(Reader: Luna) A Lightworkers Call: Demons and Spells


Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 12, 2021

A Lightworkers Call: Demons & Spells

Let’s go back to 2012, when another frequency change happened. It happened while we are asleep. I don’t know of anyone including myself who has any conscious remembrance and if you do it will seem like a dream. 2012 was known as the next shift of the ages. It was the time that started our ascension process or it kicked started it.  At first, we can continue ascending in our body but eventually our light body will evolve and no longer have a limiting body. There will be a shedding of the body because it will be limiting in the higher frequency.

 In Third density life on this planet means we eventually die, or they the cabal are trying to kill us in every way or were. So we kept coming back here to this earth. That happens through the death/rebirth portal so we can learn our lessons but we kept doing it over and over each lifetime never progressing or graduating. We were always in fear searching for shelter. A slave in just about any society! Money before human life! It got worse every hundred years. More greed, more pain, more control, more power! A vicious cycle for us while they lived like Kings and Queens yet the real Kings & Queens were fake and not even human. They were aliens, reptilian and they were beyond nasty they were downright evil and they even ate humans. I know how this sounds. I know it sounds like an apocalypse movie. Am I in the Walking Dead series on Netflix?

Do you think that series was by chance? Not at all!  They now want everyone to think of that as being normal and it has worked for many.  Just look at all the people still wearing masks almost two years later. With all the studies out there showing no positive effects, just deadly ones! Yet they still don’t want to hear it.  Once you accept something as the truth you have to take responsibility, like researching for yourself as I’m not asking anyone to take my word for it. The truth is that what we are dealing with right now on this planet has to do with the abuses of free will, hybridization, the manipulation of incarnate consciousness and our DNA. That is the truth as I see it. No sugar coating here just the bare facts. I believe that many of them couldn’t handle the truth and would rather stay in their bubble. The one where they think things will eventually go back to normal or this is the new normal.  What do they look like to you? To me they look like robots, controlled & brainwashed or devoid of feelings. Some days, I feel like I’m living in another parallel world that I never signed up for. I can see the truth of things so clearly and always have but no one hears me and now we are here!

What have you learned in this lifetime about you?

We have to love all of ourselves I’m told. Your life experiences happened to teach you what you needed to know. Energy and frequencies also help you navigate this third dimension but you must be connected to Source.    


 Are you still hanging onto old ways that never worked for you in the past? How did it serve your higher purpose?

Love isn’t supposed to hurt yet we hang on to the things in relationships that hurt us.  If you give a little and are able to bend just a bit, you can survive anything. If you realize what lessons you learned then you let the rest go.  Next time due to vibration you can discern before something that hurts you because you have already had a similar experience.  But, I also believe you must have something that you believe in strongly. Like an anchor for you.

Who is your anchor?

Do you know what anchors you?

We all need to feel grounded for the simple reason that, if you are not grounded you will miss so much around you. You will miss hearing the guidance from your angelic guides. They are with you throughout each of your lifetimes. They know where you have been and what you did or did not learn in all those lifetimes. They even know why. Do you? Have you ever just sat back and reviewed your life and said to yourself? Why did that happen to me or why did it happen then at that time? So I ask you…

What are your stumbling blocks or should I say who?

What have you learned about yourself in this reality?


Once you answer those questions then the next obvious one is:

Are you ready to move forward in your life by following your heart?

Will you stay in third density or will you choose to ascend to a 5D?

Will you be brave enough to make the best choice you will have ever make.

Are you ready to ascend?

What Lightworker’s have been doing most of their lives is simply dreaming and creating. Creating what?  Well Heaven on Earth naturally! Lightworkers naturally know what that means because on some level we have memories of a life full of joy! That’s our birthright just like being free.

 I heard my Angelic guides whisper those words many times but especially during a traumatic event such as the death of my little sister who was just 5 years old sister of Leukemia (yes, I know the truth about their poisons). They didn’t care the effects it would have on her or her family she was just a lab rat to them or a cash cow like the millions of others they experimented on for the sake of ‘science’.  To me it was a ‘legal’ way to torture a child. Can you say Satanic Agenda!

