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Operation Disclosure | By GMan757, Contributing Writer

The title says a mouth full.  Within it are truths that apply to both the choices of the individual Soul Consciousness, as well as the choices of the Collective Soul Consciousness of every being on this planet.  This applies to Humans, as well as other beings, in every Density, and in every Dimension.

First, I want to begin by saying that I don’t much care for labels put upon people.  I consider spirituality to be a quite personal thing, being a link to the Source (God), Creator of all that is.  I totally reject anyone who attempts to label me as “New Age” for my using those terms.

I also reject the control structures put upon us by our religious institutions.  I was raised in a Southern Baptist church and was Baptized at somewhere around age 9.  Over the years, I feel that I have matured physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Some might refer to it as evolution of beliefs or gaining wisdom.

My spiritual journey has been heavily influenced by “The Law of One” books, as well as David Wilcock’s “Wisdom Teachings” series on Gaia Channel.  I have utilized many other resources along the way, most of which I could never remember well enough to footnote.

At this point, I must note that I began this article over a week ago, late on the 17th, planning to work through to finish early morning in the morning  of February 18.  However at 10:00 AM, I hit a wall (and a bit of writers block) and had to lay the writing aside and get some rest.  Later, I meditated on how I should go about finishing the article.

This evening, already Friday, the 26th, I hope to finish.  I was shown the answer in an article on Monday, beautifully written by Dr. Schavi M. Ali, over on Disclosure News Italy.  Dr. Ali, well versed in the Vedic scriptures, writes mostly from that perspective.  However, he appears to have a full understanding of all ancient and modern religions.  

He focuses more on how much they are the same, rather than now they are different.  Refreshing, and I will have more to say in the Digging Deeper section, below.




Note.  In my meditation example, below, I mention Chakras.  scroll down and take a look at the Chakras diagram.  #7 is the Crown, #1 is the Root, and #4 is the Heart.  This entire article is very relevant to our current situation with energy levels and the ascension process.

The Cap’n over on Starship Earth the Big Picture totally knocked another one out of the park on Feb 17, Q’s Day.  She not only covered the entire battlefield in all of the physical topics, she capped it off with a link to the wonderful spiritual  article by James O’Brien, entitled “Treasures in Heaven”, posted here on Valentines Day.

I found this so uplifting that I devoted over half of my previous short article to extolling the virtues of it.  Since I was taking a mental break on Sunday, I would have missed that one had not the Cap’n not linked it to her post from 2/17/21, “Q’s Day or Wednesday?”.  Her posts have recently been a daily feature on this site.

Meditation?  Prayer?

I want to begin here because Meditation/Prayer play such an important part in how the Ascension process plays out, and thus, which timeline we end up on during that process.  It matters not which tool you choose, the key is to actually put into practice what you learn.  Time is short.  

This discussion will be the quick start introduction, but I will get into more detail in the Digging Deeper.  It is a good practice to begin each with a Clearing and then to state your intent.  And don’t forget gratitude (give thanks).  This discussion is limited to spirituality and religions that are, in some fashion, of the Light and Love of Source.




Gaia (Earth) is a sentient being, with a Soul, the same as you and me.  She, too, is very deserving of your gratitude when you pray or meditate.  In fact, all matter in the universe is made of energy (photonic), the conscious energy of Source.

Whether you choose meditation or prayer, your first objective should be to commune with the Source Creator (God).  Since your soul was created by, and is an aspect of (some call that a fractal) Source/God, you need only to look inward to communicate.  

That is to say that you do not need any special person, process, or ritual standing between you and Source/God.  The Christian Bible teaches that God speaks in a still small voice.  That means that a communication from God is rarely overt and rarely verbal.  It is up to you to quiet your mind and to listen long enough to hear.

This is one of the best reasons to utilize Meditation.  The practice of Meditation teaches you to calm both your mind and body as you begin a session.  It also teaches you to empty your mind of extraneous thoughts that might hinder your communion.  Often people may Meditate with these as the only objectives.

The Dark Forces at work on the Earth (Gaia) are frequently interfering with our communication with the Source/God.  In my example, below I mention doing a “Clearing” at the beginning.  James Gilliland has an excellent article(s) on this topic over at ECETI Stargate.


From my Protestant Christian background, I never saw a manual for prayer.  We typically learned from listening to others pray.  Prayer is more narrow in focus, mostly either asking God or Jesus for a blessing, or giving thanks for life or the abundance life has given us (abundance does not always mean physical).

Many Christians pray to Jesus, instead of God, directly.  My personal research tells me that Yeshua Bin Joseph (Jesus is the Greek name, translated means son of Zeus) tried to convey that he was sent here to be a Teacher (referred to as Rabbi by Disciples).

