Restored Republic via a GCR as of November 7, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Mon. 7 Nov. 2022

Compiled Mon. 7 Nov. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

It’s Coming.
Tick Tock
Red Army
Time to Shock the World

Mid Term Election Voter Fraud Reported in 49 States
They are still using Dominion Voting Machines in 49 states – and early voting has shown that those machines were already algorithmically flipping ballots.

US Military Warning Governors
US Governors and State senior leadership were being individually contacted by the US Military and given ‘Need to Know Information’ such as a review of what happened (Mass Arrests), with evidence, and a vague idea of where we were going next. For those states who had ‘War Criminals’ who had not yet been apprehended – those meetings were being used to ‘put them on notice’ with a Summons, or were advised to expect a Summons in short order.

Study Proved Toxic Venom in Covid Vax Victims
A Bombshell science study has found Venom Peptides in Covid Vax victims that transform the human body into a venom factory, poisoning from within. These Venom Peptides can also be mass produced, freeze dried and dropped on populations to kill the masses in line with the Deep State Depopulation Agenda.

V for Vendetta
Full Movie


It is advised to store sufficient food, water, cash and essential items for yourself and others.

 “God is Watching Us”
Bette Midler

“Whenever we show love and compassion, whenever we are kind, forgiving and fair-minded, we are following the Lord and helping to bring His Light into our lives and into the World.”

Judy Note: The more people tell you it’s not possible, that it can’t be done, the more you should be absolutely determined to prove them wrong. Relish the opportunity to be an outsider because it’s the outsiders who change the world and who make a lasting difference.” …President Donald Trump

The Covid Vax has been found to be a bio-weapon funded and designed by US Inc. to kill the masses in line with the Deep State Depopulation Agenda.

Mid-Term Elections may or may not be held, with a possible Biden Resignation, Military Takeover and Martial Law Pending.

Lead by President Trump, the White Hat Q Movement was now in control of all, having begun earnest pursuit of Mass Arrests, Tribunals and executions of Global Elites convicted of Treason – which allowed the Global Currency Reset to be released on Thurs. 20 Oct, the fiat US Dollar no longer being accepted for international trade, Bond Holders beginning to be processed, and Events lining up for Mid Term Election Day on Tues. 8 Nov.


Global Currency Reset:

  • On Thurs. 20 Oct. the Global Currency Reset took place when currencies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS), Argentina, Saudia Arabia and 18 other countries went gold/asset-backed. Dubai 1 funding was released. Historic, Golden Dragon, Yellow Dragon, German and Chinese Bonds started to be paid out (without liquidity) with a goal to finish by Thanksgiving Thurs. 24 Nov.
  • RV Update, Okie Twitter Sun. 6 Nov: “Time is of the essence for those prepared. The rate shall come in ‘The Still of the Night’ after bank alignments. We sleep while the Markets sleep, but the new numbers appear. The activation comes while ‘There is Kind of a Hush, All Over the World.’”
  • RV Update, Okie Twitter Fri. 4 Nov: “I will not betray the confidence placed in me today, but I can say without reservation – we are there. This time things have transpired that needed to be completed, and it was. You can’t un-ring a bell that has been rung. I’m anxious to share what I have, but can’t. Prayers have finally been answered. No RV tonight, or over the weekend. We are just a very few days away – a very, very few.”
  • MarkZ: “Most of my sources say it will happen between now and Fri. 11 Nov.  Myself and others have been leaned on to be quiet specifically about timing. There are a lot of Bond folks who have yet to consummate their deals, but we have had confirmations that some bond deals have been completed. It appears they are rolling through the bonds at a reasonable, responsible rate.”


  • Mon. 7 Nov. (11.7) was the 105th anniversary of “Red October” where the Bolsehvik Soviet Worker’s Party (Lenin’s Red Guards) overthrew the Provincial Government, took over government buildings and captured the Winter Palace.
  • Bruce: Sources say everything will be released anytime from Sun. 6th through next week. Another source said they want this before the election on Tues. 8 Nov.
  • Tues. Nov 8 – Election Day – Full Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse. We are under a six day clock that ends Midterm Election Day Nov. 8. The reason Trump will be having so many rallies back to back this week was because after his last one just prior to Nov. 8, we will be moving into a very different phase.
  • Tues. 8 Nov. “God Has a Huge Plan for Tues. 8 Nov: One Nation Under God.” …Denzel Washington
  • Donald J. Trump: “Fri. 11 Nov. 2022 is Resurrection Day” and was the Armistice Day of the First World War.
  • Charlie Ward on Sat. 5 Nov. MarkZ: “I was told by a spiritual advisor that there may be a False Flag happening on the 8th, which is Tuesday. And, it will look far worse as mainstream media will blow it out of proportion. Then they will hold the election as a state of emergency is declared …and then the US army could step in and expose plots…..then the US Army will run the country for a short time. I thought I would share this possibility with you. It’s hard to discern the truth out of a whole world of bullshit.”
  • Global Cyber Attack incoming. Get ready! The National Guard will be activating cyber security teams in 14 states ahead of the midterm elections on Tuesday to counter any potential interference. National Guard to activate cyber security teams in 14 states ahead of midterm elections.
  • Wed. Nov 9 – (9/11) 911 Freedom Day.

