amazing you are, how many things you create, how much you’ve already created.”

“the power to evoke healing, the power of nature, the power of animals, the power of love, the power of magic, the power of alchemy.”

“love. That’s the power that creates. That’s the power that can do the impossible. That’s the power that brings forth magic, miracles, instant manifestation and the realization of true creation. Love.”

“And we venture to say that anything that you desire, wish for, really, really want is because in the having of it you will experience more love. You will realize more love of yourself. And yet there’s nothing outside of you that can bring you into that realization of love, and yet anything that you love has the power to awaken you, to reflect to you the love within you, to awaken you to the love within you.

There’s all sorts of definitions of love, but somewhere within all of you there’s been one moment somewhere in your life where you really felt, really, really, really felt that power of love.”

“That’s just a distraction. All that matters now is you allow the power of love that is you to do that which only you can allow: the impossible, the incredible, the extraordinary, the magical, the magnificent.”

“focus upon celebration, gifts, blessings, and birthing new exciting creations and beginnings.”

Para Kas-Vetter
*”Philosophia” *Writer *Oracle *Spiritual *Creative




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