At the top of the Roman Catholic Church, the hierarchy is controlled by Satan worship.  While I do not believe all Priests to be Satan worshipers, some degree of control is still present.  Catholics will even pray to, or ask the saints to intercede with God.  This is a part of the control structure of the Dark Archons and other entities that have infiltrated organized religions since time immemorial.  




The purpose is to separate us from Source and dis-empower us.  They fear us learning just how powerful our souls really are.  If you prefer prayer, just remember it is your link to God, and nothing should ever be allowed to come between you and that direct link.  

If you are a member of any organized Christian religion, you are going to already pretty set in your prayer habits.  Nothing I could say here is likely to change that.  So, I mostly wrote this topic with those of other faiths and those with no faith in mind.

However, if I were use the purpose in the Meditation example, below, I would ask God to Remove the Negative beings, if any were present, ask for the full armor of God to protect me, then pray for the 9 items listed to be granted.


I prefer Meditation since it provides more flexibility in purpose.  Yet, on occasion, I combine it with Prayer when I have an important request to ask of Source.  I am not much for ritual or ceremony, and try to keep my meditations as simple as possible.

I do, however, utilize a couple of aids during my meditations.  First is to get myself into a quiet state, then begin with a clearing to prevent interference from Dark Entities.  I also frequently try to visualize 3 important colors: 1 — Pure white light of Source,  2 — Violet light of healing energy, and 3– Gold energy of protection.

After preparation and clearing, then I state my purpose.  In this example, I would be asking my higher self and my guardian angel (chosen Guides) to assist me in sending love, protection, and healing energy to our Leader and Military, involved in the War against the Dark forces, as follows:

 1. With closed eyes, get calm in mind and all parts of the body.
 2. Visualize the pure white light and love of Source, coming from the center of the Milky Way, through the Sun, and into the core of Gaia.
 3. From there, let it flow through the crown down to the root of your body.
 4. Since this one poses a risk of retaliation from the Dark ones, we ask for our guides to assist in surrounding our bodies with a mirror that will reflect negative, in kind, yet allow us to transmit positive energies outward. The Unknown Light Warrior prefers to call upon an ET race for specialized assistance with this task.
 5. Visualize the pure white light and Love of Source flowing out from the Heart to everyone we have targeted to receive it. Like the bread from the Sermon on The Mount, this light is infinite.  The more you share and give away, the more you receive.
 6.  Now, we send the Gold energy of protection to our Leader and to the Military and Light Forces fighting the Evil.  
 7. We ask our Guides to assist in building mirrors around all of these individuals.
 8. We have heard reports of the devastating psychological toll on the light warriors in fighting the Dark ones.  Visualize the Violet healing energy flowing out of our Hearts and into all of those harmed, either physically or mentally, in the fight against evil.
 9. This is the point where it would be good to pray directly to Source/God and ask for reinforcement of your energy work, that it would be more effective, as well as show our gratitude for being allowed to share in the fight against evil.

By now, it should be apparent that with small tweaks to this simple process, it can be adapted for most purposes, whether it be to communicate with Source, or our Guides, or neither.  Sometimes we just need to get quiet and listen, without interference.  Sometimes we may choose to meditate to heal ourselves or another person.

But, we should never forget to show Gratitude for being able to live at this point in history.  I believe that a great many wanted to participate in this awakening process, but only we were the lucky ones to be alive for the upcoming Ascension of the Human race.





I am seeing an urgency from more sources on the imminent Quantum Shift to 4D/5D.  First, in importance is the “Pleiades 1 Messages” on Disclosure News Italy.  This is a cumulative monthly document, re-posted at the top of the home page after each Update.  The prior month archive will be linked at the bottom of the current month’s messages.

First, on 1/16/21, a message stating “Gaia in ASCENSION!” was posted, indicating the process was started.  On 1/29/21 a message stated “Gaia in uninterrupted ascension”.  I took this to mean the process could no longer be stopped.  Then, on 2/6/21, the entry “Gaia is ready.” was posted.

The Pleiadian Collective says “SHEEN is Prepared”.  SHEEN is the name given to the Event by the Pleiadian Collective.  This was the second escalation in urgency in the tone of their articles over the past 6 weeks.

Lev, another writer on DNI (Disclosure News Italy), is also showing increased urgency in his articles, including his most recent, detailing activities in support of “an accelerated transition into 4D/5D”.  Lev, since the Pleiades 1 Message from 1/29/21, has stated that Gaia has already completed the transition to 4D.

James Gilliland, who is a regular on this site, has shown a greater urgency in his ECETI news articles.  Latest is:

Dr. Georgi Stankov posted again February 17, after being quiet for several days.  Near the top of this one is a link the previous article from February 15.  I recommend both of these, as he describes in detail what we can expect when the shift happens.