Well, today the same thing seems to be happening except people are now lining up who are perfectly healthy then posting on social media sites and celebrating the fact they got their 2nd jab and got a certificate. Meanwhile people are getting very sick or dying. Our hospitals are full of fully vaccinated. That’s not the celebration I came here for! Can you see what I am saying?

What is wrong with this picture? Common sense says to me, why are we still here almost two years later and in more lockdowns? Yet the ‘virus’ is still here but each booster requires another and so on and so on. Common sense people! Wake up! Your loved ones are dying! Now they are going after our children but many parents are just handing them over. Why? What’s wrong with our world? Do you ask yourself those questions? I think the time has come to seriously ask your-self these very sobering questions. People are being forced to separate so we won’t have these discussions with our loved ones. Do you see what I’m saying?

In my darkest moments of grief, I had never felt the pain of grief and NEVER want to again. I was 12 years old and even then I knew it was wrong. It altered my life profoundly.  It was gut wrenching pain. I still remember it.  I was just a child but it woke me up to the reality of the world I was born into and I made truth my anchor. I have way too many people I loved die. Now if all of their deaths happened because the doctors did all they could then I could accept that. Unfortunately, that is not what happened here and it is not, what is happening today still more than 50 years later.  Think of that, a half century has passed and how far are we in medical advancements. Do you not think we should have had some new technologies? Of course, I hear that with Nesara/Gesara they will release about 6000 patents on new technologies. They say we are 300 years behind in technology and I for one believe that is so. Just look at the archaic and very dangerous equipment in our hospitals today. All that will be gone with the announcement of Nesara/Gesara and I for one will be so glad to see them go!


What I’m trying to say is, all of it was planned and all for the sake of money. Money before any human life is just wrong and on every level. What I went through at the age twelve, it evoked many emotions I had never felt before. Life changed and I knew it was about to get harder but I knew I had to work through it to heal. It took many years and I admit it took its toll on me though I never forgot who I was, for, I am a warrior for the Light.

Twenty-three years later another significant death of my dear friend who also had a cancer diagnosis which resulted in her asking me to raise her then 9 year old daughter whom I loved like my own. I was to be a mother figure to her which was easy since I loved her like she was mine already. You see I had known her for about 6 years when she came to us. She is my spiritual child and she came to teach me more about love and how it has no borders. When you can love you are free of the matrix. The matrix rules by fear and that is an illusion. Fear represents False Evidence Appearing Real. Ask yourself this question?

What type of life do you want to live?

For me that question is easy since I have never really lived in third density I merely muddled my way through but my visions were always higher than this place where only chaos and separation was its theme. I’m all about family and unity. My friends are an extension of my family even my neighbours would tell you that.

I’m certain of one place where I never want to be and that is what I call the hamster wheel of fear, lack, separation and physical death while you stay hungry your whole existence in nothing but lack of everything you deserve to have. It was our birth right and it was hijacked.

Fear only exists when you become of afraid you give it form therefore its real in your mind. Once there it’s pretty hard to unsee something you fear. There you get caught in another trap albeit it’s in the mind. Now that is exactly what the Cabal or Illuminati want because you feed them ‘loosh’. Your despair, struggle, angst, depression or just not being present feeds those demons. This is why I write about how to keep your vibration high! They don’t like that feeling it does nothing for them because they do not feel emotions. They are devoid of love and they literally don’t have a soul. They don’t worship our Creator/God.

So what do you desire for your life and your families?

How can we make this New World better? We must do this together. That is why things are crumbling. All that was corrupt has to be taken down everywhere on this planet. Lightworkers have been raising the vibration to break this spell on this planet all the years you have been asleep. You see we are the dreamers but we are all Creators. The matrix and the spells that have been cast have cut you off from your heart and your connection to God that you forgot to dream. 

Child Trafficking was the most lucrative business our governments, churches, educational institutions, corporations, etc. were all in on it.  We didn’t stand a chance. This is a spiritual war and so the result will be of spiritual proportions. We can never go back! We need each other more than ever. Don’t buy into their lies. They say if you say a lie long enough you believe it to be the truth. I’m here to tell you it’s still a lie.

If you feel called please join Geo and myself and all the amazing humanitarians at the World Benevolence Group. I can’t wait to meet you and do some amazing work around the globe for the betterment of all humanity.


Pace, Amore, Luce & Gioia (Peace, Love, Light & Joy)


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