Midterm Election: Simon Parkes was given Intel on what would happen with the US Midterm Election, but was not allowed to pass it on. He gives us six possible scenarios of what could happen, saying one of them was the actual Plan – it’s your guess which one was true:

  1. Republicans win both houses, which leads to Biden’s impeachment, Biden’s resignation and Harris’ resignation. Nancy Pelosi is put in as US President for a few months before she is impeached and the Republican Speaker of the House becomes President.
  2. The Red Wave is so big that it overcomes the corruption and Republicans win both houses – then the above #1 scenario takes place.
  3. The Biden Administration cancels the Midterms before Tues. and pushes elections several months. The Military may or may not become involved.
  4. The White Hats stop the Midterms, bring in Martial Law and remove Biden.
  5. The Midterms go forward but Election corruption is so bad that Democrats win both houses. Within a few hours Trump is arrested. This is a Near Death Experience for the nation, so the Military takes over with Martial Law and Trump as Commander in Chief. Trump announces NESARA/GESARA and new elections in 120 days (to March 2023) where Trump would likely be formally inaugurated.
  6. Republicans win the House. Democrats win the Senate and there is no Biden impeachment.

Election Fraud:

  • National Guard Activates in 14 States Ahead of Midterm Elections:
  • They are still using Dominion Voting Machines in 49 states – and early voting has shown that those machines were already algorithmically flipping ballots.
  • Check for Wifi connections in or around voting areas and report findings to Election Authorities. Election machines are not supposed to be connected to the Internet as that is how most of the Election Fraud took place in the last Election.
  • Brazil: The mainstream media is attempting to silence the people of Brazil by refusing to report on the massive protests that continue to this day.

The Real News for Sun. 6 Nov:

Global Economic Crisis:

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

Biden Crime Family:

Q Leaked on Telegram: Let me get this straight:  

  • Multiple sources report cancellation of US midterm elections.
  • Trump continues to tell us “I don’t know how we’ll have a fair election again,” and avoids direct questions re: US Midterms.
  • Same week, MASSIVE fraud in Brazil election.
  • Scavino then posts video on 11/2/22 @ 02:12: Qdrop51 has exact same delta, day and timestamp. Drop says, “The time is now. God is with us,” and is one of the only drops to be signed not only by Q, but by the WH alliance (“WH”).
  • WOW!

All the ships are sailing in the same direction now…about to arrive at their common destination in the month of RED NOVEMBER.


Durham Revelations.
Trump Raid.
Seth Rich.
Nord Pipeline sabotage.
Maxwell’s international trafficking ring.
Financial crisis.
Biden Crime Family investigation.
Iran Deal shenanigans.
Fentanyl drug smuggling.
Open border crisis. 
9/11 revelations.
Massive election fraud being facilitated by foreign controlled EMS run by CCP agents. 
Trump & his team doing even more openly public blatant endorsements of the Q community. 
Buckle thyself up and gird thy loins in proper fashion. It’s going to be Biblical. 
The Hunters Become The Hunted.

Crown Operation London Bridge: The Queen Dead since 2019.

  • Queen been dead since November 28 2019 to December 5 2019.
  • Queen goes to hospital Nov 28
  • Nov 29 Bridge attack, Dec 5 Photoshop Queen released from Hospital.
  • Narwhal Tusk = Prince of Wales.
  • Bridge Attack.
  • 7 to 9 day Operation planned in the 1960’s.
  • Then the 13 day event.
  • 3 days of darkness (Nothing is open) then 10 days of mourning.
  • Chess Game.
  • Queen is End Game.
  • CheckMate. = Russian Jet
  • Disband The Queen, To become King.
  • UK & EU Royals no longer.
  • 7 Kingdoms incoming.
  • You have just had it confirmed they died long ago and they report when it suits the movie. Operation Pogo/Zypgr is what it is called. The ability to show you them Alive or even post on Twitter accounts but they are dead. For instance Tom Hanks trip to Greece. That wasn’t him but a Hologram/Deep Fake or something of that nature.

Charlie Ward: Civil War – This is HUGE, Folks!! (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

  • King David: US Government Military Operation, Commander of Civil Operations: They are establishing a secondary government composed of 50 states. We are waiting to see if the Midterm Election will be fair.
  • Charlie Ward: In March 2021 the Military was looking at Donald Trump as the Commander in Chief.
  • Biden was never sworn in. He is president of a corporation, US Inc. The acting US President has been Donald Trump.
  • There is not a no fly zone around Washington DC. There is a no fly zone around Mar a Largo. Washington DC has been used for Military Tribunals.
  • 86 countries will go into Martial Law within the next three months.
  • Both the Republican and Democratic Party are corrupt and have been trying to get rid of Donald Trump.
  • Politicians take orders from the World Economic Forum.
  • Biden was taken out 21 Jan. 1:20 am. A number of clones were playing his part.
  • There are Fake White Houses in California, Texas and Washington DC


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