After the enormous energy waves received on Earth, on 2/20/21 and 2/22/21, Dr. Stankov again posted about the impact to the ascension timeline for all humanity.

Dr. Schavi M. Ali also confirms the enormous energy waves.




Ben Davidson at Suspicious Observers is one of the greatest scientists of our time.  Ben, along with David Wilcock, are two of the very few Humans who subscribe to the Electric Plasma Universe theory, and understand the physics that make it work.  Ben has also created a model for successfully predicting Earthquakes using this theory.  

Davidson has used this success to go against the Main Stream Science and Physics fraudsters and win in the peer review process.  He had also combined this knowledge with Archaeological Evidence to put together a series of videos documenting historical Earth calamities.  

David Wilcock thinks the shift will begin with a Micro Nova, or “Solar Flash”.  The “Today’s News” video from 2/17/21 shows much increased activity of the Sun.  However, I have seen considerable evidence that our “friends in high places” have been mitigating catastrophic Earth and Solar Events since 2012.

Ascension Summary

We ARE the Matrix.  No other hardware or software is involved.  Just our consciousness (Soul/Spirit), our DNA, our free will, and our bodies into which we incarnate.  That’s it.  Period!

That, of course, was an overly simplistic, but true statement.  Source created the souls of all entities (Human and otherwise) with free will, and the ability to create and manifest reality, both collectively and individually.

We are constrained, to some degree by Matrix Templates, created and provided to us in accordance with the will of Source. This also applies to Gaia, as she is constrained by a separate template, the Logos Template.  Since she is ascending with, and slightly ahead of us, she will be a part of the reality that we create collectively.

The Dark Evil ones have lost their ability to connect with Source.  As this renders them unable to create, they must trick us into creating their reality for them.  That is why they fight so hard to remain in control.  If we awaken and refuse to do this, they have no reality to exist in.

The leaders of the Earth Alliance, including Trump and the US Military leaders, all know this.  They also know the Quantum Shift and ascension of Humanity to 4D is happening this year.  This is the real reason behind the delays, as Dr. Stankov stated.  

Kinda gives a new meaning to “Where We Go One, We Go ALL”, don’t it?…




Kew stated, on multiple occasions, that “This is more than just another 4 year election”.  Few of us, with our limited Human 3D grasp of reality, have been able to think past Geopolitics.  It is about freeing mankind from Eons of slavery, separating the good from the Evil, and propelling the good into the Golden Age of 4D/5D reality.

Now, those of us who are awakened must do our part.  We must stop wasting our energy worrying about wars and the political movies.  Wars ain’t gonna happen.  Friends in high places will no longer allow it.  

Instead focus on Prayer and/or Meditation to protect and heal those fighting the Evil, and to create for Humanity the ideal future reality.  Then spend some time helping friends and loved ones who are just awakening.  For, truly we can say WWG1WGA!

*** Digging Deeper ***

Before I begin, I want to convey a concept gleaned from “The Law of One” materials.  That being the concept that there is only one Truth, that being the real truth of “here and now”.  Only the Consciousness known as the Source Creator (God) knows exactly what that truth is.  

Everything else is a distortion of that truth, having been filtered by the beliefs and experiences of any consciousness making the observation of that truth.  We will find that being able to grasp and understand that concept is of paramount importance as we go along our spiritual journey.

Many of us are going struggle to accept that not only are we dealing with distortions of truth introduced by our own consciousness, but that a great many distortions have been intentionally put before us by the consciousness of others, as well.  These often include religious dogma/doctrine, intentional lies and mistranslations, etc.

Any statement in this article that is worded as a statement of fact, and without supporting links, is actually a distortion.  It is a filter placed on the information gleaned from my interpretation of my research and experience.  It is also subject to the limitation of my memory, as I rarely took notes when researching.

Any discussion that I enter into regarding Prayer and Meditation can only be from my perspective that I have gained from my years of research and practice (or lack thereof).  For, I believe that, in it’s essence, the practice of either is a means by which to commune with Source (God).

Bear in mind that my consciousness is subject to my own distortions of truth, the same as anyone else.  One difference is that I am no longer constrained by any of the distortions of religious doctrine/dogma, political correctness, and refuse to accept anything put before me as something that I “must believe”, otherwise I will burn in Hell.




With that groundwork laid, let’s dig a bit deeper now, shall we?  The Dark Archons, as well as their servants on the physical plane have been attempting to control the collective and individual consciousness of Humanity for eons.

Note.  The Archons are mentioned in the KJV Bible.  So far, I have only seen one verse, in Genesis, with little or no context.  As I see this, it is yet another attempt at a faux announcement of their presence, as well as another faux claim of our consent to their enslavement of us.

