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Reader Post | By R Reep

Living Life in A Rabbit Hole:

I feel compelled to tell my story about falling into a rabbit hole and people around me wondering if I’ve lost it!

I lost my husband to cancer a couple of years ago then started seeing a man that was involved in the GCR.  He shared with me information about the Child trafficking and government corruption, and I gained enough information to start digging for myself having been taken to the rabbit hole, so I decided to jump into it. 

My findings were alarming. To find out this world has been the devils stomping ground and the depth of the corruption, the evilness and many victims for so long was/is totally heartbreaking.  I give thanks to the patriots that gave enough information for us to research details further.  I felt angry, sad, emotional for being lied to for all my life realizing that everything I was ever taught in school or in church was totally wrong.   The depth of everything was/is overwhelming but so thankful that this clean-up is underway to finally take them out and from here on out no more.  Peace and love among everyone everywhere.  Who would have ever thought this stuff was going on.

I raised my four children with Christian beliefs, experienced spiritual things occasionally and especially during my husband’s sickness and it continues even after his death.  My research into this rabbit hole increased my faith and I work each day in hopes to wake people up. I became a woman compelled to get the information out there to my friends, family and everywhere I go. I became a QAron patriot.  I am met with resistance having family and friends thinking I may need an intervention.   Being a part of the truthers is difficult.  Being laughed at, criticized and called an idiot is hard but I hold faith that this country is being saved and this war between good and evil, militaries fighting above the ground and below is taking place and hopefully soon the light will shine brighter than ever before.  Darkness will be abolished, and earth will become sovereign proving to the galaxies that there are a lot of people here good at heart. 

I am one of many (possibly millions) and hopefully soon our day will come when we are vindicated, and the non-believers will realize we were the ones that were blessed with the sense to know the actual reality.  To follow our conscious and we are obviously in a higher dimension spiritually.  They will realize they have things to work on internally.

I look forward to helping humanity.  I want to do my part to help heal this earth in any way I can.  I want my life to be remembered for what I did, not what I said.  I give thanks to God, to Jesus for having patience with us and hopefully everyone will realize God/Jesus lives within each of us.  Our souls and its up to us to stand up against tyranny, evil and be a Christian world. To love each other and live in harmony.

Thank you so much Mr T and family, JFK, the alliance, the military, The Dinar Recap Team, the Dinar Chronciles, C. Ward, S. Parkes and the many patriots!   Being able to read the “real news” and to be kept in the loop has helped tremendously.  It has been a Real Awakening emotional ride that I sincerely hope is about to be totally revealed and over.  It’s been a long one but understandable.  

And a special thanks to God for giving me the insight to jump into this rabbit hole!

Forever grateful, R Reep


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