Changing Children’s Gender Raises Concerns



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“Senator Rand Paul grills HHS Nominee Rachel Levine over se/x changes for kids”

“Stop trying to turn boys into girls, or girls into “its”. This isn’t a socialist country and the People—the taxpayers—will not fund se/x changes…..”

“Se/x change regret” now rising in America as the fad of gender fluidity begins to wane.

Thousands of transgenders who drastically altered their physical attributes in an attempt to become the opposite se/x are now having buyers’ remorse, according to one of the world’s top genital reconstructive surgeons.

So-called “se/x change regret,” says Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, also a professor, is now reaching epic proportions, as many of those who were sold a bill of goods about “becoming themselves” are coming to the shocking realization that mutilating their se/xual organs and dressing in the stereotypical garb of the opposite gender isn’t the cure for their gender dysphoria.




Speaking to Canada’s National Post, Dr. Djordjevic explained how he typically performs some 100 “gender reassignment” surgeries every year. But he’s now seeing many of these same patients coming back to him, begging to be “changed back” to what they were at birth – only to come to the stark realization that it’s not that simple.

“Those wishing the reversal have spoken to [me] about crippling levels of depression following their transition, and in some cases even contemplated suicide,” he says, noting that “reversing” back to one’s birth se/x is both expensive and painful.

“It can be a real disaster to hear these stories,” he adds, explaining that many such stories go unnoticed because of the “potentially politically incorrect” nature of bringing them up in today’s climate of total gender madness.

………………….. transgenders coming back to him asking for help to “go back,” wishing they had never fallen for the lie that physical mutilation is the answer to mental illness.”

“Bath Spa University did indeed just dismiss a study proposal on “detransitioning” because it could potentially hurt feelings.




Never mind that Caspian fought for his case in a reasonable fashion, arguing that the research was more needed than ever due to the increasing population of people who were regretting, and were even traumatized, by their surgery. Never mind that Caspian himself spoke with a genital reconstructive surgeon who had carried out seven reversals in one year alone.

………………… Walt Heyer, the Los Angeles man who became a woman in the 1980s then went back to living as a man after gender reassignment surgery impacted his life in a tremendously negative way. To this day, Heyer wishes he’d never gotten surgery in the first place, and doing so has robbed him of pieces of himself that he’ll never get back.

“To continue to support the actions of criminal doctors, business people, and politicians at this point suggests a deeply disturbed and suppressed psychological condition. When true feelings are kept from expression, a person is left powerless, with only numbing, submissive behavior available, which is repulsive and sickening to the soul, and this is the current state of a population who refuses to acknowledge the facts……………

We are stuck here because we cannot let ourselves feel the depth of our grief and rage at being psychologically manipulated by psychopathic forces pushing fascist mandates and phony medicines. As a group, we have turned off our feelings and become obedient, telling ourselves we will somehow be safer if we put up and shut up. Simply put, we are living in fear and delusion, rather than in confidence and clarity, which is our natural state. And all this is an old, old, old story in human history……….We lack the emotional honesty to face the huge guilt we have been accumulating by obeying orders out of fear, when we should have been obeying our innate intelligence, trusting our immune system, and making vigorous changes to the social structure we live in. How dreadful to realize we are this weak! But how simple to change that……”

Parisse Deza

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”Today’s major media journalism is biased, irresponsible, sensationalist reporting that distorts, exaggerates or misstates the truth. It’s misinformation or agitprop disinformation masquerading as fact to boost circulation, readership, viewers, or listeners, and on vital issues lie about or suppress uncomfortable truths to provide unqualified support for state and/or corporate interests – to the detriment of the greater good that’s always sacrificed for profits and imperial aims. As a result, major media sources produce a daily propaganda diet and what Project Censored calls “junk food news,” and get most people to believe it…..Today the media is in crisis …. news is carefully controlled, dissent marginalized, and on-air and print journalists support powerful interests as paid liars, or what famed journalist George Seldes (1890 – 1995) called “prostitutes of the press.”

“Game Over. You can rape us, beat us, kill us, detain us and silence us, but you cannot stop The Avalanche. It’s here. It’s real. It’s much bigger than you could ever possibly imagine. A paper-thin layer of fear is the only thing holding back The Avalanche right now. You know that. I know that. We’re not stupid. We’re adults. We know what happens in history when this occurs. It’s called a coup. It’s going to happen no matter what. I have nothing to do with it. I believe the plan is so comprehensive and brilliant that there is no possible way for you to stop it. I know you’re scared — but the best thing you can do is STOP LYING. You still have a chance to give humanity the greatest gift of all time — an end to secrecy — and the most mind-blowing awakening in the planet’s history.”

Maple Tu Seeds




“Karma is the reason Corporations use people to harm other people. The founders and share holders are not the ones harming people; they are the ones deceiving others into violating the Law of Karma. …. The trick of the Elite is to get someone else to harm others for profit……”

“…This does not make Elites immune from Karma…..””

 “Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity, and the rod of his fury will fail.”

Proverbs 22:8

 “They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind…..”

Hosea 8:3-8

Final thoughts:

“Sticking to old practices simply won’t work in an environment that is trying to change.”

Pratik Dholakiya

“There is a failsafe mechanism in the soul. When things hit a certain level of suppression it activates and there has been a global activation.”




James Gilliland

“….help the children. Give them a lightpath to come out of their prisons and to be freed.”

Aboriginal Tale of the Dreamtime:

“Booloogah and Binyee were toddlers when the lame old wallaby wandered into the baanya (camp). It was such a sickly old animal that the people did not expect it to survive, and so allowed it to remain unmolestered, except Boolooga and Binyee.  Whenever the opportunity presented itself, they would chase it much to the amusement of the people, but as lame and sickly as the animal was, it always managed to evade them. This continued for a long time until the children were quite grown and angry that they old wallaby had made them look so foolish for such a long time. Finally, the elders scolded them for their actions and ordered them to stop. But they were determined to get their revenge by killing the old wallaby once and for all.

Booloogah and Binyee made their plans, and that day went in search of the old wallaby. But for the very first time they were unable to find it. “Maybe it’s dead,” Booloogah suggested. “I hope not,” said Binyee, “I want to kill it myself.” Just then, the old wallaby appeared as if from nowhere. “So you have finally decided to kill me,” he said, much to the boys’ surprise, because they had never heard a wallaby speak before. “You have tormented me most of your lives,” the old wallaby continued, “and I had always hoped that you would grow out of it. Sadly you are far too cruel for that.”The boys stood spellbound, but felt no shame. “We will kill you right now.” Said Booloogah, picking up a rock and raising it above his head. “Yes, we will.” Cried Binyee and did likewise. At that moment, the two rocks fell from their………

……………… paws, for they were no longer human. They had been changed into lame wallabies to suffer the torment of being hunted for the rest of their lives.”


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