All of the organized religions have been infiltrated or corrupted to prevent knowledge of spiritual truth.  The same can be said of the “New Age” community.  Case in point is the recent disclosure of the Luciferian/Satanic control over the Vatican.  Islam was created by that same Vatican divide the Judaeo Christian religions and spawn the endless religious wars.

I have little use for ritual or ceremony.  I only consider that useful for someone into ritual magic (yes, magic is real, and can be either light or dark).  I would never attempt the practice of even white magic, as I would be having myself open to the infiltration of dark forces.

I have observed that many in religious or New Age communities get so hung up on rituals and ceremonies that they miss the whole point.  That is that our higher self (Soul) is an aspect (some say fractal) of Source, and our Human Consciousness is a Soul aspect of our Higher Self.  We have no need for any external influence in our relationship to God.  We are already an aspect of God (the so called God Sparc) and all we need to do is look within for our communion with God.

So, my thoughts are that if we keep things simple we better able to build our relationship with Source.

Speaking of fractals, that reminds me to touch on the nature of Source and the Universe.  I believe, from my research, that Source is pure consciousness, and the nature of that Source Consciousness is pure Light and Love.  As pure consciousness, Source is without form, and without gender.

For any Human to attempt to assign a gender to Source is to attempt to diminish the true power and magnificence of Source.  In the translation from the original Aramaic text, Yeshua used a word that translated to “Birther”, rather than Father.  James Gilliland provides this translation in the link, above, to the Clearing article.

If needed, Source could manifest an aspect of it’s consciousness as either gender.  After all, that is basically how each of us came into being.  Our Souls are created as an aspect of Source consciousness and Light.

The Photon is the basic building block of all matter in the Universe, and not the atom.  The Photon is pure energy (Light).  Atoms themselves are made up of Photons.  The equations of Fractal Geometry, and if I remember correctly, a relationship with the sacred numbers 3, 6, and 9, can be used to describe all matter in the Universe.  




This can also describe the propagation of all energy and matter, as well.  David Wilcock had a show on Gaia Channel, called “Wisdom Teachings”.  David devoted the last season of this show to mostly this topic.  

Using this knowledge, along with physics equations of the Electric Plasma universe theory, David disproved the Human effect on Global Warming.  At the same time, he used the equations to model the hot spots on ALL planets in our solar system.  And, this model was confirmed by actual Astronomical observation, all the way out to Neptune.

Dr. Georgi Stankov is a writer that I only found in the fall of 2020, and am gaining more respect for with each passing day.  I was about to reach the conclusion that he was the most arrogant individual that I have ever read, but who claimed to be an ascended master.  His writings of early January showed an almost disdain for the Human race.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, as I was contemplating reaching out to him directly, someone did it for me, and called him out on his arrogance.  Dr. Stankov immediately expressed denial.  However, he must have had a conversion with himself on the subject.  All of his writings since that day have had a softer tone.  So, what does that have to do with anything, you ask?

In the article linked above, Dr. Stankov stated that he had had a conversation with his Soul, and that led to much better clarity in his ability to estimate the timing of “The EVENT”.  He estimated that 2/3 of the population is all that will awaken to the level required for ascension.  He also estimated that it will take 50% of those to be ready to handle the expected “Soul Catharsis” in order to trigger the event.

Here is where I am going to call into question one of the numbers.  Kew has stated in posts that 7% of the population will never awaken.  So, that would mean that 93% will Awaken.  On the surface, that would seem in conflict with 67% (2/3) given by Dr. Stankov.  

But, there is a variable not mentioned by either Kew or Dr. Stankov.  That is the number of people who are awakened that would choose NOT to take the path to the light or prefer to remain in 3D while seeking their fortune or whatever else motivates their service to self.  I believe that Dr. Stankov did not consider the difference worth mentioning.

However, a final variable may make the distinction worthwhile.  I do not believe either Kew or Dr. Stankov have considered the “Silent Majority” in the equation.  For Kew, it means underestimating the progress in the awakening process.  For Dr Stankov, it means underestimating the size of the Soul Harvest.  So, I will go with the number of the Maestro’s real Election results, and put the Harvest total at closer to 80%.

I do not believe any of that discussion will impact the timing of the great Quantum Shift, only the total number of Souls.  Dr Stankov estimated the timing to be at a high probability at around the Spring Equinox on 3/21/21, but at a very high probability of happening before the end of Q3 2021.

In the last article that I linked to Dr. Stankov, above, he put the probability for the Event happening by 3/21/21 even higher.  This is now confirmed by a channeled message from the Arcturian 9D Council.

Now, let us all jump in and Pray/Meditate, and as Drake Bailey would say, Get ‘er Done.

Love and Light WWG1WGA



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