Restored Republic via a GCR as of November 14, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Mon. 14 Nov. 2022

Compiled Mon. 14 Nov. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

The First Constitution of the United States of America Known as
The Articles of Confederation
Was Authored by Congress on Nov. 15 1777
President Trump Will Make a Special Announcement on Nov. 15 2022

Sabotage Threat:
Midterms Were Infiltrated
Trust the Plan

It was advised to have a 30-90 day supply of Food, Fuel, Water, Cash and Essential Items.

“Duty, Honor, Country.”

November 13, 2022 – #4861 Music & the Spoken Word (

For over 200 years the US Military Academy at West Point has emphasized the values behind their inspiring motto: “Duty, Honor, Country.”


You don’t have to attend West Point to live by Duty, Honor and Country. The Duty of Service is our shared duty and whatever our work may be, we can do it with Honor. Love for our country inspires us to improve our country. These values belong to all of us who selflessly enlist in a cause greater than ourselves.

Judy Note: President Trump was scheduled to make what was described as an extremely important announcement on Tues. 15 Nov. – the 245th Anniversary of the authoring of the first US Constitution – the Articles of Confederation on Nov. 15 1777.

On a personal note, I have been writing Restored Republic via a GCR Updates for seven years and through that time have been able to gain and utilize the knowledge of some excellent Intel sources – a couple of whom appeared to sit at very high levels.

We now know that many dates for the RV given through Intel sources were inaccurate – and inaccurate on purpose as part of the Military Alliance Plan to take down the Cabal. If those inaccurate dates were helpful to the cause, so be it.

Those Intel sources seemed to come to an abrupt halt around the first part of Nov. I have recently found out that around Nov. 3 a certain person was designated to be the only one authorized to give out official Intel. Don’t know who that person was and obviously, I’m not in the loop to receive the Intel.

So, please consider the below summaries as rumors from those in the movement. They were presented in my opinion only. Please Trust the Plan and do your own research.

What We Think We Know as of Mon. 14 Nov. 2022:

  • A private banker’s US Treasury Contact informed Bank of America that Gold and Gold-backed assets’ opening day was Fri. 11 Nov. German and Yellow Dragon Bond liquidity would soon follow, with the redemption process beginning in Miami, Zurich and the Philippines early this coming week.
  • Superfantastic news coming out in Iraq. Black Friday shopping is going to be fun.” …Tony Tweet on Sat. 12 Nov.
  • “We will see action within the next two weeks.” …Juan O Savin on Fri. 11 Nov.
  • On Fri. 11 Nov. the Crypto Currency Exchange suddenly collapsed and declared Bankruptcy, leaving $10-$50 Billion in Liabilities with Zero Assets (among those were Ukraine Investments).
  • The US Has Been Under Active Martial Law Since March 2020. In Jan. 2021 President Trump signed the Insurrection Act of 1807 and on Jan. 7 and 17 of 2021 Trump activated the National Guard out of country. He could not have done that unless he was the actual US President and was over the Military.
  • The Supreme Court has ruled that the 2020 Election was invalid: 46 out of 50 States have confirmed that Biden lost the vote.
  • The stolen Elections of 2020 and 2022 were tracked by Space Force Military Operations in order to uncover Treasonous acts. Military Finds Evidence of Election Fraud Amid Fizzled Red Wave | Real Raw News  Democrats Altering Election With CIA App Scorecard | Politics | Before It’s News (
  • The Mass Media Appeared Complicit in Massive 2022 Midterm Election Fraud.
  • Simon Parkes comments: It may take the Dems stealing the House by fraud as well as the Senate to bring the military in! 
  • Biden Laptop 650 Page Report on Biden Family Corruption has been found.
  • The Jan. 6 House Committee has referred Trump for a Criminal Indictment that could be served on him by Tues. 15 Nov.
  • Back in 2021 allCabal International Corporations finalized their bankruptcies, making a US and Global Recession Imminent
  • Tucker Carlson and Alt-media predict we will run out of Diesel Fuel by about Nov. 20 – and there could be a Railroad Strike at the same time.
  • “In England, we still have the FAKE King Charles in power.” …Ben Fulford
  • “The Storm is not a weekend. It is most of next year.” …Juan O Savin
  • A team of 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Medical Experts have started Nuremberg 2 Trials against World Leaders for Crimes Against Humanity.
  • Trump, Putin, Xi, Modi and Bin Salman were all working together.
  • Under the Cheyenne Mountain Military Base was a Quadrillion+ $
  • In 2016 during the early stages of Q Operations, the Military Special Forces flew into Venice, the Vatican and three other regions and did a Military Sweep of the thirteen Bloodline Families, while seizing all their gold.
  • In 2017 Trump took a world tour and collected funds from the Pope and all World Leaders. Trump and the Military had all evidence needed of their corruption.
  • In 2018 the Vatican, Rothschilds, Kazarian, Jesuit Malta Knights were begging the World for money as they were all broke.
  • That’s part of the reason they un-leased the Virus and Pandemic in 2012. Obama knew the White Hat Alliance was coming – therefore sped up the Gain of Function originally created in Wuhan in 1998 CDC Lab.
  • There will not be mass starvation in the United States. What is happening is an attempt to overthrow the Rockefellers and force them to relinquish control of the Fortune 500 companies that they stole from the American people… and everything else. It is a temporary thing… America will not starve. It is going to be a turbulent time as we FORCE these people out of power. Do get a supply of rice and beans… enough to keep your family going when things are disturbed.
  • President Trump always keeps his promises. On supposedly leaving office in 2021 he said, “Today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to YOU, THE PEOPLE.”

