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Reader Post | By Bruce H

Your question whether each of us believes either yes or no as to The Plan being real and if the White Hats are really in control might have been a valid question but because the whole premise of how the plan is being lynch-pinned with the statement “the only way is the military” the very nature of our answers, be it “yes” or “no” – those answers are irrelevant because the military never reveals the actual step-by-step process and/or timeline of what they will do, when they will do it, and how they will do it.

The one consistent statement the White Hats/Alliance have continued to make is the only way is the military.

This tracks with CIC Trump’s favored strategy that follows Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.”

What appears to us as steps being missed, steps being slow, or no steps at all does not mean things are not happening in a fluid motion within the always changing military strategy process – a process that has to adapt, re- map strategies, approaches, etc. to be victorious in the end. Our guessing and speculation is precisely the outcome the military desires which is exactly the same outcome the Deep State is forced to do – guess as to what is coming next from the White Hats/Alliance.

Again, I refer back to the basic premise of The Art of War.

One huge factor also works for me and that factor is FAITH.

Faith in God, which means faith in each and every one of us as we are God’s ourselves – all powerful extensions and connections of the God Source. I then couple that faith with the belief that the counseling being given to the White Hats/Alliance and DJT himself by those forces assembled that are higher dimension and off-world benevolent galactic beings with superior timeline knowledge and understanding  – that counseling will ensure the plan follows the needed steps that the military will execute.    




One final point is so important.

Me, you, your neighbor, your mother, your father, your sons and daughters, your siblings, your friends, EVERYONE is part of the Plan and where the White Hats and Alliance work will continue on the higher level, WE are responsible for putting into motion the un-mapped part of the Plan that addresses our communities at the grass roots level. 

WE are responsible for participating to remove all the local Deep State players after the major work is done by the military.  I believe all the high level puppets of governments are, or soon will be gone – replaced by either actors, CGI, or clones.  What remains are many deep state minions that need to be outed in the community governments, chamber of commerce, rotary clubs, school boards, judges, law enforcement agencies, etc.. 

If anyone thinks these local Satanic creatures of the dark are all just going to shrug their collective shoulders, say “darn, our leaders are all gone, I’ll just stop being and doing evil,” then you need to re-align your thinking and know that their brand of evil will not stop and they must be removed for good or the cancer will continue to fester in our own backyards.

For the Plan to work, the buck must stop with each and every one of us.  We all need to grow backbones and act against those remaining deep state players wherever they are.

For me, I know I am an integral part of the Plan and will fight for my freedom with all that I learn and know.  I recognize evil when I see and hear it and you do too.  Don’t just listen and watch and do nothing.  Get involved and take steps to remove those we know are evil.  To do nothing would be a massive mistake. 

Light and Love to all




Reader Bruce H


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