(Reader: An Inside-Out Informant) Response to KS, Do I Trust the “Plan?”



Reader Post | By An Inside-Out Informant

This is a response to KS’s post on 10/4/23.

1st; I can confirm a part of the “PLAN”. 

I got the EBS alert at the 2:30pm EST (11:30am PST), as we were warned about on the OpDis website.

2nd; I can confirm another part of the “PLAN”.

I did receive several spam/scam emails requesting money for transactions I never made (I marked them as “spam” and did not respond), and my Walmart credit card was used fraudulently yesterday (10/3/23) for a purchase on Walmart’s website, that I never made.

I have already addressed these “cyber attacks” (they are pathetically laughable btw) and I have informed Capital One’s fraud department, cancelled my card, requested a new card, and voided the fraudulent transaction on my account. 

I also changed all my passwords to all my financial accounts, after the fraudulent transaction on my account, prior to the date of the predicted cyber “attacks”.




My phone updated it’s operating system immediately after the EBS. It is working correctly, with no problems. I am using a free government phone.

My husband works remotely and his program had some difficulty connecting and functioning earlier in the day, but after the EBS alert, he restarted his computer, updated it, and it’s now working correctly.

So far, I have not had any other difficulties from the cyber attacks.

3rd; I can NOT confirm another part of the “PLAN”.

I have not received any email notifications, text messages or any communications about the RV/GCR/GESARA/NESARA/Redemption appointments. 1-800 #’s/ ect.

I am paying for the monthly “TETELESTAI” package, to stay informed and receive the 1-800#’s.It is still early in the day here on the American West Coast, but I do not expect to receive any information on exchanging currencies this year. That could change depending on how the “PLAN” unfolds, but I expect Tier 4 and T4B to begin payments in 2025.

As far as I know (I am NOT under an NDA, so I can speak freely at this time) the redemption centers are still in the set-up phase of their operations, and currently functioning primarily out of the east coast.




They are still working on transferring the massive amounts of funds needed to pull off this “PLAN” and they are focusing on finishing paying off Tier 3, prepping to pay out Tier 4, then Tier 4B and immediately following T4B is the currency exchange announcement to the general public. There is some chatter that indicates they have begun paying Tier 4/T4B in some places, but not in my location at this time. I think some information does get confused when it’s being passed around via 3rd, 4th, 5th parties on the internet. Like the game of “telephone” we played in elementary school…When the message get’s to the last person, it’s usually much different than how it started out. For example; How are we suppose to get the 1-800 #’s, if the cyber attacks fry our electronics? 

That makes literally 0 sense.


As far as I know, the “White Hats” are putting out what information they are being told to put out, some accurate, some not, and some info changes depending on the circumstances they are working with-in and the problems they encounter.

They are claiming to be at the top and “in control” of the operation, but that is not necessarily 100% true or accurate. It’s just being said to try and calm the masses and keep people from causing problems for their operation. (I’m probably going to get some flack for saying that btw.)The “White Hats” are not the only power players pulling strings behind the curtain, and the “Cabal” is not 100% “evil” as they would like their narrative to suggest.

Both sides are making mountains out of mole-hills, to achieve their goals and obtain “power”.

The truth of what is really going on is actually quite simple. 

It’s just people, playing money games and attaining their version of “power” where and when they can amass it.This entire operation is actually controlled by THE PEOPLE who are a part of it. From the lowest of the lowest players, to the highest of hats….They have NO POWER and can’t do anything without their “Chess Pieces” to control. 

It’s not just a staged or acted event…It’s a game. 

If you don’t want to play, log out.




I look forward to exchanging in 2025 and getting some EXP/power/money/whatever for my troubles…Until then I keep on keeping on, as I suggest everyone else do as well.

Sincerely, “An Inside-Out Informant”


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