SGAnon: Prepare for NOV 15!! (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

  • The initial plan from Space Force was to remove Biden in Jan. 2020 – but there were two nukes that were going to be un-leased on the American people if that happened.
  • Dates on the RV have been given that didn’t happen because of the need for Sting Operations to catch the Cabal.
  • 2022 Election Fraud has been reported from all over the country.
  • NESARA was signed into law by Bill Clinton at gunpoint, but he refused to implement it, as did other presidents, until Donald Trump.
  • The Supreme Court sat on $16 trillion dollar slush fund to implement NESARA.
  • NESARA is a template for World Peace. It will completely remove the Cabal’s ability to rule over society.
  • On Feb. 4 2014 Trump signed an EO to implement NESARA.
  • The Trump Presidency was a legal coup against the Deep State.
  • The QFS will make corruption impossible – an extremely large portion of the wealth confiscated from the Deep State will be used in Humanitarian efforts.
  • JFK Jr. is alive.
  • Hillary Clinton died Dec. 31 2018 at 9:05 pm at GITMO Camp Delta. Trump witnessed the hanging.
  • Military Tribunals have taken place at the White House in Washington DC, Buckingham Palace in London, at GITMO and two other locations.
  • George W Bush has been executed – shortly after the funeral of his father.
  • Each of the cards at the Bush funeral contained a summons to Military Tribunals.
  • Michael Obama was a male.
  • The Obamas have been detained and saved for later Event.
  • Epstein is not dead yet.
  • Walmart has been bankrupted, with assets seized.
  • 95% of the tunnel children have been rescued.
  • Med Beds are real and have been used on the rescued traumatized human trafficked children and their rescuers.

New SGAnon: General orders to US Military Commanders: infiltration highlighted in all areas. Trust the Plan:

US Military to Commanders – Midterms Had Infiltration in All Areas:

Q Timelines purposefully incomplete.

Intel Blackout necessary.

National Guard Busses were unloading prisoners in front of White House for Military Tribunals. Many were complicit in Covid Tyranny that killed many people.

Midterm fraud had to happen to wake up the normies and for a second time to catch those who had committed Treason in the 2020 Election.

Today 11-11-2022 the Q Clock runs out. We could wake up to a remarkable amount of Disclosure.

Juan O’ Savin: Breaking News on Charlie Ward (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

  • Jan. 6 Committee to arrest Trump with Subpoena set for between now and Nov. 15-16

Global Financial Crisis:


Durham Report:

  • The CIA literally plotted to assassinate journalist Julian Assange because he published truthful information that the agency didn’t like. Remember this the next time the US government dares lecture other countries about freedom of the press.
  • David Rockefeller was in Epstein’s black book. Epstein served on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation. Rockefeller and Epstein both served on the Trilateral Commission.
  • The difference between government and thieves is that thieves don’t pretend they’re helping you.

Fri. 11 Nov. Juan O Savin:

  • There is stuff in the works… even over two years… they are just coming to fruition… we will see action in the next two weeks….
  • You have to be in rarified air to be invited to what is going to happen at Mar-a-Lago next week… on November 15…President Trump is going to make an announcement.
  • NINO:  By announcing that he is running in 2024, isn’t that CONCEDING? JUAN:  No.  He is daring them It is not law, but it is understood that nobody charges a presidential candidate who is running for office.  So if they arrest Trump after he declares his candidacy, he puts the Courts into a position of being involved in a political matter. Trump is DARING them to charge him… that bullfighter again daring them to charge… Trump has not said what he is going to announce… that is just what everybody has understood.
  • Also with the Case in southern New York… he has a trump card that his is about to play with Guiliani. And there is the Jan 6 issue…There are people very close to Trump that are still not flushed out…
  • When the moment comes to strike, it may not be fully determined by our side, but by the opposition when they take an action … so we say, “That is it.  We have to act.” A lot of things are in play… knowing when some of those things are greater… or lesser… prevents shock.
  • Be prepared… because somewhere in here… a SNAKE BITE is going to happen… so the options to take are important…. Don’t get frustrated with the timing of events…
  • JUAN:  We are on the verge of an ENERGY crisis…Rail Strike coming…  no diesel fuel for rails and trucks…Heating fuel shortage….Nat’l Energy Reserves was sucked dry by Biden to pitch Dems in midterm election… but after midterms, gas prices will skyrocket.
  • JUAN:  That is true.  There is going to be a crisis of MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS that will continue to develop through the holidays… how will it get resolved? Will the citizenry remain stable during all of this?  “The Storm is not a weekend… it is most of next year”…
  • And most of what has to happen is not attributed to President Trump. The things that happened inside of the military side of things … he has clean hands.  He is as much an Observer as the rest of us.
  • JUAN: Theoretically, if President Trump were arrested for some reason … depending on who makes the arrest… would they muzzle him?  Gag orders.  Then, is he a factor they can blame him for any Social unrest as people get pissed off about prices of energy, availability of goods, political situations?

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