(Reader: Janet Robinson) The Love that Surpasses Understanding


Reader Post | By Janet Robinson

Today, my attention was drawn to the LGBTQIA movement.

The LGBTQIA movement has created heartbreak, animosity and confusion among the people of the world. Throughout my life, I had accepted people who were different with no judgement or discrimination, knowing that people are all different. I paid no special attention to the gay people until the ‘movement’ became a ‘thing’ and became the rainbow. Then I noticed. I always knew that there were people who had different preferences and I often wondered about the reason for it. I have had friends throughout my life who did have this preference but I was not changed in our friendship with them, nor was I afraid of them. It just was.

Now I am questioning the narrative around it now. Why do children have to unnaturally learn about these preferences and why is it such an issue…such an issue that it has become a deliberate bone of contention in the public narrative. It is not public and should not be. Life has its ups and downs and up until this time, no-one has asked us to celebrate their choices to a point where infrastructure has to be changed to accommodate it.

I feel that these folks have been used as a patsy to ramp up separation in the masses. They started with blacks against whites, men against women (hence the feminist movement) ,then different religions became an issue and then difference of opinions and personal choices of all kinds began to take the airwaves. Divisions of every kind have become a problem to society. And we, as a collective have participated in it and begun to dislike each other for those differences. And we have begun to attack those same people for their differences.

Folks, we have been ‘had’. We are being used to eliminate any and all love that we naturally feel for our fellow human beings. We were born with love, compassion, kindness and understanding and in the absence of our own opinions, we have followed their narrative. And along the way, we have become fearful and our lives have become hostile to others and we no longer enjoy the company of people we do not know. We no longer crowd the beaches and meet for events and mix and share. We have become isolated from our fellows. We have become sullen and mean.

Now where was I going with this. Oh yes….there are over 7 billion people on this planet (flat or round), and we are all different in so many ways. 

The NWO/Davos/WEF people ,often called the illuminati, are unelected and un-appointed. They have decided that they are now in charge of all of us. They have decided how our lives are going to be lived ( ways that benefit them completely). How they will get us to comply is to separate us from each other in every possible way that they can. We are a diverse population around the world, so there are uncountable ways we are different. This is just the beginning folks. We are God’s people. He has put love inside all of us for each and every one of us…’the Love that surpasses all understanding’. So, to undo God, they will undo our love for one another. Let’s not allow this to happen. WE ARE ALL ONE.


Let’s find our heart centre and let’s remember that we are all one big family. We are meant to love and support each other no matter what our differences are. Our differences are amazing and wonderful. Take a moment folks and decide to be who you were intended to be. Don’t let them do this. Love is the answer.

~ Janet Robinson


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